Author's Notes: I know my Yami Diary isn't finished, but that's okay, you don't have to have read that to understand this. This takes place long after that, so Yami has learned to love Yugi and the gang (in his Pachelbel-makes-me-sarcastic way). Anyway, I wrote this based on the frustration I have while I'm trying to come up with money to move, and a place for me and my friend to go when we do get money. Without further ado, but with a disclaimer stating I don't own these chars and made no money, I give you....


August 12

Went to store today with Yugi, Tristan, and Joey. All three are preparing for college (must keep certain comments on the likelihood of Joey and Tristan staying in college to myself), and stocking up on 'necessary' items. Suppose if one plans to die an early, painful death, then chips and bean dip can be considered necessary. Never developed taste for deep fried grease balls myself, and as such, am probably most fit in group. Being dead probably helps.

Went off on own for a little while (managed to convince Yugi to slip into the bathroom for a bit so as not to terrify onlookers with suddenly appearing out of nowhere.) Felt very depressed then. Here Yugi is becoming independent, self sufficient, branching out to learn useful skills for a bright future. What have I got? Tactical genius up the wazoo, and pocket lint to show for it. As if being Pharaoh counts for less than dirt nowadays. (Still cannot believe people pay money for 'special' dirt to put plants in).

Was kicking self for feeling bad, and then noticed something. MY future was right in front of me on a shelf (which, by the way, was sticky with some little kid's soft drink. Why do I always manage to find those shelves?) In the form of a Housing And Apartments magazine.

Unfortunately, Yugi came along then, having finished shopping, so I stuffed it under jacket (I had no money) and we walked out. Got sticky magazine for free. Was sticky, so I don't feel too bad about 'stealing'. I figure I did them a favor.

Am very excited, and Yugi is asleep, so will stop writing to read about loans and 'interest rates'.

August 14

Yugi, Joey, Tea, Tristan off getting school supplies. Told Yugi I had something important to do. Will show them I can survive just fine in 'modern' world. (Subtly brought up differences between Egypt and the modern world last night, and got into rather nasty fight with Tristan. Could have been fueled by my saying he couldn't even have survived as a cat in my time, but only said that because he said I was 'behind the times', but that was after I said he was unfit for college and it was too bad he couldn't still sell himself into slavery. So really don't know who started this fight, but bigger point is that I won.)

Am on bus downtown to check out first apartment on my rather long list. I admit, at first I chose places that would be close to Yugi's dorm, but then got annoyed with self and chose places on furthest edge of town, then realized it was unpractical and chose more in the middle. I hope they're in the middle. Don't understand 'modern' road structure. Will wing it.

Apartment Number One. NO WAY. Mildew smell the instant I got off bus should have warned me, but no-o-o. I thought it was coming from rusted overflowing dumpster outside apartment building. Was wrong. Should have run back to the bus, or better yet, run home after the smell got worse on the inside. Lucky me, was soon relieved from awful mildew stench by distinct bloody smell on the third floor. Figured, well the apartment is on the fourth floor, so I won't have to deal with third floor problems. Was for some reason hoping for grand paradise on the fourth floor, though as I climbed the stairs the building steadily became worse.

Found puddle of blood and vomit outside Room 406 (my would-be home), and finally turned tail. Well, actually I kicked open the door and found the murderer; knocked him into the Shadow Realm and then raced back down the stairs, though now the bottoms of my shoes stink and I can't get rid of it. Hope someone calls police before both the guy and the victim stink up the rest of the fourth floor. Stupid mortals; really ought to bring back mummification.

Will buy shoes with Yugi's new credit card (hope he doesn't miss it before he gets home) so as to leave good impression with future renters. Will then burn old shoes.

Apartment Number Two is somewhat better, but not by much. It is in the area of town Tea calls "the slums" or "crud town" or simply "please don't make me go there! Let's find another store!". Debated with self for long time over advantages/disadvantages of not having the group over, but think that idea of taking over the "Slums" and turning it into my personal pseudo-Egypt is better.

The apartment itself does not stink, but is very small. Went to inspect kitchen (has microwave and sink and two cupboards), but almost got stuck as it is very narrow. Suppose I could deal. Bathroom has chipped tile, so would be unable to walk in there barefoot. Still, I put it on the List.

Got on bus, and discovered Apartment Four is actually Mansion Number One. Began to worry when apartments got bigger and bigger...and bigger still. Became mansions. Was too late to stop, however. Stopped in front of blue and white gigantic home, with a fence and a gate with finger-print ID locks. Now must get out to inspect, but am very much in love with the place. Think I will take it, and then buy two guard dogs and many, many cats.

One hour later:

Have definitely changed mind. Am in car with real estate agent, speeding down the road back into the city. Will describe events in detail now, before we convince ourselves we were only drunk.

First of all, the place was beautiful. What a cruel lure for unsuspecting people! We went into the kitchen, which was bright and sunny and overlooked a huge backyard with a swimming hole. But then the knives all came out of the drawers and chased us. I didn't want to use my powers in front of the mortal, so we just ran, and she went upstairs rather than out the door. Speaking of doors, I opened the closet and all the knives flew into it and (thank Ra) stuck there. Then I went to tell her it was okay, we could leave, when I noticed a little doll walking out of one of the bedrooms with a rope tied into a noose, chasing the real estate agent.

All the doors were flying open and shut, which was very confusing and rather annoying (what? I'm dead, aren't I?) I heard the front door distinctly open, and I turned around at the top of the stairs to see the bus driver standing there dripping wet from the rain. (What rain??? It wasn't raining when I got there!) His eyes were white and rolled back, and then his head started spinning around and around and around....very hypnotic, actually.

I tackled the doll the way Tristan does, wound up smashing its little porcelain face in. Then used the noose to lasso the bus driver and I tied him up against the stairwell.

Luckily, the real estate agent had the presence of mind to go back towards an exit. She called me a superhero. I called her a psycho for trying to sell a place like this to paying customers and stormed out. She graciously offered me a ride (I did just save her life, after all.)

Will continue house hunt tomorrow.