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Sweeter Than You!

CH3- Each Other

A sudden expulsion of water, splatter of wet feet atop tiles, and the echo of his name made Haruka freeze. Of that moment, all substance of the room peeled from its walls; every object swirled into nothingness as the materialistic collapsed among itself. In his mind, there was now a black void where only he, and the one seeking his affections, did exist. Nothing and nobody else mattered in this moment other than Haruka and Rin.

In all the years they had been in close proximity with the other, not once, had Rin ever wholly spoken his name. Only twice, in his life, was Haruka ever grabbed so affectionately by the shoulder and spun around. And thrice, since he reunited with Rin, had he ever been hugged so dearly. As the full impact of the action reached his core, Haruka could feel his hesitations recede while a new bundle of emotions shook its foundation. His eyes soon grew wide and rounded; the aperture of his mouth doubled, but no vocality was released. A sharp inhale speckled his tongue and he felt every part of his body quaver with the heat of unnamed feelings. He stood unmoving within Rin's embrace- drenched, nude, and unable to think.

In a moment of absolute desperation, Rin had literally thrown his arms around Haruka's shoulders and clung to him as if they'd never see another again. Their bodies now flush against the other, Haruka's unlabeled sentiments soon trespassed his thoughts. The concept of space held no relevance between them; distance held empty meaning. Because of that, it was impossible for Haruka to hide the ways his body reacted towards Rin. He could also feel, what he thought was, Rin's mutuality prodding against him. However, from how openly such contact was given, Haruka doubted Rin was even aware of the escalation their situation had now heightened to.

He wasn't.

Keeping Haruka close to him had swallowed Rin's entire focus, and he missed the burgeoning details that had risen between the two of them. Ironically, his obliviousness had been rubbing Haruka in all the right ways. The more aloof of the two wasn't certain of how long he could withhold himself from not making a movement—of just doing something––anything. But all manner of breathing temporarily hitched and halted once he felt the silkiness of Rin's bangs brush his cheek, as their hug deepened.

"I'm sorry," Rin whispered, the sincerity of his plead dappled Haruka's neck like driblets of molten flame. In his unawareness, he was sending Haruka some very mixed signals. As much as his apology would fit in the suggestive circumstance they were in, Rin instead was referring to Haruka's immediate emergence from the tub. He thought he had triggered it by doing something wrong. Two of such never made a right––but could have other uses...

And that very method went into motion the moment Rin breathed his next statement; its tactility swept beneath Haruka's ear like a downy plume,"You don't have to leave, Haru..."

"...!" An almost inaudible tuft of air tumbled from Haruka's open mouth that swiftly dissolved into something else. "...Rin..."

And then, created was silence.

Haruka hadn't meant to voice anything, let alone to moan his friend's name! Yet, he unfortunately, had; and it was loaded with enough suggestive inflection to even turn a seasoned call-girl beet red. This threw Rin completely off guard. In contrast his stoic features showed no disagreement, or emotion, at first. It wasn't until the visage of Haruka, short of breath and gazing into his eyes with want and confusion, latched around his mind that his senses gradually returned to him. Immediately his face darkened with rose, and the abashed teen withdrew himself by two steps.

He blinked; stared; it was all his brain could process the functions of, currently.

Did Haruka really just...?!

No, he couldn't have!


"H-Haru..?" Rin's voice cracked as if his entrance into adolescence was just yesterday.

A subdued wall soon meshed around them. This was indeed a very awkward time for two evenly awkward young adults. A smidgen of space separating them, neither Haruka or Rin made movement to alter it. At the same time, within Rin brewed a conflict that was almost innocent while something more inviting swam within Haruka's eyes. His lips held fast what his soul could never hide.

The closeness—he needed far more of it from Rin, and only him alone.

Rin, on the other hand, was entirely puzzled. Not knowing what to say, his attention shifted aimlessly around the room, only to fall in-between the small space that distanced them. Rin's expression hardened from what he saw, and he swore unintentionally. Now, did he come to understand what Haruka's breathy sounds were a response to. How could he not have noticed?!

Wait, did that make Haruka the same as him? Did he like guys, too? At that moment, the thought of Haruka having feelings greater than the platonic towards someone else made Rin envious. If Haruka felt that way towards someone else, Rin would make sure he was the winner of his friend's heart no matter what! That's right, his Haruka was purely Rinsexual! No one else could have him!

Or something like that.

Haruka couldn't exactly tell what oddities were going on in that man's head. Rin appeared like a spoiled little child after being told he couldn't eat his candy and ice cream at the same time. Then, out of nowhere, he began to grin and chuckle eerily as if he had just triumphed a devious deed. This display of childishness left a drop of warmth in Haruka's heart and he smiled without realizing. A clumsy Rin was very cute. It was at times like these, where Rin was being his goofy and arrogant self, when Haruka felt his heart swell and his chest tighten at the sight of it.

In those moments, Haruka would come to understand one thing. He was in love with Rin Matsouka; he was addicted to him; he needed him. And right now, if Rin was the one to require some guidance on where to take matters after his little folly, then Haruka would take the lead. Willingly, he sealed the small gap between them with one advancement. Not needing words, Haruka slipped his hands into Rin's, leading them to either sides of his own haunches. As he neared closer still, Rin's eyes hushed shut automatically.

For the second time that day, within the same hour, the form of his own name brought forth his undoing.


Rin wasn't sure of which occurred first.


He didn't think. All he did was act.


He barely could even register what was going on. It wasn't until he heard his name again that he took notice of his mouth upon Haruka's neck. Each pulse, soft whimper and airy gasp, Rin tasted as they were plucked from the throat that created them.

"...Rin... Rin..." The name was all he seemed to be able to expel between shudders; his fingers curled at the bend just above Rin's elbows and drew him impossibly closer. From this, their hips ground against one another, earning a melange of sweet, foreign, sounds to lift from both in unison. New to this, Haruka was desperate, and silently begged, to be touched. Deep ethereal gasps rolled from his tongue; his closed lids quivered as if in limbo between watching and just feeling. Rin's lips crept along Haruka's neck; his fingertips dared further southward. While this was something Haruka knew he craved from his other, there was additionally a key element missing. As the lengthy digits rounded beneath Haruka's navel, the quieter boy's grip at Rin's arms tightened significantly. Rin halted on the spot, out of respect and devotion held for Haruka. His inquisitive eyes flitted into Haruka's for any trace of err. 'What did I screw up, this time?' he griped, inwardly.

A direct answer was not swiftly given. As Haruka stood there, respiring shaky breaths, he kept his focus on Rin––his lucid gaze relaying subdued messages: 'You're not...going any further than this...unless you kiss me, properly.'

Now, had Makoto been the one on the receiving end of such a mental note, he would have understood very well and quite quickly. But, Rin was not Makoto, and he didn't have that special telepathic understanding with Haruka, yet. In fact, Rin often thought himself inadequate for Haruka because he lacked something that made Haruka's bond with Makoto so unique. But Rin was not Makoto, and in that, he was able to give Haruka things that no one else—especially not Makoto–could bestow to him. That, on its own, was truly special. However, that didn't stop him from feeling as if he had wronged Haruka, in this situation. Hesitantly, Rin began to withdraw away again, but this time Haruka matched him step for step. Haruka had decided that now, it was his turn to be the one who refused to let his love leave his sight. And now with that door widely open between the two of them, Haruka would see to it that they both crossed its threshold, together.


"...Wh..what is it..." He croaked.

"Stay." It was command nor suggestion; it was an honest desire. Quite frankly, it both frightened and lured Rin and resulted in him remaining rooted in place. He didn't know what to do; he wasn't sure how to progress. He was a novice to this. He didn't consider himself experienced in any way, no matter how much research he studied with relationships. If he did his best and Haruka ended up hating it, he wouldn't be able to handle it. What could he possibly do?

"... …." Haruka whispered, giving his companion a little insight of what to do next. It was delivered so lowly, Rin failed to catch it.


A mild frustration skittered over Haruka's face from not being heard the first time. A dusting of color warmed a cheek and he expelled a shallow exhale through his nose. If words weren't doing him any favors, the last resort he had was a gesture he considered one of the highest intimacy. He lifted his hands to either sides of Rin's face and cupped it lovingly. The tactility startled Rin initially; but before he knew it, his eyelids drooped faintly–awaiting the possibility of what was to be gifted by the beautiful mouth before him.

"...I said..." Haruka began, his words ghosting over Rin's parted lips, "...kiss me, Rin..."


To say the least, Haruka's insistence was a patient one. And naturally for Rin, utter shock and surprise turned evident in the sound that scampered from him. As silly as it sounded, he had no idea what to do nor how to move and just stood in place. Haruka figured this would happen. Softly, he nudged his thumbs along Rin's cheekbones as a way of reemphasizing his statement. "Is...is that what you want, Rin?"

A delicate inquiry; its inflection was like a refreshing mist about his lips. Rin immediately stopped trying to over-think situations, and just went with his heart. Briskly, his eyes lowered to lash-laced crescents, and he cautiously inched forward. At the same time, the soft-spoken teen met Rin halfway, so they could both share their first in the same exact moment. It was timid; light; it ended in the same second it began. The act itself was nothing to brag about but the emotion, in weight alone, was nothing short of extraordinary. Only after they both felt this, trembling lids raised for red to share its clarity with blue. As they met eyes, Haruka's hands hadn't abandoned their position; his thumbs tenderly brushed Rin's cheeks. There was a clarity seen that Haruka had missed during their earlier days when nothing but transparency showed in his friend. Once Haruka understood the love in Rin's pleading eyes, he felt himself smile. He had always found Rin attractive, but only now was Haruka utterly smitten.

Unsure of what else to do, but knowing entirely what he wanted, Rin closed his eyes once more. Here, he was completely vulnerable; he was bared, not only in skin, but also in heart. As his face neared Haruka's once more, his mouth opened partly. He held the most absolute trust that Haruka would still be there to accept him, and to support him no matter what. A burst of solace flooded throughout him once Haruka's mouth joined with his. Immediately, Rin allowed himself to melt into the embrace and willingly conformed to the shape of the arms that held him lovingly. Absolute freedom, hidden in the distance, was now his. The instance he felt Haruka's embrace become lax, no longer did Rin hold any feelings back.

Without hindering their kiss, Rin's hands curled around Haruka's wrists and guided them to his chest. He honestly didn't know what he was doing with that gesture, but he wasn't complaining about the skinship, either. Casually, Haruka opened his palms and let Rin lead them. Nails descended in a slow, deliberate crawl that encouraged a gravelly thrum in Rin's throat. There, he released his hold to coax Haruka to make a move on his own. Artistically those hands curved downwards, outlining the convex of Rin's hips with soft touches and an even gentler intent. Haruka took this time to imbed every movement, and the candid expressions Rin allowed him to see, into memory. He could do anything he wished to his competitor right now; but all he wanted, within this moment, was to commit every part of himself to Rin and to be accepted in the process.

"...Ha...ru..." The name was nearly lost, fragmented, on whispering lips by the fragility contained. Every nerve within Haruka's was alight with tangible joy by hearing Rin whimper for him like this. It was only then that Haruka realized, while becoming immersed in thought, his hands had taken a pause—and Rin was desperately attempting to hold onto some shred of patience. Haruka gave a faint sound of understanding, then hesitantly ceased their kiss. Both boys' foreheads tenderly bumped against one another's in a moment of mutual comfort as well as to catch up to what they had just steeped themselves into.

In airy puffs, Rin was the first to speak, "We...we just kissed... Haru...we just kissed...Right?"

"Yeah..." He could hardly believe it himself. It was like a wish of his that finally happened. Thoroughly content, his eyes remained closed and he just listened to the rhythm of Rin's breathing.


"...Just now...with you. ...Bad?"

In response, Rin forced a fond smirk. Leave it to Haru to mince his words to give clipped and terse answers whenever he could. "No...no it isn't bad... Because it's you. ...It needed to be you..."

"?" Haruka didn't understand.

"... ..." Rin drew back a tad to be able to meet eyes with his other. His brows knitted in a concern that almost mimicked innocence. "..." Now that he was overcome with emotion, Rin was stealing Haruka's lines—and spoke nothings. Luckily for him, he didn't need to say anything. And the moment Rin's features began to scrunch, Haruka's palms rounded his cheeks. He touched his forehead to Rin's once more and closed his eyes. Although seemingly odd, Haruka had never felt more relaxed, more at peace, than when he was embracing Rin. He was entirely at ease and he had the one in front of him to thank for that. But instead of such being addressed in a direct way, Haruka spoke it in his own, "Rin...don't cry."

"Why you- ! We have a moment like that and you tell me-! -I'm not crying...!"

He wasn't, yet, but if given one more emotional nudge, he surely would be. So, Haruka did the only thing he could do–and kissed Rin once more. Only a solitary bead trickled from beneath his lashes. Through its flavor, somehow their hips saw it fit to rub together. A morsel of a mewl wavered from betwixt Rin's lips. While distracted, Haruka's hands reclaimed Rin's waist and steadily sneaked upwards. Silently, Haruka smoothed the pads of his thumbs over the the twin buds there. He also made notice of the jolt that suddenly took Rin. It would seem that a certain someone had quite the sensitive skin.

Without warning, Haruka dipped his head and caught one of the nubs with the tip of his tongue. A shivering breath was all Rin could gulp down. That, in turn, made things a little easier for Haruka. Pleasantly, he took his time; each flash of pink decorated all that it devoured with a glossed sheen. A crumb of gibberish and unguarded noises dribbled from Rin and he did nothing to yield their desperation, nor their volume. But that only lasted for a second. Embarrassed, he lifted a half curled hand, unsurely, against his lips in an attempt to damper the sounds. His other hand found its way to the back of Haruka's head, lightly combing his fingers through the ebon tresses.

"H..Haru..." His voice arched-dimming the last vowel. Haruka needed to hear more. He didn't want there to be anything withheld between them. If what they felt now was truly love, Haruka would make certain Rin would experience all of it. Upon his decision, Haruka lifted a hand to move the one masking those gorgeous sounds to the side.,"I want to hear your voice, Rin. Don't hide it from me..." Haruka insisted, tracing his request along Rin's neck and sending it tumbling into an ear. His tones then turned cool and crisp, "Everything you're feeling, let me hear it... I want all of it...Rin..."

"Haru?" He wondered shakily, but all inquiries were scooped up in an ardent hair grasping kiss that muted all thought for a moment and encouraged the most beautiful sounds from Rin. Their hips moved in circular motions against the other, extracting a round of open-mouthed gasps and misty moans. The more demanding they became for closeness, the clumsier their actions became. Before long, any kisses to the mouth missed and landed everyplace else about their faces.

"...Haru.." Rin whined weakly, prompting the whisper of his name in return. Haruka slid a hand down between them and curved his fingers around his other's hardness. Being held in the grasp of another caused Rin to flinch before ceasing all movement to become more familiar with the touch. Effectively, he pulsed in Haruka's hand; such behavior was granted with a quick experimental squeeze. A wispy moan floated from Rin and he arched his back, involuntarily thrusting into the grip that held him. With dusky eyes, Haruka observed the raw carnality Rin was exhibiting—as well as taking notice of the oily substance that began to glaze above his hand.

A flash of all the things Haruka could do to Rin right now to inflict far more pleasure upon him passed behind his eyes. Hungrily, his tongue wet his lips and he neared himself closer. One arm ringed Rin's waist to secure him while his other continued to stroke him. A moist, slick sound soon tiptoed into the room. Before long, Haruka's own desire found its way into a hand and he pleasured both himself and Rin simultaneously.

The haze of Rin's name began to loiter the steamy air, while he was too enraptured by the licentiousness of it all to properly respond. His hair stuck to the sides of his face in a disarray of shaded burgundy; his mouth alternated between accompanying wide gasps and teeth-clenching moans; his eyes rolled upwards while his hands clutched at Haruka's shoulders for dear life.

An overwhelming tension rose within him and he felt his senses start to turn to mush. His nails dug into Haruka's shoulders and his eyes squeezed shut. In a sudden fit of emotion, he threw his head into the crook of Haruka's neck– his breaths turning ragged. "Ah...! Ahhgh! Haru...! Ha...Haru...kaaaa...!" The name sprouted from him with a candid sweetness that Haruka devoured more than fully heard. Their mouths and tongues melded sloppily, sharing the exact moment Rin hugged Haruka for dear life as euphoria ripped from him and shook his core. His body quivered immensely and he clutched Haruka tautly as a second frothed expulsion launched his senses beyond all limitations.

As Rin's climax simmered, and his body fought to wolf down desperate oxygen, Haruka didn't move. He observed and recorded; he waited until Rin just barely caught his breath before he gingerly slipped an arm to his back and lowered him down to the tiled floor. At once atop the chilled porcelain, Rin turned his head to one side and clawed at the tiles; chest heaving. With him distracted, Haruka knelt nearby; his eyes tapered away from Rin to something else worthy of his attention. Gobs of pearl coated a guilty palm and drooped in tethered strings between most of his fingers. Wordlessly, the sight was welcomed with amazement and adoration. With the pounding of his heartbeat audible in his ears, Haruka's hooded gaze glazed over Rin. Thickened ivory drizzled down his thighs, pooled along his abdomen, and spotted his chest. Small flecks of it had caught in his bangs and somehow sprinkled along his cheek.


Haruka was speechless. Never before, in all his life and from all the oceans he'd seen, had he ever witnessed a more marvelous spectacle. All he wanted to do in this moment was to warm his body against Rin's as he tasted his lips. But instead if acting upon that yearning, his attention trailed down upon himself. Speckles of the white marked him well, too. Gradually, Haruka's eyes widened as a peculiar musing came to him.

As moments drifted by, Rin managed to salvage his senses from overload. Through blurred and fuzzy eyes, he gave his attention to Haruka and could have sworn that he was dreaming. Before his confused sight, Haruka was knelt at his feet, lathering the substance along his own stomach. Once a good enough amount slathered his hand, Haruka brought his dripping palm to his own endowment and began to slide it up and down. His motions were slow; deliberate; and most importantly, he did not stray his vision away from the one who watched. There was something about tending to oneself while another observed, firsthand. His once bright eyes, now darkened by the sensual and the erotic, smouldered. A slim glimmer twinkled along his irises before his eyes crumbled closed. Airy sounds sifted out of him, only for their pleasant noise to grow in girth each other second. One hand was placed behind him against the floor, as he arched his back to better fill his hand with himself. The moistened sounds, that mirrored the ferocity of his strokes, were the loudest in the room. At least to Rin it was; it was all he could hear over the slamming of his own heartbeat against his ribs.

'Haru is using my...for that...?!'

Rin was utterly thunderstruck. If nothing else, he felt compelled to witness and observe his crush pleasure himself. To Haruka, his ministrations contained much more impact and meaning rather than just being a solo act. He wanted Rin to see all of it–– every feeling that passed over his expressive eyes, each new shape his mouth would form as he messily swathed himself with the love Rin had given him. It was a rapturous happening, and Haruka would only do this because of, and with, Rin. There was none other of whom he deemed better suited to see him in such a raw and uninhibited state.

In the advent of his unraveling, Haruka lolled his head back just enough to still be able to peer directly into Rin's eyes. A thin film glossed over the aquatic hue as Haruka's expression knitted in an emotion Rin could only identify with as 'He's close.'

There were many things his mouth tried to mold into speech. He features appeared under the guise of a young boy trying his best to talk while combating a frustrated sob. Although what he felt far succeeded any pain, Haruka failed to suppress the euphoric tears and let them round his cheeks. Being engaged in this type of sexual activity always brought out some of the most emotions in him all at once since he did not do it often. And with his greatest love as a front row audience, Haruka couldn't help but allow Rin to see him in his most pure and candid of moments. As his moment of climax drew closer, all that his voice could possess was a thin"... … Can I...?"

At first Rin didn't understand, but he certainly did when Haruka clumsy crawled closer to him on his knees and one hand until he was able to straddle his waist. It was then, did Rin knew perfectly what was being requested, and only upon his consent, did Haruka achieve release. A throaty gasp shook from him as shreds of white followed suit and dotted Rin's body by the dollop. Areas of his chest, neck, face, and even his hair were littered with warm froth.

As a rush of sweetened oxygen filled him, Haruka's eyes never left Rin's. It was a good thing he didn't. Rin forced himself to his elbows and inched his face close enough to the throbbing length before him. Hesitantly, he closed his eyes and eased his tongue towards the slicked tip. Haruka watched as Rin coiled a sample of his essence along it and brought the cream into his mouth. He coughed at first, then made quite a bitter face. Rin didn't like the taste at all, but he didn't allow that to hinder him. With a curious tongue, he continued to lap at the dribbling threads of pearl—not caring how much glazed his chin in the process. Tiny strings of vanilla's hue spiraled along Rin's clavicle in intricate patterns before he swallowed his hesitance. His lips rounded the apex of Haruka's girth; gorgeous lashes feathered atop Rin's cheeks as he closed his eyes and suckled lightly. As it turned out, the stimulation held more sensation than the receiver could accept. Haruka's entire frame shuddered, accompanied by a raspy expletive in a tone he did not identify as his own, at first. Soon, his exhausted body ordered Haruka to pull away, igniting a spark of ivory from Rin's mouth with a wet pop.

It took all Haru was composed of to retain his balance and not sprawl out on top of the tiles. Instead, in spite of his disoriented focus, he managed to keep his bleary eyes on Rin. A thin mixture of saliva curved his bottom lip and began to speckle the floor—the aperture of his mouth wide to accommodate brisk pants. Fandango tresses were in a frenzied disarray, some pieces of it sticking to the fair skin that had bore sweat beneath it. Seeing this, Haruka found himself being drawn closer to his love. Without thinking, he brought two curled fingers to Rin's lips and brushed away all remnants of what had just transpired there.

"...Haa...Haaaa...Rin...You... you didn't have to..." 'Swallow' was the word never spoken. A little annoyed by his own decision to do so, Rin shrugged and made a face that could have easily been mistaken for a pout, "Haah...Well...! Haah!...It's a little too late for that...Haru...! ...%# & I can't breathe, yet!"

"Then... haa...spit it out..."

"...I can't...! I already–– !" It would seem that Rin also wished to avoid the term, "A-anyway!" he resumed, his respiration returning to a more tolerable level, "...You tasted terrible!"

"I'm sorry," The response was swift and sincere.


"Why didn't you get rid of it...?!"

"I TOLD you it was too late, didn't I?!" Rin snapped back. He then sucked his teeth and sent his eyes elsewhere, embarrassment claiming him, "And...and...you were enjoying it... so..."

Haruka sighed.'...What a pain...' Haruka murmured in his thoughts. Leave it to his hotheaded crush to make a big deal out of something that had already been dealt with. Still, catching him complaining like this was rather cute. "...Rin..."


In place of speech, Haruka brought his hands to Rin's face once more and rested his forehead to his soul-mate's. Rin took in a breath to question this, but whatever he was going to ask withered to tatters. Instead, he welcomed Haruka's action and visibly calmed in his hands; a fond chortle trickled from the corners of his mouth, "You're as enigmatic as ever..."




"Give me a towel! In case you've forgotten, you just jizzed all over my-!"

Before he could even conclude that thought, the item he asked for was snatched up from seemingly nowhere and thrown at his face.

"I wiped away what was on your mouth, didn't I?"

"THAT DOESN'T ACCOUNT FOR THE REST OF ME THAT'S MESSY NOW BECAUSE OF YOU!" Rin shot back, absentmindedly wiping down his neck and chest.

"Then maybe you shouldn't be so sexy, Rin!"

Hearing that from Haruka nearly caused Rin's eyebrows to shoot up past his hairline. "Huh? Sexy?"

"..." Haruka turned away, annoyed if he was misheard and bashful from announcing it in the first place, "Nothing."

"No, I want to HEAR this! You think I'm sexy, huh Haru?"

Haruka grimaced, then took his time to look back at Rin, "I think you're annoying."

"Me!? Well, you're annoyinger!"

"That isn't a word!" Haruka shot back with such bite for a soft voice as his, his retort emulated a forced whisper than anything else.

"SO WHAT! It takes one to know one!"

"... …."

"HA! I win!" Rin cheered. Haruka, somehow, couldn't resist the cue to facepalm himself.

"You just...told on yourself, idiot!"

Rin blanched. What could he say to that?! Flabbergasted, he gave Haruka a look that resulted in the last response Rin would expect to experience while nude after sexual activity. A melodic sound fluttered between the two males as Haruka, for the second time that day, laughed. And, he did it just for Rin.

"... Haru..."The delicateness crafted for that name alone gently lightened Haruka's merriment. He addressed Rin with attentive eyes and a genuine playful smile.


"I love you," Rin stated in full English. Such were words of which he was certain of wholeheartedly.

Haruka's eyes doubled in size. Yes, he knew of Rin's feelings towards him, but upon finally hearing them, he seemed just as awed as if he hadn't known. He had been aware of it for years, waiting for Rin to finally admit it. Today, he got hos wish. Peacefully, he draped his arms around Rin's shoulders and brought him into a hug. Rin's initial meaning for stopping by was forgotten by one, and went scattered by the other. The end to his little challenge had resulted in him gaining far more than expected, that was equally accepted entirely. Friends; rivals; and now, far more. Haruka and Rin had become lovers, this day.

And, it was certainly about time.

"Rin, let's take a bath together."

A tender smirk touched the corner of Rin's mouth and he nodded, "Yeah. I'd really like that, Haru."


-There may be an epilogue following this, but don't expect it anytime soon.

Oh, a minor note, the line of "Absolute freedom, hidden in the distance, was now his." was a sort of pun to me that meant Rin would find his freedom in Haruka, and that's exactly what he got. ...Since one of the kanji spellings for Haruka's name translates to "distant/distance". BAH! LAUGH I SAY.

-"Because it's you..."

-Admittedly, I fell out of the emotional drive for this chapter a lot. I struggled, and that is out of character for me...especially with a pairing I'm really into. I really should take a writing break to read more. Haha...the last time I said I was taking a break was sometime after Resident Evil 5 came out. But this time, I really should take one.

-Oh, Haruka didn't say "i love you" back because most Japanese believe it's better to show love than to speak it, because it'll cheapen the meaning.

- The mini bickering at the end wasn't planned and just sort of happened. I'm actually glad it did!

-If there are strange errors or something sounds odd, just tell me.