*SLAP* "Owww! What the Hell!" I was suddenly slapped awake. I opened my eyes and am surprised to see my little sister, Kirino on top of me with a ferocious face. "Kirino?, what are you doing?" I muttered groggily, still feeling the effects of my deep sleep.

"Shut up! What the hell are you doing?! Why are you sleeping with Ayase!. You don't have the right to do that!" She was yelling at me already, damn and what does she mean. Sleeping with Ayase? "Kirino what are you talking about? I'm not sleeping with Aya-" -Chu I hear a sneeze and immediately turn right. I look down and see Ayase's head is close to my thigh and shes hugging my arm. Whatttttt! My arm was numb, shittt I must not have felt it! As I think about this, I freeze. Me: Sleeping on the couch=fine, Ayase holding on to my arm with her face so close to mine=not so good. I turn back to my infuriated sister. "K-K-K-Kirino, its n-n-n-not what you think, she...cold.. blanket...warm..sleep..." I stuttered as her face showed more and more anger. Huh I didn't know that a human face could possibly turn so red.

"Baka-Baka! Ayase's my friend you can't have her!" She yelled. Geez, how could my sister be so childish at a time like this? Ayase had been my friends best friend for a long time, but she should know that this was an unavoidable coincidence. Shit! I didn't tell her Ayase was over! She was playing eroge and Ayase was on her way out when the storm hit! She probably thought that Ayase was here for me! "You can't take Ayase away from me you just can't..." She reduced her yelling to little over a whisper. As she trailed off she lowered her face so I couldn't see her eyes. I look over at Ayase and back to my sister. Kirino was quiet and all I could hear was the sound of distant thunder and rain hitting the windows. All I could do was sit there while my sister knelt silently.

*Drip...Drop* I see droplets glistening blue fall on my face, but this time it wasn't water from the leaking ceiling. Those shiny drops were tears. Kirino, my little sister was crying. When you see your sister cry... it does something to you, you just feel this protective instinct to just hold her tight. I see her arms shake for a second and she gently falls placing her head in my chest. I wrap my arms around her and stroke her hair slowly. "I'm sorry Kirino... I'm sorry" I just hold her for what seemed like hours until she started to doze off. I try to fall asleep but I can't seem to fall asleep with all the thought circling around in my head, so instead I look at my wristwatch and see it is 5:45 in the afternoon but if you looked outside you wouldn't be able to tell because the sky was pitch black, even the stormy clouds could only be glimpsed following a flash of lightning and a deafening boom. Whenever the lightning stroke and the thunder boomed I felt Kirino shake under my arms and tense, relaxing only after I pat her head, and pulled her closer.

When I finally noticed her breathing becoming even and her body relaxed, I slide away placing a pillow under her head. "g'night, Kirino" I whisper in her ear as I crawl off the couch and walk to where Ayase is sleeping. She is curled up under the blanket I gave her and is hugging the pillow that was on the couch. Her face looks so peaceful and innocent that its almost impossible to believe that this is the same abusive girl that always yells and roundhouse kicks me. I walk closer to her and sit down on the couch at her feet. The couch is the center of warmth in the house since the electricity is out and therefore the electrical systems for the heating is not working making the house extremely cold. I rest my head on a pillow that I picked up from the adjacent couch and relax. The softness of the pillow and the exhaustion from the day make my eyes heavy and I close my eyes. I begin to doze off when I hear Ayase yawn and feel her legs stretch and touch me. Ayase opens her eyes and she looks at me.

"What time is it?" She asks this as if it were a normal day instead of a day where she is stuck in my house with a storm raging outside.

"6:23 in the evening," I reply, answering this as if it were a normal day. "Kirino came down, shes sleeping over there" I point to the adjacent couch, where Kirino is sleeping soundly under a heavy blanket. I don't think she'll be awake for a while so I ask Ayase, "Are you hungry? The gas should still work so I could go and make something?"

"Shouldn't you make sure the rest of the house is okay before worrying about me? Geez Onii-san you need to be more responsible when your father isn't here." Her tone makes her sound like she disapproves.

"Yeah I guess you're right, lets go check out the kitchen first, then we can make sure the ceiling doesn't leak anymore," I pick up my flashlight, then take a second flashlight out from the emergency kit that I took from the kitchen before and gave it to Ayase. I was in the kitchen before, but I didn't have time to check the state of it. Besides its been a couple hours something might have happened. Ayase stands up and takes a step towards the door. As soon as her second foot hits the ground, her legs give way.

"Ayase!" I gasp, I grab her by her waist and support her back to the couch. "Ayase are you okay?"

"I think so. I'll be fine, my legs are probably feeling weird from my sleeping position," She says, though she sounds a bit surprised. She swings her legs over the edge of the couch and stands up but almost falls again, this time i'm ready though and I grab onto her arm and support her weight. "Don't worry, I've got you. I'll go check upstairs first and see if the bedrooms are okay, then we can get you to a bed and see what's wrong. Just rest, i'll be quick,"

"m'kay, just hurry back…" She sounds almost longing, as if she doesn't want me to leave. I guess i'll just make it quick and come back as fast as I can. My shoes are by Kirino so I reach over and grab them stealing a look at Kirino's sleeping face. She looks peaceful and it seems like she won't wake up for a while. I slip on my shoes and walk back to the entrance hall. The stairs look fine, a little wet granted but all intact and there seems to be no visible breakage. I take it step by step just to make sure, holding onto the rail as I go. The house is quiet, so as I climb the steps its as if i'm alone. The steps creak a little as I near the top, and I stop. I look to the next step and I find a tiny crack in the wood. I take my foot and apply some pressure to it. It creaks a bit louder but the crack doesn't expand further, so I assume its safe and move on. When I finally reach the top of the staircase I inspect the hall finding nothing wrong but the ceiling leaking water. The only bedrooms on the third floor are Kirino's room and mine, my parents' bedroom is on the first floor, so I only have two rooms to check. My room is closest to the stairs so I walk up and open the door. When I step inside I check the ceiling and the walls nothing seems to be out of order so I leave shutting the door quietly on the way out.

The next room is Kirino's so I walk over and knock, opps I guess its just a habit. I shake my head and enter the room. Now her room was completely different from mine. One window on the far wall was cracked and looked as if it were going to break at any moment. Another was wide open, rain and strong gusts of wind rushed into the house flinging blankets from the floor to the opposite side of the room. I pick up the now scattered clothes and continue my inspection, though with all the damage already done I highly doubt there would be any use of doing so. But I needed to see what else was broken. I look around the room again and see that her desk was flipped over and cracked on the side, I guess we must not have heard the crack with all thats going on outside.

After seeing that I decided that the room was unusable for now, abruptly turning around and walked out of Kirino's room, quietly pulling the door shut. After checking the two bedrooms that could be used I decided that, since Kirino's room was uninhabitable we would have to use my room. For now I think I would leave Kirino to sleep on the couch, since she was already sleeping, and if she could fall asleep there it was unnecessary for me to move her. Ayase on the other hand was a different story. Everytime she stood up her legs gave out, one possibility is that it could be a symptom of hypothermia or something like that. If that was true then I would need to warm her up and have her rest. The living room is, for the most part dry but its not the warmest area to be in. Since shes cold i'll just take her to my room.

As I think of my game plan I retrace my steps on the stairs making sure I avoided the cracks I saw earlier. I go back to the living room where Ayase is waiting for me patiently on the couch. "Are the rooms okay?"

"My room is fine, but Kirino's room is all broken and wet, why don't you rest in my room?" I suggested. Ayase turned yandere mode "Why do you want me to got to your room? Are you planning something Onii-san?"

"NO, NO, not at all! I'm just concerned about your health, Thats it!" I back off quick and hide behind the couch. I peek my head above the couch and look at her. "I'm not trying to do anything! Besides Kirino is right there," I say as I point at my sleeping little sister on the other couch. Ayase face softens a bit, then she pouts. "Fine, but you have to carry me," Wait what!? "W-w-what are you saying?!"

Ayase lets out a giggle, "My legs feel like jelly, how else am I suppose to get there? You were thinking dirty things weren't you." I feel my face heat up "No I wasn't! Like I said I was just trying to help," Geez this isn't like her at all. What changed? "Whatever," She says dismissively. I sigh and grab her under her knees and on her back, princess style, or whatever its called. She wraps her right arm around my neck and has the other on my arm. I adjust to make sure she won't fall when we go up the stairs, and start walking.

We make it up the stairs just fine and we stop outside my room. Ah, how nostalgic just a few hours ago it was a sunny day and we were waiting in this very hall for Kirino. Now it was raining cows and buffalos outside and we were going into my room. My hands were full so I ask Ayase to open the door with her semi-free hand. She swings the door open and I walk in. I walk to the bed and gently lay her down. "I'll just rest for an hour or two, my legs were. probably just numb from sleeping in a weird position," She says turning away from me. "Why don't you go check the weather outside?"

"Good idea, the storm might pass soon," I turn around and walk towards the window, throwing open the blinds. If you didn't know that we didn't have blinds you could have mistaken the sky for them because it was still pitch black. The winds blew viciously and rains beat against the windows, almost as if the water wanted to break them. With all the stuff going on outside I doubt the storm is passing anytime soon. I sigh for the 100th time today and look back at Ayase "Hey, I don't think the storms going to pass anytime soon,"

"Onii-san I have a question for you," Hmmm it seems like she thought of this before. Strange. "Okay, ask away" I say finding it strange that she has a question now. I wonder what the question is. "Okay then, Kyousuke do you have a girlfriend?" WHATTTT?!

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