A/N: so this all stemmed from some ridiculous back and forth socks-lost and I had over the summer on tumblr. It has been worked on, forgotten, dusted off, pushed to a back burner, found again and finally completed! Some jokes are bad, all the puns are intentional. It was a pleasure to collaborate and write with such an awesome and talented author.

The sound was enough to crack Jane's head open. Opening a bleary eye, she takes in her surroundings and immediately cringes at the empty wine bottles on the coffee table. Letting out a stifled moan, she raises her arm from under the sleeping woman on her lap to reach for her phone, only for it to fall limply back onto Maura's face.

"Ah, sorry. It's asleep " Jane whispers, leaning forward and grabbing her phone with her functioning hand; "Rizzoli."

Opening her eyes, Maura peeks through the long fingers splayed across her face and tries to remember something.


But she can only focus on the dull pain throbbing in her head and the bitter taste left over in her mouth. Why did she think it was a good idea to go into her personal reserve? Not once, but three times. And for what? A hockey game? Did the Bruins even win? Turning from her side, she rolls to her back and perches her legs up on the arm of the couch and gingerly picks Jane's hand up and off her face; resting it on her stomach.

Looking up at Jane, she closes one eye and focuses on her friend, who is intently listening to whoever is on the other end of their phonecall.

"Yeah. Okay. Got it. Be there in forty minutes." Tossing her phone back on the coffee table, Jane leans back and pinches the brow of her nose; "That was Frost. Body in Cambridge. Found him in his car. They took it over to the garage." she pauses for a beat as her fingers drum slowly against Maura's stomach.

"Can we just stay here and be hungover?" Maura asks, bringing her hand up and covering Jane's to still her movement.

"Yes please." Giving Maura's hand a quick squeeze, Jane looks down at her and smiles; "Come on. We can make this quick and be back for game two tonight."

"No wine."

Jane's face contorts into a look of disgust; "Oh god, no."

Helping Maura up, both woman sit on the couch and stare blankly ahead, trying to gather any semi-coherent thought. Shifting her weight, Jane leans to her side and lets her head fall haphazardly into the space between her friend's shoulder and neck.

"I don't wanna." she mumbles into copper hair.

Patting Jane's knee, Maura lets out a light laugh; "Come on." she says rising from the couch, pulling the stubborn brunette with her.


"I could literally brush my teeth on top of your head." Jane quips as she takes her toothbrush from her mouth and presses up on the balls of her feet.

The smile she hangs over her friends head reflects back.

Lightly placing a hand at Maura's hip, she leans around the smaller body in front of hers, going slightly off balance at placing her toothbrush back in the holder.

Standing back up, Jane places the point of her chin on a crown of blonde and grins; "See? How's the weather down there?"

Maura can only roll her eyes and she bends over and runs the water; their bodies touching briefly in the position, until she feels a hand on her back and new pressure as Jane leans in and rises over her.

"Stay right there."

Maura glances over her shoulder as she hears the medicine cabinet open above her and the rattling of pills as Jane takes a step back and sits on the edge of the tub. Opening the bottle she pops two pills in her mouth.

Turning, Maura takes the bottle from Jane and tilts it, allowing two pills to fall into the palm of her hand, "If you're going to do that, you can at least buy me breakfast."

"Will coffee do?"

Maura only responds with a smile and a slight shrug before turning and bending over, bringing her lips to the faucet while dark eyes dart around the bathroom to focus on anything else instead of directly ahead.

Maura takes the last step down the stairs. As her foot hits the landing and her arm falls to her side her eyes are immediately drawn to Jane. The brightness of her kitchen makes the slight ache in her head amplify, but even so she can't help the smile suddenly blooming across her face.

Jane is staring into the depths of what Maura knows to be an empty canister of instant coffee. And she can't decide if it's the disgruntled look on her face, like Jane can't believe she let her run out of coffee, or if it's something else entirely that makes her laugh lightly as she steps into the room.

Jane looks up at the sound of that laugh and the soft click-clack of heels. She narrows her eyes in playful disdain as Maura steps closer. "You think this is funny, huh?" She mock-threatens, cocking her hip to the side."Care to explain yourself?"

Maura shrugs nonchalantly. "I haven't had the chance to go to the store."

"Mmm, I'm sure."

"I do have perfectly good coffee that isn't instant, you know?" This does not placate the detective. Maura smiles softly at her friend's antics before holding out a gold necklace for Jane to take. "Do me?"

"Yeah." She grumbles taking the necklace as Maura pulls her hair all to one side and turns her back towards perfume Maura's wearing floats in her direction as her sock-covered feet shuffle forward and she almost loses track of what she's supposed to be doing. This perfume has always been her favorite. She looks at the gold chain in her hand, right.

Maura sighs as Jane steps closer and can't help but lean back into her friend when slender cool fingers brush against her neck. Maura almost thinks there is something here, something she can't find a name for in her hungover state, but she never wants it to end. The hands are clumsy and tiredly hungover. It takes her a couple of tries to get the small clasp to shut right and when it finally does Jane brushes blond curls back into place.

"Thank you."

Jane sighs. "Your coffee takes forever to make." She drops her forehead on Maura's shoulder. "There's a reason I like instant."

"Because you like instant gratification?"


"Oh, always?"

"Shut up, my head still hurts." Jane groans. Maura finds herself laughing again and smiles when lean arms wrap themselves around her waist. She drifts back into the embrace like it is the most natural, normal thing for them to do.

"Mine too."

Jane lets out a breath but says nothing. As they stand together her mind begins to wander to the only other time she's held Maura like this. Back then they were trying to be convince Giovanni that they were a couple because Maura didn't know how to take advice.

Giovanni is an idiot. She nearly scoffs, how could anyone believe they were a couple? What did they say they were? Lifelong Best Friends Forever? She shakes her head at the memory.

"What are you thinking about?" Maura inquires.


"Oh, so it was a dibs thing." She can't help but tease.

"Gross. No." And then Jane laughs, actually laughs that deep throaty sound and Maura feels a little proud of herself even as Jane pinches her sides. She loves Jane's laugh, especially if she's the cause of it. "I was thinking that it's kind of cool to be your 'el biff'."

"Only kind of?" Maura says jokingly as she plays with Jane's fingers.

"I rue the day you learned sarcasm." Jane groans.

There's a slight moment's pause where they are just enjoying the slow starting morning before they have to do things. "You know what else would be 'kind of' cool?"

"If we didn't have to go to work today?"

She shakes her head. "If you would finish getting dressed so we could get to the garage and process the scene and then maybe we could grab lunch together."

"There was no coffee in that sentence, and I am dressed."

"I can feel your belt is undone and when I saw you your shirt was too."

"Come on," Jane says taking a step away from Maura and rubbing her eyes. "I'll finish getting dressed in the car. I want coffee, let's go."

Maura turns towards Jane one eyebrow raised, hand on her hip. "Do you remember the last time you decided to get dressed in the car?"

"What? You mean you almost slamming into the car in front of us because you couldn't keep your eyes on the road?"

"This is not what happened." Maura crosses her arms.

"Then what did happen, Dr. Smartypants?" Jane says with a sly grin.

"You were trying to change your shirt, drink your coffee, and answer your phone all at the same time. We almost wrecked because you yelled when we hit a pothole and nearly dropped your coffee on your lap and I looked over to see what was wrong. And then, not even five minutes later you almost gave yourself a black eye while putting on your left boot" Jane scrunches her nose in response. "Finish getting dressed and I'll make us coffee."

"Fine." The detective pouts.

Maura grins at the rare moment of victory before making her way to her coffee machine.

Ten minutes later they are making their way out the front door to finally leave for the scene. "Your coffee sucks." Jane comments as she takes a sip from the to-go cup.

Maura rolls her eyes as she locks the door. "My coffee is exquisite."

"You know what else is exquisite? Donuts."