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"Well this is bullshit." Jane kicks the tire of her cruiser and runs her hands through her hair.

"We could call Giovanni."

Jane waves off the idea immediately; "No."

And Maura immediately ignores the objection and takes her phone out of her purse; "I'm sure he can give you a discount on the work." She puts it to her ear.

"Yeah, but at what cost?" Jane leans against her door and tangles of hair falls into her face. Maura comes around beside her tucks a few strands behind her ear and offers a soft smile.

'It's ringing.' she mouths; "Hi Giovanni, it's Maura Isles."

"Yes. It is still Isles... No. I haven't changed it. Why would you ask?.."

Maura's eyebrows raise in amusement and Jane's own raise in a question.

"Jane and I aren't married."

A snort of laughter escapes from Jane which earns her a playful swat on the arm.

"Yes. I will be sure to send an invitation when the time comes."

"Tell'im he can be the ring bearer."

Maura presses a single finger to Jane's lips, and she obediently shuts up, but her eyes stay fixed with Maura's. There could be worse places to be stuck at with a crapped out car, but right here with green and gold is just fine.

Right here is perfect.

"We seem to be having some car trouble. Would you be able to tow us. We are at the corner of Harrison and Massachusetts ave.. Oh, you can? Wonderful. We will see you soon. Thank you so much." Maura ends the call and Jane gently guides her hand away from her lips.

"He will be here in twenty minutes."

Lunch is an afterthought, and any appetite that Jane may have had has all but gone out the window, because she is smashed in the trucks cab between an enamored Giovanni who is stealing glancing eye fulls of her best friend, and Maura who's sitting there innocently watching the scenery go by with her knee firmly pressed against Jane's; tapping her fingers absently over the little area of newly exposed skin of her thigh.

And forget the blouse as a work hazard, because this skirt in an outright crime.

And because no one is that oblivious; not even oblivious Maura is that oblivious.

"So, uh, whadda think is wrong with ya car?"

Jane opens her mouth to answer, but closes it just as quickly as Maura fills in Giovanni. Stupid, stupid, Giovanni with his hot tamale gold chain and the half of bottle of cologne is wearing.


"It sounds like the transmission isn't turning over properly. It may be the valve body."

"Yeah, I can check out the valve body for ya, Janie." Giovanni says as he stops at a red light, giving Jane and then Maura a once over.

"No one is checking my valve or my body."

"Well, before we do anything, Jane, we need to get under-your-hood." Maura punctuates the last words by tapping her finger against Jane's knee.

"Oh man, you know cars? That's so ho-.."

"Don't." Jane cuts Giovanni off by a raise of her hand.

"You mind helpin' me out, Maura?" He almost sounds too hopeful.

"I'd be happy to..." And the look Jane can see from the corner of her eye is enough to make her sit a little straighter and the low timbre of Maura's whisper as she leans in to her ear is enough to make her palms sweat; "Unless you'd prefer Giovanni under your hood."

And somewhere in the back of her throat, Jane suppresses a sound from escaping she didn't know she had the ability to make.

Jane feels a vice grip on her thigh and she hopes it doesn't bruise. (Because explaining why she has a hand shaped bruise on her thigh would be lead to interesting conversations to say the least.) But before she can guess what Maura's problem is the truck hits a pothole and her head nearly crashes into the top of the cab with the bounce. Maura falls completely into her side and her left arm immediately wraps around her protectively. She glares at Giovanni over the top of Maura's head.

She wants to be angry and surly and this day is just one more messed up thing after another but Maura feels good in her arms, she notices. Their bodies are a perfect match, they fit in the best way imaginable.

When Giovanni finally pulls into the garage of Gilberti's and Son's Jane let's out a breath. She hops out of the truck the second he throws it in park. She gives herself a moment to stretch before turning back to help Maura out of the truck cab and she has to take another minute to pick her jaw up off the floor.

Maura's hair is a little mussed, undoubtedly from their friendly mechanic's ability to hit every single pothole on the way over, and her face is flushed (from the on-the -fritz air conditioner), but it's the clothes that throw her.

It's not the shirt this time, no, it's the skirt. Her eyes have a mind of her own today and they give the good doctor the once over. Definitely the skirt. The skirt and the exposed skin from the slit up the side that goes far enough up to let her imagination do the rest.


And she snaps back to reality and really, that hangover must be what's throwing her today.

A few minutes later Maura and Giovanni are swapping words over car parts and grease as he lowers the cruiser from the tow. Jane is standing off to the side tapping her foot impatiently. Her stomach growls. She rolls her eyes at the two of them.

"Can we?" Jane throws her arm out in a flourish towards her cruiser.

Maura's sideways glance and subtle smirk land on Jane and she ends her conversation with Giovanni with a light touch against his arm and Jane doesn't like the feeling it leaves her with when she watches it linger and trail down his stupid bicep.

And even though the gesture is all of a second, Maura's eyes stay on her and Jane can't tell if it is a dare or what.

"Oh, lemme get ya a pair of overalls. Don't want ya to mess up your dress." Giovanni claps his hands together before turning them into little guns; pow-powing in Maura's direction and walking back towards his office.

Jane cocks an eyebrow and drops her jaw in faux-shock as Maura makes her way towards her; "You're flirting for body work." she says, scandalized.

Maura only shrugs her shoulders as she walks passed Jane and bends over, peeking into the cruisers driver side window.

"If I wanted to flirt for body work, I assure you it wouldn't be with Giovanni." she says, straightening her back and turning towards Jane, who takes a confident step forward just as Giovanni shows back up with a pair of dirty overalls flung over his shoulder. Jane swallows hard at whatever moment was missed and Maura just smiles politely at the mechanic.

"They are kinda big, but I'm sure you'll make em' look good."

Maura takes the overalls and walks around to the passenger side of the cruiser and begins to unbutton her blouse and Jane's eye grow wide.

"Hey, whoa!" She nearly takes off in a sprint around the cruiser and comes to a halt between the car and Maura.

"What are you doing?!"

Maura raises an eyebrow and looks at Jane as though it is the most obvious thing in the world; "I'm changing."

Jane steals a glance over her shoulder and the cruisers roof as Giovanni settles back flat on his feet and becomes very interested in the ceiling of the garage.

"Well, yeah, clearly and you're giving that idiot an eye full." Jane says in a low grumble as she shrugs off her blazer and holds it up as a makeshift curtain. Maura stifles a laugh and Jane can only tap her foot.

"This is ridiculous. Hurry up."

Jane's eyes search the garage and the tools lining the wall over Maura's shoulder seem like a good as place as any to focus because she can't focus on Maura undressing and draping her clothes neatly over her arm like some kind of human clothes rack. There are allen wrenches and screwdrivers; an array of tools connected to hoses and hammers and Maura's bra and underwear match perfectly and- what.

Jane's back straightens because of the the bolt firing up it and she vaguely remembers red means stop, but that isn't what Maura's ensemble is saying.

"Hmunpff." is the only thing that rumbles in Jane's throat and makes its escape; that goddamn sound from earlier. Something between want, yes, no and ohGodwhy.

"Pardon?" Maura asks and looks up at Jane as she steps into the overalls.

"What?" Jane's eyes shoot back to the wall and yeah, hammers.

"You said something."

"Did not."

"I'm sure you did."

Jane flips her hair and keeps her eyes forward. Maura purses her lips and suppresses a smile as she slips the overalls over her shoulders and zips it up.


Jane's arms go slack and she tosses her blazer overtop of Maura's clothes and makes her way back around the car to the drivers side. She opens the door and tosses the clothes into the passengers seat just as Maura taps her finger against the cruiser.

"Can you pop your hood, Jane?"

Jane's eyes narrow. Well that's presumptuous.

Jane sinks into the seat and pulls the small lever beside it. Maura gives her a small smile and then lifts the hood, disappearing behind it. Jane closes her eyes and lolls her head back against the seat and resists the urge to bang it there and rattle her brain up and out of the gutter it has decided to lay itself in.

"Try starting it."

Jane's hand comes up loosely to the keys and turns them. Nothing.

Giovanni walks by and join Maura over the engine and Jane slips deftly out of the car. She comes up behind her friend and the mechanic as they talk shop and crosses her arms. Standing on her toes, Jane peers over Maura's shoulder and she may as well be trying to understand Icelandic, because she has no idea what she is looking at or what they are talking about.

Deflated, she falls back on her feet; "Can you fix it?"

Maura turns and steps aside; "This is your problem right here." she points to something big and metal and Jane just nods her head because she has no idea what it is but okay.

"Your valve body is the is the central nervous system of your transmission. It tells it what to do and at what time. It contains springs, valves and many fluid passages that are critical to the proper operation of the transmission. When one of these things goes wrong it throws off the timing of the transmission. Yours have essentially seized."

Maura looks back at the engine and smiles; yes, Jane's valve body has most certainly been misfiring. Likely since this morning.

"Ookay. So can it be fixed?"

Giovanni nods and reaches down into the bowels of the engine; his entire arm disappearing. He sticks his tongue out in concentration and gives Jane a quick up nod and a wink.

"I gotcha, Janie."

Jane takes a half step closer to Maura and a small cringe moves across her features.

"Lemme try something." Giovanni straightens up and moves around the car and sits in the drivers seat.

"Oh man, did you see the Bruins last night?" he asks.

Maura gives Jane a sideways look as they both lean over the engine.

"Watch the timing belt. Aw man, it was great. Did you see Lucic? He was on fire." Giovanni turns the key and nothing happens.

"Shit. Maura stick ya' hand in there and wiggle the thing around."

Jane's brow knits together; "I don't know much about cars but what does a timing belt have to do with my valve body?" she asks through the side of her mouth.


Jane snorts a laugh and Maura looks at her with a small, proud smile as Giovanni attempts to turn over the engine again.

"Did you see the hat trick he pulled off? Oh my god, if they don't go to the cup this year there's something wrong."

Right. The hat trick and it's a tidal wave crashing back into Jane. Her eyes grow wide and she looks at Maura and she knows that it's a realization for her too. Jane stands up quickly and her head meets with the corner of the cruisers hood.

"OW, shit!"

"Yeah it was!" Giovanni exclaims; "Anything yet?"

And before Jane can register the pain completely, Maura is cradling her head; her hands running through her hair and it's all so familiar. When Jane looks up at Maura it is remembering three goals, three bottles of wine and that kiss.

They had kissed and Maura had ran her hand through her hair and somewhere in her pain addled and barely there now hangover brain Jane remembers how amazing it felt and her heart lurches because the memory warms her and Maura is so close with her shallow breaths and those lips. Jane can remember jumping up and off the couch like an idiot at the third goal and with her head swimming in a bottle of Pinot Noir she had leaned down, gathered Maura into her arms and kissed her.

And Maura had kissed her back.

Maura's fingers continue their path through Jane's hair, only they are no longer searching for a sign of a laceration, but rather she is just enjoying sensation.

Like she belongs there, all wrapped and tangled up and Jane is so close to her that it is intoxicating.

And if she wanted to, like she really wanted to, she could easily guide Jane's lips to her own.

The cars engine roars to life and the sound makes Maura jump and drop her hands. Jane catches them in her own and pulls Maura towards her and sends their lips into a full, head on collision.

"Hey! It star-.. whoa." Giovanni's congratulations are quickly silenced as he rounds the cruiser and stops in his tracks.

Maura leans back and breaks the kiss and draws her bottom lip between her teeth, savoring the feeling there. Her eyes flutter open and a smile blossoms when her eyes find Jane's.

"What will the bill be?" Maura asks and her eyes don't leave Jane's even when the detective cuts them at Giovanni for a split second and snaps her fingers in his direction.

"Woo hoo. Hey. Eyes somewhere else."

"I-.. uh, nothin'. No charge." Giovanni stammers and looks at the greasy towel in his hands.

A so there 'hmpfh' rumbles in the back of Jane's throat and a smirk tugs at her lips as she looks back at Maura.

"Game two?"

Maura turns quickly, pushes the hood of the cruiser down and is around to the passenger side and in the car in a flurry; "Lets go."

Jane slides into the car and and Maura's hand rests on her thigh. She throws the cruiser in reverse and backs out quickly from the garage, leaving behind a dumbfounded Giovanni.

"Whadda'bout my overalls?"