Taming the Alpha

Written by AndiCullen104

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I know there's something out there
I think I hear it move
I've never felt like this before
I wish you never told me
I wish I never knew
I wake up screaming
It's all because of you

Scared by Three Days Grace


I stared out at the woods that Jacob had just stalked into, in a state of shock of what just happened. His whole body had been convulsing after he told me that he was my Alpha. He hadn't waited for a response however he had called over his shoulder that someone would be watching over me and then he was swallowed in the embrace of the forest.

For a moment I was too flabbergasted to move as my mind replayed the conversation over and over again in my mind. I dazedly sat down on the crate next to the rabbit wondering once more just what had happened in the past two weeks when Jacob had been missing.

The words of the text Seth sent me swam in front of my eyes once more.

He isn't Jake anymore…

No, no that man that was an Alpha and he was no longer my Jacob, my sun.

Had I caused this?

I felt tears well up in my eyes and slowly they slip down my face.

When had everything gone so wrong?

I was scared of this Jacob.

I wasn't even a wolf and I felt like baring my neck to him in submission.

Although I had been able to squash that impulse.

I could feel the power that radiated from him. It was heavy and oppressive, wild and untamed, and it frightened me.

The way his eyes shone yellow for just a second caused a shiver to run down my spine. Jacob had become more animal than he was human. I thought back on when Sam was Alpha and he sure as hell wasn't like that.

His wolves listened to him but they didn't bow down like I imagined they would do with Jacob. A very small part of me was intrigued with this new darker, twisted side of Jacob. There was something there though that held me back. It wasn't only the fear of him, which there was plenty of that, there was just something being blocked in my mind.

I dismissed the thought as I brushed away the tears from my pale cheeks.

The Jacob Black that I knew was long gone and I couldn't help but wonder if this Jacob had always been lurking under the surface waiting for the right time to strike.



I looked over into the living room and saw Embry, Quil, Jared, Seth and Paul sat around the TV eyes glued to the screen. I could see them shift uneasily that I don't think they were even aware of it. Their eyes darting to the door just like his before looking back at what they were doing.

Emily was busy cooking with the other imprints trying to keep their anxieties in check. They hadn't seen Jacob yet but if their wolves were nervous it put them on edge too. The imprints were just as much a part of the pack than the wolves were and after hearing what happened the other night made them all uneasy.

I knew the pack wanted Jacob's approval and they also had a hefty amount of fear amongst their respect. Even me, I felt like I needed to prove myself to him. I was still on his shit list as I got the midnight to six in the morning shift to patrol for the next two weeks. It was a shitty patrol time but I would do it just to gain his approval.

The fight between us just showed everyone how outmatched we all were compared to our Alpha. I had phased the longest but I couldn't do much damage to Jacob. The little that I did didn't even make him bat an eyelash. I wondered just how high a tolerance of pain he had.

We all had questions on what had happened to him in his two weeks of being missing but no answers came. No one was brave enough to really question him like they would have before his change.

And change he did.

I sighed before going into the living room plopping down next to Paul and shoving him to make more room for myself.

The main thing that got to me was the Beta he chose.

Embry Call.

I could understand why he chose Embry because he was just a strong fighter and he handled things under pressure with ease. I also knew that Embry would be calm and collected enough to be a strategist and be a good second.

It burned my wolf that I had been demoted and not even put as second or third, which that position was held by Jared, and I couldn't even complain. The human in me wanted to rage against him but my wolf knew that I would die in a fight with our Alpha.

It sucked, plain and simple.

Emily POV

"When do you think he might be by?" Kim asked looking out the window. "Maybe he won't."

"I wouldn't bet on it. Our men have been antsy all morning." I said looking out into the living room seeing them fidget every so often their eyes flicking out to the front door and windows.

"I saw him when he came home," Rachel said quietly as if Jacob would pop out of nowhere.

"Really? What was he like?" Kim asked.

"Scary powerful. He didn't say much actually but I know he talked to Dad. I didn't get to hear what was said though." She said pulling the chicken out of the oven. "He's quiet but I swear that he's more animal than man right now. I really wished I knew what had happened to him. I say I'm worried but I think that this is how he needs to be. I respect him now."

"I don't know, Jared said that his eyes are yellow in wolf form now. That was not how it was before he went off wherever he went. It makes me really scared of him," Kim said quietly.

"He won't hurt us that much I know, Kim." Rachel reassured us and I knew she was right.

"Do you know what he's said about Bella?" I asked curiously even though I grimaced at the name of my once upon a time friend. She was firmly a traitor now. I had heard from Sam what she had said to Jacob that had crushed him when he had been physically broken because of her.

"I don't know actually," Rachel frowned feeling so out of depth with this version of her baby brother.

Suddenly the TV went silent and all the girls turned as one to look at the pack that was currently in the living room. There eyes were downcast heads turned to the side in a sign of submission as the Alpha entered the house. The girls stopped what they were doing and looking away from those feral eyes that were roving over each and every person.

It was so silent you could hear a pin drop.

Jacob spoke in a low deep voice.

"Pack meeting outside."

He looked over to Embry who stood and stared at Jacob giving a nod to show that they would follow. The other wolves quickly shuffled to their feet and Jake pierced them with a heavy stare and then nodded to the girls before quickly turning around and disappearing outside. The boys said a hasty goodbye before following their Alpha out the door.

The girls sighed in relief when they were alone, only to shiver when a chilling howl rose up in the woods not far from the house.

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