Team core tech was heading into jeredy's lab!He want them for a special mision!
He didn't tell much about it!But he wanted them quickly!

But first they had to pass from a dangerous jungle!

"Do we have to do it?" said Bren, "we have to" said the leader of the team Chase Suno!

"Ohh!Come on glasses don't be so afraid"said as usually Dax, "I'm not afraid I just say that it's too dangerous for us to go there especially for Jinja cause she's a girl" when Jinja heard that she got furious,actually she went to hit him,but Beyal held her back! "Also..."said Bren and Jinja looked him more angrier than before, "Jeredy said not to use our monsunos,because then STORM will find us...I don't think we can make it" "My friend Bren if destiny want us to live more we will!So don't be afraid!"said Beyal with a smile on his face "ohh!Beyal!you're so sweet but I don't think that everything you said will help him change his mind" said Jinja smiling at her monk! "ohh...I see.."said Beyal with a disapointing face "sorry Bren"!

"Shut up already!That's the only way we can go to the lab" said Dax. "ok team core tech are you ready?" said Chase to his team "READY"said Beyal and Jinja but Bren was just looking at the ground with a sad face.


After a few steps Jinja saw a spider and started screaming. Fortunately Beyal grabbed her and hugged her tight but she kept screaming "Ahhhhh! look at it! it's huge and hairy!"said Jinja with a face full of disgust! "Don't worry Jinja, it won't hurt you!" said Beyal "look how small it is" and he grabbed the spider and showd it to her but she kept screaming and she also hugged him more tight! "that's what I was talking about"said Bren with the face 'I was right' !

"Ohh,come on Bren everyone is afraid of something"said Beyal and he was also putting the spider on the ground "Bye bye little spider...sorry for the noise". "I didn't mean that"said Bren "I meant that no one is afraid of stupid things", "Ha! look who's talking! the one that is afraid of the little frogs"said Dax, "What? I'm not afraid of the frogs!"said Bren "Oh!B!Don't you remember?"

said Jinja with a smilly face "Whaaaattt? noooo!" "Don't you rememberehwn we were trying to find chase and beyal?" "mmm!yeah ! Now I remember but I gave you the idea to kiss Beyal your future husband and make him to come in planet earth"said Bren and then beyal and jinja blushed like tomatoes "Yeah then"said Dax with an angry tone "You know glasses if you kiss a frog it may take the form of a princess" "Haha!Don't try to fool me" said Bren "His right" said Chase and everyone was surprised because he hasn't spoken for a long time "It worked with Jinja and Beyal why can't it work with the frog?"

"Why don't we find a frog and then we'll try?ok?"said Dax "OK" said the rest of the team

"what?no! i'm not going to kiss a frog!"said Bren with a panic face.

But they didn't hear him and they continued searching...

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