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Chapter 2: True Vows

Yuuri looked up to the skies while riding Ao on the way to town. Wolfram rode beside him on Frieda, and when it was learned they were leaving the castle Conrad joined them. Soldiers of different ranks followed the three from behind, some on horseback and some on foot. After explaining the situation Gisela and many other healers came to help with the king's important errand. Yuuri, too, knew she would be needed over the course of this upcoming era.

It was his duty as king to make sure everyone makes through this. He needed to make sure things were set up before any damage can be thrown, any sort of setbacks could begin, but most of all he had to keep the people safe. He was determined to prevent any harm from taking place, like the very few monarchs before whom he learned about along the ride there from soldiers and Conrad.

He heard of the 5th Demon Queen Peyton Von Farling, who was not only the first Demon Queen in the line of monarchies but also ruled the first era where the solution was used before any major harm was caused to anyone. There was the 9th Demon King Quincy Von Gaylord, who during his reign Shin Makoku only suffered one day of the full transformation attacking. After his reign the same man would have died from his own transformation if not his son Quinn were to use the solution to cure him along with everybody in time.

Then he heard of the 14th Demon King Jacob Von Akillius. This person was the ruler of Shin Makoku at its worst True Form era ever. He was selfish and dense, only using the solution to heal only his family and closest friends. His subjects and the humans he left to die and also experience the horrible transformation. As a retribution for his sins he was killed on the last day of his era, in which his younger brother Jasper then used the solution to heal everyone else and also took his place as king. Yuuri did not like Jacob for betraying his people, and he admired Jasper for saving everyone when his brother chose not to. He knew that he would never turn his back on Shin Makoku or the humans, he internally swore on it.

Wolfram looked from Yuuri at his side to the path ahead. Then he looked down. He had liedto Yuuri, or at least he believed he did. It was only one time, and yet he said he was going to be fine. He recalled how scared he was when he transformed long ago as a child around his forties, eight years old in human years. He remembered how the Obsidian Gashes all over his body were spreading so quickly because of his fear and other depressing emotions. He remembered wanting to jump into his mother's arms so she could tell him everything was okay, but Lady Celi had already succumbed to the transformation by then. Worst of all, he could recall how when he opened his eyes after he was cured, there were corpses and blood everywhere and all over himself. That was what made him cry out of all that he had gone through, the thought that he, just a child back then, killed dozens of innocent people. No one ever told him that the children had the strongest true forms, especially when just transforming for the first time, until after the events of the second True Form of the 26th Rule; most monarchies have experienced these eras more than once during their rules.

"Are you okay, Wolf?" Yuuri asked him, snapping the blonde out of his terrifying thoughts. "You look tense... What were you thinking about? I mean, if it's okay to ask you and you're fine with answering, of course." Yuuri, so sincere and compassionate towards others. Wolfram loved that side everyone knew. He was kind and loyal to everybody. It was that side no one could get enough of.

"I'm just thinking about when I was younger, the time of the first True Form era I've ever experienced. No one can even imagine how scared I was back then. I didn't know how to control my emotions or myself in general, which was why I suffered so much." He looked at Yuuri and his eyes became as wide as the other's. "... W-Well," he tried to make things sound better, "now that I've grown and have learned from my mistakes I know what to expect. There is most likely no way that I will act like how I did when I was younger. I know better now."

"... 'Most likely'?"

Wolfram said nothing.

Conrad rode up closer to Yuuri on his other side and whispered, "Please don't ask Wolfram anymore questions for now. I was there when he first transformed, and he gets uneasy when talking about it. Between you and me, this is the first time in twenty years since he's ever given someone even a little information of his experiences during that time. Just be glad he told you that much."

So Yuuri was lucky. He actually got Wolfram to talk about his past, probably when others failed. Maybe it was because they trusted each other above anyone else, and so Wolfram found it easy to tell him such things he never spoke of with anyone else. It made him smile softly to know that their trust and love had no boundaries, that no secrets was enough to draw a line.

When they reached the town, the ordinary life was going on as usual. Children were running around, laughing and playing games, while their parents chatted somewhere where they could still keep an eye on the younglings. The markets were lively with the sales going on, mostly around where the produce and livestock were being sold. The large group tied their horses' reins to a nearby post before entering on foot.

Somewhere along the way down that path, a little boy with pale blue-colored hair and bright green eyes was running away from a slightly older girl who had light purple curly locks with blue streaks and sapphire blue eyes. They laughed as the girl chased the boy in their game of tag, though the boy was not watching where he was going. He was running backwards so he could stick out his tongue in front of the girl before bumping into someone. He shook his head after falling on his bottom and looked up to see who he ran into. From his upside-down vision he saw black hair and onyx black eyes. A double black. That could only mean...

"Oh my gosh, it's King Yuuri!" the girl gasped before he could. This grabbed the attention of the other people currently inhabiting the area. Yuuri sighed in defeat; at least he made halfway before someone recognizing him, especially since he was not wearing his brown hair dye and colored contacts. He helped the little boy up and dusted him off. The girl rushed over to grab him. "S-S-Sorry, Your Majesty. My brother and I were only playing and-"

"There's no need to apologize. It was just an accident," Yuuri replied. "Say, before I keep walking would you like to tell me where your father or mother is? I don't want you two to be running off on your own and then end up getting lost with all the people today."

"That would be me, sir." A man with light violet hair and green eyes came up to Yuuri and bowed slightly. "It's an honor to meet you, King Yuuri. My name is Carter Ryller, and these are my kids Caitlyn and Calisto. I believe you should have already met my wife, Cassandra Ryller."


Carter Ryller's face turned grim. "She told me this morning that she had to come to Covenant Castle and the reason why. I had a feeling that she had to eventually meet you so you can spread this word that it was going to be starting soon. Please tell me, is she alright? How are the marks?" He scooted his children off to go play by the fountain while he was having a "grown up conversation". "I haven't told my kids why she left yet. All I said was that she was going out for a while. They have never experienced nor do they even know what the True Form eras are."

Conrad stepped forward and shook hands with the man. "I haven't met her in person yet, but what I've been told she is doing fine. She's being kept in the emergency cells for this kind of situation." Then he went straight to the point. "His Majesty will be announcing what's going on at the town square, and it is highly recommended that you listen, as well as everyone else. Care to accompany our walk over there?" The other man kindly accepted the offer, and called for his children to come back over so they may head to the town square altogether.

As expected, a large crowd of almost everyone who lived in the village gathered when King Yuuri made his way to the podium on the performance stage, which was constantly used for the children's games and entertainment. Wolfram and Conrad stood at his sides, and the soldiers lined the front off the stage. Carter and his kids remained at the bottom of the steps at the side. The healers, under Gisela in her Sergeant Mode's command, were setting up a few tents behind the crowds wherever there was a large, opened area.

Silence swept the crowd as Yuuri cleared his throat so he may speak loud and clear to everyone. Unbeknownst to everyone else, since Wolfram's left side was covered by the podium, from standing very close to the double black, he was able to hide the fact he and his fiancé were holding hands. This was just to keep Yuuri calm while he spoke, a sign of reassurance that he was not going to mess up while speaking to a public audience.

He took a deep breath, and let his words naturally flow out when he was ready. "Afternoon everyone. As you know, I am Yuuri Shibuya, current monarch of Shin Makoku." He made sure to project the seriousness in the tone of his voice. "I have come to stand before you all today because I have an important announcement to make." For a brief pause, he allowed the flow of whispers grow throughout the crowd.

"I wonder what His Majesty's announcement is?"

"Don't we all?"

"Could it be a new project?"

"Maybe it has to do with his personal affairs?"

"Now why would he say something like that?"

"Even we have to know about His Majesty and Lord Wolfram's current status in their relationship, eventually..."

Yuuri decided to draw the line at the possibilities of what was new in his and Wolfram's relationship, and cleared his throat again to gain their attention. "Hopefully you all know," he continued, "about these events known as the True Form eras." A couple small gasps were collected from the shocked crowd. "This is why I came to speak with you all in person. Earlier this afternoon, a woman named Cassandra Ryller arrived at Covenant Castle and I saw what was happening to her. Cassandra Ryller has been identified as the first victim to the early stages of the Obsidian Gashes. From what I have learned so far, as soon as one person is caught with these black marks on their bodies... it is the sign that a True Form era will start soon."

The whispers became to sound more panicky as they erupted once more. Women looked more troubled than the men, who shared their own distressed expression upon their faces. The youngest of the children who were there began asking questions about what these True Form eras were. Yuuri was expecting this sort of reaction. The fire of his determination to make sure everyone made it through this upcoming event with little suffering grew brighter. He made a promise, and when he makes a promise he never goes back on them.

"Although I've just learned about what these True Form eras were, I promise that I will do my best to help all of Shin Makoku through this, starting with this very town. The healer of Covenant Castle Gisela as well as several other healers will be checking you all for any signs of the Obsidian Gashes. Please see Gisela if there are any problems or any more questions. Thank you."

It was done. He said what he needed to say, and he did it. Letting out an exhale of relief, he looked to Wolfram and lifted his eyebrows to suggest something. That was when it hit the blonde. They were still holding hands. Wolfram immediately let go, half successfully hiding the light pink blush from his embarrassment. Any public displays of their affection would surely attract the unwanted attention from girls and women, some who loved those two together more than others. Yuuri could only say they were fangirls.

Conrad accompanied the two's trip off the stage to see the people form lines outside of the tents Gisela and the other healers set up during the speech. Inside the tent the double green female was currently located at, the adults at the age range of their late 90s and above were being looked at. A couple healers from the group were examining two to three people at a time. Green glows came from all around as they used their magic to search within the patients for any symptoms and Obsidian Gashes. There was nothing so far. Gisela took notes on some paper she had attached to the clipboard for observations of each person.

They then went to the tent on the left, which was slightly smaller than the first one. It was the same thing taking place, and the one in charge of this tent was a man around his 120s with strawberry blonde hair in a short ponytail. Here most of the people who visited this area were from the age range of their late 60s to their late 90s. Yuuri's watching over the activity here was short-lived, however, when Wolfram abruptly pulled him out. When he peeked inside once more while said blonde was being given a short lecture from his older stepbrother, he understood why he was taken out of there so fast. Many girls, as well as some boys, who could pass off as Yuuri's human age were looking at him with infatuation. Even the man in charge had that lustful look in his eyes. So Wolfram was just being possessive, as usual, but thankfully that side had dimmed down some.

All the children, from infants to those in their mid-60s, were being taken to a tent about the same size as the last one they went to. The woman who ran this station had short dulled orange hair and was very nice. She would give encouraging words and reassuring smiles to the children when they would wince at the diagnostic spells casted upon them, as these did sting a little. This became the same for Yuuri, as the kids found his presence quite comforting, and so all the children wanted him to hold their hands when it would be their turn.

"Do you think I could help out with the checkups?" the double black asked the lady in charge, whose name he learned was Karina. "Gisela's been teaching me how to better control my healing magic, and she taught me the diagnostics spells too. Is there a way I can examine some of the kids, too?" Yuuri had a great soft side for children, as shown when he is with his daughter Greta. After what he had learned his protectiveness over children grew even more. He was especially worried for them, since they were the most vulnerable.

Karina looked up with one arm across her chest and her other arm propping her chin up with her thumb and index finger. She didn't see how it would hurt for His Majesty to help out. Matter of fact, checkups were running more smoothly than before he arrived. The kids just could not take the little stinging sensation from when being checked on. However she did feel like she was going to make him work more than he should, but then again he was volunteering. How can one turn away volunteers for a good cause?

"Oh, I don't see why you can't," she finally said with a small smile and a shrug of her shoulders. "You can take the empty station, that bed in the right corner by the entrance." She handed him a sheet of paper. "Please fill out the name, age, and gender of each child assigned to you, as well as your observations while examining each of them. Once this is filled out just hand this to me so I may give you another one."

Wolfram watched in a chair in the corner at where Yuuri was stationed, while Conrad had left to talk with Gisela back at the large tent. He liked watching Yuuri work with these kids, finding it nice to know that he was willing to do more than that is expected of him. Each child that came to him would hold his hand while he performed the diagnostics, being told that they were being brave for enduring the small pains of the spells. This reminded him of whenever the two of them would hold Greta's hands when she had to get shots for viral illnesses that children caught the most, and how she would wince when the needles would prick into her arms. Then Gisela would tell her that she did a good job and that she was becoming a brave little princess because she was. He was proud of Greta for being brave that time, and now he was being proud of Yuuri for providing the same support he would give to their daughter when she needed it. That also made him proud of the kids for behaving. Like Yuuri, Wolfram had a soft side for children too.

"Hey Wolf, do you mind helping me?" The blonde snapped out of his thoughts to look at Yuuri, who was now handling a pair of pink-haired twins. "I'm going to need both hands in order to perform two spells at the same time, so I was wondering if you could help them out while I checked them."

"Yeah, sure Yuuri..." Wolfram got up from his seat and sat on the bed next to the small pair of 48-year-old twin sisters. They unexpectedly climbed onto his lap and grabbed each of his hands, squeezing them tight. He blushed at this, having been totally off-guard for when that happened. From below, Yuuri was sitting on the stool laughing.

"The kids sure like you too, Wolfram."

Wolfram sighed with a smile on his face. "I guess so." He looked to the girls, who were sitting on one leg each as well as holding one hand in between their own. "Now close your eyes tight and just stay calm. This will be over before you know it." They looked back at him and nodded before shutting their eyes and turning back to their "doctor". There were no words to how the blonde was being taken away by how cute this was.

The girls jumped when Yuuri lifted both his hands to above their foreheads, bright green light emitting from his palms. They trembled from feeling the stings all over their bodies, and squeezed Wolfram's hands tighter. Wolfram whispered that it would not take any longer, and he was right. Both girls relaxed when the green light was gone from Yuuri's hands. Now that the checkup was over, they hopped off of Wolfram's lap.

"Good job, you two," the double black smiled. "Both of you did wonderful. Now go outside and you'll see a lady with green hair who will take you to see your mother, m'kay?" They nodded. "Oh, and you should say thank you to Wolfram. He was the one who made sure you were brave until the end."

The pink-haired twins turned around and flashed smiles at him. They squealed a "Thank-a you, Mist-a Wolfram!" before exiting the tent from where they first entered. Wolfram was not prepared for that, either, and so his cheeks became tinted with a light shade of pink that could rival the girls' pink hair once more. Yuuri patted his blushing fiancé on the back before telling him that he would be needing his services again. A group of quintuplets have just entered and said group was assigned to the double black and his new blonde assistant.

"So what are the results?" Conrad asked Gisela after he left Yuuri and Wolfram at the children's tent. "Anything serious?" Ever since he heard that a new True Form era would be starting soon at the castle, he had to make sure everything was fine. He had to make sure the healer ran some tests in order to determine what had come to his mind may or may not be true. Hopefully what he was thinking was not true.

Gisela understood why he was so worried. She was just as worried as she was, to be truthful. She had followed his request from when preparations were being made to head into town in the first place, taking out the blood samples she needed to perform the tests. Before leaving the castle she had gotten her results after using most of her time checking the blood samples she had from when she was taking volunteers for donating blood in case of medical emergencies a couple weeks prior.

In the folder she held with her clipboard, was the paper which contained the results from her tests. She pulled this folder and set it on top of her clipboard, opening it up to take out that one piece of paper. The double green held up so she may read to him what she had concluded.

Her news satisfied Conrad, bringing a relieved smile to his lips. He closed his eyes and sighed. So there was nothing to worry about, well at least with Conrad's original problem. It was a good thing he went to Gisela before they left, otherwise he would not have been able to ask her about this since they were going to be here in town all day. Now he knew that His Majesty was perfectly fine.

"So that means..." He opened his eyes once more.

"Yes, Sir Weller," she replied. "King Yuuri will not be suffering from the effects of the transformation." She knew that some half-breeds are capable of transforming, so it would be obvious that His Majesty might be in danger because of that. "And I don't know why you keep asking for to have yourself be tested. It is already clear that you are safe from the transformation as well."

"You never know when the results might turn out differently."

"... I suppose you're right."

Around the end of the sunset did Yuuri, Wolfram, and Conrad decide to go home. Gisela remained in the village since there were still many people who needed to be checked, and so was put in charge of both the healers and half of the soldiers that stayed behind to protect them. Yuuri was glad he was able to help the villagers in some way, as was Wolfram. They did make a good team when they were looking at the children, who loved them so. In fact, they had to leave ten minutes later than they were planning because of this. Nothing could get in the way of their soft spots for the younglings.

"We'll have to continue this tomorrow," Conrad informed them. "Earlier one of Gwendal's troops was sent into town while you two were working with the kids. He said that many of the full-blooded Mazoku in the human lands are planning to travel back here to Shin Makoku for checkups. Also, this way there is a better chance of protecting the humans from any attacks in case there are any sudden transformations."

"This is going smoothly so far," Yuuri said. "I mean, everyone that's been checked so far are completely healthy, according to Gisela. When Wolfram and I were working in the children's tent there were no signs of the Obsidian Gashes on any of the kids. That's a relief." He glanced at Wolfram, who has been silent the entire ride back to the castle. "You okay, Wolf? Usually you're not this quiet."

The blonde snapped out of whatever he was thinking about and looked to him. "Just tired, that's all. For some reason I haven't been getting much sleep, lately, but overall it's nothing serious. Plus, working with those children tuckered me out." He yawned softly, holding his hand to his mouth. A couple days before today, Wolfram has been having troubles sleeping at night. It was probably from working so hard, he presumed, and so ignored it. But then when he had to do paperwork for his troops, he would end up falling asleep. Many times he was caught doing so, equaling lectures from his eldest stepbrother about slacking off and also the importance of sleep at night. It was nothing he couldn't handle, though.

What was scaring him now was when he started listing the symptoms in his head. Major fatigue was a critical symptom of the True Form transformation, but that couldn't be the case. He hasn't even shown signs of the Obsidian Gashes... yet. It was just from work, that's all. Shaking his head to keep himself awake and upright on his horse, he looked up to the path they were taking back to the castle.

She looked at herself in the mirror that was provided in her cell. The Obsidian Gashes have now spread to her left shoulder in just one day, and this made her worry. Because she contracted the marks before everyone else, does this mean she would turn into a monster before everyone else as well. She hoped this was not the case. She didn't want to hurt anybody, especially her family.

Cassandra Ryller shook her head, watching her pale blue locks bounce upon her shoulders as she did this. She knew she had to stay strong, for everyone. His Majesty is going to do the best he could, she knew. She admired his perseverance, and wanted that to rub off on her. Taking a few deep breaths, she washed her face with the water from the sink to cool herself off. Then she lied back down on the bed, where her book was under the pillow.

His Majesty will save me, she thought. He will help and therefore save Shin Makoku from this nightmare. I just need to hang in there until the solution is taken out, and then I'll be okay. Carter is watching Caitlin and Calisto, and they're fine. It's just me for now. She told herself over and over that she was going to be fine, for the best way to fend off the Obsidian Gashes was to think positive. The marks spread faster by feeding off negative emotions, after all.

Greta kissed her fathers on the cheeks before running off to her own room so she may go to bed that night. At first she was planning on sleeping in the same room as them, but then she decided against it. She saw how they were both so tired, and so declared that she would be reading her own bedtime stories. Wolfram thought she was really becoming an independent woman even at the early age of ten. Yuuri did not like this at all, and also feared for his life that she was going to read one of those Poison Lady Anissina books again.

Since there was no paperwork to attend to, Yuuri knew it was safe to go to bed. He was about to slip into the covers when he saw Wolfram sitting at the desk they shared. In the blonde's hands, he could see, were small slips of paper. Standing up straight Yuuri walked over and wrapped his arms around his fiancé's neck from behind, reading the papers.

"You're going to reschedule?" he asked Wolfram, to which the other nodded.

"Yeah, with the True Form era coming up I know that I would have to. I'm resetting the date to two months from now just to be safe, if you don't mind."

"Sure, that should be enough time..." He let go of Wolfram and stood at his side. "Wolfram, I promise you that this will happen. We've been planning this for a long time, and I'm not ready on giving up on it."

"Neither am I."

"Good, because I know you've been waiting for this for a long time." He looked at the cards, and smirked. "It's a good thing we haven't even sent these yet, otherwise we'd have to post new ones." Patting Wolfram on the shoulder, which was exposed because of his frilly pink off-the-shoulder nightgown, he said, "Come on, let's go to bed. We have to go back to town tomorrow and check more of the kids."

Wolfram looked at him and nodded. "Okay, I'll be there soon." While Yuuri went into the bed and started to fall asleep, emerald green eyes moved back to the cards in his hands. It was true, he had been waiting for so long to see this sort of card being sent out. They had been planning for it for the past three months now, but with this True Form era on the way he knew that rescheduling was necessary. He knew he was being selfish for even thinking about this at the moment, but he couldn't help it. These cards have been sitting in his own room for so long, and he still found it embarrassing when he first made these on his own and in secretbefore.

Sighing, he put the cards to the far corner of the desk so they could barely be seen. He knew those cards meant little to him now, now that he had Yuuri. These cards were just another piece of evidence of how much they loved each other, so he no longer felt like they were needed. Yuuri promises that this event would happen, but he felt like he didn't need it to happen anymore. They loved each other, and that was it. He didn't need a celebration to explain that.

Before he turned off the light so he may join Yuuri in bed, these words could be seen on the cards.

It all started with a meeting at the castle...
A cultural misunderstanding that turned into something more...
The blessing of a beautiful daughter...
Many tearful challenges that came between us...
And now...
We finally unite as one...

Please join us in celebrating the marriage of the 27th Maoh of Shin Makoku Yuuri Shibuya and His Consort Wolfram von Bielefeld on _._._ at the altar of Shinou.

The unfilled area was where the date once stood.

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