Chapter 1: Border Space

Hurtling through the depths of space was a sphere shaped spaceship, about the size of a small house and having a simple black and white paintjob. The words Capsule Corporation were printed on the upper half, marking the spaceship as a creation of Dr. Briefs. While the spaceship had been built by a human, the designs used to construct it had been reverse engineered from Saiyan technology salvaged from the space pod that had brought Kakarot to Earth as a baby. The familiar technology made it the perfect vehicle to transport the Prince of all Saiyans through the stars, introducing a new realm of space to Prince Vegeta.

Even though he was a relatively short man with black hair that stood straight up, Vegeta was one of the most feared men in Frieza's empire. And very recently most of the few individuals that were feared even more than him had become very dead, most of which Vegeta had killed personally. By Vegeta's recollection the remaining number of people in the empire that were more powerful than him could be counted on one hand, one of which he was searching for in order to learn the secret of becoming a Super Saiyan.

For now Vegeta was still wearing the basic version of Saiyan battle armor he took from Frieza's ship back on Namek, skintight black shirt and pants with white armor that covered his chest and back while having brown straps over his shoulders, along with white gloves and boots. A large hole and a smaller hole in the front and back of the armor left skin exposed, a result of energy beams piercing him, twice. So far he hadn't found a suitable set of armor to replace it with, as there hadn't been any Frieza Planets along his journey so far.

Inside the spaceship Vegeta occupied his time with physical training, using the ship's artificial gravity generator to simulate fifty times Earth's normal gravity. The ship could support up to a hundred times normal gravity, but 50G was the highest Vegeta wanted to use while traveling between planets. It wasn't healthy to keep switching between 100G and 1G in brief intervals, having to reacclimate between extremes again and again. 50G was intense enough to train in but still be ready to enter low gravity environments on a moment's notice, which was necessary when searching from planet to planet for an individual.

At the moment Vegeta was training with a workout comprised of many punches and kicks, while he was also hovering ten feet off the floor and upside down. At 50G it was a low intensity workout, something to pass the time during his journey. Out one of the windows he saw the stars streaming by as his ship traveled faster than light, achieving that speed by warping space around the ship. Vegeta let the ship's autopilot chart a course around local space obstacles on its journey, just in case debris from Namek's destruction made it out of the star system. The ship had passed Namek's star system a few days ago, but that a dead end as far as finding Kakarot was concerned.

While Vegeta was training a beeping noise interrupted him, which was coming from the ship's control console. Vegeta stopped his workout and landed next to the controls, finding that the beeping noise was caused by an incoming communications signal. Vegeta pressed a little green square button to respond to the signal, and a circle shaped screen on the console activated and showed the face of a purple skinned alien. Even though Vegeta had never met the alien before, he seemed somewhat familiar.

"I thought I killed you Cui," Vegeta said.

"I'm not Cui," the alien responded. "My name's Kiwi."

"Don't care," Vegeta said. "You all look the same."

"I get that a lot," Kiwi admitted. "Anyway, unless you're headed for Frieza Planet 66, you'd better turn your ship around."

"Why?" Vegeta asked.

"You're almost at the border," Kiwi answered. The screen changed to a star chart for a few seconds, showing where Vegeta's ship was before changing back to Kiwi's face. "I'm under orders to destroy any ship that attempts to cross."

Vegeta laughed and shook his head at the idea of someone trying to stop him. "And whose orders are those?"

"Lord Cooler's," Kiwi answered.

"What is that prick up to this time?" Vegeta asked.

"You know I can't talk about that on an open channel," Kiwi said. There was a pause before he continued. "But rumor has it that he's looking for some lost warrior across the border. No one's heard from him since."

That news got Vegeta's full attention, as it could possibly be a lead to finding Kakarot. "Alright, I could use a pit stop."

On the screen Kiwi looked away, which Vegeta guessed was to operate a comuter. "Landing pad 9 should be available when you get here."

"Over and out," Vegeta said, and he pressed the green button again to end the communication. Then he pressed a few more buttons on the controls to change course, steering the ship towards Frieza Planet 66.

Like most other planets that had been conquered or purchased by Frieza's Empire, Planet 66 was once a lush and life filled world. That life had been extinguished long ago to make the planet a blank slate, which had then been remade to suit any purpose the empire required in its sector of space. Now the entire planet was a barren wasteland and used as an outpost, possessing twin bases at the planet's magnetic poles. At the center of each base was a large white command tower, which was surrounded by thousands of large plasma cannons and sensor arrays, and surrounding those was a ring of round landing platforms.

The purpose of this outpost was to monitor the border between galactic empires, a pair of regimes that were known for not getting along in the past. While the border was many thousands of light-years long, most of that space was filled with hazards such as plasma storms and gamma ray bursts, restricting travel for all but the most foolhardy of voyagers. Frieza Planet 66 orbited a star near one of the few safe sectors to cross the border, making it a perfect world to monitor the space between and stop unauthorized travel.

Out of the dark southern sky the Capsule Corporation spaceship flew in for a landing, spinning itself into an upright position during its descent. Landing gear unfolded from the bottom, allowing the ship to gracefully land in the center of one platform. The spaceship's door opened and swung on a bottom hinge, revealing steps on the door's backside that reached the landing pad. The spaceship was the only one of its design on the planet, raising the suspicions of a squad of soldiers sent to welcome the new arrival.

Vegeta ignored the soldiers as he walked down the steps out of the spaceship, setting foot on a world with moderate gravity. At first he was about to just walk past them, but stopped when he remembered something about his spaceship. He walked around the spaceship until he found a slightly raised square on one side, where he placed his hand and pushed on it. Pushing the button activated the collapsing feature of the ship's capsule technology, making it disappear in a cloud of smoke and leaving a finger sized container on the landing platform.

"For once human tech is good for something," Vegeta muttered, picking up the capsule and pocketing it underneath his armor.

At the edge of the landing platform the soldiers stood at attention, while one of them stepped ahead of the others. "Prince Vegeta, sir, Station Commander Kiwi is expecting you."

"Tell him I'll be a while," Vegeta ordered, walking past all of the soldiers. He heard some of the soldiers sigh in relief after he passed them, giving away the fact that he was still feared. "While I'm here I need to get something."

Instead of following protocol and meeting the person in charge of the base, Vegeta instead headed for the closest armory to pick up a new set of armor. He chose the same type of armor that he already had, having grown accustomed to it and wanting to have an undamaged version. After getting the new armor Vegeta made a stop at a private washroom, taking an hour to clean himself up and trying to look presentable.

Once he was satisfied with himself Vegeta walked to the base's central tower, a tall white building that overshadowed everything else. Inside the tower he took an elevator to reach the top, where the most luxurious offices were kept for the highest ranking officials. On the top floor Vegeta entered the largest of the offices, walking into a spacious room that had a large window replacing one of the walls. There was a desk with a computer close to the window, and sitting in a chair between the desk and window was Kiwi.

"So, Vegeta, what brings you to this sector?" Kiwi asked, leaning back in his chair.

"I'm looking for someone," Vegeta answered. He waked across the office and stood next to the window, looking out at the base below. "Tell me Kiwi, has word of Frieza's downfall reached the border?"

"Only the rumors," Kiwi said. He stood up from his chair and faced Vegeta. "They say that a Saiyan defeated Lord Frieza."

"A Super Saiyan defeated him," Vegeta corrected. He kept looking out the window, taking note of where each plasma cannon was positioned. "Everyone believed that he had perished when Namek blew up, but recently I have learned that Kakarot survived."

"And you're looking for him, I presume," Kiwi guessed.

Vegeta nodded. "I suspect that Kakarot escaped in one of the ships belonging to the Ginyu Force. If he accidentally activated the emergency autopilot, it should have guided him to the first habitable planet in its path."

"And you believe that planet is on the border?" Kiwi asked.

"Or beyond it," Vegeta added, turning towards Kiwi. "The stars that Namek used to orbit aren't far from here, only a couple of parsecs away. It's possible that Kakarot crossed the border before Cooler ordered you to shoot down any ship that tries."

"Then he's out of your reach," Kiwi said, crossing his arms. "Until Cooler returns I can't let anyone cross, not even you."

"Who said anything about letting me?" Vegeta corrected.

With a smile on his face Vegeta put one hand on the window, and with a small burst of energy he shattered it into a million pieces. Before the shards of glass could even reach the ground Vegeta opened fire, shooting hundreds of energy blasts from his hand. Each blast hit one of the plasma cannons spread across the base, creating large explosion that reduced the cannons to piles of smoking hot slag. In under a minute half of the base's defenses were obliterated, specifically the half that was on the same side of the base as Kiwi's office.

Vegeta jumped out of the shattered window and flew up to the tower's roof, setting foot on it and facing the other half of the base. With both hands he opened fire on that side's plasma cannons, destroying all of them and completely disarming the base. When he was finished Vegeta took out the small capsule that contained his ship, squeezing a button on one end and then throwing it onto the roof. In a cloud of smoke the spaceship reappeared, exactly as it had been when Vegeta had collapsed it earlier.

At a casual pace Vegeta boarded his spaceship, closing the door behind him. Vegeta pressed the launch button and the ship took off, leaving the disarmed base behind. Vegeta laughed when he looked out a window, seeing hundreds of soldiers attempting to shoot him down with blasters. Without their plasma cannons the soldiers below lacked the firepower to even hit the ship as it flew into space, much less destroy it.

Once the ship was in space Vegeta set a new course, heading straight to the border and crossing through it. "If you're out there Kakarot, I will find you," Vegeta muttered, watching the stars fly by as he entered someone else's empire.

A few days later, many light years away…

Aboard the bridge of an Imperial Star Destroyer, Darth Vader was looking through the front window as the battleship exited hyperspace. The blue void of hyperspace changed to the black void of regular space, dotted with distant stars. Straight ahead was the desert planet Tatooine, and in the battleship's sights was a smaller diplomatic ship. It would be only a few minutes before the ship could be intercepted and boarded, and Darth Vader planned to personally recover the stolen plans for the Death Star.

But as he patiently waited something caught Darth Vader's attention, turning his head towards his left. "What is that?"

An officer standing next to him didn't see anything out of the ordinary besides the diplomatic ship. "What is it Lord Vader?"

"I sense something," Vader muttered. "There is a disturbance in the Force. Someone powerful is coming."

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