The Wolf Returns

A fan fiction story based upon characters from the Nickelodeon cartoon Avatar: The Last Airbender

By Storywriter1id

Disclaimer: The characters in this story are the sole property of the producers of Avatar: The Last Airbender. I claim nothing.

Chapter 1- Prologue

Chief Toph Beifong sipped her tea while listening to her morning briefing. The citizens of Republic City had been relatively well behaved last night. Three muggings, five domestic disputes, fifteen drunk-and-disorderlies, and the first ever Sato-cart collision (minor injuries only, thankfully). No homicides. It had been a good night. She was about to dismiss her precinct captains when a young Sergeant interrupted the briefing.

"What is it, Chen?" the Chief asked, slightly worried. She could feel the boy's apprehension.

"Sorry, Chief. We found another one," he answered.

The deafening silence in the room was broken by sound of shattering porcelain.



As was his habit, Fire Lord Zuko studied various ministerial reports as he enjoyed a quiet breakfast with his daughter, Ursa. A palace page entered the dining room with a scroll. The Crown Princess glared at him, "This had better be important."

The page bowed and stammered "Apologies, my lady. This just arrived by hawk marked urgent from Councilman Kazef for the Fire Lord."

Zuko looked up from the agricultural report that previously had his attention. "Well, give it here, then."

He frowned as he read the dispatch from his Republic City representative. "Damn. That's the fifth one in as many weeks," he muttered.

Ursa placed her hand on her father's arm. "Father, what's wrong?"

Zuko turned to the young page. "Alert the palace hanger. I want my airship ready to leave in an hour."


Clang….Clang….Clang. Sparks flying, the sound of hammer striking hot steel filled the shop. Sokka smiled as he shaped the steel. He couldn't bend metal, not like his wife and daughter could. But he could mold it. He could use fire, air, water, and his own muscle to impose his will upon the steel. He placed the billet back into the forge and pumped the bellows. Whuff…Whuff…Whuff. The coals glowed white hot.