I'm baaaaaack~

For those who aren't aware, I was blocked from ffnet before because my new ISP didn't allow access to the website for some reason. I don't know what happened but when I accidentally click on an update link in my email from ffnet, I managed to connect to the website. It seems the block has been lifted by the ISP. I don't know for how long this is going to be before they change their mind again but let's pray it's forever~

I had update Chapter 20 to this story on my AO3 account and haven't udpate anything ever since because I'm so busy with life at the moment... *sigh*

I wanna update the chapter here while I have the chance, so do enjoy~

No worries about the lack of updates, though. I don't have any intention to abandon this story. I just take a long time to write an update because of my busy life, but I WILL find a time to write, even if I can only steal 5 minutes a day.

Okay, this message below is for everyone who don't like the story...

There's this thing people called "Don't like, don't read". Maybe I didn't write this down before, so I'm sorry. But I thought it was a common concept to everyone in all fandoms.

If my story is that awful then turn around and find another story. I don't get how you managed to read until chapter 2 if it's as awful as you said. And if you actually read until last chapter you would find that I did say there would be explanations for everything!

So if you really don't like it, then DON'T READ! You don't even have the guts to leave a review with a registered account just so no one could track you down for being a rude and uncivilized SOB! BLOODY COWARDS! I left the guest comment option open for those who have problem logging in, because that happen to me often, not to have flamers coming in thinking this is their playground. If you don't have anything nice to say, then shut your trap! You don't see me leaving unpleasant reviews when I found a crappy fanfic. I rarely leave even a pleasant one because sometimes it was too much of a hassle since everyone already said what I wanna say, so why would I waste my energy flaming?

It's not like I can't take a critique. But what you left behind is not a critique. Critiques should be constructive, filled with suggestions to be better, ideas to help...not this crap that has only disgusting purposes like destroying someone's confidence, making people angry or feel like crap just because you can't write a story of your own. I find that that flamers usually are people who don't have the skill to be like the one they flamed you know...and I know this because I'm an artist. I met people like this a lot. Maybe you should focus that flamer energy to more positive things, like actually learning the skill you wish to have or trying not to be an asshole so people would like you more?

Use my DAMN MIND they said...it's because my mind is damned that I can write this story you know...so yeah I'm actually using it~

For those who are looking for SUPERPOWER-LIKE-A-FRIGGING-GOD!Harry Potter story...

You're looking at the wrong story. Get out now before both of us regret it. I like smart!Harry. I like powerful!Harry. But I don't like insanelypowerfulandconvenient!Harry that fix everything and finish a story in less than one chapter with a swish and a flick. Better not bother to write that story at all, in my opinion. I don't have the patience to write that kind of story because it doesn't make sense and keep get me thinking "if only I can fix everything that went wrong in my life in a flick of a wand". That's a poisonous thought that I wanna get rid of.

I find that Harry...is just an average wizard with more luck on his side, you know. He's not a book smart, he's a street smart. He's not that powerful as people often thought, he's just determined when he got his mind on something. His most ambitious thought and wish is to be a normal wizard with a normal life. Yes, he got a saving-people-thing...but how much of it in the books was actually about strangers, people he doesn't know than the people he cares for?

He was just an average boy, unlucky enough to be seen as something much more and ended up being a scapegoat more often than being worship as a savior, who got pushed into situations that he didn't want and a war that wasn't his. He had no choice by went by the stream, reacted accordingly and just survived. Besides, he got friends who encouraged him and helped him with most of the educational parts of his adventure.

Now, in this story, he's just an average man that had his world ripped apart. His life and dream and family were stolen from him. Yes, he's an immortal, but he only lived for thirty years so far. Yes, he got extra boost in magic from his title as Master of Death, doesn't mean he knows what to use it for, he never wanted the power after all. Yes, he traveled the world...doesn't mean he already saw everything, already knew everything. And now, he's alone. He's only human. At least, that's how I see him.

I wanna write this story from a more humanity view. How humans usually react to things and situations. In this story, magic's only an extra factor to throw in more possibilities and dramas, not fix the world back to perfection. Magic already existed before the outbreak and the world was still a pretty awful place. Why would the outbreak make it any different? It would actually make it worse. Besides, the first reason that made me write this story is because I liked Shane and hated Lori and what she had done to him. I just wanna give him someone to love and love him back, that's all. And I hate OCs as main character in fanfics, so I didn't bother to create one but just pick another character I liked. So if you're looking for politics or super complex conflicts or anything like that...I've to say "Sorry to disappoint".

Well...that's it I guess...