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Anybody that knows, Hatake Kakashi knows they can trust him with their life.

Anybody that knows, Hatake Kakashi knows that he is a pervert with a fetish for Icha Icha.

Anybody that knows, Hatake Kakashi knows that he is chronically late for anything.

Anybody that knows, Hatake Kakashi knows that reports are few and far between, never detailed and most defiantly always late.

As he stood sheepishly, scratching his head in front of the Hokage's fuming face; she shouldn't have been surprised.

"You didn't lodge the paperwork?" she verified, clenching the sake cup with her superior strength shattering it into tiny shards. "You do realize for this alliance to work the agreement was for the daimyo's daughter to marry one of our best, one of our elite." She emphasized. He shrugged, "I'm not the only elite." She sighed, "You're the only one in contention to be the Rokudaime." She added, her eyes burned, drilling the point home.

"If I didn't know any better Hatake, I'd say you planned this! You just like making my job ten times harder!" she threw an innate ornament at him that he dodged. "If you had signed that one piece of paper we wouldn't be in this position." He offered a small peace-making eye crinkle. "It was what we needed to do for the mission," he reminded her, "You said, that no one else could pull it off…" she gritted her teeth, "It was the best plan at the time…it would have been better if you could have just followed through on your return, you realize now the council won't allow me to grant you an annulment." She said, the word like it was lecherous on her tongue, "It's been too long, you've technically been married for over twelve months…it would now be considered a divorce which there are steps to follow." He put an index finger to his clothed lip. "Steps?" he couldn't fathom anything being more tedious then that mission had been.

"You have to live as man and wife for a consecutive three months. You have to attend a therapist once a week together. You have to appear to be actually 'working' on your marriage. Then and only then will the council grant you a divorce based on irrecuperable differences…" she read from the scroll in front of her. She shoved the scroll in his face, "They don't care about your reasoning's for getting married, and they care about your reasoning for staying married. Your laziness and incompetence to file annulment paperwork is insufficient."

She sat back in her chair with a menacingly, daring grin watching the visible parts of his face take in the information. If hadn't the control of his emotions that he did she could have sworn he would pass out with the implications.

"You have to tell her?" he asked weakly.

The Hokage laughed, it was cruel.

"Oh no Kakashi, you have to tell Sakura."


Kakashi hated hospitals. It was common knowledge; he avoided them like the plague. He would rather land on Sakura's doorstep and face her wraith at disturbing her sleep then face up at the hospital. And, if anyone knew Sakura that in itself was an incredible risk. She was on par with a banshee when disturbed in her sleep.

So, it was a no wonder when Miko the triage nurse nearly fell through the floor in shock at his appearance at her desk. She had blushed and stammered like most fan girls did when the elite shinobi was within breathing distance. He didn't understand what it was that drew them half his face was covered with a mask, hell, he hated it. His introverted nature shied away from the attention.

"I need to see Sakura." He stated.

"Oh, Sakura-sensei is just finishing up in surgery you can wait in her office if you would like." Miko blushed, "She is your student isn't she?" she asked, her curiosity winning out.

He inwardly cringed, "Former student."

Sitting in Sakura's office, he couldn't help but see her touch on everything in the room. The orderliness in the alphabetized bookshelf, the perfection in the anatomy diagrams behind her desk, the careful nature in her tight handwritten notes and the studious nature in the sheer amount of study materials. It was clear why she was the only one of his former students to reach jonin. Naruto though stronger was away too often and Sasuke going rogue hadn't helped his case when he had returned; yet, Sakura the one who had always considered herself the weakest link had championed her own apprenticeship with the Hokage herself, become the Head Medic at the hospital and the strongest kunoichi in Konoha second only to the Hokage herself.

"Kakashi-sensei, it's not like you to track me down unless you're dead or dying, especially in the hospital what's going on?" Sakura asked not looking up from her medical file immediately. She chewed her bottom lip in a problem-solving kind of way.

"Do I need a reason to see my favourite former student Sakura-chan?" he said, sweetly, she raised an eyebrow her green orb not fooled by his words, if anything it made her more suspicious. "No, you don't Sensei, however, judging by your guilt ridden face I'd say you do have a reason." She quipped. Oh, she was smart. She probably could read him better than any of the boys ever could.

"Well, you see Sakura-chan, remember the mission we partnered on in the Cloud country?" she put an index finger to her lip in thought, "You mean the one where we had to infiltrate the Feudal Lords compound as a married couple?" he nodded slowly. "Well, you see I got caught on the path of life…" he started optimistically, "Cut it Kakashi, and get to the point." He took a step back she had used her 'jonin' tone that usually followed with a box to the head. "Uh, well you know how you gave me the papers to sign after the mission so that we could annul the legally binding marriage we had entered into for the sake of the mission?" she nodded her eyes narrowing, "Well, I forgot to sign them."

She stood staring at him for a whole minute.

"Are you telling me that we are still married Kakashi?" The vein was popping in her head now. He heard her knuckles crack, "Yes." He said, as he teleported from the room.