The Walking Death

Fandom: Harry Potter x The Walking Dead

Rating: M

Pairing: Shane/Harry.

Warning: AU, OOC, Slash, angst, violence, gore.

Summary: What would the Master of Death do if the world ended in zombie apocalypse?

Disclaimer: Why do I have to keep writing this? Everyone knows if I own any of these then I wouldn't be here writing fanfics now.

Author Note: Finally! New version of the story~ I thank you all for being so patient waiting for this new update. I also want to thank my betas, popupman (who I'm still lost in contact with. I hope you're all right, buddy…I'm kinda worried and my imaginations don't really help at all), DGM Otaku (who came into my rescue after I lost my first beta and I'm sorry you couldn't help me anymore because of stuffs) and forever-stained-crimson (my recent knight with shining keyboard! Lol~ Thank you so much for your help. Merlin, I don't know what to do if you're not there to help me!). This new version could only happen thanks to all of you. I love you, guys~ xD

About the polling, as you can see, Mpreg won the vote. All of your reviews and some of our discussions gave me ideas about how to merge the three different plots I have for this story into one. Thank you for your help and the very engaging conversations. Now, there will be mpreg in this story, but the relationship between Shane and Harry is slow-building, they would face some challenges in their relationship, along with dealing with the apocalypse, and also because mpreg tends to shift the focus of the story most of the time...I've to tell you reluctantly that the mpreg part wouldn't be until much later.

I'm sorry about that, but I think Harry is too sensible to let that happen when the world's still in a mess. He'd wait until he thinks it's safer than now before having any baby, especially after learning from Lori's experience. But it will happen I assure you, because mini-Shane and mini-Harry are just too cute to resist! So…stay tune! xD

Beta Reader: popupman.




Fate was a bitch.

That was what Harry always thought, especially after the war.

Dumbledore was a fucking bastard who cared only for his own view; people were only cannon fodder for his beloved "Greater Good".

Harry also thought that after the war, especially after he died for the second time.

Master of Death.

Who would have thought that it was more than just a fancy title from a bedtime story?

No one; though Harry should have known better, this was him they were talking about.

The first three years after the Battle of Hogwarts, as they called it nowadays, were crazy. He didn't get the peaceful life he dreamed of with Voldemort gone. No. Instead, he had obsessive fans and annoying paparazzi stalking him. Everywhere he went, fans and reporters always ambushed him.

People sent him mail and gifts every day, thanking him for saving them again; cursing him for not saving their dead loved ones. He let Kreacher take care of them, scanning and burning every single one, except mail from his best friends and adopted family.

He didn't have any privacy. Anything he did, everyone knew in the next edition of the Prophet; he was so glad that Teddy lived with his grandmother. He shuddered imagining himself being ambushed while holding a little baby, he had a feeling that those crazy witches wouldn't pay attention to or even care for the baby's safety if it means they can rub themselves up on him. Now he shuddered again at the last image. He really didn't need that.

Other than that, he had a pretty good life with his friends and family, he guessed. Ron and Hermione finally pulled their heads out of their asses after the war and became a couple. He and Ginny found that they were better off as friends than lovers; everyone supported them even though he can see that Molly and Ron were disappointed he wouldn't be joining their family for real. It didn't last long, though, because family didn't end with blood. He had a feeling Ginny was scared off by the popularity after she witnessed him being squeezed out of sight once when they were in Diagon Alley. Oh, and he finally hit his growth spurt. He still wasn't as tall as Ron but at least he wasn't a midget anymore.

Speaking of Diagon Alley, there they were walking down the alley; Ron, Ginny and himself. They were helping Ron shop for a ring for Hermione; he was planning to propose and Harry was happy for him. Ginny declared that since Ron was hopeless when it comes to things like this, she would help him. The thought of shopping with Ginny scared Ron somehow so he dragged Harry with them.

Then out of nowhere, a rogue Death Eater appeared in front of them with a curse on his lips. The pain was blinding as Harry felt his body fly backwards from the impact of the curse. There were screams and he realized it was Ginny, followed by other witches and wizards as they realized what had happened. There was a thunderous roar from Ron as he retaliated in Harry's place. Good old Ron.

He felt another blinding pain as he hit the ground. Ginny was on his side immediately in tears; she kept calling his name over and over again while crying, saying she didn't know what to do. Harry gasped in pain as he tried to look down and check on his injuries. He immediately wished he hadn't. His body was a mess; stomach torn open, half of his guts spilling out, his chest no better. It looked like someone or something had tried to pry open his ribcage; some of his ribs were broken, some were missing. Blood was everywhere. He couldn't see anything else as he choked on his own blood one last time, and then the darkness descended upon him.

When he came to, it was to chaos. People were still screaming and shouting. He realized the aurors were there and the Death Eater was subdued. When he sat up, someone gasped. He turned to see Ginny looking at him with shock and disbelief. Ron, who was holding his sister in comfort, also had the same look on him. He looked down to see his torn clothes and nothing else; his body was smooth without any injuries except for the scars from the war. The blood was still there, but other than that, there was no proof that he was injured before.

Then there was screaming again as people took notice of him. They were looking at him in shock and fear.

"But he was dead!" one of the aurors exclaimed in shock. "I checked him myself! He was dead!"

Harry looked at his friends in shock and panic. Ron nodded in confirmation.

"I…I can't stay…"

He really can't. He knows it. People never left him alone before, because he was their savior. Now, he would never have any peace.

"I know," Ron told him.

"Go, Harry," Ginny said with teary eyes, "We'll tell the family…"

He apparated out of the place just as an auror was about to approach him.

The things that happened next were just as expected. People were in uproar about what happened, about how their savior came back to life for the second time before disappearing. Some counted it as the third time, as they included the killing curse he survived as a baby. People began to talk about him being an immortal. Awe and amazement were what they felt. But with time and his disappearance, that awe turned into fear and suspicions. Talk about calling him in for questioning and everything was spreading around. Some said that it was dangerous to let him be. He was powerful and immortal if the rumor was right. They had to make sure that he won't be the next dark lord, seeing as the last dark lord was also obsessed with immortality. But they couldn't find him anywhere so a hunt was issued to locate him.

Harry watched all of these from the shadow with bitter feelings. The bitterness was soothed a bit as he watched his friends and family supporting him, no matter what. Still, he couldn't live in the shadows like that so he went to Gringotts to manage his affairs.

With the goblins' help – thank Merlin they accepted his and his friends' apologies for robbing the bank, after he gave them two million galleons as compensation – he created a new identity for himself. He found out that with the Potter and the Black family fortunes combined, he was easily the richest wizard in Europe. Half of his fortune went to the Weasleys; the rest went to Teddy, whom he named heir to the Potter and Black families, and his grandmother. He only kept what was left in his trust fund, which was still plenty enough, before leaving.

He travelled the world for a couple of years, trying to find out what really happened to him and how to undo it. He tried to find anything that had something to do with the Peverells to learn what the meaning of becoming Master of Death was, because not long after his second resurrection, the Elder wand and the resurrection stone somehow found their way back to him. His own invisibility cloak was still with him because it was a family heirloom, but he had a feeling that if he had ditched the cloak three years ago, it would have found its way back to him just like the other two items. That was when he became suspicious about them.

He didn't find much, but there were a couple speculations about the title. Most experts thought that with the title, came immortality. Some said the one who gained that title would become Death itself. Others believed that the Master of Death would have the ability to kill people or bring people back to life just by wishing.

The last two Harry knew were bollocks. But the first speculation, he was not sure. He didn't want to believe it, but it was clear that he doesn't stay dead when he dies. In his journey looking for answers, he had already died four more times, because he was Harry Potter and trouble always finds him everywhere he goes. He always came back to life each time it happened.

At the end of the third year of his travelling, Harry decided to stop looking because it was clear that he wouldn't find anything that could help him. He was doomed to live with immortality.

He raged for a while. It was unfair; he had done everything and sacrificed a large part of his life to save people, to save the wizarding world, and now he didn't even get his reward: to live the rest of his life peacefully. No, he got immortality instead.

If only Voldemort knew this; the madman must be rolling in his grave right now. Not that he had a grave.

It took a while for him to calm down. After he did, he thought about what he wanted to do now. He wanted to do something productive; he was still in training to become a healer before he had to leave. After a life full of hide and seek, chasing and being chased by dark wizards, he didn't want to spend his life doing the same thing, which would only remind him of the war.

After some contemplation, Harry decided to enroll into a medical school in America. Thankfully, he had already finished his muggle education and was in the middle of the equivalent of pre-med at a wizarding university. All he had to do was ask the goblins to help him with transferring the muggle version of his files and application to the states; since the muggle and wizarding version of pre-med education was similar, the process was easy.

The rest was history. He became a physician and got a job at a hospital in Atlanta, Georgia. He discovered more traits to his title during his experience in school and work. He was more aware of a person's life span, he could feel the life in a person, he could sense when death was upon someone and sometimes when he wanted to he could see the ghosts of dead people. He used this ability to call the spirits of his parents and Sirius when he was feeling lonely, but he didn't do this often because he didn't want to disturb their rest.

He also noticed that he seemed to stop aging somewhere in his early to mid-twenties. He knew this meant that he couldn't stay in one place for too long; maybe ten years at most before he had to move on.

But like he said, fate was a bitch.

He didn't have to worry about moving on because six months into his new career, the zombie apocalypse struck the world.

~ To be continued ~