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"This is the best video game that I've ever played" said Bren who was playing a game in the core tablet.

"What are you playing Bren?" said Sapphire and sat next to him.

"It's a game with zombies, you won't understand" said Bren.

"Why?" asked Sapphire.

"Because you're a girl" said Bren smiling.

"What?" said Sapphire shocked "You think that girls are stupid?" said the angry now Sapphire.

"What? No…I meant that…." Bren didn't know what to say and Sapphire was still looking him with an angry look in her face. "Ugh…Do you want to play together?" said Bren nervously.

"Ohh, it will be my pleasure" said Sapphire smiling.

"Ouf..." said Bren and then he started explaining the game to Sapphire.

The night came quickly.

Jinja and Beyal were all day together. Beyal gave her some wonderful flowers that he picked from the forest. Jinja of course said that they are beautiful and hugged him. They both blushed that moment. And then they started talking about what they'll do when the monsuno war will end.

Dax and Chase were playing cards. And as always Dax cheated on the game when Chase found out he was very mad. But then Dax said that he will teach him how to cheat too. They had very fun.

Sapphire and Bren were playing all day the zombie game. But then Bren was mad because he was always loosing. Then Sapphire calmed him down with a last game that he won. Then she gave him a congratulation kiss in the cheek for his great skills and then he blushed.

Now it was midnight and they all went to sleep. But they had one problem they lost two tents and now they've got only four.

"Where are they?" said Bren who was freezing.

"I don't know" said Jinja who was searching for the tents with Sapphire and Beyal.

"Ok guys we don't have any choice" said Chase.

"Oh no" said Jinja.

"Jinja and Beyal will sleep in the blue tent, Dax will sleep in the green tent, Sapphire and Bren will sleep in the orange tent and…" Chase didn't finish because Bren interrupted him.

"What? I can't sleep in the same tent with her" said Bren.

"Why not?" said Sapphire with her arms crossed.

"Umm... Because you're a girl" said Bren.

"That's not a problem" said Sapphire and the she pulled him from his jacket "Now let's go to sleep" said Sapphire.

"Noo…please help me" yelled Bren but then Sapphire putted him inside the tent.

"I'm starting to like her" said Jinja.

"Shall we go to sleep now Jinja?" said Beyal.

"Sure let's go. Goodnight guys" said Jinja and then they left for their tent.

"I'm going to sleep to. I'm very tired. Goodnight" said Dax.

Now Chase was alone "Ok, Goodnight everyone" said Chase and then he went to his tent.

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