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Several days after the Kyuubi attack.

Kushina had a small smile on her face as she looked down at her son, who she had just managed to put to sleep. She brought her hand to his check and stroked it, thankful that she would be able to live with her son. At first, part of her had thought that her meeting with Burakkuruto was just some kind of strange dream she had from the blood loss. Until when she got home and changed her clothes, and noticed she was completely fine. Not only were there no signs of where the Kyuubi had stabbed through her, but all the weight she had gained from carrying Naruto was gone as well! In fact, she looked like she had never been pregnant in the first place! not only that, but where the Kyuubi's seal used to be on her own stomach, was now a black spiral reminiscent of her own clans symbol, but it had thorns going all around it and in the center of it was a jewel, much like the one in the chest of Bura.

Honestly, as a Kunoichi, she had been exposed to some pretty strange things. After all, she had been the Jinchuriki of the Kyuubi. But an eldritch creature that was not ruled by the gods? Even she would never have expected something like that! But the thought that her son was going to be used as some kind of pawn for the gods as their 'child of prophecy', regardless if he was going to be its savior, pissed her off! No one uses her child to achieve their own ends, be they human or even deities themselves! And if she understood Bura right, then the gods themselves planned for her and Minato to die, leaving Naruto parentless, so he would grow up alone and be subjugated to the hated of the entire village. And speaking of the village, she was going to have to deal with quite a lot from her revival. She would have to protect her son from those who would hurt him, and quite possibly sabotage him in the academy out of spite.

The only saving grace is that Bura was going to erase that idiot's blood from her son, meaning Iwa would have no reason to hate him as Minato wouldn't even have a bloodline to continue his legacy. Sure the people of the leaf would be upset that their 'precious hero' died without leaving a child, but that wasn't her problem. They could wine all they want, that bastard didn't deserve to call himself a father. Though she hoped that the purging of Minato's DNA wouldn't take too long, as she wasn't sure if she could see some of Naruto's hair getting darker, or it was just a trick of the light.

She let out a sigh, thinking of how complicated things were going to get. The villagers were no problem, regardless of what they tried to do as any who threatened her son wouldn't live to do so again. The shinobi council however was another story. It was well known that a Jinchuriki could not survive the removal of a Bijuu, yet she did. Not to mention the fact that the person who caused all this was an Uchiha. Very few people to date had a Sharingan even as remotely strong as the one Shisui had, but even he wasn't strong enough to control a Bijuu. So either they were keeping some kind of super Uchiha a secret from everyone, or there was some Uchiha out there who was separate from the clan. Even though she could possibly pass off her survival as some kind of secret Uzumaki clan technique, she wasn't sure how she was going to approach the issue of the masked man. She wanted to trust her friend Mikoto, but the fact was that only an Uchiha could use the Sharingan to such a degree, which was proven as Kakashi suffers a heavy drain of chakra from the one he got implanted, and could only use it for a small amount of time and not nearly as well as an Uchiha.

This meant she would have to deal with angry villagers, ninja who would want answers, and some mysterious Uchiha with an unknown agenda. Not to mention she would have to figure out some way to find her missing clansmen, as well as figure out whatever abilities Bura had given to her to supposedly help her in this.

"And I'm stuck back inside of here as well." said a deep, and rather grouchy voice surprising Kushina. She knew of only one being that had that voice.

"Kyuubi." She said, and she was no longer in the room with her son, but inside of the seal that the Kyuubi was somehow back inside. The difference being it was no longer chained to a small moon, but was now sporting new bracelets and a collar, which she assumed was its new seal. "How are you here? You were completely ripped from my body, not to mention Minato took half of you with him when he used the Shiki Fuin, and your other half into my son."

But Kyuubi merely huffed in annoyance. "And you're surprisingly lively for someone who should be dead. Though I'm just as confused as you are. I can still sense my other half sealed into your brat, but what I don't understand is how I ended up here. One moment I was ripped from my other half and sealed into your bastard husband, and the next I'm back inside of you again."

"I may not know how you got here, but understand one thing. Do not call Minato my husband ever again. He lost that right when he sacrificed my son for this… village." She spat out with distaste, getting a raised eyebrow from the fox.

"Well now, that's surprising coming from you. But I suppose even you have your breaking point, and your precious 'husband' making your brat my other half's Jinchuriki for this wretched village was it." Said Kurama, getting an eye twitch from Kushina. "But you still haven't explained how you survived, especially when I know I ran you through with my claw or how I got back here. And I know you know what happened, as this in no way happened because of that accursed Uchiha or that blonde idiot." Said Kyuubi looking at Kushina, who had a pensive look on her face. Kurama was able to sense that Uchiha who had forced him into attacking at the very least leave his range to detect hatred, and Minato was dying to quickly to transfer the half of him he sealed into himself into Kushina, who was too weak to even hold half of him at the time. So how did she not only fully recover from fatal injuries, but also he wind up back here?

Kushina meanwhile was mentally wracking her brain on what to tell the fox. After all, her relationship with it was pretty much nonexistent before. But could she tell the fox how she survived? After all, he did try to kill her son so he wouldn't be sealed again, and she died in the process… and then was revived. But then she had to wonder why Bura had taken the half of Kyuubi that Minato had taken into himself and then put it back into her. Was this what he meant by giving her the power to protect her son then? If so, then how was she supposed to use the power of the fox when he wanted nothing to do with humans in general? Then she remembered something about what Mito had said to her about filling a Jinchuriki of Kyuubi with love, and that using the pore of the Kyuubi would only bring about hatred. But thinking on it, what did that do for the hatred of the Bijuu? Heck, the Kyuubi, all of the Bijuu in fact had every right to be angry and hateful towards Humans. All throughout recorded history, they had been hunted down like animals, captured, and used for war. In fact, Hashirama capturing them and giving to other villages achieved the complete opposite of his desire for peace, which looking back on it was a pretty back asswards way of trying to achieve peace in the first place. But back to the Bijuu, humanity had never done them any favors. Hell, she herself had Kyuubi chained and basically crucified to a small moon! With this realization, she suddenly felt horrible. She had followed Mito's words like a sheep to its Sheppard. She had never once thought to give the Bijuu any kindness to soothe his anger and hatred.

"I've been such a fool." Kushina said, getting a confused look from Kurama. "For all my life, I believed in Konoha, and its will of fire like Mito did. But now I see it's nothing but a lie. It demands that one sacrifices everything, even their family for it. In fact, this village and its will of fire are completely wrong. Not only is the will of fire something that goes completely against what being an Uzumaki stands for, to put ones family above all else, the village also tried to basically erase my own clan from the history books, and try to turn it into a forgotten page of history. And not to mention what it did to you and your brethren. You were captured and then given away like prizes at a fair, in Hashirama's misguided attempt at peace. That's not fair to you, or any of the Bijuu to be used like that." Said Kushina with a sympathetic look. This got an annoyed look from Kurama. Just what the hell was she going on about? For years she had basically ignored his very existence, and now she decided to be chatty? If anything, she should have been yelling at him for trying to kill her son, not looking at him with a sympathetic look of all things. Just what was going on here? But his surprise continued when she actually bowed to him!

"I'm sorry. For my entire life, I've treated you like a burden, and ignored your very existence. I didn't even acknowledge the fact you were anything more than a creature filled with nothing but anger and rage, but now I see I was wrong. Humanity did this to you, but you deserve so, so much more than this. For not realizing this, and blindly following the crowd like that. I know I probably don't deserve your forgiveness, but I am sorry." Said Kushina from her kneeling position.

Kurama was floored. Just what in the name of the sage was going on here? This wasn't anything like the Kushina he knew before at all! He couldn't believe that she was actually acknowledging that humanity had in fact wronged the Bijuu, but bowing before him in apology? Kushina never bowed before anyone! He was torn between being angry at her, and feeling grateful that someone, even if it is his jailor, to say these things.

"Well now, it's nice to see the two of you getting along so well." came a voice that Kushina recognized. Quickly getting up, she turned around and saw Burakkuruto standing there, with a patch of his black wood surrounding him.

"You think Kyuubi is male? Though admittedly its voice would lead you to believing that. But no, none of the Bijuu have an actual gender, as Hagoromo Ōtsutsukidid not give them genders when he made them." Though this got a confused look from Kushina. Realizing his mistake he laughed. "I'm sorry, I forgot that you didn't know the true name of the Rikudō Sennin." Kushina and Kyuubi were surprised. Kushina that the sage was in fact not a myth, but real. Kurama, that this creature knew so much of his father.

"Who or what are you? And how do you know so much about the old man?" asked Kurama. He could clearly tell it wasn't human, but other than that, nothing. He couldn't sense anything from it, not even its energy. It's like that even though he could see it, as it was as if reality itself could not comprehend its existence and presence, leaving only its form to be the only proof that this Blackroot is actually real at all.

"Me? Well, unlike her, you should be able to hear my real name. It's…" but while he moved his 'mouth', Kushina could hear no words. But with Kurama however, it was a different story. He was able to hear what Burakkuruto had said. And he sorely wished he hadn't. He knew that name. Oh did he ever. This wasn't the first time he had heard it, as his old man had told them all to be weary of this being. Back when the old man was a kid, and trying to figure out his abilities, Burakkuruto had appeared and offered to help him. No strings attached. When asked why, his response was "well, without the proper training, how else are you to play the knight in shining armor?" and that was it. Though Kurama suspected that it given his penchant for liking to screw with the gods, helping the old man had something to do with that. Perhaps the gods never wanted humanity to wield the power of chakra, and intended his old man to die, and Burakkuruto interfered with that, indirectly leading to the world becoming what it is today? Honestly, he didn't know, nor did he really care. But the fact was, he was here now, and he was worried as to what it wanted. This being could warp the very fabric of reality, so he had no chance of going against whatever it had planned.

"So it's you then… that must be how she survived. You brought her back. But what are you after? I know you only involve yourself with humans when it concerns the deities, which means that as she would have died otherwise, you brought her back to look after her brat, didn't you?" asked Kyuubi.

"You are correct fox. I brought her back, because the gods slated her for death, and wanted their precious child of prophecy to be raised without parents. They probably thought it would give him the drive to push on, growing up in a village alone and hated, but honestly I've seen what he turns into, and I'm not impressed at all. In fact, their decision is downright idiotic, so I decided to step in. but as to why I'm here right now, well, it's because of you fox. You see, I've managed to get your yin half out of the clutches of the Shinigami, but there is a problem. With my deal with Kushina, I have to make changes to her and her son. As such, you and your other half cannot be sealed inside of either of them, and so both of your halves will be brought back together and set free…" said Burakkuruto, getting shocked looks from both Kurama and Kushina.

"What! But his other half was just sealed into my son! Ripping his other half from him will kill him!" she said, worried for her son's safety.

"Do not worry. I've made sure the little one will be completely unharmed during the process." Said Blackroot, easing Kushina's worry.

But then her eyes furrowed in concentration. "Wait, you said you were going to free Kyuubi right? But won't that just make more problems? I mean, he doesn't deserve to be locked up, but that masked bastard would just wind up taking control of him again."

"As much as I hate to say it, she's right. I would rather stay locked away, then be controlled like that again." Said Kurama. As much as he wanted to be free, the truth was that every nation would be hunting him down in order to capture him and then seal him inside of someone again. Granted most people would wind up dying from trying to use his power, as the bodies of most people are nowhere near strong enough to handle his power, clans like the Uzumaki excluded of course, but still. The fact remained that he would rather not have to constantly have to look over his shoulder for people trying to add him to their military power, or that masked bastard taking control of him again.

"That's why I'm here to tell you your options. Right now, one of two things can happen. One, I can still change things so that you stay sealed away inside of Kushina or her son. Or the other option… it's that I give a real flesh and blood body, of an actual Kitsune Yokai. It's basically a reincarnation, so it will be years before you even remember your life before your rebirth. You will eventually regain your full power as well, so you don't have to worry about that either. And you will be able to take on your original Bijuu form as well, but again it will take time to regain your power completely. So, what will it be? Rebirth, and slowly regaining you power and memories? Or staying sealed away in here?" asked Blackroot.

Kurama was at a complete loss of what to say. Honestly, he never would have thought he would have been presented with an option like this. While normally the idea of freedom sounded appealing, but at the cost of becoming a creature of flesh and blood? Even as an actual demon, and would eventually regain all of his power and memories as he grew older. Or stay as he is, and stay locked away. Kurama had never known any other life besides that of being a Bijuu, and while he knew enough about humans from how they lived their lives to get a basic understanding of how his new life would be like should he choose it, he wasn't sure he could go through with it.

There were plenty of things he didn't like about humans, that he would be forced to do. Wearing clothes for one, as they looked so damn uncomfortable. Not to mention he would lose his glorious fur, at least until he would be able to transform into a fox again, but still. Not to mention he would have to eat to keep his strength up, sleep not just to enjoy it, but because his body would actually need it. As well as bathing so as not to smell bad, something he never had to worry about before as his body had no sweat glands. And then there was the worst of all… he would have to start his new life as an infant. They did nothing but poop, sleep, and eat. It would take more than a year to be able to walk and talk. To have to suffer through all that and have someone to take care of him through all of that was just degrading in his opinion. But could he really give up the chance of freedom because he would have an actual body, and have to live like a human for the most part?

"Say that I agree to your terms for being free, what is to become of me then? Would you summon some creature to take care of me, or what?" asked a skeptical Kurama.

But to both his and Blackroot's surprise, it was Kushina who answered. "I would take care of you."

Both Blackroot and Kurama looked at her with questioning glances. "It would be a bit difficult raising two children on my own, and no doubt you would be a handful, but I wouldn't mind raising you." Kushina said with a wide smile.

Kurama however couldn't believe it. For years, she had imprisoned him and kept him stuck to a small moon, and they barely spoke to each other. While she was sincere in her earlier apology as he sensed no negative emotions behind it, he didn't think she would be willing to take care of him as her own son no less, should he actually choose to reincarnate.

"Why…?" was all Kurama managed to say.

Kushina however looked at him oddly. "Well, why wouldn't you want to? I mean, sure it would be a pretty big change for you, but the benefits seem to outweigh the. Not only do you get to be free, but unless someone already knows who you really are, no one will hunt you for control of you ever again, and once that masked bastard is dealt with, you would be able to live in peace. Besides, I'm sure Naruto would love to have an older brother." She finished with a wide smile, leaving Kurama speechless.

While Kurama struggled with what to say in response, Blackroot spoke. "Well, what say you fox? Kushina Is offering to raise you as her own son, and because of this, she would be bound to the deal as well, not that she wouldn't do so anyway. So, will you choose freedom, and a new life?" and for what seemed like an eternity, Kurama finally answered.

"….very well. I choose freedom. But mark my words Kushina. I will not tolerate you dressing me up in silly costumes and such for your amusement, or any other embarrassing things that human parents do to their children, understand?" he said in a threatening tone, but Kushina merely smiled.

"Oh don't worry, I promise not to embarrass you…. much." she thought the last part to herself. Kurama narrowed his eyes, at her, but said nothing.

"All right! Now that that's settled, let's get this started." He said, and with a snap of his fingers, black tree roots soon completely covered Kurama. When it was done, it glowed an eerie green color for a brief moment, before the roots disintegrated, leaving a small infant in a bundle. Blackroot turned to Kushina.

"Now remember Kushina. as a fox Yokai, there are things you're going to need to know, but since we don't have much time left I'm just going to implant the important info into your mind. Though the ability you requested to find your missing family will soon activate, so I would make preparations for their arrival." He said, before Kushina was back in Naruto's room, who was now laying next to another baby, or rather the reborn form of the Kyuubi.

She was about to reach out for them, when she was suddenly hit with a migraine as information flooded into her head. As soon as it passed, she looked at the other baby and said. "Well, things are going to be interesting, aren't they Kurama?"

She then blinked in surprise. "Kurama? Wait… that's the real name of the Kyuubi. But how… Blackroot must put that with the information I need on how to care for him in his new form. Though from the looks of things it doesn't seem much different from a regular baby, but still necessary none the less."

She was broken from her thoughts when the seal array around her house alerted her that someone was at her front door. She quickly went to it, and when she opened it, it was one of Minato's trusted guards, Genma Shiranui.

"Genma, what brings you here?" asked Kushina.

"I'm here to tell you that your presence has been requested by the Hokage to come to a council meeting to discuss what happened during the Kyuubi attack. And on a more personal note, for what it's worth, I'm sorry for your loss." Said a solemn Genma. But to his surprise she merely waved it off.

"Oh don't worry about it, I'm fine. Go ahead and tell Sarutobi that I'll be there shortly. just have to take make sure my sons Naruto and Kurama are all right, and be there when I'm done, all right?" she said, and he quickly got over his surprise of her not caring of her own husband being dead, but rationalized it as trying to be strong for her sake, as well as her children. He nodded, and left to tell Sarutobi.

Kushina let out a sigh, and went back to tuck Kurama and Naruto into bed. She then created a shadow clone to stand watch over them, in case something happened.

"Well, wish mommy luck boys, because she's going to need It." she said. And she just hoped that the meeting went well, as she didn't need any more problems than she already had.


Council chambers

Kushina, after making sure Naruto and Kurama were both well and secure at home with a shadow clone, had finally arrived at the council chambers. All of the shinobi clan heads were there. Even the elders Koharu, Homura, and Danzo. The civilians were absent, which was something Kushina was thankful for as dealing with the shinobi was going to be hard enough. Kushina's eyes trailed over everyone one in the room, as they varied from looks of sadness and loss, to that of surprise, presumably from her even being alive. For a moment her gaze rested on that of Fugaku Uchiha, and the memory of the masked man who ripped Kyuubi, Kurama, or whatever she was going to name its human form came to mind. Then she made eye contact with Sarutobi, who was once again donning the robes of the Hokage.

"Kushina…" Sarutobi said. "First of all, I am sorry for your loss." He said in a bit of a strained voice, as the death of Minato had hit everyone hard. Not to mention Sarutobi lost his wife as well, so bringing up Minato would have also brought up the death of Biwako as well.

But to everyone's surprise, instead of having any kind of sadness on her face at the mention of Minato, Kushina waved it off like it was nothing. "Oh don't worry about it, its fine. I'm alive, and my son's, Naruto and Kurama are perfectly healthy, so that's all that matters." She had nearly forgotten that with Kurama being reborn, she would have to make a cover story for him until he regained all his memories. And it's not like anyone here would be able to call her out on her lie, as there was no way anyone was going to be using chakra anywhere near her womb to check on whether or not she was having more than one child, as the foreign chakra could affect her seal, which during pregnancy was already weakened, and something no one was going to chance. But what she said was quite a shock to everyone. All of them knew that Kushina loved Minato, but the way she was acting now was like he didn't even matter. They could only wonder what would have caused such a drastic change in Kushina for to act like this in response to her husband's death.

Sarutobi managed to regain from his shock though, as there was much that needed to be discussed. "I see. While it's good to see you taking it so well, there is also the matter of how you are still alive. We are all aware that you were the Kyuubi's Jinchuriki, and it attacking as it did was proof that your seal had failed and it was set free. So tell me Kushina, what exactly happened? How did the Kyuubi get free? How did you survive, and where is the fox now?" asked a serious Sarutobi.

Kushina let out a tired sigh. This wasn't going to be easy to explain. For one thing, telling them of Burakkuruto was out of the question, as was Kyuubi having been reincarnated into an actual Kitsune Yokai which would one day regain all of his abilities as when it was a Bijuu. But there was also the issue of the masked Uchiha that had controlled Kurama into attacking. The only person in history who could do that was Madara, who would have been too old and frail to have done it if he were still alive. The only people in the Uchiha clan who had the current strongest Sharingan's were Shinsui, and the prodigy Itachi, yet neither of them had the ability to use space/time jutsu or had such powers with their Sharingan's, seeing as the Uchiha clan would have boasted about one of their own being able to use space/time techniques.

"Well, I suppose I should start off with the person who broke the seal and set the Kyuubi to attack the leaf village." Kushina said, shocking everyone.

"I'm sorry, but did you just say someone… broke your seal? That someone had infiltrated the leaf village, got past the security, past the Yondaime himself, and broke your seal?" said a skeptical Danzo. While he didn't like the foolish idealism Minato had, he still respected him as a great Shinobi. To hear that some unknown person had infiltrated the leaf, and even managed to slip past the Yellow Flash himself was disturbing news indeed.

"That's exactly what I'm saying. This man also had some kind of strange space time jutsu that allowed him to faze through solid objects at will, which would explain how he was able to make it past security. And before you ask, I never even saw his face, as he had an orange spiral mask on his face." Said Kushina. As much as she wanted to tell them about the person in question having the Sharingan, she didn't. She had enough problems to deal with without making a giant mess for the Uchiha clan. She wanted to believe her friend Mikoto had nothing to do with what happened, and so kept silent because Burakkuruto said the person who caused it was a rogue Uchiha who had no ties to the clan anymore. Not to mention that saying the person who caused so much death and destruction was an Uchiha, would throw the entire village into a rage at the clan, and would throw the village into a civil war, with the Uchiha clan most likely being slaughtered in the process.

But everyone was disturbed by this. A masked man, who had the ability to faze through solid objects? It was insane! Sure there were some pretty incredible things in the Elemental Nations, but to be able to pass through solid objects like a ghost? And it belonged to some unknown person, who obviously wanted to destroy Konoha? Despite how absurd it sounded, Kushina would not lie in a situation like this, which meant that the leaf village had to deal with a phantom of a man who could basically come and go as he pleased.

"That is very disturbing news Kushina. To think that someone would have such an ability, and infiltrate us at the worst possible time could only mean that somehow knew of your pregnancy had leaked out." Said Shukaku. And that made everyone more tense. If there was a spy in their midst that had access to such sensitive information was a scary thought.

"Then when we have the chance and village is stabilized enough, we should launch an investigation as to who the spy could be." Said Shibi Aburame. As while such a security breach would normally warrant an immediate response, the current state of the village would not allow them to be able to do much about it, as the village was in heavy need of repairs and supplies. Not to mention the spy could easily escape the village in its current condition, so they had no choice but to wait and try and catch the spy or spies later.

"But that still leaves us with one question. What happened to the Kyuubi? And how are you still alive Kushina? By all accounts you should be dead. Unless of course the beast was resealed into you." Asked Danzo and Kushina mentally scowled at him. Now this was going to be difficult to explain. But even with Kurama looking like a human, it wouldn't be long before it was found out that he in his new form would have the same energy signature, and so she had to come up with a convincing lie.

"The Kyuubi is no more." and as she expected, everyone could only stare at her in disbelief.

"What did you say…?" said Sarutobi in a shocked voice.

"I said that the Kyuubi is no more." Kushina said again.

"Kushina, a masked man who could phase through solid objects is one thing, but the strongest of the Bijuu… gone?" said Danzo in a calm voice, but on the inside he was furious. With the damage the fox had done during its release, and wounded and dead still being found, it would be years before the village recovered. But to hear that the fox itself was simply gone? It was preposterous! Konoha couldn't afford to lose that kind of military strength!

"Kushina, I think you best explain how that is even possible." Said Sarutobi in now calm voice.

She let out a sigh, giving her a moment to weave her lie. "At the start, before he died, Minato had planned to seal half of the Kyuubi inside of himself. But thanks to the masked man, he only managed to seal part of it, along with its consciousness, turning it into a mindless beast. And so, he then split its remaining chakra to my sons, and I used a forbidden Uzumaki technique that converts a large amount of chakra to be used for regenerating wounds. I wound up using up the chunk of Kyuubi's chakra to keep myself alive, and the seals on my son's will eventually purify what's left of the Kyuubi's power and add it to their own energy. So while some of the Kyuubi's chakra is still around, once the seals on my sons are finished purifying the chakra inside of them, the Kyuubi will be gone."

And everyone was stunned into silence. Danzo however wasn't sure how to feel. If he were to believe her words, then the Kyuubi was gone forever, her children at best demi-jinchuriki. As well as all the damage the leaf sustained, as well as the death of Minato himself would take the village years to recover. Hell, he wouldn't even be able to get his hands on that technique Kushina used to save herself, as the Uzumaki would rather die than let an outsider know their secrets. The only good thing was that Kushina had two children, that if properly trained would become incredibly powerful when they got older, and that Kushina herself managed to survive. At least with her alive, no village would risk their Jinchuriki in attacking the Leaf village.

"I see…" said a bewildered Sarutobi. "If that's all, then this…" but he was cut off by Kushina.

"Actually Hokage-sama, there is one last thing I want to talk about." Said Kushina.

"And what would that be?" Sarutobi asked who was really hoping that she wasn't going to drop another bomb on them.

"I wanted to say, that from here on out, I am taking over the Senju compound, along with all of its assets." Kushina said.

Goddammit. Sarutobi mentally groaned at basically jinxing himself there.

"b-but why? Why would you even need all of that space? And how would you be able to? Tsunade is the last living Senju, and it rightfully belongs to her…" said Koharu.

"Oh really? And yet I don't see her sitting here with the rest of you. Hell, she hasn't even been in the village for several years. Besides, even if she was, it's not like she would be able to use all that space." Said Kushina.

"But Ms. Namikaze, surely…" said Utatane, before he was cut off by Kushina raising her killer intent.

"that's enough of that dammit! My name is Kushina Uzumaki! Of the Uzumaki clan! Or have you all forgotten that this village was once allies to my birth home of Uzushio, before it was destroyed? Or that the Shodai himself was married to Mito Uzumaki! For god's sake, my clan's symbol is on the back of all the flak jackets that Chunin and Jonin wear! Hell, to me it's more like an insult, instead of you supposedly 'honoring' my clan! After all, how can this village honor the memory of my clan if no one even remembers it? What, did you plan to just sweep the existence of this village's lifelong ally under the rug, and forget it ever existed!? Hell, this village never even had a memorial service for my clansmen who died during the war! I understood not doing it when the last war was still going on, but when it was over and everyone was paying respect to those that died, not once was my clan even mentioned!

They weren't even a footnote in the eulogy that you gave Sarutobi! But then again, why should this village care about the Uzumaki clan? After all, this village already had me to be the Kyuubi's next container, so why would this village care about the rest of the Uzumaki clan? guess that goes to show that your so called 'will of fire', and all your preaching about camaraderie and all that was nothing but a lie. After all, as long as Konoha survives, everyone else can just screw off, right Sarutobi?" asked an irate Kushina.

And her words stung, deeply. Kushina had called out the leaf village on basically forgetting about the former ally, the Uzumaki clan, nor caring what happened to any survivors. And in a way, she was right. Sarutobi knew that in fact no search parties were sent to look for any survivors that may have managed to survive the village's destruction. Not even after the war had ended. Konoha had become complacent with the one Uzumaki it did have, as she was able to keep the Kyuubi at bay with her special chakra. In fact, the people of Konoha were quickly forgetting the Uzumaki clan as a whole. Hell, some don't even know that the Uzumaki are a clan at all, thinking Kushina the only one! So really, Sarutobi could not blame her for being angry, as she was right. Konoha had basically left the Uzumaki clan, and Uzushio to become a forgotten page in the annals of history. And they deserved better than that.

"Kushina… your right. Konoha as a whole has done your clan a grave injustice. We have taken your clan for granted, and not once have we paid it the proper respect it deserves. When the village manages to recover, I'll be sure to add the history of the Uzumaki clan added to the curriculum, so that Konoha will never forget your clan and its sacrifice during the last war." Said a solemn Sarutobi. He truly felt ashamed that Konoha had turned its back on the memory of Uzu like that. He also felt ashamed that he had let down lady Mito, as well as his sensei's Hashirama and Tobirama.

"While you make a valid point, that still does not explain why you want the Senju compound. I doubt it would simply be because of your clans being distant relatives. So what is your real reason?" asked the ever stoic Hiashi. While he would never show it, he was impressed that Kushina had said what she said. After all, if he were in her position, he would feel equally outraged if Konoha had turned its back on his clan and forgotten about it like that. And the other clan heads felt the same way.

Kushina though seemed to pull a 180, and had a grin on her face. "Why, where else is the surviving Uzumaki clan members going to live? After all, my apartment is barely big enough for me and my sons."

And once again, everyone was thrown for a loop.

Danzo however, was intrigued by what she meant. "What are you saying? Do you actually mean that you have some way to find the surviving Uzumaki clan members out there?" he asked.

Her grin widened. "Well of course I have a way! I managed to find a way amongst some of aunt Mito's things. I just never had the time to look through some of the things she left for me till recently." She lied smoothly. After all, they wouldn't dare call her a liar, as Mito was known to have made some pretty spectacular things in her time. One was the very necklace that Tsunade wore, which was infused with some of Hashirama's very DNA. Though truthfully, it was supposed to be given to Kushina so she would be able to better control the Kyuubi's power, though now that was a moot point.

"I see… very well then. If you have a way to somehow reunite your lost kinsmen, I say she should have the Senju compound in its entirety." Said Danzo, to the surprise of the council.

"Are you serious? You want us to agree to hand over the entire Senju compound to her? And besides, how can we be sure that there are any other survivors out there for her to call upon?" came the voice of Fugaku Uchiha, and Kushina shot him a fierce glare that he nearly flinched at.

"Do any of you know just how badly this village has been damaged by the Kyuubi attack? Well, let me tell you. While your clans may have sustained damage, it does not compare to what the village as a whole has taken. Most of our outer wall is so badly destroyed; we might as well not even have one. So far the current body count is nearing 300 civilian casualties, and more than double that in our shinobi forces. Not to mention that several hundred have been wounded, and due to our lack of physicians many wound up dying, adding to the death count. Not to mention the ninja that survived, many of them won't be able to return to active duty at all, as some lost limbs, or sustained injuries to great to be healed. Not to mention we don't even have the Kyuubi anymore to act as a buffer to ward off attackers.

And yet, Kushina here is saying that she can find the lost members of her clan. And I speak from experience that a well trained Uzumaki ninja is worth more than 10 regular ninja. And this was proven true, since we all know that the invasion force brought to Uzu had lost better over half of its forces in trying to destroy Uzushio. So I highly doubt that Kushina is the only survivor of the Uzumaki clan. And when the survivors do come, they would be far stronger then what they would normally be, making them worth at least 20 Jonin level ninja, so even five survivors would be worth at least a total of 100 Jonin. And this isn't even mentioning if they have families and children of their own, like Kushina. So not only would the Uzumaki clan make its return, but Konoha would be able to quickly regain the might it lost." Said Danzo. And he was right. Kushina herself was strong enough to take on several Jonin at once, and even more so when she used her chakra chains.

With no one else voicing their opinion, Sarutobi looked at Kushina and said. "very well Kushina. You may take the Senju compound, and any Uzumaki survivors that come to Konoha will be allowed to live there as well. I sincerely hope that whatever technique you have to call them works." He said, and with that the meeting ended.

"ok, that's been taken care of. Now I just need Blackroot to give me whatever it is that will allow me to find the rest of the Uzumaki clan." Kushina thought. Given how strange Blackroot was, she wasn't sure what to expect when she finally got whatever it was that would find her scattered clansmen. Hopefully it wasn't anything too strange.


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