A/N: I decided to write my own Hobbit fanfiction.

Edit: 11/30/2014

Disclaimer: I do not own Doctor who (belongs to BBC). Anna is my OC for this fic.


No matter who told Anna that the crack in the wall was always there, she would never believe them. It had appeared one day, disturbing the flawlessness of the dark blue wall, and she pointed this out to her parents. That was, when she had parents. She had told them about the crack. Her parents were concerned, and said they would tell her what was going on. It had happened before.

However, both parents vanished the next day without a trace. Now, a strange person, claiming to be an old friend of her parents (but she never met her in her life or even heard of her) looked after her. The woman claimed that her parents had died when she was very young, but Anna didn't believe it. She had just spoken to them the day before!

It wasn't just her parents disappearing either. First, it started off small, but soon larger and larger groups of people seemed to be vanishing without a trace. Her grandparents, great grandparents. Her aunts and uncles. Her cousins. They were gone as well. And no one seemed to remember them. Except for Anna.

Of course, no one would believe what she said. The crack had appeared in other places to, each on a different size, but they were all the same exact crack. People would just walk by the crack, never giving it a second glance. Only Anna would notice them.

The only other ones who seemed concerned (or at least, she thought it was concern) where her two beloved pets: her golden retriever, Thor, and her black cat, Loki.

No one would ever believe that Anna and her pets, too, existed, because they all forgot. They all do in the end. In the end, we are all just stories.