Summary: Every four decades or so, a vicious and painful transformation occurs within all the full-blooded demons throughout the world. This transformation becomes a danger to both the demons and the humans, and every monarch who has reigned over the Great Demon Kingdom has had to face the challenges. Many eras were saddening, all horrifying, and only a few were still able to remain under control. And now, it is time for the first era for whoever is the 27th monarch. With everyone including the people he loves' lives on the line, current Maou Yuuri Shibuya must now face these dangers as he begins his search for the only known cure that will save them all, while at the same time being forced to witness the pains and tragedies that lay about him.

Warnings: Dark themes, details of gore, character death(s), slight modifications to characters' personalities, Post AU, yaoi, small ounces of language, etc. The pairing is going to be a pre-established Yuuram. If you don't like Yuuram, yaoi, or gore please turn back now.

Disclaimer: I do not own Kyo Kara Maoh!, nor do I own the characters. This story was created for readers/fans of the anime/fandom's enjoyment, as well as for my own enjoyment, of course.

Chapter 1: True Reiteration

The 14th Demon King, Jacob von Akillius, held the scroll that contained the very poem in his hands. He was foolish to think he could escape the dangers of this event with such ease. He didn't even think of his own subjects, the citizens of the Demon Kingdom. Although he possessed the solution to this chaos, he had used it for selfish purposes. First he healed himself, and then his wife, children, his family, and close friends. The others he chose to leave for dead. So what happened after he made this idiotic decision? All those whom he chose to save were later killed in the great onslaught by the very beasts he was trying to protect them from. If he used the power of this solution, everything would be at peace just like how it ended up being for the previous monarchs who had to deal with this.

He peered through the crack of the door to the cellar, where he sat hiding in. The beasts have rampaged his castle, and for all he knows he could be the last survivor of the attack. Without moving the door he looked about of the remains of his castle. Paintings have been brought down and were torn into shreds. Vases, busts, and other fragile artifacts of the sort have been shattered into pieces and dust. Curtains have been ripped viciously, claw marks still visible. Windows were broken from when the beasts first attacked the castle. Some areas visible to his eye were engulfed in small flames, and now ashes were beginning to form.

When he heard the growls of the very beasts and saw their shadows coming into view, the king decided to no longer look around and proceeded to close the cellar door. By closing the door the magical barrier embedded within it would activate once he locked it. Then he could simply wait out in the room until hopefully, just hopefully, the beasts have gone away or have died out. Halfway through closing the door he cursed under his breath, for it gave off a small squeak. He froze for the moment, praying that they did not hear him. At the sound of nothing he decided to peek through the crack, which was shorter in width now.

Fear-filled eyes met those of three beasts. They immediately smashed the door away, causing Jacob to fly a few feet backwards onto his back. The beasts entered the cellar, deathly auras surrounding them and dark, dark eyes that were the black voids to his death. The one in front pounced on top of the foolish king, but he was holding its face back with his arms. With this action the other two joined in on the attack by slowly ripping his arms off his body.

"Someone!" he cried out, even though he knew no one would hear him as there was no one left in the castle but him. "Someone please help me! Hel-!" His screams of help were replaced with those of great agony. Growls and snarls from the beasts echoed throughout the opened halls as they bit and tore through his body as one. The screams eventually died out, along with the very life of the foolish king.

After the beasts finished finishing off Jacob von Akillius' corpse, the three left the cellar with fresh blood and guts all over their jaws. Inside the room blood was flowing in ribbons and then into pools from the torn up body. The arms were, indeed, separated from the rest of him, lying motionless in a pile above his head. His abdomen had been opened, as seen by the black bite marks, and what could be seen that have been ripped out of his body were the leftover intestines, both large and small, a third of a stomach, and half of what used to be a liver, and his spleen was gone. Up the ripped up chest area, only half of his left lung was left. All of his rib bones were cracked away, a couple of the bones on the floor, both in and out of the blood puddles, next to him.

There was another man in the cellar, though he was smart enough to hide deeper within the cellar to avoid being found. This man was Lord Jasper von Akillius, Jacob von Akillius' younger brother by two years whom he had deserted for dead while trying to run away. He had chosen to hide in the cellar a half hour before his foolish brother entered it himself. He had chosen to watch as Jacob was viciously killed by the beasts, feeling that the man had gotten what he deserved for not paying attention to the welfare of his kingdom.

Once he found it safe to come out, Jasper left his hiding spot to kneel over his dead older brother. He smirked before replacing it with a serious look. "You really were an idiot, Brother Jacob," he whispered. His eyes caught the scroll in the corpse's hands, and so he picked it up. "It was very stupid of you, choosing to only protect those whom you thought were 'worthy' only to have them all die in the end. But as you can see, Brother, I am not dead." He then searched through the dead king's clothes and found a box the size of his hands. "Ah, so this is where you have kept the one thing that could have saved everyone from this despair. You could have used this to save yourself, you know." The box he had set next to him so he may unroll the scroll, the parchment that contained the very poem passed down from monarch to monarch. He hummed softly to himself as he read the contents.

Petals colored like that of an angel's soul
powers that are too great to describe
I am the Flower of Heaven's Miracles
no other flower is more pure than I

Skies shall roar upon my birth and reawakening
beasts shall bow to me wherever I grow
I am both the Lord and Lady of Life's Elements
and I shall save those who hang by death's threads

Only those with pure intentions will survive
the long journey to obtain my precious being
I am the Blossom of Necromantic Challenges
I am the life and death to those still alive

I am found where the heavens are seen clearly
I am the one most exotic yet the most plain
I am the Floret of Heaven and Hell
So, who shall dare to search for me?

Having finished reading, Jasper stood up with the rolled-up scroll and the box in his hands. He gave one last glance at his fallen brother and smirked once more. "You really were an idiot, Brother Jacob." With that last sentence he exited the cellar, ready to finish what the fool of a king had started.

This historic event was not only known as the True Form of the 14th Rule, but also known as the Requiem of the 15th Rule, for after Jasper von Akillius used the solution in the box to save the demons and humans alike he had become the 15th Demon King. This event had set an example for future monarchs, where it had taught them to think wisely, to not be selfish, and to not be foolish. No other True Form era has ever been as tragic and horrid as the era when it was under the rule of Jacob von Akillius, and the hope was that there would never be another time like that again.

The hope died about twelve to thirteen monarchies later...

Yuuri Shibuya worked through the pile of paperwork set on his desk, which was growing smaller every five minutes or so. He had been working hard all day, making sure that he hasn't missed a single page. In just half a year after humans and demons have made peace he started taking his role as king a little more seriously. By doing so he would be able to keep things in line in order to maintain the peace he has worked so hard in creating in the first place.

A knock on the door was heard, and the double black looked up to shout that it was unlocked before returning to his papers. On the other side Wolfram von Bielefeld stood after opening the door. He closed the door behind him and made his way to Yuuri's desk to watch how attentively he was while he worked. For half a year it has been like this. Sometimes he would wake up in the middle of the night and find the boy finishing up some papers that he failed to finish before the end of the afternoon. Although he understood that being king was a big responsibility, the blonde had learned that one has to loosen up some and so thought he was taking reading over and signing papers a bit too seriously. Ironic how the two were the almost complete opposites of who they were now, unlike how they used to be when they first met.

In just a minute Wolfram was bored of watching him. "Gods, you treat signing papers as if they are your second love," he sighed. That got the young king's attention. He set the quill down and looked up at the blonde.

"And who would be my first?" Yuuri allowed his left hand to slide upon the wood and entwine his fingers with the more pale ones of the right hand that had set itself upon the desk. Wolfram flushed and looked to the side. "C'mon, you say papers are my second love, so that means something, or someone, else is my first. Now who would that be?" Still, not a word out of the other. "Okay, then can we play the guessing game? Who is blonde, has green eyes, very sexy in bed-"

"Okay! Okay! It's me! You don't have to go any further! Now just shut up and do your work!" Wolfram can never handle listening to the guessing game, for he thought Yuuri was being too descriptive. That gave the other the impression that this blonde was just simply being shy.

Yuuri stood up and, with their hands still connected to one another, pinned the older one against the wall. "I am afraid I can't do that, Wolfram," he chuckled softly.

"And why not?"

"Because I already finished my work the moment you got here." Wolfram looked over at the desk and found that all but one paper was in the finished side. However when looked at closely the paper already had Yuuri's signature. Oh yeah, he was screwed big time. Especially when he felt the hot lips pressed against his own, much to his shock. His first instinct was to escape the area, for this office was like the double black's territory. But then again, Yuuri's onyx black eyes read the words "Resistance is futile".

A woman from the village of the Demon Kingdom had arrived on horseback at the front gates to Covenant Castle, where two guards were standing by on their patrol. She had pale blue curly hair with light purple streaks and eyes the color of sapphires, and she was dressed in a plain blue dress with a white scarf around her neck. Upon her face were the emotions of seriousness, calmness, and fear mixed together. She hopped off her horse and grabbed at the reins to lead her on foot so she may be up close to the soldiers whom she saw. As expected, the two soldiers came up to her.

"State your name," one of them told her.

"Cassandra Ryller," was the reply.

"Your business at the castle?" the other had asked. What she said, along with how calm it sounded, had surprised the men.

"Put me in the dungeons of this castle," she had said. Before they could ask her she had already answered them. "Please, the condition I am in is not suited for the normal lifestyle in the village. If I continue to live in the village everyone would be in grave danger." The two men looked at each other and then back at her. Then they asked her what could possibly be wrong with her. For all they could see, she looked as healthy as the horse that followed her. She had one of them hold the reins to the horse so she may remove her scarf from around her neck. They stared at what she had revealed to them, and then the one who was not holding the reins called to the towers up high along the walls, telling the soldiers who were stationed there to open the gates.

She looked to them, expression now filled with gratitude. "Thank you," she whispered. "Thank you so much. You have seen that I must be stored away before I become the beast that manifests within me."

"Damn you, Yuuri Shibuya!"

"I am going to kill you when this is over, Yuuri!"

"Ah-hah! No, stop! Not fair, Yuuri!"

These, among many other things, were what could be heard from inside Yuuri's office. Wolfram very much hated it when he was trapped in Yuuri's "territories". The office was one of them. In these "territories" he would be victim to who knows what the double black could think of. But still, the boy was like an open book so there have been times when pictures did not have to be drawn.

A sharp and loud banging on the door was what interrupted them from whatever that was taking place. While the two straightened themselves out and made sure nothing was out of place Yuuri called for whoever was there to come in. However with how hard the knock was they already knew Gwendal von Voltaire was there. He looked at the two and, managing to push away any thoughts of what they could have possibly been doing, had them follow him to a destination unknown to them at the moment.

Their destination was revealed to be the dungeons, where the groans and shouts of a few bandits and other criminals bounced off the dark stone walls. Gwendal led them past the ordinary cells of the prisoners to finally the end. They walked down another spiral staircase, going deeper underground. Usually the most infamous criminals are put down here, but there were none as there have been no major crimes. These cells, unlike the ordinary ones above, did not have barred doors but ones made of white stone so it contrasted with the dark gray ones that built this prison. Next to the door was a large window, which gave them a view of the only person inside: a woman with curled locks of blue, who was sitting on a bed with a hard mattress and a small pillow, and was reading a book.

When the stoic man opened the door, the woman looked up and closed her book. She stood up and bowed to the two lords and king with a soft smile. Gwendal told the two younger boys who she was.

"This is Cassandra Ryller from the village," he explained. "Before you two ask, this woman is, indeed, not a criminal of any sorts. However there is a reason behind why she has been put in one of the cells made for the more dangerous criminals." He looked over at the woman. "Ma'am, would you please remove your scarf?"

"Of course." With that, she unwrapped her soft white scarf from around her neck, letting it fall to the ground when finished. Yuuri and Wolfram's eyes became as large as saucers. On her neck, which had been hidden by her scarf this entire time, was a large black spot. It lasted from the collarbone to the almost to the nape, and there was a small tint of purple in the middle. When looked at closely it seemed to be moving ever so slowly. Now that this spot was visible she looked as if someone had abused her greatly, even with that soft smile upon her face.

Yuuri, out of curiosity, reached out to touch the woman's neck. He had never seen such a bruise, such a large and painful-looking bruise. When his fingers almost touched her skin she smacked his hand away, and then crouched down to cower in fear.

"Forgive me for slapping your hand, Your Majesty!" she yelled. "However I can not have you touch the spot! The beast shall awaken! The beast shall awaken!"

Before he could ask what she was talking about, Gwendal took a place at her side and helped her up. "This is why I brought you two down here. In a matter of as short as a week from today, we will be experiencing yet another True Form era. Your Majesty, I am in hopes that Gunter has taught you about what the True Form eras are."

"Actually," Yuuri said, "he only mentioned it a couple times during our lessons, but that was it. I asked him once about it, and he told me he'd teach me as tomorrow's lessons."

"We must have you learn of what shall be in store today, then!" Wolfram chimed in. "Yuuri, it is imperative that you learn what this is before any damage can be done to the kingdom and everywhere else around the world! After all, as king you have to be the one to give out the orders for high security and even quarantines. The True Form eras are something not to be taken lightly, and so it is best to set everything up beforehand. Do you understand?" The double black nodded in understanding; if both Wolf and Gwendal were serious about something, and it involves the matters of the world, then he is sure that he must learn as much as possible, and then prepare any special precautions. And with that, they left and closed the door to Cassandra's cell to leave for the castle.

Gunter already knew why the three were meeting him in the library. He had all the history books and even journals he thought were necessary, which were set up in a stack on the side of the table. Yuuri sat down on the chair in front of the table, staring down one of the books laid out in front of him. A picture of a large black shadow with uneven edges, a dark purple aura, and piercing red eyes stared back at the young king. Its mouth was open, revealing sets of long, pointed, and jagged teeth that seem capable of ripping through anything. Underneath this shadow was a drawing of a shadow-like snake with a couple purple glowing scales here and there, beady red eyes, and long curved fangs. Both of these pictures reminded Yuuri of a horror novel he once read.

"The True Form era," the lavender-haired man explained, "is a period within the duration of every four to five decades where all full-blooded demons transform into gruesome monsters. The pictures shown in the book are examples of what these monsters look like. The shadow-like figure on top is the early or 'normal' version of what the demons turn into during the later stages of the transformation. On the bottom is an example of what demons become after going through the complete alteration, in which they turn into a more animal-like beast."

Wolfram shifted in his seat next to Yuuri. He looked away from the pictures with an uneasy expression. Yuuri sort of understood why he would not want to see this. After all, he must have witnessed seeing people turning into things similar to the monsters in the pictures. For all he knew Wolfram probably went through this transformation himself since he has been alive longer than four to five decades and is a full-blooded demon. He could only imagine what the other inhabitants of the castle have experienced, as almost everyone has lived here longer than he could count. In hopes of providing some sort of support he slipped his right hand under the table to grasp at the blonde's left and squeezed it. Wolfram looked back and smiled softly.

"Full-blooded demons," Gunter continued, "are very powerful when going through this transformation. They are so powerful, and not to mention dangerous, that they are capable of destroying a whole town and killing everyone within it in one full night. Houseski stones are supposed to bear smaller effects when they are like this, and many times these stones that have been the only known weakness of us do not even inflict any damage when we are like this. When a beast exhausts more than half of its energy, which, however, takes a very long time in order for that to happen, they turn into the more shadow-like figures shown above in order to preserve energy. While resting or recovering, as in both forms they have healing powers of their own, they will turn back into their human form, but will still be under the influence of the transformation's powers. There have also been instances where they are able to fight against the powers as hard as to regain their true consciousness, but the effects of this do not last long before they return to their beast form again.

"Early stages of the transformation are identified when black spots are revealed on the skin, and these pulse throughout the rest of the body. These spots are the effects of the transformation's powers beginning to settle into the body, and these are known as the Obsidian Gashes. Once the Obsidian Gashes spread out and affect the entire body the demon is developed in its black, shadowy aura as if they were possessed by evil spirits. However, the powers do not go into full swing until the demon willingly gives in, and that is the start of the transformation. When the first person to start showing the signs of the Obsidian Gashes on their body it is the sign that a True Form era is to start soon."

"Why are these time periods called True Form eras?" the double black asked.

"You see, when a full-blooded demon transforms, each one has unique appearances in both the shadow and beast forms, as well as possess their own special powers. These are supposed to be the looks and powers of what that demon is actually like, as if looking in to see what they really are, who they really are. It was decided to have these time periods be named the True Form eras because of these reasons."

"I see... now, do half-blooded demons or humans possess any transformations similar?"

"No, but there are those rare moments in which a half-blood are capable of this, but it all depends on whether the demon or the human blood is stronger. Humans do not have anything like this at all, but they are the victims of a demon in their true form. The killings may even be worse this time since there has been an increase in demon citizens living on human lands, so the humans are in greater danger this year."

The man returned to his explanation on the True Form transformations. "During the early stages, in which the Obsidian Gashes are being identified and are starting to spread to the rest of the body, the one experiencing it will or may suffer from migraines, nausea, irritability, mood and or personality changes, blunted effects... a few of many symptoms that can be found in disorders and head injuries such as concussions and schizophrenia. Later on, the subject will begin to have more critical symptoms such as violent behavior, withdrawal, major fatigue, and so on. The symptoms can go on and last for long durations of time. One constant symptom that occurs no matter where in the stages is suicidal behavior, and many people have killed themselves before saying they could not handle suffering like this. Children suffer the same effects and just as severely as older people do, but since they are more vulnerable children as young as their toddler years have been known to die during the stages and even after complete transformation. The speed of the Obsidian Gashes increase whenever that person feels despair, self doubt, is suffering greatly from the symptoms, etcetera. Matter of fact, the spreading may be so fast that someone could transform faster than others."

Yuuri thought over what he just learned. This was not good at all. He had been working so hard to keep the peace he finally made happen between the humans and demons. If the demons were to attack the humans because of the True Form era, then all his hard work would be undone. The humans would see them as a threat again and possibly spark another war. Wolfram was right, this was a situation not to be taken lightly. No wonder Cassandra Ryller was being held in the cells like a quarantined monster. Because she is a quarantined monster. And if he were not to do something, everyone else would join in on her suffering.

"Is there any kind of cure?"

"There is, but it is too early to bring it out of the treasure room. You see, the solution only takes effect once it senses that the True Form era is officially starting. The case with Miss Ryller is that she has contracted the stages at an earlier time before anyone else. However, as soon as we know the era is about to begin we can get rid of it before any real damage takes place."

"I see, but that doesn't mean I can't set up any precautions." He stood up and looked at his advisor. "Gunter, I need you to send out letters to all of the kingdoms from our alliance, and inform them on the situation and to spread the word to other kingdoms. Can you do that?"

"Of course, Your Majesty."

"Thank you." He turned to his other advisor. "Gwendal, please gather as many troops as you can so we may head for town. I find it best to inform that the True Form era is coming myself because the citizens of the village trust me. Make sure to also find Gisela along with any other healers so we can perform checkups on everyone. Is that clear?"

"I'll see to it, Your Majesty."

"Good." Finally, he had Wolfram stand up so he can look at him straight in the eyes. "Wolfram, I need you to gather your men as well just in case things get out of hand. Also, I need to have a word with you right now, if that's okay." He looked to the other two men, who nodded and left the library so they may speak alone and to carry out the king's orders.

Wolfram looked down, finding the small dust bunnies near his feet amusing. Yuuri took his chin between his index finger and thumb so they could look at each other once more. "I need to know, Wolf. Have you ever gone through this transformation before? Just tell me yes or no, and that's it. I don't want any full details at the moment." The blonde nodded. "Then... are you going to be okay?" Unlike the tone of a responsible king that had made an appearance just before, this tone was full of worry and sounded even more compassionate.

Blinking his emerald green eyes, he lifted up his right arm to cup the other's left cheek. "I promise you, I'll be okay. I haven't gotten the signs of the Obsidian Gashes yet, so I still have more time to prepare myself. Sure it's only happened to me once before, but I'm sure I can endure the transformation long enough. Besides, once the solution needed is taken out of the treasure room I'll probably still be in this form. Do you trust my word?" Yuuri nodded, leaning his cheek against the soft hand some more. "Thank you, now we should go and prepare to leave." He moved by to leave, but was halted when he realized the double black had a grip on his wrist. "Yuuri?" he questioned.

Yuuri did not know what to say, what to feel. Should he still be at least a little doubtful of what his lover has to say? Wolfram has only gone through one transformation, after all. He said he could handle it, but Yuuri knew just experiencing something once would not make you better prepared for next time. He did not even want to think that there would be such a thing as a "next time". He knew he has to trust him, he told himself that he has to be able to trust Wolfram without doubting him. With this whole True Form era coming near, he had a feeling he might have to go back on the vow he made.

And what about all the other full-blooded demons? If too much chaos is spread to the human lands, trust broken between the two races of demons and humans might be broken. He did not want anyone face any more suffering, any more despair coming from both sides. With this True Form era on its way, he knew preventing any suffering was out of the solution. The best he can do is just hope that the suffering will end as fast as it starts. He has to make sure everything is taken care of so that at least nothing will come up as a surprise.

He looked to the blonde, the one who has loved him no matter what choices he made, no matter what stupid actions he took while he was still trying to get used to being a king. Just by trusting in Wolfram that it was going to be okay, he felt a sheet of stress fall from his shoulders. He smiled, and took the lead out the room.

"Nothing," he said, "I just wanted to make sure that you weren't lying."

"Why would I ever lie to you, Yuuri? You know that you can trust me. Come on, we need to stop stalling so we can go." That was exactly what he wanted to hear in order to cheer himself up. He squeezed Wolfram's hand, and took the lead so they may exit the library and prepare to go into town.

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