EPILOGUE – Loose ends

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"I'm glad you fought back, I'm proud of you…just don't, Roy's right, you shouldn't have been in harm's way. I should have taken better care of you, Felicity, I shouldn't-."

Felicity was shaking her head, "We, remember, Team Arrow. We take care of each other, Oliver."

Oliver gave a brief nod even as he ghosted a hand from her temple to chin. He held her face in one hand and leaned in to kiss Felicity gently and none too briefly considering their audience.

"Go Team Arrow" Roy spoke in the silence Thea and Diggle shared smug smiles.

As Oliver and Felicity continued to kiss there was a slightly awkward moment for the other three before Diggle loudly cleared his throat. "So we go after Danes now." It wasn't really a question but Roy immediately nodded in agreement.

"What do you mean go after? I thought we were collecting evidence to turn him over to the authorities?" Thea questioned in confusion.

Only reluctantly did Oliver pull away from Felicity's lips, he did hug her tightly to him as he looked to Diggle and Roy. "Yes, we go back now before he re-groups."

Now it was Felicity who pulled away to ask in confusion, "We don't have my search results. We have no evidence that he's even responsible for the kids' abductions nor that he's really are playing a warped version of Starling City Survivor with them either…." Felicity trailed off as she noted Diggle's and Roy's surprised faces morph into somber masks. She turned to look at Oliver but he wasn't meeting her eyes. "Oh my god, you are going back for revenge for me? Oliver, no!"

"Not revenge, justice. He shouldn't have touched you and he would have killed you both. That's sufficient evidence for me." Oliver stated with a closed expression as he met her eyes.

"Let's be logical here, Oliver. Let me run the search, let Lance and the police do their thing and then we can decide where to go." Felicity offered.

"No. It's unlikely Danes will mention you but it's a possibility, the kids are still in danger and we need to move now." Oliver pointed out somewhat triumphantly as he knew Felicity would seek to protect his secret and the kids.

"I know you are manipulating me so do not look so smug." Felicity responded with a growl of her own and reached out to smack Oliver's shoulder. As she used the arm on injured side it was an aborted attempt that resulted in her growl becoming a low hiss of pain.

Oliver immediately stepped closer to touch her injury. His smug grin was gone though and replaced with a look of concern.

Thea laughed at that and spoke to Felicity, "I believe your own pain caused him more pain than the smack would have – well done Felicity." Felicity glanced in surprised and noted Oliver's look then so she smiled gently and placed her other hand over his on her injury.

"Can we please move on to getting Danes now?" Roy asked impatiently.

"Yes, I'll check my programs now and see if we have any actual evidence –" Felicity began in response even as she quickly kissed Oliver again then separated herself from him as she ducked her head and tucked a stray hair behind her ear and sat in front of her machines.

Oliver was momentarily distracted by Felicity before he gave himself a quick mental shake and looked at Diggle, "Let's go back to Lance and see what they have."

Roy stood and stepped over as Oliver spoke, "I'm going with you." He watched is some frustration as Oliver, Diggle and Felicity exchanged looks before Oliver nodded. One day, he thought to himself, one day, he will just agree.

Thea launched herself as Roy and whispered in his ear, "Come back safe please." Then she stepped away and spoke to Felicity, "I'm gonna change and work a little, Felicity, just let me know if you need anything." Felicity waved her off as she was focused on finding the evidence she needed so Oliver wouldn't have to kill for her again.

"Be careful guys." Thea spoke to Oliver and Diggle, her eyes lingering longer on Oliver until he gave her a brief nod in response. She remained concerned about their activities but remembered Felicity's words about being strong for them so she put on a confident air. With a quick kiss for Roy, Thea headed up the stairs and back to work at Verdant.

The guys followed shortly thereafter as all also needed to change for this second visit to Danes. Felicity still had on her now bloodstained and ripped evening gown and was working feverishly at the computer. She was so wrapped up in her search that she jumped slightly when Oliver dropped a t-shirt and sweatpants on the table beside her.


Oliver's one word command sounded harsh to Felicity but she was still concerned about her computer so she replied distractedly, "In a minute, I think I'm on to something."

Oliver squeezed her elbow and stopped her typing as he leaned closer to her to whisper, "Please change now." His tone was still a growl but Felicity glanced up in surprise and saw his eyes were on the ripped dress and he appeared to be far away even as he stared at the bandage.

"Ah, ok, yes changing" Felicity agreed even as she stood up and offered him a tentative smile. She knew what it felt like to see evidence of his injuries and only just realized he may be similarly affected by the sight of hers. She walked away in a daze before realizing the guys were ready and heading for the stairs. She turned abruptly and called out, "Wait!"

All three stopped as she came rushing back only to stopped suddenly in front of them before looking down.

"Felicity?" Diggle asked in question as Oliver only stared at her.

Felicity looked up to Diggle and blurted out, "Be careful…please."

Diggle smiled and nodded as Roy gave a single nod before turning and walking away. Oliver waited until Felicity met his eyes and smiled, "We'll come back."

"Ok then…I'll see you when you get back." Felicity said in a rush and a sigh.

Felicity changed and returned to work on her computers and hadn't realized how much time had elapsed until her phone rang – it was Thea.

"Hey, what's—" Felicity answered.

"Have you heard from them? It's been almost 2 hours and they should have already…been done with the meeting, right?" Thea spoke quickly but upon realizing she was still in Verdant and could be overhead was vague.

"2 hours?! It shouldn't have taken long to meet Lance…hold on, Thea." Felicity put the phone down and immediately clicked on her comms and spoke, "Oliver? Diggle? Someone want to fill me in?"

"It's ok…we'll be back on in a moment." Roy was the one who answered Felicity.

"Roy? Where's Oliver? Diggle? What's going on?" Felicity demanded in anger and annoyance.

"In a minute." Roy responded with more authority.

"Thea, did you hear that? I don't know what's going on but I'm calling Lance right now!" Felicity spoke to Thea even as she dialed Lance on another phone.

"Detective Lance, this is Felicity and I just wanted to ask—"

"Are you ok? Do you need to go to the hospital?" Lance interrupted to ask and continued to ignore her use of his former title.

"What? No, I don't need a hospital. Oh, he told you about tonight then?" Felicity was putting the pieces together and didn't like the picture developing. "What do you know…about tonight, I mean?" Felicity asked to be sure.

"He said you had been at the party with Oliver Queen and his sister and were injured during the robbery attempt. The kids are under arrest for that. Danes was injured but apparently that kid got away. Um, I noticed our friend seemed more annoyed with Danes than the kids. I assume something else is going on?"

"Yes, that is a safe assumption. " Felicity's annoyance with Oliver leaked into her voice. "Did you speak about anything else?"

"He said you were working on the kids' angle as there's more to it but that was more of an afterthought…I assume he's more focused on…well, something else. Are you sure you are ok?" Lance responded.

"No, I'm fine, really." Even Felicity heard the annoyance in her tone so she took a deep breath before continuing. "Thank you Detective. I'm sure we'll be in touch."

Lance noted that Felicity used "we" just as the Arrow had done during their conversation, Gotta wonder about that, Lance thought before responding to Felicity. "Ok then, just let me know if you get something or need help."

"Yes, of course. Thank you." Felicity ended the call before Lance would respond. "Thea, you know they are just going after him. They chose not to check-in, they don't care about the evidence—" Felicity had just started her rant when Thea interrupted her.

"What if it was Ollie, Felicity? Wouldn't you be angry if he'd been hurt?" Thea asked.

"That happens all the time really and yes, I get mad but you don't understand – he doesn't want to kill anymore, he's not the same person who came back from that island and I don't want him to be! He's only killed one person since coming back and that was for me too." Felicity words became increasingly hysterical. "He's been through so much and I don't want to be a burden anymore. I don't want him to have to kill for me! There was so much darkness on that island and he brought so much back with him, I just want to help him, not hurt him…" Felicity's voice wavered and then was interrupted by Oliver coming through the comms.

"I didn't kill him for you Felicity. I gave him a chance because of you." Oliver spoke quietly. "We are heading back now."

"Oliver?" Felicity switched her focus to the comms. "Are you ok? Is everyone ok?"

"Yeah, on the way back." Oliver replied gruffly.

"Felicity!" Thea's voice on the phone interrupted Felicity's thoughts. "Let me in now."

Felicity swiped at her eyes before heading up to let Thea in…she only winced slightly when Thea hugged her tightly. "You really are good for him. I know you don't believe me but you've gotta believe I don't want him to be the guy that came back before either and I think you are what changed him. Talk to him, please."

Felicity just nodded as she couldn't understand just what Thea saw in her friendship with Oliver. Ok, friends don't kiss, well, not how Oliver kisses but it has been a stressful lately and he probably just meant to be comforting. Felicity wasn't sure who she was trying to convince but she didn't feel up to her usual inner battle when it came to deciphering Oliver.

Felicity and Thea both took a seat at the computers to await the guys' return. However, before they got there Felicity's phone buzzed.

"Detective? Do you have something else?" Felicity questioned in greeting.

"We just received word that the Arrow was just at Danes' residence - Danes is dead. What really happened tonight, Ms. Smoak?" Lance questioned angrily. "I actually think I know but I want to hear you say it."

"Say what?" Felicity asked to stall for time.

"Say that you were there for the Arrow and Danes injured you, not the kids. That there's no kid that got away." Lance stated harshly.

Felicity blew out a quick breath as she replied, "Yes, I was there to investigate. No, no kid escaped. Yes, Danes and I had an…altercation. I'm sorry I wasn't honest with you."

"Alright." Lance's one word response startled Felicity.

"That's all? 'Alright'?" Felicity responded quickly.

"Look, I know you guys keep secrets. I was pissed that there was another death but I can understand that just as I understood the Count and Gold." Lance paused briefly before he continued quietly. "I see a lot more gray now."

"I'm sorry about that Detective but I understand." Felicity commiserated.

"I'm sure you do. Call if you need me." Lance replied even as he knew as he knew Felicity's response would be plural.

"We will." Felicity confirmed his suspicions unknowingly.

Thea and Felicity looked up as the guys came down the stairs. Thea immediately hugged Roy and stayed in his arms by the stairs. Felicity stood uncertainly and quickly looked over Oliver and Diggle for injuries as they approached. Diggle gave her shoulder a gentle squeeze as he passed by to put his weapons away but Oliver simply stopped in front of her. Neither spoke for a moment as both just seemed content to look at the other.

"We really need to work on our communication." Felicity tried to joke.

"Yeah, we do." Oliver concurred before he pulled her into a hug, taking care not to press into her injury. "We certainly do, Ms. Smoak." Oliver spoke quietly as he kissed her temple.

"I proposed weekly meetings for Team Arrow and yes, those meetings would include Roy and me." Thea offered with a challenging smile.

"Should we vote on that?" Felicity replied with a significant look at Diggle then Oliver.

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