Just a little mindless piece, with a lot of Jori smut to come. Probably will be a three-shot. Next chapers will be from Jade's/Tori's POVs :)

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"Beck, mah man!"

The tan teen bumped Andre's fist, smiling a bit.

"Hey Andre, how's it going?"

The dark-skinned boy groaned slightly, showing just how exactly it was going.

"I think ya know. Finals, dude. Even in the coolest high school of LA, they still suck," Andre complained, leading the way to their usual table, with Beck following him.

"Ugh, don't even start," the attractive boy replied, shaking his head. "And to make things worse, Mr. Harrison gave us new material right before the finals week. I just don't get it!"

"Harrison… Writing, right?"

"Yeah, screenplays for movies and TV," Beck grumbled, plopping down on the bench. "We only just began studying TV tropes, and that's a freaking huge topic! And I don't even get like half of it."

"Tropes?" Andre asked, confused.

"Yeah, you know, the usual ways of where the script goes and how the character develops," Beck replied, letting out a small breath. "We covered only some of them today. I mean, it's really interesting, but shouldn't we have done it at the beginning of the semester?"

"I feel ya, man," the musician said sympathetically, bumping Beck's shoulder slightly. "Now tell me about that trope thing, are they any good?" he wiggled his eyebrows at the Canadian for a good measure.

"You're about to ask something perverted, aren't you," the tan teen deadpanned. Andre just shrugged his shoulders, not showing any guilt over the way his teenage mind worked. Beck drew in a breath, remembering the material he just studied.

"Actually…" he began, brows furrowed in concentration, "there was a moment when we got to the Belligerent Sexual Tension. Which, coincidentally, is the thing I didn't understand."

"Oh, tell me, tell me," Andre jumped slightly in his seat, grinning. Beck just rolled his eyes at his friend's antics. The hormones completely controlled the dark-skinned musician who already was ladies' man even before that.

"Not much to tell. Well, you know in TV there is usually a pair of characters who seem to hate each other, but all the fans wish they got together anyway? No, wait, that's not the right description. Um… Well, let's see, usually there is a sweet girl, and a tough guy with the whole tall-dark-handsome thing, and they are constantly at each other's throats, but you just know they so want each other. That's Belligerent Sexual Tension," Beck finished, his face showing that he still doubted he got that right.

"Like… Damon and Elena?" Andre inquired, and Beck groaned.

"Exactly, although I still can't get over the fact that you watch that girly drama."

"It's not girly, it's hardcore and bloody and awesome!" Andre exclaimed, defending his TV shows choice for the thousandth time and renewing a two-year-long debate.

"Game of Thrones is hardcore and bloody, Vampire Diaries is girly," Beck commented calmly.

"Are you harassing Andre again? How many times do I have to tell you to cut it out," a pleasantly raspy voice mockingly chastised him, and Beck turned his head slightly, smiling at the newcomer.

Tori beamed back, showing off her famous smile and sitting next to a sulking Andre.

"So," she began, raising her eyebrow. "What's wrong with The Vampire Diaries?"

"Let me see. Besides the plot holes, dull characters and bad acting? No, that's cake," Beck teased back, smirking. They were doing this routine for a while now, with their group split into two: those who adored Vampire Diaries, and those who hated it. To be honest, it was more him and Jade against everyone else, but while he just teased the others, mainly boys, for watching the show, Jade was rather vicious about it.

Well, Jade was always vicious about everything, so it wasn't a complete surprise.

Maybe breaking up with her was the right choice after all.

"Okay, first of all – characters develop over the course of the show, and you watched what, first four episodes? Everyone knows you have to survive through the first season of the show and only then it will get better. Secondly, there are no plot holes, you just have to actually watch the next episode and the writers explain everything, and thirdly…" Tori faltered slightly there, scowling a bit. "… alright, sometimes the acting is cringe-worthy, but at other times it's downright awesome. I mean, Nina Dobrev? You can easily tell if it's Katherine on the screen, or Elena."

"An amateur like you would praise such poor acting skills."

Ah, think of the devil. Viciousness in all her glory.

Beck sighed as he took in Jade's appearance, dark and dangerous as always. Black corset with red lines, tight dark jeans, heavy boots and a leather jacket. Her smoky make-up made her stormy blue eyes stand out even more on her pale porcelain skin, and the deep maroon lipstick made her lips even more alluring.

He shook his head slightly, scolding himself. They broke up over four months ago, mutually. He knew he had no romantic feelings for her, and while he loved her dearly, he wasn't and never will be in love with her anymore. But he still was a teenage boy, and Jade… Jade was a girl that made everyone's teenage hormones go crazy.

Beck shifted his eyes from Jade, wanting to distract himself, and his gaze fell on Tori who scowled immediately at seeing the Goth. He chuckled to himself a bit. Those two got even worse, fighting and bickering every time they got stuck together in the same room, which happened a lot, since they had the same friends.

The tan teen stared at the half-Latina as her face grew angrier for no reason. Of course, her and Jade didn't like each other, but was it really necessary to get that mad? Tori's nostrils flared a bit as she shot Jade a glare, her whole body tensed up, while Jade stood there, smirking.

"I am not an amateur," the brunette girl gritted through her teeth.

"Sure," her frenemy retorted back, disinterested.

Tori's face took on a smug impression as she seemed to have figured out something.

"An amateur wouldn't beat such an experienced actress as yourself at getting every role in this school, just saying," she shrugged her shoulders, feigning innocence and battling her eyelashes at the dark girl.

Beck saw murder flash through Jade's eyes. There was also something else, something familiar, but he couldn't place his finger on it, and it was gone in a second.

"What did you just say?" the raven-haired girl growled at Tori who continued to smile innocently.

"Oh Jade, I'm so sorry," she mockingly placed her hand on her chest, fake sympathy all over her face. "I didn't mean to. What I wanted to say was 'I'm better that you and you're just jealous'."

Beck only sighed at that while Andre shot his eyes between the girls and then dug in his food to avoid being involved in the fight. That was what he was talking about. Tori got bolder, and Jade got nastier, and it resulted in a catastrophe happening on a daily basis.

Jade glared at Tori, her eyes falling down to her hand that was still on the chest. However, they seemed to be caught there for a moment longer than necessary.

Beck blinked. He was imagining things now. Surely Jade had no interest in ogling Tori's chest.

"Watch it, Vega. You wouldn't want to find out if you'd look better with your hair shaved off," Jade threatened, her eyes now on Tori's.

"Oh, like you'll ever manage to get close enough to me to deliver on your yet another empty threat," the half-Latina shot back arrogantly.

"For a person who never locks her bedroom window, you sure sound confident," Jade shrugged.

Tori's eyes widened slightly.

"How did you?... You stalker!" She exclaimed accusingly.

"And you're a naïve little girl who thinks I'm not able to do anything to her," Jade growled. Tori rose to her feet, facing her off, both girls tense with anger.

"Um, you do know my dad is a cop?"

"Oh dear God please tell me you did not just threaten me with your daddy. And while we're at it," the raven-haired girl got closer to the half-Latina, "there are tons of way I could make you suffer without it being a criminal offence," her voice dropped to a husky whisper.

Beck frowned. That wasn't right.

That was Jade's bedroom tone.

Then again, he never was threatened by Jade, not in a serious manner at least. Maybe that was also her menacing tone? Jade did get a lot of pleasure out of torturing someone.

However, the slight shiver that ran down Tori's spine at hearing that made him frown further.

Was she that scared of Jade? Or was she…

No. That couldn't be right.

"Oh come on, girls!" Andre came to the rescue. "Can we just eat in a peaceful atmosphere? Can you just be cool? Just once? Just this once? Just be cool? Just once?"

Girls looked taken aback by Andre's outburst, and, grumbling their apologies, sat down next to each other, glaring one last time before getting to their food.

Beck also glanced at his friend, a bit surprised. Andre must really have been fed up with all the tension.


Beck's eyes grew wide as he replayed Mr. Harrison's words in his head.

"There's a couple, usually a sweet but quickly angered female paired with a secretly-kind jerk, who are not able to admit their feelings."

But that was TV, and this was the real life. Right?

The tan boy studied his ex-girlfriend carefully and found her watching the half-Latina. She took in the way Tori picked up her yogurt, wrapping her lips around the spoon and slowly taking it out of her mouth, licking it slightly to get more of the treat, and Beck blinked again. It couldn't be.

Jade's pupils dilated rapidly as she watched Tori, her own hand squeezing her burrito as she unconsciously licked her own lips.

That was the look she gave him sometimes when they began to date, and it meant one thing and one thing only. She was about to jump his bones every time she got that look on her face.

He shifted his shocked eyes to Tori who noticed Jade staring at her. Beck expected her to acknowledge it somehow, but all she did was staring back, making Jade begrudgingly take her gaze away and to her destroyed burrito.

And while Beck thought she would also go back to her food, she continued to gaze at the dangerous girl. Her mouth fell open slightly as she watched Jade licking her fingertips, her chocolate eyes widening at the sight, her tongue darting out to wet her lips.

Beck wasn't an expert in Tori's expressions, but he was pretty sure he could decode that particular one.

It screamed of lust.

They so wanted each other.

Beck rubbed his forehead slightly, still shocked a little bit.

At least now he finally understood the whole BST concept.