Hey Guys! Currently listening to the soundtrack, so I figured I would get started. This first chapter takes place after the kiss at the end of the movie, and I'll progress from there!

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Kristoff's POV

Damn it, I'm such an idiot. "May we"? Seriously, could I be any more awkward with this girl? My mind is swirling with crazy thoughts. I panicked. She's not going to like me now. What am I gonna do? I've never liked anyone this much before and-

She interrupts my thoughts with the sweet little giggle that could always get my attention. "We may." She said, and pressed her lips to my cheek, standing up on her tippy toes to reach.

The second I realize what's happening, I'm not thinking anymore. I'm cupping her adorable face and bringing my mouth down to her level. Our lips crash together and worked at each other feverishly. She sighs into it, a sound that makes me go absolutely wild, so I moan into her mouth as well. This persists for a moment, until we break apart. She seemed to have lost her breath, but hopefully we'll be able to deepen that kiss at another time. She's smiling that cute smile that makes me melt, and her adorable face is flushed. I'm sure that I don't look half as giddy as she does, but I definitely am excited. I've never felt like this towards anyone before, and as much as I usually isolate myself, I kind of like it.

Anna's POV

After I presented the sled to him and he twirled me around, I was ecstatic, and the way his hands lingered on my hips for a beat longer than absolutely necessary, I was left with an extreme feeling of boldness.

"I could kiss you!"

Huh. I guess he was feeling bold, too. He babbled on, trying to patch his slip up in the cutest way. Since he was having trouble hiding his feelings, I decided I wouldn't try, either. I stand up on my toes as tall as I can and kiss his cheek. He immediately retaliates by swiftly bringing his mouth to mine. I'm surprised at first, but then I realize: He's kissing me! Kristoff Bjorgman, Ice Harvester, is kissing me, and It feels amazing. I realized that I've sighed into the kiss, and he reacts to this by making noises of his own. I'm thrilled, but I'm losing breath, so we break apart before he can deepen it.

He's breathing heavily and staring down at me with a happy glint in his eye that I'm sure that I've returned. Elsa calls me over and I run to her, but not before seeing the disappointed look on Kristoff's face, so I whisper something in his ear that makes his eyes widen and his face flush. Then, pretending that what I just said was a simple goodbye, I skipped away innocently to my sister, shooting Kristoff a wink that implies that he knows exactly what I meant.

Kristoff's POV

After the kiss, I hear Elsa call Anna, and Anna turns to run to her, which makes me sad. I begin to think that it was just a one-time thing until she turns around and rushes over to me to feverishly whisper in my ear, "We'll discuss this tonight- Elsa's already agreed that you can stay here while you'll be working as Ice Harvester, whenever you want. We'll talk after everyone's asleep, and maybe some other things, too." She nips my ear seductively, and I feel the blood rush to my face and my heartbeat quicken. She turns and swiftly masks the fact that what she said was anything more then bidding me goodbye for now. She turns around and winks at me, before continuing to skip, and trips over herself clumsily. I chuckle to myself. This woman drove me absolutely insane.