When Angel Die Ch: 27

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The halls were crowded with children coming and going, chatting to themselves about the death of Voldemort. Some stared at Harry like he had grown a second head. In his rapid dash he knocked down several kids and barely stopped long enough to pull them up.

Why was he running so hard? Fear. All his life the people who had loved him had disappeared or turned their backs on him. After his crappy childhood, Harry had developed a deep-rooted fear of being in love with anyone- and when he had fallen for his silver-eyed dragon, this unreasonable fear crept up on him with a passion; Draco, who loved him for what he was, was the best thing that had happened to him in his whole life.

Paintings whirled by faster and faster as Harry plunged down the stairs at a neck-braking pace. But he did not stop and did not worry about his own safety. He finally reached his and Draco's rooms, Harry hoping that Draco was still in there and not somewhere off on his own escapade. Muttering the password- verite de la couer- Harry entered.

"Draco?" Harry panted out loud to the empty living room. A small noise to his left caught his attention. Harry drifted closer to the bedroom. Draco stood next to the bed, remaking the sheets and covers into a less rumpled state. His hair fell in white blond wisps and Harry smiled slightly as a faint humming- slightly off key- met his ears.

Draco looked up and smiled uncertainly at Harry. "Hi, Harry. Did Madam Pomfrey finally let you out on your own?"

Harry ignored the question and said quietly, "Draco, we need to talk."

Draco's pale face immediately paled and turned serious. Straightening up, he sat down on the edge of the bed, motioning for Harry to do the same. He ignored the invitation and started pacing up and down across the floor. Harry had to explain this to Draco, had to make him see the fear Draco had inadvertently brought to him.

"Let me talk, please, with out any interruptions. I want to tell you right off that I love with all of my heart. But seeing you with Renel- even inadvertently- nearly tore out my heart. All my life I haven't been loved- this you already know. Growing up with that hateful family made me ignorant to the term 'love' and what it meant. Then I came here.

"This was my home and for the first time I had friends whom I loved and who loved me back- or so I thought. And I fell in love with you. I don't think you know it, Draco, but you were my first love, my only love. I was afraid of loosing you. Then, something I never thought would happen had happen. I was betrayed by all those I had held dear. That only helped to reinforce the belief that nothing good or loved would stay."

Draco's eyes darkened to a stormy gray, filled with sadness as these memories washed over his Harry.

"I finally came back home after I was proved innocent, where I found you- the person I had fallen in love with- who I still loved. That was one emotion the Dementor's couldn't suck out of me. I buried it deep within myself but it was still there. And when I saw you with Renel, I thought that everything I was forced to believe was true- that I didn't deserve to be loved."

"That is not true!" shouted Draco, reaching out to grasp Harry's hand. He dragged the smaller man to him, cradling Harry's chin in his hand. "You deserve love, Harry. You, out of every one living, deserves to be happy."

Green eyes filled with tears and Harry looked deeply into Draco's eyes. "I know. I finally know this Draco, and that is why I'm here- to ask you if you still love me. Because I still love you. I'm sorry for the way I reacted but I just needed the time."

Draco traced Harry's lips with his finger, marveling in the gift he was sent in the form of his small angelic lover. He sealed Harry's mouth with a tender and loving kiss.

"Don't be sorry, love, I probably would have done worse to me if I was in your place. I will always love you."

Harry's lips crashed into Draco's with all the force of a raging storm, knocking both of them onto the bed. That night was filled with the most passionate love making either of them had experienced in their lives. But after they were both sated and lay in the comfort of each other's arms, Draco looked down at Harry curiously and said, "Are you getting fat?"

Harry glared at his love, asking quietly, "Did you call me fat?"

"Uhhh," said Draco, recognizing the look in Harry's eyes. "No?"

Draco soon found himself with a face full of pillow and a bed full of a very grumpy partner. He learned never to call Harry fat again.

The morning came with Harry's spirits restored and the two reunited lovers happily walked into the Great Hall holding hands. There was a lot of work needed to restore the wizarding world to a peaceful place and the Ministry back to its former glory. Harry knew this but also knew that with Draco at his side, he could face any storm and come out unscathed.

Glancing down at his now rounding tummy, he grinned and slipped into his seat next to Severus. Funeral arrangements were being made for those who had died during the battle at Hogwarts and all agreed on a monument being erected in the schoolyard to honor those who had passed. Also, to Harry's immense pleasure, a coalition between all magical creatures was being made- to promote the awareness of magic in all its differences to the world.

The Ministry of Magic was torn apart in a Civil War- those who had believed in Voldemorts return against those who didn't- and a new Minister was yet to be elected- though Harry had a sneaky suspicion that Draco was going to run for the office. It was, after all, something his Slytherin would do. How that would effect his life was yet to be seen.

Harry glanced around the hall with pride. In every face he could see, a look of relief, peace, and strength was displayed for all to see. It seemed, that in these troubled times, even the smallest of children had grown up. None looked under stress and all looked ready to take on the world. Harry hoped this ambition would take them far.

Severus had shocked Harry by standing up in the middle of the whole hall, saying with pride, "In account of recent events, I wasn't able to present this. But I feel that now is the time. With great honor and pride- yes, I said pride- I am able to present Harry Potter with his Diploma of Graduation from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry after many years and loads of determination and work on his part. If anyone deserves it, he does. Congratulations." And out of nowhere, a small parchment in silver ink appeared on his table. The whole hall rocked with applause and tears slowly cascaded down his cheeks. This was a truly worthy surprise.

The days passed quickly and soon Harry and Draco were wed. It was a small wedding with only a few people- Severus and the Elvin Lords among the guest- invited. Held at Hogwarts, Harry and Draco surrounded themselves with loved ones and soon took off for a few weeks honeymoon. They couldn't stay too long, as they were both still teaching, but the time was well spent in France, the place of Draco's decedents.

Though Harry was filling out, now well along into pregnancy, Draco had still not been notified about the upcoming addition to their family. Harry had the exact time on when to pop the good news all planned in his mind so when they returned- both darkly tanned and well fed- Harry only had to wait a few days.

Severus was still going to be the godfather of the child and Harry had tricked Draco into picking out names-though it wasn't easy. After a night of love making Harry had asked what Draco would like to name their child if they should ever decide to have children. The result was if it was a girl to name her Serena Rosalyn Malfoy; if it were a boy, then it would be Cyrian Lucas Malfoy. Harry liked both names just as well.

So the day finally came when Harry decided to tell Draco. Well, had to tell was more like it. After all, his stomach was well on its way to the round and heavy side and soon everyone would be able to tell what was going on.

Sitting next to Severus, and with a slight wink at the godfather-to-be, Harry waited until the food had appeared and Draco was digging in. Harry himself touched nothing. He was beginning to feel the morning sickness catching up to him. And those weird night cravings really had thrown off his appetite.

Draco was spooning some scrambled eggs into his mouth when Harry asked, "Draco, you love me right?"

Draco nodded to his husband. "Yes, love, you know I do. Is something wrong?"

Severus snorted lightly into his cup of coffee. Harry whacked him slightly outside the head, which earned him a reproachful look.

"Nothing is wrong. Well, not wrong per say."

"Are you alright?"

"Oh I'm fine. I just though you should know, I'm pregnant."

Silence met Harry's statement. Every one turned to stare as they heard a loud thump. Draco had passed out.

"Draco? Draco? Well, he took that better than I expected.."

And they all lived happily ever after.

AN: I know, really sucky ending but I just had to finish it on this sappy and high note. The password to Harry's chambers is "truth of the heart" if I got my French right. If I didn't, sorry to anyone who speaks French for butchering the language. If any of you are wondering, the baby is a girl. I don't plan on doing a sequel, maybe a one shot, but I don't know. Anyway, thank you for all of your support and reviews as this fic unfolded, I appreciate the wonderful reviews. Until we meet again. ~Ta-ta