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Anna's POV
I'm sitting in my study, reading a book, and enjoying the time away from the usual... Noise in my life. Since tomorrow's my birthday (26! I know, right? I'm practically a grandma!), my wonderful husband has promised to watch the kids for a day, with the help of Elsa and Felix. I'm giggling at the thought of 3 adults attempting to control my two 6 year old bundles of blonde energy, Rosie and Noah, my toddling almost-two year old, Charlotte, Bethany's 3 year old niece, Isabella, and Elsa and Felix's (Surprise!) 11 month old, Max. Kristoff has brought them to the castles playroom, which used to be a common room, until Kristoff, Rosie, Noah, Baby Charlotte and I convinced her to turn it into a play space once she was about to have Max, a year ago. They're spending the day together, creating God knows what kind of chaos as one big family, and honestly, I'm kinda sad that I'm missing it. I ignore the tugging at my insides to go and spend the day with the people that I love the most, despite their loudness and insistance that I stay away.
I turn back to my book, shifting in my chair, but I just cant seem to find a comfortable enough spot to relax and forget about my babies. I shift, and shift, and shift, until I'm hanging upside down, hanging off of the armchair like an idiot. I read from that position (which, weirdly, has always been the most comfortable for me), and feel my eyelids start to get heavy. I often find myself in this tired position; having three kids and a new nephew is not an easy task, but of course, I love it. They're all just as awkward and adorable and fun loving and talkative as their parents, which is amazing to have. Anyway, so right. I'm falling asleep. Cool. Everything goes black, until...
"Hello, almost-birthday girl!"

Kristoff's POV
What have I done.
I look around at the chaos that I've created by giving Mommy- I mean, Anna- the day off.
Charlotte and Rosie hang upside down by their little stockinged feet off of an armchair (looking an awful lot like their mother, who does this often when she's bored. Or thinking. Or tired. Or... just being my Anna). Rosie is trying to re-create, with Charlotte's fiery red hair, something she once saw Bethany do with Anna's hair, whilst the two of them sing any song they can think of, have heard of, or can make up at the top of their lungs. The hair feat is looking to be almost impossible, considering the fact that Anna's hair is much longer than Char's, they're hanging upside down, and, well... Rosie's 6.
Across the room, Noah has Isabella hiked up onto his back. He's gearing up for a piggy back race, having come up with the idea when he saw little Max strapped onto Elsa's back with some baby-holding pouch of sorts. Said mother-son duo are the opposing team standing at the piggy back starting line. Both teams jump up and down, collectively screaming and giggling on preparation.
Oh, and Felix? King of Arrendelle, co-controller of the most peaceful kingdom in Norway? You'd think that he's calming the chaos, using his King-ly authority, but instead, he's putting his talents to another use.
He's calling the race.
"Ladies and Gentlemen, boys and girls, are you ready?" His deep voice booms, which is usually commanding a kingdom, but is now commanding a group of small children (Yes, I include Elsa.)
"YEAH!" Everyone shouts and claps (save for the girl's, who are now singing in... German? Is that German?! Where did they hear that? How on Earth...).
"Alright! That's what I like to hear! Gut gemacht, girls!" Felix says; Rosie and Charlotte giggle. What the hell?
"Here are the rules: the first team to make it around the room 3 times is the winner. No cheating, no magic- I'm looking at you, Elsa, my love- and absolutely no hurting yourself! Anna will kill me! Do we understand?" He paces back and forth in front of the line of comedically and abnormally attentive children. They all nod seriously, as I watch from the corner, arms folded across my chest, having given up after hours of trying to control them.
"On your mark...Get set...PIGGY!"
The two pairs set off running and screaming around the room, as Felix cheers them on and yells short, motivational phrases at them as they pass by. Its pretty damnable funny, actually, watching a grown man and a king, no less, scream things like "Never give up!" And "Believe in your dreams!" At small (and one "grown up") screaming/singing children.
As they approach the finish line, neck and neck, everyone in the room seems to simeltaneously do the unthinkable.
Noah, over excited having won the race, throws his arms up and pitches Isabella into the air, sending her sailing across the room. At the same time, baby Max, having been jostled so much, rids himself of today's breakfast, which also goes sailing across the room. In the armchair, Rosie is about to take a scissor to one of Charlotte's bright red pigtails, whilst Charlotte sings happily with her eyes closed, completely oblivious. So I, in that second, have to make a decision. Flying child? Flying vomit? Sharp object?
Felix and I share a look, and immediately, I know what to do. As one of Charlotte's pigtails is about to disappear, I lunge towards Rosie, grabbing the scissor from her hand. At the same time, Felix dives towards the floor, catching Isabella before her head hit the ground. And the vomit? Well, as you can imagine, when we look up, its frozen in midair, encased in ice. The whole room goes silent, except for Charlotte's loud singing- she's still completely oblivious. She proceeds to sing, without real lyrics, just a random, rhyming tune of her own creation:
"Awendelle, poopy face, pickle butt, outer space! Supah dupah apple pie, sunshine mommy in da sky! Oo-we oo-we do-bee doo, la la la, loo loo loo-" She opens her eyes, wide, when she notices that we've been silent, and watching her.
"Wha happenin'?" She asks, and that's all that it takes to send us into fits of laughter.
As Elsa, Felix and I are wiping away our hysterical tears, all five children, as if they planned it, produced some tears of their own. They wail on and on, until we, taking adult responsibility (finally), set them in a line on the carpet. I count off the little heads to make sure everyone is present. Charlotte, then Noah, then Rosie, then Max...
"Alright. Duck, duck, duck, duck-" They giggle away their tears as I make like we're playing Duck Duck Goose, but I notice that we're one kid short. And it's not even my kid.
"Hey, where's my fifth little duck? Isabella?" I called.
She emerged from behind a curtain, under which I spotted her little stockinged feet.
"Sowwy Uncle Kriss-off. Err'body else was cryin' and I didn't know why so I hided." She sits down next to Max.
"It's okay, Isabella. I didn't know why anybody was crying either!"
"Cuz Daddy don't like my song!" Reasons Charlotte.
"Me and Bella didn't get a prize for winning!" Whines Noah.
"At least YOU got to race, No-AH. Me n' Char didn't." Argues Rosie.
"I threw up everywhere!" Felix's high pitched voice says for Max, who babbles and slobbers through his toothless smile. That sends the kids into fits of giggles.
"I have a plan that might fix all of your problems..." Elsa says, and looks at me, smiling mischeviously. She whispers something (I suppose it's her plan) in Felix's ear that he guffaws loudly at, in my direction. Elsa takes Noah and Max to the kitchen, and leaves Felix with the rest of us. He giggles (giggles!) at me as he begins to relay the plan.
Oh no.

Anna's POV
"Hello, almost birthday girl!" I crash to the floor as the door slams open. I rub my bruised head and look up to see who mmy visitor is.
"Bethany! Hi!" I jump up to , despite the pain in my head. Its not like it's abnormal for me to fall on my face... "How long have I been asleep here?"
"I don't know about that, but I do know that I came to see my wonderful niece and what's going on downstairs is pretty hysterical, and you need to see it. C'mon, lets go!"
"Beth, they told me to-"
"I am aware of what they told you. But I know you, being your bestest friend in the whole wide world, and I know that you're bored off your ass up here, and would much rather be downstairs with your friends and family."
"But I'm supposed to be relaxing, by myself! And they're loud, and I'm-"
"Equally as loud! Anna of Arrendelle? Relaxed? Silent? Alone, and enjoying it? Please. They may be chaotic down there, but you love it because its THEIR chaos, and you love them more than anything in the world. Everyone knows that. Therefore, I insist that you come downstairs and have a good time THIS INSTANT, YOUNG LADY!" She throws me over her shoulder (sound familiar? I cant believe it's been seven years.. and that she can still carry me after all this time!) and carries me down the stairs. Once she plops me down in the doorway of the playroom, what I see is truly astounding and brings tears of laughter to my eyes.
"Ready... set... GOOOOO!" Isabella shouts, waving her arms like a lunatic as my husband and my brother in law, each with one of my daughters on their back, race around the room. Mid-lap number 2, Kristoff notices me standing in the doorway, laughing.
"Oh, hey babe! How was your day?" I smile as he races off to lap 3 of their race. When they both reach the finish line in the exact same second, Isabella shouts:
"And the winner is... Aunty Anna!" Everyone cheers. Wait, what? I turn around to see my sister, my son and nephew enter the room with a colossal, messy chocolate cake. Scrawled in barely legible icing on top of the cake is written: "HEPPY AWMOST BIRTDAY MOOMMI"
"Look, mommy! I won the pigy race, so Aunt Elsa let me make the cake with her! I even got to write on top, see?" Noah tugs at my arm. I kneel down to his level and kiss his forehead.
"Thank you, baby."
"Ew, mommy. No kisses in front of Bella!" He whispers in my ear. I cover my mouth with my hand to swallow my giggle. My son has a crush on my best friend's niece! Kristoff gives me a questioning look, and I give him an 'I'll explain later' wave of the hand.
"Okay Daddy, time to sing!" Charlotte looks up at Kristoff, her big blue eyes sparkling from where she stands several feet below him. Kristoff pinches the bridge of his nose and turns to Felix and Elsa.
"Are you guys really making me do this?"
"Yup. Gotta show Char that you reaaaallly liked it!" Says Felix, trying desperately to hide his smile. I don't get it! What's so embarrassing about singing Happy Birthday, especially with a voice like his?
"Arendelle, poopy face, pickle butt, outer space! Super duper apple pie, sunshine mommy in the sky! Oo-we oo-we do-bee doo, la la la, loo loo loo. Oo-we oo-we do-bee doo, la la la, loo loo loo!" Kristoff and Charlotte sing in unison.
I have no idea what just happened, so while I clap, I give Kristoff my own questioning look, and then its his turn to give me an 'I'll explain later' hand wave.
"C'mon Momma, make a wish!" Rosie exclaims, jumping up and down in anticipation (but probably just because she wants cake).
When I go to blow out the candles, surrounded by all of my wonderful friends and family, something hits me:
I have nothing to wish for. I've got everything I could ever want.

Kristoff's POV
As Anna and I sit on the floor in front of the fireplace in our bedroom, I strum my lute and sing to her (as I have done every night since we had Rosie and Noah and she insisted on hearing me sing tbem lullabys), and we share with each other our own accounts of our day. She's laughing so hard that she's tearing up at my story, and it makes me so very happy to see the woman I love laughing. When she shares
with me her story, I'm touched at Bethany's willing Anna to join the people she loved, and by Anna's reveal that she didn't have anything to wish for.
"You're sure there's nothing you want, Anna? Nothing at all?"
"Just you." She says, giggling as she kisses me fiercely. Yeah, I missed her too. As we topple over, laughing through our kisses, midnight chimes on the clock above the hearth.
"Happy birthday, Anna. I love you." I hold her tight, and I barely hear her as she responds into my chest, her voice muffled and low:
"I love you, too."