Thank you so much if you have made it this far! I always like to hint at what the future might be like especially when it involves Kakashi and a brood of children. So here's my bonus chapter. And this piece is dedicated to everyone that took the time to read it and especially to those who left encouraging reviews. As corny as it is I LOVE YOU ALL!


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5 years later…

Hatake Kakashi had many roles in his life during his time as Konoha's most Elite jonin. But, none he could truthfully say were as satisfying as the role of 'Dad'.

A five year old silver haired doppelganger with his mothers endearing green orbs sat on his shoulders trying to flatten out his father's mass of hair. It was his first day out of the academy and today he would meet his genin instructor. Inwardly, he pitied the poor soul who would be blessed with Hatake Sakumo. To his left chattered a pink haired toddler who insisted on seeing her big brothers school not for the hundredth time insisting she was old enough 'to be a student now'. He had no doubt she would be capable enough but, he was disinclined to send his little princess Hatake Rin any earlier then he had to.

It hadn't taken a lot of convincing to get Sakura to return to working at the hospital, he had cut back on the more demanding missions and spent majority of the time raising the children. Genma had badgered him about it being 'whipped,' and many of the younger generation had just shrugged insisting it was because he was an 'old man' and needed the retirement, but truthfully, he didn't care. What he lacked as a genin he instructor he made up for tenfold as a dad. He thought of his fiery kunoichi, five months pregnant with their third and raining hell on those poor nurses.

He hadn't even made his son late for school once, and he most certainly didn't 'forget' his enrollment papers on the first day. Nope, because Nara Ino had diligently written out two copies thrusting Sakumo's paperwork in his hand on the same day she was enrolling her daughter. Sometimes he pitied Shikamaru tolerating that woman. Sometimes it was like having a second wife.

Kakashi stood at the back of the classroom as Sakumo received his headband from the Hokage, a very cat whiskered grin stretching across the Hokage's face. The three Genin instructors for that year stood forward ready to receive their charges, Uzamaki Hinata, Rock Lee and Shiranui Genma who had been dodging the job since Kakashi himself was a genin instructor.

The one and only time he had babysat for him and Sakura he taught his son how to projectile a senbon, Kakashi had barely survived that.

"Hatake Sakumo, Nara Aiko, Uzamaki Minato , team 2…Shiranui Genma."

Sakumo fist pumped the air like a maniac.

Kakakshi groaned this could not have gone worse.

Shiranui Genma threw him a wink promising mischievous payback for all the sadistic things Kakashi had done in the past. Rin sulked in his arms, "why does brother get Uncle Genma? I want Uncle Genma…" like most women his daughter was enamored by the jonin; much to Kakashi's displeasure.

"Well, Rin-chan this is what we call the consequences of laziness, you never escape it."