A/N: The following is what you get when I watch the first episode of Girls und Panzer after playing World of Tanks and getting various crew members killed often. It's also the beginning of a reinterpretation I'm considering for GuP, with a far more jaded Miho (don't understand how she could grow up the way she did with a fanatic of a mother like that). This has nothing to do with my other stories, and yes, the title for this chapter is literally "One-Shot" since originally it was a one-shot by that name.

This is the premonition dream at the beginning of Episode 1, gone sour, EXTREMELY sour. You are advised to skip to Chapter 2 if you cannot stomach extreme graphic gore, all chapters that are gory enough to be M rated will contain this warning, the rest of the fic will remain T-rated.

Chapter 1: One-Shot

Unknown Tournament Area, Five Dream-Scapes

"Juke around as much as you can, British tanks have high rates of fire with their small-calibre guns, and with our thin armour we can't stand a direct hit without being knocked out of the match." Miho barked at the crew of the Panzer IV Ausf D as rock chunks blasted off the nearby cliffs from near misses—or were they purposeful hits to the cliffs to try to trap them by rock falls? She thought—cascaded down, plinking off the tank's armour, as she held onto the cushioned cupola, looking ahead but also back every few seconds as Mako expertly dodged and juked. The ranges of engagment along with the lack of vertical stabilizers on their opponents' vehicles meant this could actually work on the wide, rocky, bumpy road as they led the British tanks to the ambush zone their allies had prepared themselves in. A shell whistled by so close that Miho could feel the wind of its passage ruffle her clothes as the tank hit a bump, she sighed in relief at the miss…

"Did you throw up Miho? Is that why…" Hana, the loader of the vehicle, looked over her shoulder that had begun to develop a wet spot and almost threw up herself. "Miho… your… your arm…"

"What?" Miho adjusted her grip on the rim of the cupola as she manoeuvred to look down at her right arm, suddenly realizing why she hadn't felt it adjust… It was gone from just below the shoulder and a slowly twitching, paling hand, with a bit of ragged flesh where the wrist should have been, rolled off the front of the turret, then off the front deck, leaving a thin trail off leaked blood as it fell off the front armour due to the vibrations and bucking of the hull and was ground under one of the tracks, leaving a small red smear on the ground that quickly disappeared behind the tank as Hana yanked Miho inside and tore her uniform sleeve off, applying a tourniquet to the wound while wide-eyed in fear and sudden realization that this was real… that their safety measures had failed, and that her mortality was no longer far away. Yukari looked little better as she trembled in her seat, the shell in her arms shaking almost as much as her lower jaw which was chattering against her teeth, eyes glued to Miho's critical wound but unable to even say anything to the girl she idolized.

"Turn the turret around, fire high explosive at them, if we can knock out or damage their guns, we'll be a bit safer." Miho swallowed dryly, almost hyperventilating before she forced herself to calm down once the tourniquet was tied off. "I still need to keep watch for anything that can get us all out alive. Thank you, Hana, start firing as soon as you are able."

"…Yes, yes." Hana put her eyes back to the optics of the vehicle as the turret swung around and they shifted their positions in the basket—something not actually present in the real Panzer IV during the Second World War but was installed for comfort during sensha-do… but she couldn't help but feel fear settle inside her as Miho resumed standing in the cupola, observing the surroundings as Hana fired repeatedly, though failing to damage a gun barrel each time due to the wild manoeuvres of their tank much as how the opponents, though cruising along, mostly missed due to the shaking inherent in movement on the uneven road.

"Hana, turn left ninety degrees and elevate as far as you can, hit that rock outcrop and we might be able to block them off." She understood what her leader meant, this wasn't about the match anymore, they needed to get away and at least get Miho treated, and why weren't the judges calling the match off with such a severe injury already occurring?

There was the whistling of another near miss flying over the turret and a soft thumping sound against the hull as Hana fired a round… the outcrop came down, but not enough of it to block the path. The routine "Loaded!" call did not come from Yukari either, and Hana looked over just in time to see Yukari reach a trembling hand out to Miho's shaking legs, where a damp patch had formed in the front of her skirt and urine was running down her legs, staining her stockings.

Miho felt something, or she thought she felt something, and saw a plume of shocked air signalling the passage of a shell seemingly under her, then she suddenly seemed to fall against the turret roof as if without support, and, with the turret placed sideways, tumbled down onto the hot radiators of the rear hull and, yelping as her skin was scorched. She pushed instinctively away… she rolled off the back of the tank and tried to sit up, but nothing happened. She frowned as the tank rumbled away and huffed slightly…

The loader barely touched the commander's legs before they folded and landed back in the seat with a thud. Hana, and Yukari for that matter, really threw up as Miho's torso was missing from the hips up, the torn end ending in a pile of mangled intestines, the stench of half-digested food and blood was atrocious inside the confined space of the turret and as Hana turned the turret back, she saw Miho's upper half just…lying in the road, if the top of her head and shoulders being visible was any indication.

Miho propped herself up on one elbow and one bloody stump and looked down, away from her departing vehicle, and realized what had happened before the strength seemed to bleed out of her arm as she watched the rumbling treads of the Churchill roll closer. She felt the pain for the first time, and it was immense, inducing her to try to throw up but finding nothing to cough up for her stomach and everything below her diaphragm was gone. She didn't know why she still had that and the associated ability to breathe. She wished she hadn't as the pain dominated her every sense and every thought while the treads of the heavy tank loomed over her before grinding what was left of her under it. She felt the remaining bones in her torso turning into powder and be ground into the bloody paste that oozed from between the links of the steel treads as it rumbled over her, and then had an out-of-body experience. She saw her skull being crushed like a grape under the tracks and a mix of red fluid, grey paste, and fragments of white solid ooze from between the treads, and she felt intensely ill at the sight of only her left forearm and hand lying intact in the road next to the long red smear of paste that was once her.

"Miho's gone!" Hana shouted over the intercom in a panic at her friend Saori.

The radio-woman relayed this to the other vehicles of the team as "They got the commander, we can't see what's going on!" Then she switched to the intercom "Even Mako seems shaken by the news!" She said, also somewhat panicked. She was telling the truth, as Mako's eyes were open even wider than Miho's usually were.

"Keep loading Yukari or we'll all die here!" Hana barked as she resumed trying to aim the gun to compensate for Mako's even more insane driving. The loader responded by loading faster than ever, half-blinded by tears at the commander's untimely death.

"…Yes!" Hana had a bad feeling about this response from Yukari as she herself had given the same word to Miho moments before her death… She found herself abruptly right as cold washed over her… the first solid hit on the Panzer 4 had slammed into the machine-gun port in the mantlet and bored through the weak spot in the armour. It tore a plate-sized hole through her chest and the seat behind her, spraying the inside of the turret with bits of shattered flesh, before she slumped in her seat, hands feeling weakly at the inside of the wound… so this is what my intestines feel like… soft, slimy, squishy, hot but quickly cooling in the air… Like Miho before her Hana felt an intense urge to be sick but could not as she had no stomach left, nor heart, nor most of her esophagus or lungs. As she watched her body grow still from the outside, her blood and other bodily fluids soaking the seat cushion until it could never be cleaned completely, Hana felt herself shiver, which struck her as odd as she didn't have a living body left to shiver with, right?

"Hana's gone too!" Yukari's voice had risen a whole octave from her usual.

Saori reported this to the others—only 500m to go to the ambush zone… she barely managed to think the thought—as "The gunner bought the farm! Our accuracy will suffer!"

It was while the breech was open that the next casualty happened, a 40mm shell, a two-pounder, slammed itself down the barrel of the gun and the 75mm cartridge Yukari had just placed into place exploded in her face. Blood spurted out from between scrabbling fingers at the girl's throat as she clutched uselessly at it with one hand while the other covered her bleeding eyes, the screaming didn't stop until it faded to a choked gurgle as she slumped onto the ruined gun just as Saori looked back into the turret basket at the alarming noises. "They got our loader!" She shouted into the radio "Please, someone, anyone, help, save us! I… I don't want to die like Miho, Hana and Yukari…" There was only static, since the antennae had long since been shot away…

The left drive axle was next to go, and the tank slewed around a full one-eighty from the hit and the abrupt and total loss of power to the left track along with the track being thrown, and both girls gulped before two hits to the front armour of the early Pz 4 sent chunks of hot metal lancing into Saori's chest from where the ball mount of the hull machine gun had been hit and dissolved Mako's head completely as a six-pounder shell punched through the driver view slot and through her head, making the entirely of her skull explode from hydrostatic shock and spray the inside of the driver's compartment with red and grey splatters.

Saori was alone now, but she thumbed on the radio anyhow as she reached over and tried to move the tank so that they would take hits to the engine instead of the front plate… putting anything between her and death sounded good to her as she said "The Drive is a goner… ha… The controls aren't responding!" She choked out, barely managing to get more air in on her next breath "Crew members… are killed…we're out of action… forever." She could not breath in again, no matter how hard she tried, as the wounds in her chest sucked air in from outside instead of allowing it into her lungs, and as dark spots clouded her vision Saori wished she had died quickly like Mako, whose mangled neck stump was still gurgling blood onto Saori's slumped shoulder with every spasm of her body which hadn't quite realized it was already dead.

Saori watched from third person as her corpse released its bowels, further stinking up the inside of the vehicle, which began to burn after another two hits to the still live engine. Ammunition cooked off in a series of short, merry pops that further tore apart the four and a half corpses of the crew as the noxious smell of burning gasoline and plastics mixed with the smell of urine, feces, blood and gut contents. The five disembodied spirits also felt the smell of cooking, then burning meat surrounding them before it all washed away into darkness.

SS (School Ship) Ooarai

Five girls woke up with a start on the first day of their second year of high school drenched in sweat and feeling intensely sick. Who… who were those people… and those events… it felt so… real… it can't really happen like that, can it? They each thought as they were bent over their toilets, vomiting up bile since there was nothing left in their stomachs after the night's sleep.

Well, one thing was for sure, none of them would be eating any roasted meats for quite a while.

A/N: So there you have it, the premonition dream of my reinterpreted GuP, echoing from the mind of a far more psychologically damaged Miho to the people destiny would clap her with.