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This has been a long time coming for you OP/E1 fans and I sincerely apologize for that! Ever since the conclusion of the Transformers Prime series with the movie that was put on the hub a while ago, my mind has been in a complete overwhelmed whirl! To say I was highly satisfied with the film is describing my emotions on the subject lightly. It was by far one of the most incredible TF movies I've seen!

However, if you have in fact SEEN the Transformers Prime Beast Hunters movie, you are already well aware that its very awesome ending has unfortunately put me in a MAJOR dilemma for poor Elita One! It has taken me a good while to come up with a way to still make a happy ending for my favorite Transformer couple, (because I will accept nothing less!) and satisfy all you readers as well in the process. But finally, inspiration has struck, and therefore I give you: Sweet Stasis!

Though mainly centered around Elita One, this story will feature all of the remaining characters within the TFP universe and elaborate on the fresh beginnings of Cybertron as new lives have been sparked and rules and government must be put into place. :)

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Sweet Stasis:

Chapter 1: Awareness

Being within the confines of a stasis lock is an experience like no other. If Elita One had to describe exactly what it was like... the closest she could come to an explanation of it in human terms was that it resembled something close to an endless dream. There was no time in stasis, no passing of days... no darkness, only light. Only a bright, warm and welcoming light.

In short, Elita One was immersed within her own perfect world, where everything was calm, wonderful, and safe. She was completely alone, save for her memories which accompanied her in special glimpses that passed through her consciousness and played before her optics whenever she summoned them. Memories of her past, her friends, her missions, her purpose... her lover.

The first time Elita One had ever woken from stasis lock, she'd been looking up into the bright blue optics of the great Optimus Prime. It was that image, that perfect... tender, lovingimage of him staring adoringly down at her, that had stuck with her through all the Decepticon troubles that had followed. She could recall the moment with the utmost clarity within her mind whilst in the depths of slumber...


Elita One's eyes dilated and she blinked a few more times before her gaze swung from side to side of the ceiling in perplexity.

"Where am I?" she asked out loud.

"With friends," came the soft reply. His voice had brought a flash of recognition to the femme and her eyes darted over to meet the source of the gentle, reassuring sound. The sight of Optimus Prime was enough to enlighten Elita One's eyes twice as bright as before and a smile flitted across her face.


It had been the start of a remarkable adventure upon the planet known as earth and as far as Elita One was aware, it was upon that planet that she still currently rested, locked tightly away in a secluded location where Optimus Prime alone could find her. But Elita did not spend her time in stasis lock dwelling upon what her loved one was doing without her. She spent it enjoying what she could remember of his company within her mind...

To her, his presence within her memories was real. He was there with her, constantly, and his company was warm, comforting, and all encompassing. However, they were just memories. That was... until...

Somewhere within the deepest depths of her sleep, a stirring began to take place within her spark. Her memories of Optimus Prime's words or her recollections of instances where she had been with him began to take on a life of it's own. He said things that she did not recall him having said before, he did things that she was certain he hadn't done!

Slowly but surely, an awareness of this strange phenomenon began to take route in Elita One's consciousness. Generally, she let the memories continue to roll through her processor like a movie in her mind which she simply sat back and enjoyed, but now everything was changing...


The memory Elita One was currently immersed within was a pleasant one. She had come to meet with Optimus, at the time called "Orion", inside the great Hall of Records where the young Prime was working as a librarian. He and Elita One had spent many cycles together within the giant library going through history and talking about the Primes of old. They were doing so now.

The sights, the smells, the feelings, everything was exactly as she remembered. Optimus.. no, Orion... was sitting beside her at one of the many studying tables with a holobook lain out on the desk. They both sat close looking over it together with interest.

"Solaris Prime was a great femme of power and wisdom," Elita said gently, "I wish one day that I should be so fortunate as to be like her," she admitted dreamily gazing over the pictures of ancient historical drawings and carvings found of the legendary figure. Orion's optics shifted from the holobook to give her an intense, yet tender stare.
"You already are..."
Elita laughed at Orion's outrightly far-fetched amount of praise.
"In so many ways," Orion persisted.
"You're so sweet," Elita replied, patting his large arm gratefully.
"You don't believe me," Orion noted with a curious cock of his brow.
"No," she responded with a smile. There was a moment of pause, and then, suddenly, Orion closed the book and turned fully towards her to take both her hands in his.

But, wait... this wasn't supposed to happen. He was supposed to smile ruefully and continue his reading. At least... wasn't that how the memory went? Yes she thought so, but this...
"Elita," Orion's hold on her hands was soft and tender as his metal fingers traced over her palms affectionately.
"I love you," he declared. Elita One could feel her spark hammering inside her chest.

But HOLD ON! None of this had truly happened! Or was this a mixture of memories blurred together? Was it her imaginings? Her day dreams coming to life? Elita One's subconscious struggled to grasp what was happening and pull out of the moment but Orion's grip on her hands had some sort of strange power, locking her tightly in place.

"Elita, hear me," he said, his tone taking on a stern desperate sound, "I love you. I always have and I always will. No matter what happens, I love you," he professed. Elita stared, gaping at him in shock and perplexity. This was wrong. It was too fast. Orion had always been too shy to say how he had really felt towards her. It wasn't till much later during the civil war that their relationship had begun to blossom!

"Do you believe me?" Orion pressed, jogging her mind back to the present... or memory... moment? Whatever it was!
"Elita, do you believe me?" he questioned, squeezing her hands tightly. Elita struggled in sheer panic. She was no longer simply watching a memory take place, she was IN it, subject to it and trapped within the body of her past existence. But Orion's optics were bright, piercingly so, and through his gaze was a window to the kind soul in whom she trusted dearly. She stopped struggling.

"Yes... Yes Orion. I believe you," she answered, her eyes sparkling with perplexity.
"Then come with me," he said, standing abruptly. Elita rose to her feet with him and was guided along by his hand from the study table and back towards the maze of endless ancient holobook shelves.
"Where are we going?" Elita One asked in pure confusion. She was completely lost and uncertain of what was going on.

Nothing like this had ever happened to her before amidst the confines of her stasis, but she had to trust in her friend... her lover. Whether he was a memory, a figment of her imagination, or something else entirely, she wasn't sure. But it was him. And he would never lead her astray.

"I have something to show you," Orion replied seriously, his stride swift and decisive.


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