SUMMARY: My first fanfic ever but I love this characters and this wouldn't get out of my head so I had to jot it down! This is just my take on what may give away Oliver's secret identity! :) Super short but hopefully a fun read for you!

DISCLAIMER: I own nothing at all!

Not so distant future…

"Oh my God, oh my God" Thea continued to mutter over and over before jumping up and turning to Roy. "Let's go!"

"What? Thea, what's going on?" Roy allowed her to drag him up but not out of the office at Verdant.

"Felicity knows who the vigilante is! Come on – let's go!"

"Yeah, we know that but we have no proof and she's not talking. How can we make her tell us anything—"

"Ah, but we have proof – watch this!" Thea starts to play a video clip on her tablet but Roy barely glances at it. A mission had gone wrong last night and he and Felicity had ended up at the wrong end of several guns before the vigilante had rescued them. While still angry about the arrow through his knee, Roy had answered Felicity's call for help. He had his own motivations though and Thea had suggested a bug of sorts. His red hoodie had been equipped with a video in hopes of catching a glimpse of the Hood but frustratingly enough at no time was his face visible in the video.

"Thea, the video doesn't show his face and I was out cold when he saved us so I don't see the point—"

"There's the point – she loves him!" Thea and Roy watch the clip of his and Felicity's rescue last night.

"Hell, it's worth a try! Ok, let's go." Roy concluded.

Felicity is busy working at her computer when Thea bangs on the door and enters with a dramatic "Aha". Roy simply meets Felicity's eyes with small smile while Thea poses with her hands on her hips and victorious smile on her face.

Confused, Felicity looks up and asks "Thea, can I help you? Do you need Oliver?"

Thea smiles and replies, "I need you to tell us who the vigilante is—"

Felicity groans as she interrupts "I've told you and the police a thousand times – I don't know who he is. I sometimes help out just as Roy does but just as Roy doesn't know who he is, I don't either."

Thea triumphantly responds with "But Roy isn't in love with him" as she places the tablet on Felicity's desk and begins the video clip. "We had been looking to see his face and totally missed this the first hundred times we watched…" Thea let's her sentence die out as the video progresses.

Felicity watches in growing horror as she sees Oliver in full vigilante gear kneel before her, caress her face and speak. The video doesn't pick up his words but the gentle gesture while clear isn't too obvious. More telling is her own reaction which causes Felicity to first blanch in fear then blush in embarrassment. In the video, she clearly turns her face to kiss Oliver's palm as one hand holds his hand in place and the other mirrors his caress as she gently touches his face.

It is at the moment that Oliver and Diggle enter Felicity's office. Oliver starts to greet his sister but as his eyes reach Felicity he abruptly changes course and heads her way. Diggle is close behind the pair as Oliver touches Felicity's elbow to turn her toward him. Her eyes don't leave the tablet though so he gently touches her face to get her attention.

"Oh my God" Thea whispers in awe. "It's you."

Roy and Diggle turn to her in question but Oliver remains focused on Felicity. Oliver follows Felicity's eyes to the now dark tablet and reaches for it. This snaps Felicity back and she latches on to his arm as she flips the tablet over saying "No" quite forcefully.

Felicity turns to Thea pleadingly "Let's talk outside please, you've misunderstood, really I'm not, he's not, really—" Felicity has stepped in front of Oliver to reach Thea.

Oliver and Diggle remain lost and briefly meet each other's eyes in question. Roy, however, has caught on to Thea's conclusion. He growls threateningly and advances toward Oliver as he realizes that it was Oliver who shot an arrow through his knee weeks earlier.

Oliver reacts to the threat to Felicity and before Roy takes more than two steps, Oliver has pulled Felicity back to Diggle and takes an aggressive stance of his own to face Roy. The speed of Oliver's response gives Roy pause and time seems to stand still as each is processing what just happened.

Thea recovers first and moving to stand in front of Oliver and point a finger at his chest she states simply "You are the vigilante."

Oliver pulls on his bored billionaire face and answers quickly with a "Speedy, why would you even say that?" He even manages a somewhat forced laugh before he hears Felicity's quiet words.

"Because of me".

At her words and the misery in her tone, all eyes turn to her; however, only Oliver moves to her speaking her name softly. He looks to Diggle who returns his silent question with a negative shake of his head as he has no idea what's going on. Oliver again seeks Felicity's eyes but she's turned away and looking at the tablet again. Oliver gently turns her body to his with a tug on her elbow and again lifts a hand to her face ghosting over her skin from temple to chin before cupping her face and forcing her to meet his eyes. He gasps softly at the tears he sees as she begins to mumble.

"I didn't think about them having their own surveillance, Roy was out, I mean, I didn't think, I can't believe that after everything, this is what…oh my God, I'm so sorry Oliver—"

Surprisingly it is Thea who interrupts Felicity and seeks to take attention from her by stating "It wasn't Felicity, it was you big brother who gave it away".

She again flips the tablet over but before pressing play she waits until Felicity meets her eyes, smiles gently at her with a nod. The clip is the same as Felicity saw previously and she watches in misery as again the Vigilante ghosts his hand over her face before cupping it gently. Thea stops it abruptly and makes a point of looking from the onscreen couple standing so closely to Oliver and Felicity in the same position again.

"I see you comforting Felicity, Ollie, just as you did right now. You are the vigilante."