The Walking Death

Fandom: Harry Potter x The Walking Dead

Rating: M

Pairing: Shane/Harry.

Warning: AU, OOC, Slash, angst, violence, gore… SMUT!

Summary: What would the Master of Death do if the world ended in zombie apocalypse?

Disclaimer: Why do I have to keep writing this? Everyone knows if I own any of these then I wouldn't be here writing fanfics now.

Author's Note: As I said in the warning… SMUT! It's a SLASH smut. Anyone who's uncomfortable with it, back off now. I won't have any complain from anyone who can read the story but don't bother with the warning. And I don't know whether it's good or not, graphic or not. It seems people's opinions are often different on this. But, well…don't say I didn't warn ya.

Beta Reader: forever-stained-crimson.


Chapter 13


This time, it was the barn that Glenn watched anxiously with Shane's binoculars. He was feeling nervous and jumpy ever since last night's discovery. He wanted to tell the group but…

"Could you be more obvious?"

Glenn almost jumped into the air when Maggie suddenly appeared in front of the lenses. He gasped as he tried to calm his heartbeat.

"Here, enjoy," Maggie said, placing a basket of fruits in front of him.

"Are you trying to buy my silence with fruit?" he asked incredulously.

"Of course not. There's also jerky."

"Will you please tell me why your dad has a secret barn full of walkers? It's creepy! You know that, right?"

Maggie shushed him, "Just trust me on this, okay?"

"But I suck at lying. I can't even play poker. It's too much like lying."

"You have to keep this to yourself. You have to. Please," she pleaded.

Glenn sighed as she walked away, leaving the basket with him.


Carl came out of the house for the first time since he was wounded. Lori looked really happy to see him on his feet now, even though she still wanted him to take it easy. Her smile fell went she saw him run towards the recently revealed wizard in their group, though.

"Harry! Is it true?" Carl asked him excitedly. "Is it true that you're a wizard and you can do magic? Dad told me! He said you healed me with magic, is that true?"

Harry smiled fondly at the boy. "Yes, it's true. But your stomach is still tender because of the wound, so take it easy, all right? I didn't get to heal it perfectly because I was exhausted at the time. We don't want you to hurt yourself."

"Can you show me some magic?" Carl pleaded.

"Of course. Uh…wait a minute," Harry looked around and found T-Dog. He was helping Dale with the RV. "T-Dog! Come here for a minute, would ya?"

The man turned at the call. He looked at Dale and shrugged. The old man nodded. Seconds later, he was at the wizard's side.

"What's up, man?"

"Give me your arm. The injured one," Harry told him. "Since you guys know everything now, I'm going to heal it…at once. If you trust me."

T-Dog looked at him then shrugged. "Sure, Harry. It would be nice if I didn't have to be careful when working. It won't hurt, right?"

"No, it won't hurt," Harry chuckled.

Harry opened the bandages. The wound was healing nicely, but it was still vulnerable if strained. He cast a diagnostic spell and the result appeared, hovering above the wound.

"Whoa!" Carl exclaimed in awe.

"Well, it shouldn't be a problem to heal it," Harry commented. With that, he banished the stitches and before blood could flow out, he healed it with a swish of his wand.

T-Dog looked at his arm, amazed. He touched the smooth skin, pressed it a little and moved his arm around.

"How does it feel?"

"It's great. Thanks," T-Dog grinned.

"You're welcome," Harry nodded.

"That's so cool," Carl breathed in amazement.

"Yeah, that's really cool. Come on, Carl," Lori touched her son's shoulder. "Let's help Hershel with the chickens, okay?"

Harry caught the look she sent him and looked away. T-Dog frowned as he watched her and Carl leave, with the boy complaining all the way about wanting to see more magic.

"Hey, don't mind her, okay?" T-Dog said to him, concerned.

The smaller man smiled wanly. "It's okay, T. I understand her. Humans tend to hate and be afraid of something they don't understand. I mean, don't tell me none of you feel uncomfortable with me."

"Hey, that's not true…"

"No, it's true. You don't know what else I'm capable of. If you did, you wouldn't be so relaxed and accepting around me. If y'all knew…there are so many things you can blame on me because I was selfish and a coward," Harry sniffed.

"Hey hey hey…don't be like that. You didn't do any magic because you were afraid of knowing for sure that your people were gone. I get that. And I'm sorry that they are, okay?"

"Even if I could have saved Amy and Jim and everybody else that died at the camp? Even if I could have saved Sophia if I wasn't such a coward?"

"We'll find Sophia, Harry. I promise you that."

Harry opened his mouth but then closed it again. He just nodded mutely.

"Good. Now, I'm going back to Dale to fix that RV a little bit. We're going to start the gun training in a couple of hours," T-Dog said.

Harry just nodded. He was thinking to himself. Since when had he been a coward like this? He was a Gryffindor, for Merlin's sake! Sophia was dead and he couldn't tell them! He had to tell them but how?

He found Shane and Rick was talking about the gun training at the meeting spot, as Harry tended to call the hood of Rick's car these days. Jimmy was watching them.

"Hey, Kitten," Shane greeted him.

Harry scowled.

"Kitten?" Rick looked amused.

"It fits," Shane shrugged, smirking. "His eyes glow in the dark and he can see with them, in the dark, I mean."

Rick just shook his head, chuckling as Shane got hit in the gut by his "kitten".

"So you're the freaky wizard Hershel told us about, huh? Say, can you pull a rabbit out of a hat?" Jimmy smirked at him.

"Hey!" Shane barked in warning.

"No. But I can come back to life after being shot in the head," Harry smiled coldly at him. "I also could make you run around the farm dancing the ballet in a pink tutu while singing 'Twinkle Twinkle Little Star'."

That was enough to make the smirk disappear into a scowl. Shane snorted loudly while Rick tried to hide his smile.

"Planning a lesson?" Harry asked.


"We're trying to locate where Sophia might be from where Daryl found her doll," Rick told him.

"Oh…right…" Harry didn't know what to say.

"Hey, Harry, I just remembered. That spell you did in the woods to find the direction Sophia went in, can you do it again?" Rick asked.

"I…don't think that it would help," Harry said.

"What? Why? It could be really helpful, you know…"

"I tried…the night I went on my own. I used that spell too but it only held for half an hour and then it failed…"

"Failed? What do you mean failed?"


"Can you show us?"

Harry nodded. He pulled out his wand and did the spell. The result was just as he said. The wand just whirled around before falling back onto his hand. Jimmy was watching with wide eyes.

"Do you know what caused this?" Rick asked frowning.

"I have no idea…"

Rick didn't look like he fully believed him but before he could ask, Shane was whistling in appreciation at something.

"Hey! Peaches," he grinned.

Glenn approached them with a basket full of peaches, offering the fruits to them with a weak smile. Each of them took one peach but Harry saw something like uncertainty in Glenn's eyes as he picked his share. Glenn was looking at them, earning looks in return. He looked around and behind him. Harry saw Lori was watching him, there was warning in her eyes but for once it was sent to Glenn, not him.

"My binoculars," Shane finally said to the boy.

"What?" Glenn looked confused for a second before he realized what was said. "Oh, yeah, yeah…" He put down the basket and handed the binoculars to Shane. "Okay, bye."

Harry watched Glenn in confusion and after a look at Shane and the nod he got in return, he went after the boy.

"Glenn," Harry called. "Is something the matter?"

Glenn was surprised and then looked conflicted. "Nothing, there's nothing…"

"If you're sure…"

"Yeah, yeah…I'm sure…" Glenn nodded frantically. "I just…I'm gonna do another run to town with Maggie. That's all…"

"Oh…" Harry slowly smirked. "You know…I've been watching the way you two interacted, not all the time, mind you, but…is there anything going on between you two? Maybe on the last supply run…?"

Glenn blushed furiously. "No! No…it's….it was…"

Harry chuckled whole-heartedly at his reaction.

"Oh shut up! How about you and Shane? Don't think we forgot about the kiss you two had yesterday. I mean, he went berserk when we thought you were dead. Also, you guys are sharing a tent."

This time, it was Harry's turn to blush. "Ah, well…why does everyone keep asking me that? Do you think…it's going to be a problem?"

"Nah…I think it won't even cross everyone's minds as anything but amusement. We're too busy thinking about your magic and immortality. I bet everyone is still in a daze from that. They won't be able to think properly for a while. I'm surprise no one has melted their brain yet."

"I don't know which one is worse," Harry muttered, "Well, I suddenly remember I have something to do. See ya."

Glenn laughed as Harry practically turned tail and ran. Harry went to pull out the items he had asked Glenn to get the other day. There were still some things he needed. He went to Andrea first.

"Hey, Andrea…"

"Yes, Harry?"

"Can I ask for a strand of your hair?"

"What for?" Andrea frowned in confusion.

"I'm planning to make protection charms for everyone, but I need a strand of hair for each of your charm so…"

"Protection charm? What can it do?" she asked curiously.

"It can…err…I'm not good with it actually so it won't be as strong as a standard protection charm, but it can at least fend off a few attacks before it runs out of juice…hopefully?" Harry replied sheepishly.

Andrea nodded. "That could be really helpful," then she pulled out a blond strand from her hair and handed it to him. "Here. You sure it's enough?"

"Yes. I only need one strand. Thank you."

Then Harry took a seat at the picnic table and began to work. First he chose the colors he wanted to use for the ribbons and then cut them to certain length and slipped Andrea's hair between them before making some sort of complicated braid with them. While he twisted and knotted the ribbons, he slipped in a root or a leaf every now and then while chanting protection words in Latin under his breath, feeling the magic flowing from his hands into the knots. He ended the knots by tying them with a root and turning it into a lock of some kind.

"Andrea! It's finished!"

"That was quick," Andrea said as she approached him at the table.

"Here, give me your wrist," Harry said. He tied the bracelet around her wrist and she shivered when he finished tying it. "You feel that?" She nodded. "Good, that means the protection is activated and the charm's working. Don't worry about it falling off or something. Once it's activated, the bracelet will stay on until the protection runs out."

"Hmm…not bad…its got an ethnic look to it," Andrea examined it with a smile. "Thank you, Harry."

Harry grinned. Then he saw the commotion at the campfire. Lori looked angry. Rick looked conflicted. Dale looked guilty. Shane was talking about something. Carl looked hopeful. What was going on?

"What's the matter?" Harry asked as he approached them together with Andrea.

"None of your business," Lori snapped.

"Carl found a gun," Shane answered.

"How did he find a gun?"Andrea asked incredulously.

"I let him into the RV. He said he wanted a walkie, that his parents sent him for one…" Dale looked guilty.

"So he lied?" Harry looked at Carl. "Please tell me that at least you didn't shove it behind your pants like in the movies. You could blow your ass off."

Carl blushed and ducked his head shyly. Shane snorted.

"He shoved it to the side of his jeans. Right side."

Harry's eyes twitched. "You do remember I told you to take it easy, right? And instead, you shoved a gun in your recently injured side? What were you thinking?"

Carl's head lowered some more to everyone but Lori's amusement.

"He wants to learn how to shoot. He asked me to teach him," Shane informed them and looked at both Rick and Lori. "Rick already gave me his consent but Lori doesn't want him to learn."

"Why?" Harry asked.

"Why? You might have been fighting and killing magical terrorists since you were a kid but my son is not a freak like you! He's just an innocent child. I don't want my son walking around with a gun!" Lori hissed.

"Hey, that's uncalled for," Shane frowned.

"You can't let him go around without protection," Rick said.

"He's as safe as he'll ever be right here," Lori argued. "Look, everything you're saying makes perfect sense. It feels wrong. I mean, I didn't feel good about him following you out into the woods. And I wish I'd said something. I should've gone with my gut."

"He's growing up, thank God. We've got to start treating him more like an adult," Rick said again.

"Then he needs to act like one. He's not mature enough to handle a gun," Lori said stubbornly.

"I'm not gonna play with it, Mom. It's not a toy. I'm sorry I disappointed you but I want to look for Sophia and I want to defend our camp. I can't do that without a gun," Carl pleaded.

"Shane is the best instructor I know. I've seen him teach kids younger than Carl," Rick assured her.

Lori looked at everyone. She was really against this but she was outnumbered. She sighed unhappily and looked at Carl. "You will take this seriously and you will behave responsibly," she said sternly to the boy, holding his chin to look him in the eyes. "And if I hear from anyone in this camp that you're not living up to our expectations…"

"He won't let you down," Rick said confidently.

"Yeah," Carl nodded.

Lori nodded reluctantly and let him go.

"Now that that's solved…" Harry said slowly, "Anyone want to give a strand of their hair?"

"What for?" Rick asked.

"Harry's making us protection charms that can fend off a few attacks before it runs out of juice," Andrea replied, showing off her new bracelet. "He needs our hair for each charm. I already got mine."

Shane caressed his head sheepishly. Harry and Andrea laughed at his reaction. Rick and Dale chuckled.

"That's so cool!" Carl exclaimed.

"It wouldn't hurt to have additional protection," Rick nodded in agreement.

"Thanks. But no, thanks," Lori said. "Come on, Carl. We're going to gun training, right?"

"But, Mom~ It's a magical bracelet!" Carl complained as he was led away.

"I already permitted you to have gun training. I'm not going to deal with a magical bracelet who does God knows what, all right?"

Rick sent an apologetic look in Harry's direction. The wizard just smiled understandingly.

"I'm afraid I don't have much hair left…" Dale said as he took off his hat, caressing his balding head. "And I don't think Carol and T-Dog could help you there."

Harry face-palmed in remembrance. He forgot about the haircuts of other members of the group. Rick handed him his hair strand. It was long enough for him to work with, barely. Harry looked exasperatedly at Shane who shrugged apologetically.

"I'm going to find something else for you and the others," Harry sighed.

"Sorry for being trouble," Shane grinned.

Harry waved off his concern and went back to his picnic table before starting to work. He just finished another when Carol approached him.

"Hey, Harry…can I ask you something?" Carol asked.


"It's about the chores you finished with magic. Can you not do it next time? No offense, but...I don't have anything to do to occupy my mind right now. I can't help but keep worrying about Sophia," Carol sighed.

"Oh…" Harry bit his lips. "Of course. I understand. Uh…Shane and Rick are going to train the others with guns. Maybe you should join them. It would be good for you if you could protect yourself in case we get mobbed by walkers in the future…"

Carol thought about it and nodded. "I think you're right. I'll go talk to them. Thank you, Harry," she smiled.


Half an hour later, Harry managed to collect all the hair strands he needed. Rick even managed to get Carl's hair behind Lori's back. Shane and Rick had already gone to gun training, bringing all of their new students with them. Harry didn't join them, seeing as they already knew his secret so they knew he didn't need a gun to protect himself. Not to mention he couldn't die. Other than him, the ones who were left on the camp were Glenn, Dale and Lori.

There was something going on between Glenn and Lori and then Glenn and Maggie. And he wasn't talking about an affair. Glenn looked really nervous and jumpy. There were secrets that the boy couldn't protect for long. Harry remembered the time when he was suspicious of all secrets around him. But nowadays, he didn't care much for secrets. Curiosity killed the cat. In Harry's case, curiosity killed the people around him.

He was working on the last bracelet when he felt something waver. He realized it was the wards. It almost reached its limit. Harry was going to have to recharge it in a few hours. Until then, he had a few readings to do. Harry went back to his tent and pulled out his trunk. After enlarging the trunk, he jumped into the third compartment where his libraries of various subjects, except medical ones, were stored. Yeah, he had three libraries in his trunk, one for general knowledge both on muggle and magical, one for magical healing and one for muggle healing. He had become a little bit of a bookworm in the last decade. Hermione would've been proud. He didn't worry about unexpected visitors trying to get into his trunk or accidentally falling inside, there were wards to protect it and alert him. It was part of the fixture when he bought it.

He spent almost two hours in there before climbing back out. By that time, the others were already coming back from their training, except for Andrea and Shane. Apparently, Andrea was quite talented with guns so Shane was giving her an extra advanced lesson. Oh, well. Harry handed the bracelets to everyone. For Dale, Carol and T-Dog's bracelets, he asked for a drop of blood to add to the charms. He decided to let Rick handle Carl's bracelet. He didn't want to take the risk of getting bitten by Lori, walkers pun intended.

Thankfully, Lori was busy avoiding Dale cooking meat when Rick handed Carl his charm and tied it just the way Harry instructed him too, around his ankle where Lori couldn't find it easily. He didn't think that Dale's cooked meat was that bad, though, but the woman looked nauseous. The old man watched her with concern before approaching her. There was some serious talk because Lori looked like she was going to cry. When she caught him watching, though, her glare alone could kill an army of walkers. Harry immediately turned the other way.

It was time to recharge the ward.


Dale observed Lori's reaction when he handed the cooked meat to Carol. She looked nauseous. Ever since Glenn's revelation about the barn and her pregnancy this morning, God bless the poor boy, he really couldn't lies or keep secrets for long. Dale knew he had to do something. Secrets like these could be dangerous, especially with walkers so close to the place they were staying.

His talk with Hershel didn't go well. The man was stubborn. He kept insisting the walkers were people because they were his wife, his stepson, his neighbors, his friends…people he knew. And really, Dale couldn't blame him for feeling like that but…Hershel turning a blind eye could be dangerous for everyone, including his own family he was desperate to protect.

Now, there was Lori. Glenn had told him about her reluctance to tell Rick. He had a feeling he knew why. He approached her where she was sitting, far away from the smell of the meat.

"My wife was pregnant once," he said out of the blue. "She miscarried and we didn't try again after that."

"I'm so sorry," Lori said sincerely, but she also looked confused and nervous.

"The thing that I remember most is how nauseated she became at the smell of cooking meat. And she was a meat-eating gal, my wife, but with the pregnancy, that Thanksgiving, the turkey…She couldn't be in the house for two days until it was aired out, poor thing," he told her.

Lori exhaled in annoyance. "Glenn told you?"

"What did you expect? The boy has no guile," Dale shrugged.

"I haven't told Rick…I can't…" she looked like she wanted to cry.

"Because of Shane?" he asked.

Lori's head whipped around to him so fast Dale feared she was going to hurt herself. Thankfully, that wasn't the case. There was fear in her eyes, though, before she looked away guiltily.

"Was it that obvious?"

"No, no, I don't think anyone knew," Dale assured her. "I didn't, not for sure."

"Look, I thought my husband was dead," she tried to explain. "And I felt like I died with him. And I wanted to feel something, anything… And now I hate myself for it."

"And the baby?"

"It's Rick's. None of the rest matters," she said, but there was something in the way she said it. She was trying to convince herself it was the truth, probably scared that if she thought otherwise, it would destroy her marriage.

"Then what's your concern?"

"Memories are what keep me going now. Memories of what life used to be. And I've got a deep well to draw on. I still remember joy. But I think Carl's well is already running dry. And this baby won't have any good memories at all, only fear and pain," she sniffed deeply.

"You can't think like that…we can still find joy and we can still take strength from each other," Dale said encouragingly.

"Do you really think this baby has a chance, that it could grow up and live a happy life?" she asked with a forced smile, "Look me in the eye and tell me that my baby will grow up to be your age and die happy. Tell me. Tell me you believe that."

Dale couldn't say that to her. Not when he himself had difficulty believing it. He knew she was right.


Harry hummed. He closed his eyes and reached out to the ward with his magic. He let it latch onto it and then started chanting. He could feel the ward draw out the power to strengthen itself from his magic. When he finished, Harry dropped to his knees. Thankfully, everyone was too busy with their own things to notice him.

He looked up when he heard some noises. Glenn and Maggie had gone on another supply run and just came back. The girl seemed furious. She charged towards Lori and started throwing things at her while ranting non-stop. Harry wanted to cheer for her but he was too damn tired. Then it was over and Maggie stomped off with Glenn hot on her heels. Lori was left alone with a stunned expression on her face.

"Are you all right, Harry?" Harry turned to the side to see Dale looking down at him in concern. "I saw you suddenly fell on your knees while standing there."

"I'm fine, Dale. I'm just a little tired."

"Here, let's go sit by the RV," Dale offered to help him up.

Harry didn't refuse.

"So, what were you doing there that made you tired?" Dale asked as they took a seat.

"I…yesterday before the whole…magic thing came out, I raised a ward around the house and the camp to protect us."

"A ward?"

"Yes. It would stop anything that means harm from entering and if something entered then the ward would alert me. I don't know how effective it is against walkers but at least the ward would tell me if something enters the ward."

"That's…a really handy trick," Dale said in amazement.

"Yes. Anyway, this ward is the simplest and easiest kind to create but it's also small and not that powerful. It needs to be recharged at least every twenty-four hours. That's what I did just now. It drew the power to strengthen itself from my magic so it kinda drained me a little."

"I see…" Dale nodded understandingly. "Thank you, Harry. You've been doing so much for all of us."

Harry ducked his head shyly. "Not really…everyone did more. I…I failed you guys a couple of times…I mean…I should have created a ward back at the camp in Atlanta, but I forgot…I never needed it before and there's also Sophia…I've been selfish trying to keep my magic a secret when I can help and now she's…"

"Yes, it might be like that. But after your explanation, I think I can understand why you did it… Besides, you don't have to worry about not being able to do more from now on," Dale said.

"I guess you're right…"

They sat in silence, just enjoying the sun and the landscape. The farm was really beautiful.

"Harry, can I ask you something?"

Harry hummed.

"What happened between you and Shane? I mean, I know there's something going on between you two for awhile now but what started it?" Dale asked carefully.

Harry blushed. "Oh well…I just…I don't really know. I found him attractive since day one, to be honest. But I didn't think anything would come out of it. I think the turning point was what happened at the CDC…"

"What happened?"

"I…I don't know if it's my place to say…"

"Is it about what happened between Lori and Shane when they thought Rick was dead?" Dale asked again tentatively.

"Your eyes really don't miss anything, huh?" Harry smirked. "Yes, it's about that. Lori was angry because she thought Shane lied to her about Rick. The thing is, Shane really thought Rick was dead. Didn't want to leave him when the hospital was overrun and then the power was out and he checked for a heartbeat and everything. He found nothing."

"So he really thought he was dead…" Dale hummed thoughtfully.

"Yes. Then he got Lori and Carl to safety and everything else was history."

"But…are you sure what you have between you and Shane is genuine? I mean…Shane…he's…"

"You saw him in the woods aiming a gun at Rick, right? I saw the way you looked at him when you guys came back and he told me."

Dale looked at him in surprise. "He told you? So you know what kind of a man he is. Why do you still want to be with him?"

"Because, Dale…just because your eyes don't miss anything, doesn't mean you know everything," Harry said. "You saw something and you judged him for it. It would be like…you saw someone cursing and kicking a vending machine for giving them the wrong drink and you thought 'what an angry person they are'. While in reality, they almost got into an accident an hour before and that made them late to work and they were fired for it. In that case, don't you think they're justified to be angry?"

Dale was silent.

"Think of it from Shane's point of view. He lost his best friend. Lori lost her husband. The best friend and the husband was the same man. They were the only one each other knew in a new harsh world. So they felt connected. And they didn't do anything wrong by entering a relationship. It's not cheating if the husband's dead, right? They gained a reason to keep going in this chaos. Then all of a sudden, the best friend and husband came back. Lori thought Shane lied. She became angry with him for make her cheat on her husband. She treated him like shit for it, disgusted glares and snide comments in every corner at every chance behind everyone's backs.

Shane lost someone he was in love with. That someone was his best friend's wife so what could he do about it? Then the way he was treated by Lori…who wouldn't become jealous and angry? And yet…he couldn't do it. It doesn't matter how jealous and angry he was, he couldn't pull the trigger. It would be easy, you know, to destroy their marriage. Especially, since I heard it was already fragile with all the fights before the apocalypse came. Apparently, Lori had been trying to find every reason to fight with Rick. Shane could've just told Rick about what happened. Twist the words to his advantage. But he didn't. Because at the end of the day, Rick is still his best friend and brother and he couldn't do that to him… What you saw in the woods was a moment of weakness. Are you really going to judge him for being human, Dale?"

The older man lowered his head. "I…am ashamed to admit that…I never thought of it like that…"

Harry smiled. "You have a habit to dislike anyone you find lacking. Once you dislike them, nothing they do would be right to you. It's all right, I guess. You're just a human, like Shane," Harry hummed. "I'm disappointed though, with how easy you forget what he did for everyone in the group before Rick came. He led you all, he made the hard decisions and bore the blame for every mistake, he protected you all…just like Rick does now. Right?"

Dale flushed with shame. "I guess…you're right. You're really one hell of a wise man even though you're so young, Harry. Shane is lucky to have someone like you when someone like me judges him."

"Nah…I just have experience with this kind of thing. My own best friend turned his back on me a couple times before because of jealousy, but he always came back for me. He even saved my life. That's why I understand this," Harry shrugged with a grin. "If you give me another problem I've never encountered before, I would be lost."

Dale smiled, "We're all human, after all."


When Shane and Andrea came back later, Harry greeted them with a happy grin. Andrea looked so satisfied with herself while Shane strode to him purposefully.

"How's the extra training?" Dale asked Andrea.

"It's good. We went into town to look around for Sophia but the place is overrun with walkers," Andrea told him.

"You sound like you're happy because of it," Dale looked amused and confused at the same time.

"She got firsthand experience in shooting walkers," Shane said as he swept Harry into his arms, earning a surprised squeak from the smaller man.

"And how good was she?" Harry asked wrapping his arms around the man's neck.

"Excellent. She passed the exam," Shane said.

"Yeah. Even though he stepped back behind me once I started shooting," Andrea smirked at him.

"Hey, I still didn't know how good you were in real circumstances. Better be safe than sorry, you know, after yesterday…"

Andrea rolled her eyes. Dale and Harry chuckled at them.

"And what about you?" Harry asked Shane, their lips barely brushing against each other.

Shane grinned like a predator. There was even a glint in his eyes before he stole a breathtaking kiss from him. Harry gasped in surprise at how open he was in front of their friends. Their tongues met and battled against each other. Shane won and Harry just enjoyed himself while the winner explored the prize. Andrea laughed at them.

"He's high on adrenaline. It was a close call. And now he's horny," Andrea called out as Shane picked Harry up and carried him a way. Harry blushed furiously and started protesting but it was not use. He resigned himself to being carried away and being the laughing stock for Andrea and Dale.


Lori sat inside her tent. She could guess what had happened in the town after Maggie chewing her out earlier and now she was feeling guilty.

"The blood on Maggie's shirt…"

"She was attacked," Glenn told her.

"Are you guys all right? How bad was it?"

"It was pretty close."

"I'm so sorry. I should never have asked you to go," Lori said guiltily.

"I offered," Glenn shrugged.

"I thought the town was safe, but if you hadn't come back…"

"But we did. I always do," Glenn assured her. His glanced at the table, where the abortion pills Maggie spat about earlier were placed. "The morning-after pills, will they even work?"

"I don't know…"

"And I don't know if I want them to…"

"Then I got these, too, just in case," Glenn said, placing a plastic bottle of pills inside in front of her.

She choked on a laugh as she read the instruction. "Pre-natal vitamins…that's a hell of a choice…"

"I'm glad it's not mine," Glenn nodded. "Lori, we're friends, aren't we?"

"With everything we've been through, yeah," she nodded.

"I can't tell you what to do. I could never tell you something like that. But your choice, maybe you shouldn't make it alone," he said.

Lori sat in silence alone again after he left, thinking about what he was saying but looking at the prospect of the future right now, it was scary. She gasped as what she was about to do began to sink in. She moved quickly, popping out capsule after capsule and before she could lose her nerves, she swallowed them all up with a bottle of water.

She sobbed as she felt them moving down her throat. Suddenly, she felt like choking. She ran out of the tent, ran until she stumbled to her knees and threw up. She threw them all up. She couldn't do it…but what should she do now? If Rick found out…if Shane found out…

Her eyes hardened. No, Shane didn't have anything to do with any of this. This was her baby. Rick's baby. Shane had no business in this, not anymore, especially after he chose to…


"Is there something you need to tell me?"

Lori looked up when she heard Rick's voice. She didn't know how long she had been sitting there. She got up and, from the look on his face, she knew that he knew.

"We can't leave. I'm pregnant," she said.

"Are you?" he asked, showing the morning-after pills' wrapper.

"I threw them up."

Rick looked away, taking a deep breath.

"You can yell if you want. You can scream if you have to, but talk to me," she pleaded.

"How long have you known?"

"Does it matter?"

"Days? Weeks? And you didn't tell me?"

"I'm telling you now."

"No, I found these," Rick waved the wrapper again. "So Glenn knows, right? Instead of coming to me, you sent him to get pills?"

"I panicked. Hershel wants us to leave. You tell me we have no roof and no walls…" she sobbed.

"Do not put this on me! You tear into me for keeping secrets when you're holding onto this?" he threw the wrapper in anger.

"You want me to bring a baby into this? To live a short, cruel life?"

"How can you think like that?!"

"We can't protect the son we already have!"

"So this is the solution?"

"Rick, I threw them up! I screwed up. I don't know how we can do this…" she sobbed.

"We can make it work," he said, exhaling.

"How? Tell me how!"

"We'll figure it out. Shouldn't we try to figure it out? You threw up the pills. You want this baby. I know you do," he said.

"Not like this. Not giving birth in a ditch," she shook her head. "Not when its life will hang by a thread from the second it's born. Not when every cry will put it, and Carl, and everyone we care about, in danger. That's not right."

"Not giving it a chance isn't right either," he argued.

"Maybe this is why I didn't want to tell you."

"I still don't understand why. You really think I'd make you have a baby you don't want?"

"No. No, so that if I went through with it, it would be on my conscience and not yours," she said.

"Maybe that's true, but…" he sighed tiredly, "I can't live like this any more, Lori. We can't live like this. Is there anything else I should know about?"

Lori looked at him, feeling scared but…he was already so angry about this and if he found out she was still hiding another secret…

"Shane and I…"

Rick looked at her, there was realization in his eyes and she feared the worst. He looked away, gripping tightly at the fence in front of him.

"I know. Of course I know," he said slowly. "You thought I was dead. The world went to shit and you thought I was dead, right?"

She choked back her tears and nodded frantically, grateful at the understanding he showed.

"Yeah," she said tightly.

He nodded.

And they stood in silence.


Harry grunted softly as he hit the mattress. He turned around only to find himself being pinned down by Shane. He looked up and shivered at the heated look the man gave him. Harry could feel his heart beating hard in his chest. He waved a hand and the tent zipped itself closed magically and wouldn't reopen until Harry canceled the spell. Another wave and a silencing spell fell upon the tent.

The wizard gulped in anticipation.

"You can say no," Shane said in a husky voice.

"I don't plan to…" Harry whispered softly.

Then they were kissing again, fiercely, hungrily and full of passion. Harry didn't bother to fight for dominance this time. He always lost anyway. So he enjoyed the kiss, letting Shane map out every corner of his mouth and producing a series of groans, moans, and whimpers that made the older man even more aggressive.

Harry whined when his shirt was torn open roughly, the buttons went flying and his neck was attacked without mercy. His own hands were working on pulling Shane's shirt off, revealing the well defined muscles underneath that made Harry's breath catch in his throat. Shane smirked at the flushed face and the glazed look in the wizard's eyes. Then he lowered his hips between the smaller man's legs and started rocking them together. Harry gasped at the friction. His grip on Shane's arms was strong, his nails clawed into the muscle and his knuckles turned white from the tight grip.

"Shane…" Harry gave a long moan as his eyes rolled back into his head.

The man on top was biting and licking at the pale, slender neck while rocking their hips back and forth together. His hands moved down the sides of Harry's body to the back of his jeans. He grabbed a hold of the rough material and pulled it down, forcing Harry's hips to lifted upward, and passed down on his thighs. He looked a little disappointed that Harry wasn't going commando this time. Since his magic was revealed, Harry didn't have to hide the fact that he had a full wardrobe in his trunk. Granted, nobody knew about his trunk yet, except Shane.

Then he looked up at Harry to find his cheeks burning in embarrassment but desire was glowing in his eyes. So he grinned and pulled the jeans off before doing the same with his underwear. Soon, Harry found himself naked under his lover's heated gaze. He turned away, feeling insecure. Sure, his body was toned nicely with a seeker's build, but it was nothing compared to Shane's manly build and big muscles.

Shane ran his hand down Harry's sides to his legs, caressing the quivering thighs. He took in the sight of the younger man's arousal, the nice pink shade of his cock to the thin pubic hair that covered his balls. He ran a finger up and down the hardened member. Harry whimpered in response, trying to close his thighs but Shane didn't let him.

"You're beautiful, Harry…" Shane murmured softly.

Harry could feel his face burning hotter. It was still bright in the tent but it wouldn't be long before dark because the sunset was already approaching. Harry couldn't wait for the darkness to hide his feeling of embarrassment. Never before had he been stared at like the way Shane was staring at him. He hoped he wouldn't regret this in the future.

"You're still wearing your pants," Harry looked at him accusingly.

"So?" Shane smirked.

Harry narrowed his eyes but gasped as Shane moved his hip again. He glared and with a wave of his hand Shane was as naked as him. Harry regretted that immediately as he could feel their heated skin touching and rubbing against each other, enhancing every sensation he felt before. It was really intense but the man didn't falter at all at the use of magic.

"Hum…that's handy…"

Shane started kissing down his neck to his chest, passing a nipple and taking it into his mouth, sucking. His hand was twisting and playing with the other nipple. Harry gasped. He unknowingly pushed his chest up toward the ministrations, hands grabbing at the head and shoulder of the man on top of him. His legs moved to wrap around the other man's waist. Shane released his nipple soon and moved his kisses down to his slightly toned abs. Harry could feel his body singing with pleasure as each touch burned into his skin. He sobbed slightly when Shane kissed down past his hips to his thighs, purposely avoiding the place Harry wanted him to touch the most.

"Shane, please…"

The man hummed, "I like that sound. Beg some more, Harry…"

"Ugh…you bloody wanker!"

"That doesn't sounds like begging."

"Please, Shane…I…please touch me…"

"And how do you want me to do that?"

Shane grinned up at him from between his legs. His hot breath brushed against his hardened shaft. Harry glared at him, but there was also pleading in his eyes. He bit his lips and sighed with frustration. It was a battle of wills he wasn't going to win.

"I want you to…suck me," Harry's blush was phenomenal by now. "Please suck me off? I'm begging you…"

Harry keened loudly as he was suddenly engulfed in a tight, wet heat. He sobbed as wave after wave of pleasure swept through his body without mercy. His hands fisted the blanket underneath them as tightly as they could. He lifted his hips desperately, pushing himself deeper into his lover's mouth and talented tongue. Just before he could reach his climax, though, Shane pulled away. Harry whined in protest.

"I never took you for a screamer. I'm surprised no one disturbed us yet," Shane grinned with self-satisfaction. The air around him just screamed smugness.

"Silencing charm," Harry glared. "Now get back to work!"

"Oh, you're supposed to be begging, not demanding," Shane smirked again.

Shane lifted himself until he was once again on top of Harry. The younger man whined softly at the heat from the skin contact, their hard members rubbing against each other. Shane kissed him slowly but passionately with Harry's arms wound around his neck. The next moment, Harry gasped into the kiss as he felt a finger prodding at his entrance. It was slick with something. Harry pulled away and looked at the lotion bottle in the older man's hand.

"Where did you get that?" Harry gasped as a finger breached him slowly.

"You're not the only one that Glenn asked to get something for," Shane smirked.

"Optimist, are you?" Harry threw his head back on the pillow, moving his hips in time with the thrusting finger.

"Of course," Shane murmured against his neck as his fingers worked on loosening Harry, making him relaxed and adjusted enough at the intrusion, preparing him for something bigger.

Harry mewled as the third finger slipped inside him. He could feel them moving around, scissoring, crooking and searching until they finally found the thing they were looking for. Harry almost screamed from the sensation that assaulted him as his sweet spot was being pressed again and again.

"Please, Shane! Please…I can't take it anymore…" he practically sobbed with pleasure.

Then the fingers were gone. Before he could find it in himself to protest, though, he felt something larger and hotter pressed against his entrance. Those emerald green eyes snapped open as he felt his lover push inside him. His eyes locked with Shane's as he moved deeper. Their fingers were tangled with each other in tight grip. Their breaths were ragged and sounded harsh in the air. There was a burning pain because Shane was definitely much, much bigger than just three fingers, but it was no worse than anything he had felt before at the war and his previous deaths.

Harry could feel his sight getting blurry with each second passing and he realized he had tears in his eyes. Shane leant down and kissed his tears away. The smaller man sobbed softly as his older lover began moving, slowly at first but gaining speed with each thrust. He felt overwhelmed. Never before had he felt closer to another human being than now.

He wrapped his legs around the slim but strong waist. The wizard moaned and whimpered and shouted at each assault his prostate received. The sounds of flesh slapping against flesh only increased their arousal further. Their moves turned frantic. He could feel every movement inside him, in and out, over and over again. Harry tried to move his hand down to his own cock, desperate for release, but Shane didn't let him. He sent him a pleading look but the man shook his head, denying him his wish. Harry sobbed. He was so close he was almost in pain.

"Shane, please…!"

"No…I want you like this…to come like this…" Shane panted as he thrust into the tight velvet heat that surrounded him. He was also really close but he held himself back. He wouldn't come until Harry did.

Harry threw his head back onto the pillow, his body arched as he moved his hips in time with Shane's thrusts. His cock was trapped between their bodies. A few more thrusts against his abused hole later, and Harry screamed his release so loud it almost shattered the silencing charm. His sight was blinded with bright light behind his eyelids. His body arched to an almost unnatural bow as he thrust his hips down one last time and held on tightly with his legs, jets and jets of cum spurting out of his cock, coating their abs thickly with the white essence. Shane growled loudly as he felt the heat around him clamp down and wrench his release out of him mercilessly. He let himself go and came into the tight channel. Harry was sobbing anew when he felt the hot liquid coating the inside of his body in several long spurts. Shane kept thrusting lightly until he had nothing else to give his lover.

When they finally calmed down minutes later, Shane pulled out carefully, earning a soft hiss from Harry. The smaller man blushed heavily as he felt some of Shane's cum leak out of him, but grimaced at the mess on their bodies. With a wave of his hand, the mess was cleaned up, though not the one inside him. He loved the feeling he got from having something of Shane in him. Shane collapsed beside him, pulling Harry into his strong arms. Harry turned around and rested his head on the broad shoulder, his hand tracing an invisible pattern on the man's chest. He sighed contentedly. They just lied there, basking in the afterglow in peace.

"So…" Shane broke the silence after awhile, "How was it?"

Harry burst into giggles. "You often ask your lovers how you were in bed?"

"No. That would be stupid. But this is your first time, so…"

"You're great," Harry said, blushing. He refused to look up as he answered. "You made me feel fortunate to wait until now to do it…"

The arms around him tightened. Harry could feel the man's silly grin on his forehead. "That's good. Hopefully, you won't feel like being with anyone else after this."

"Shut up," Harry slapped him lightly on the chest. "Of course I won't. I mean…I'm with you… right?"

Shane looked down to see Harry looking at him with uncertainty in his beautiful green eyes, but there was also something else in them. Something that made him feel possessive. Harry wouldn't be with anyone else if he had any say about it.

"Of course," Shane said firmly. "Like I'm going to have it any other way."

Harry beamed with happiness and snuggled closer to him. It was dark outside. Everyone else would have had dinner already before retreating to their tents. He wondered what would they think when they couldn't find him and Shane or call them out from their tent. He blushed again. Well, Andrea and Dale must have given them some explanation, though he wasn't sure if it was a good idea or not.

"What are you thinking about?" Shane asked.

"Umm…what embarrassing explanation Andrea and Dale will give the others if they look for us…"

Shane chuckled. "Oh I can imagine it now. T-Dog won't stop teasing you tomorrow."

"He's a pervert," Harry pouted, then groaned. "I don't wanna go out tomorrow. I can't imagine the embarrassment…And Andrea's gonna join him…"

That earned him a laugh. "Well, I can't do anything about that, it would be up to you no matter how unproductive that is. But I can get your mind off of it for now…"


Shane's grin was truly feral.

~ To be continued ~