Sometimes Robin really hated Batman. If it were up to him, Joker would be taken off the streets permanently a long time ago. But of course Batman had his no killing thing. Robin wasn't so sure he liked that anymore, he almost wished he could call in Jason for a favor, but he had to hold his resolve. Now came the hard part. "Artemis, can I talk to you?" he asked gently as he peered around the corner to see the blonde curled up on the couch eating a granola bar. "Sure, Rob" she asked with a hint of nervousness "listen, if you are uncomfortable because of last night-" "no no no, nothing like that" Robin assured. He sat down stiffly and grasped the archers calloused hands "Joker escaped Arkham" he spat out. She froze, a look of pure panic on her face for one moment before she put up her shields agin "Artemis, I swear to God I am not going to let anything happen to you, I will die before I let anything happen do you understand me?" he says urgently, looking her in the eye. Artemis nodded and sighed before she spoke "He did the same thing to M'gann" she whispers with pain lacing her voice "I couldn't believe it when she told me. Just...not M'gann you know? She doesn't deserve that" "Neither do you" Robin says "..." she sighs "I know Robin. No one does." Robin knew. He would willingly be exiled from the bat family if it meant Joker would never touch Artemis, or anyone else, again.