Robin blinked hard, the room slowly coming into focus. It was dark, a single flourescent lightbulb flickered in and out, one moment in pitch blackness and the next illuminated. The walls of the room had mold growing out of every crevice, roaches scuttled across the floor and the absence of windows made it hard for Robin to tell exactly where he was.

The only new thing that seemed to be in the room was a metal cage, iron bars glistening in the light. Next to him was another cramped cell, bars touching his. In the far corner was a green lump. He could just barely make out the curve of her hip, blonde hair spilling onto the ground. It all came rushing back to him then.

A recon mission for the team.

Figures in dark masks had jumped them.

Artemis ran out of arrows.

Kid Flash was slowing down.

They had overtaken them.

Robin was pulled free from his memory as the metal oor clanked at the front of the room. In walked two figures Robin recognized.

"Ivy, Scarecrow, since when do you work together?" Robin scoffed.

"Since we wanted to catch you" Ivy said "All of us are here. We all hold quite a grudge. Here's how this is going to work. You and your little friends are going to tell us your identities"

"And" Scarecrow added "the identities of your mentors."