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I will reveal the Victor of the "66th Hunger Games: The Desert of Blood and Sweat" next chapter!

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Gamemaker: Hadley White, 26
Location - Capitol (Control Room)

This was it. The 19th Hunger Games. And here I am, the Head Gamemaker. I just can't believe it... When I was only sixteen-years-old, I have always wanted to be a Gamemaker, but being the Head one was a bonus!

The Bloodbath was about to start within sixty seconds.

For the past several years, the careers from One through Four always won. I'm betting that the tributes from One will win this time. The luxury District hasn't won since the 15th games. I can tell that they are going to make it far because of the determined look on their faces.

Before the Bloodbath could start, I happened to lean back way too far. My body accidentally pressed against a giant red button.

I watched in horror as all of the metal plates started to detonate, killing each and every tribute.

The gigantic screen showed me terrifying images. Fire, blood, a squished eyeball.

I immediately dropped to the ground, pounding my head.

Why me?! Why did this have to happen? How could I be so stupid enough to go near the red button? The red button is for killing off tributes discreetly when they break the rules. And I just happened to be leaning against it... The tributes didn't even do anything.

That's when I felt a sharp pain, a warm sticky liquid sloshing right in front of me.

Someone shot me... I guess this is what I deserved.

The last person I saw was the president.

And he was holding the gun...

President Snow II

I cleared my throat, and walked towards the podium. I smiled at the audience, and waved my hand.

"Ladies and Gentlemen, I am sorry for the sudden conclusion of the 19th Hunger Games. I know a lot of you people spent a lot of money just to come to the Interviews, and that you paid a lot of money for the Sponsorship System. But in order to make up for this terrible situation, there will be a 19th 1/2 Hunger Games this year!"

The audience began cheering.

But the thing is, I need to find a brand new Head Gamemaker.

I can't let the Capitol people down.