Christmas Day: One Year Later

Damon was pacing backwards and forwards, running a hand through his messy locks.

He was so nervous, which was strange because Damon Salvatore simply didn't do 'nervous', until she stepped into his life, that was. It had been a year now, a great year with her, but sometimes he felt like she was never really going to let her walls down. In fact, that day he was going to tell her that he loved her. He couldn't do this anymore. He wanted to tell her that, at least once.

He had taken things slow, being very gentle with her, calm and considerate. He knew that it wasn't easy for her to just love again after everything she had been through, but he did everything in his power to make her comfortable around him. In that year, he fought against every temptation, pushed away his needs to take care of hers, and he never took advantage of her. He didn't want to do anything with her unless she starts it herself, and she never did.

After what happened with Katherine, Damon had went to the bank himself and paid her entire loan, however he still insisted that she'd go living in his other house. Meanwhile, Elena took the job he had offered her, determined to pay him back, even though he didn't want that. Things were going perfect. Elena was living comfortably, eating good food, and finally managing her finances. For once, she was in control. With the wage he was giving her she finally had enough money to buy some makeup, clothing or perfume every now and then. She was healthier too and wasn't as skinny as she were before due to her finally getting the right amount of food.

She had started seeing her family again and had even agreed to see them for New Years. It had been hard for her at first, but she was slowly learning to forgive and forget.

She also spent a lot of nights at Damon's where they just lied together on the couch, watching movies and eating popcorn until the early hours of the morning. Then, she'd usually fall asleep and he would carry her back to one of the bedrooms; her second bedroom to be exact, and just pamper her a little bit before kissing her lips or cheek delicately. Sometimes, she even asked him to stay there with her, where he would just hold her all night, looking at her and thinking how much this woman had managed to bring out these feelings in him without doing anything at all. When did he, Damon Salvatore, shared a bed with a woman without touching her? Yet all these things were secondary when it came to her, because he loved her.

He sighed again, praying that it wouldn't take her too long.

Just when he was about to drink his second glass of wine to calm his nerves down, the door bell rang. He was amazed by the fact that she never just walked in, despite the fact that she had almost become a part of the household now. He hurried towards the door and welcomed her by a warm, romantic hug and a sweet peck on the lips.

"Hi, Elena," He said softly; taking in her appearance. She was dressed in a satin green dress, looking more beautiful than ever.

"Hey, Damon," She said, kissing him again as she stepped in.

"Are you hungry? I wasn't sure if I should put the chicken in the oven…"

"Can you please just give me a couple of minutes?" Elena batted her eyelashes, "I have to go upstairs to put my stuff there, because I have a lot of bags."

"Yeah, sure," Damon said, "But I'm going to carry them for you myself…"

"No, thank you," Elena said quickly, "I'd rather do them myself because I need to place some things since I'll be staying the weekend. I don't have much to carry anyway."

"Okay then," Damon smiled, "I'll just take out some appetizers then, and I'll wait for you in the dining room."

"Good," Elena breathed out.

Elena quickly darted up the stairs, running to the direction of his bedroom.

She had been planning this for months now and things were going fine.

She put the bags on the bed and smirked as she took out a red and white Christmas negligee. There was a deep v-chest that showed a good majority of her breasts, and a pair of stockings. Elena smirked as she took out the ribbon that she had placed in her bags. This was clearly the fun part, she thought. She carefully cut the ribbon to equal pieces and started to tie it around the negligee in the form of a bow, making herself look like an unopened Christmas gift.

She then curled her hair, making sure she had a lot of volume, sprayed a bit of perfume on and put on some light makeup. When she was satisfied, she started to decorate Damon's room with Christmas ornaments. She had already noticed the Christmas tree in his room before, which was white and small; so she decided to decorate it by adding red tinsel.

When she was satisfied, she put on a pair of bright red high heels and called Damon's name.

"Damon, I need your help," She asked him, "Can you please come upstairs, in your bedroom?"

"I'm coming," She heard him say almost instantly. She smirked naughtily and stood by the Christmas tree.

"What can I do to h-" He stopped dead in his tracks, however, when he saw her there, dressed in that sexy clothing, biting her lip sensually.

He was a silhouette against the light coming from the window, and she knew that he could see her clearly just as she could see the twinkle in his ocean blue eyes. They went wide and wild as he watched her from the bedroom door. Elena smirked at him and the fact that she could see him coming undone.

Damon stepped into the room, his eyes never leaving hers, raising an eyebrow at her as he scanned her body.

"What are you doing?" He asked his voice serious, brooding and sexy as always. One of the many things she loved about him.

"What do you think?" She said as she took a few steps towards him, "I'm your gift under the Christmas tree, Damon. Unwrap me, but let your gift pleasure you."

For a while, he just stood there, unable to say anything. What had got inside his girlfriend?

However, Elena didn't wait. She took his hands in hers and guided him as he tore off the ribbon, making her breasts almost entirely visible. She was still wearing the negligee and underwear, but Damon couldn't hold back the low growl in his throat.

She took a step closer to him, wrapping her fists in his shirt and pulling him down to her level. For once, she was going to take control. She parted her lips and pressed open mouthed kisses along his neck and jawline until they rested by his ear. She nibbled at the flesh there, smiling in delight as his breathing hitched up ever so slightly.

"I'm doing what I want." She finally whispered. "Merry Christmas."

Damon went in to protest, by didn't get far as she pressed her lips to his, cutting off any speech he had planned to give her. The shock was enough to render him motionless and unresponsive for a few seconds, so she took the opportunity to yank him down towards her and on to the chair in the corner of the room. She soon straddled his hips, her lips sucking his bottom lip into her mouth.

They were both still mostly clothed, but she felt that Damon was a little over-dressed compared to herself, so she ripped his shirt completely down the middle, sending buttons flying everywhere.

"That was my favourite shirt." Damon moaned against her as he shrugged the rest of his shirt off before wrapping his arms around her waist.

"I'll buy you a new one." She groaned, loving the way his chest felt against her own.

Damon reached up and slid her straps on her negligee down her arms and then went for the string holding it together on her back. Elena, however, grabbed his hand, using all her strength to push him back against the chair, his hands pinned to the side. He looked at her bewildered as she smirked, running her tongue along his jaw and the shell of his ear. Her other hand came up, playing with the wispy pieces of hair around his flat nipple.

Damon groaned and his head fell back as Elena nibbled on his throat, smoothing the small bit out with her tongue. His hand played with the clips on her garter belt.

Elena gripped his jaw and brought it to her level again.

"I'm in charge right now, not you," She said softly with a slight playful undertone.

He blinked in confusion before finally settling on his lazy, lopsided smile. They locked eyes and everything seemed to disappear. Damon's eyes were so bright that they seemed to burn into her and set her skin alight which made her heart flutter against her ribcage. She knew he could feel it.

"Anything for you, my Elena,"

She was stunned for a moment, mostly down to the fact that he was actually agreeing to go along with this. Elena tilted her head to the side before pulling him back up and close, her breast pressed up against his chest.

"Kiss me." She muttered and Damon complied without any hesitation at all.

Elena latched her hands into his hair, focusing his head to the angle she wanted before taking him over in a furious and heated snog. He moaned, his breathing becoming harsher as she tugged on his hair, taking control of him. Her hand trailed down his abs, tickling his ribs and giggling when his body started to shake, a low rumble in his throat.

"Pants…off…now," She breathed between kisses, pulling on his jeans fly.

He chuckled, suckling on his earlobe. "I hope I'm wearing my good underwear."

His hand wiggled between them, brushing her crotch and making her moan out. He could feel her wetness through the through the fabric, knowing she as just as turned on by this as he was. She was being such a little minx and Damon couldn't resist bucking his hips up against her, both of them realising a throaty noise, until she swatted his hands back down.

"None of that," She cooed in his ear. "Get those pants off…now."

Elena felt him smirk against the skin on her neck. "Hold on tight."

Before Elena had a chance to ask him why, Damon was up on his feet, her legs instantly wrapping around his waist and clutching him for dear life. He was laughing low in his chest, his hand reaching down between them to undo his jeans. He gave a slight wiggle and the trousers dropped down his sleek muscular thighs, pooling around his ankles before he kicked them away.

Damon fell back in the seat, Elena still wrapped up in his arms. The only thing keeping him hidden was the thin material of his boxers.

Elena's tongue darted out, licking his lips as she devoured him in another heated kiss. She swirled her hips around on his lap. She could feel him growing hard against her core and she smirked, loving how much power she had over him. Slowly, she crawled off his lap, sinking between his parted legs.

Elena finger trailed past his belly button and along the thin line of hair. "You have such an amazing body…" Elena whispered, her hands gripping hold of his boxers, pulling them down his toned legs.

His erection sprung free, standing high against his stomach. She could see the heat rising in his cheeks as she moved closer, throwing his discarded boxers over her shoulder. Elena's nails tip-toed up his calf, tickling the backs of his knees before scrapping up the sides of his thighs.

Elena hovered over the tip of his weeping cock, biting at her lip playfully as he gazed down at her with hooded eyes. He watched, unable to do anything, as her small hand wrapped around the base and squeezed, experimenting. Damon let out a throaty moan, his head falling back. His hands came down and weaved through her hair, his fingers massaging the back of her head.

Carefully, she placed a kiss on the tip before lowering her face down so she was level with his sac.

"Elena…" He moaned in a low growl.

"Shh…" She shushed him, her mouth hovering up the base. "Let me take care of you."

Her tongue came out and licked him slowly from base to tip, feeling his twitch under. His breathing had grown deeper and she decided it was time to take it a step further, taking her tongue again and swirling it around the mushroom shaped head of his cock. Damon's breathing hitched and his hands tightened in her hair. Her mouth closed around the top, suckling on the tip of his length, tasting she pre-cum in her mouth.

She pulled back, licking her lips teasingly. "You taste amazing."

"Elena…I'm not gonna last long if you keep doing that,"

At that Elena giggled, grinning as she took as much of him as possible into her mouth. His hands threaded in her hair, gently helping her as she moved her lips up and down over his cock, using her hand to pump the base that couldn't fit in her mouth. She looked up at him through hooded lashes, catching his lustfully gaze as she hummed around him. He moaned, stroking her hair as her other hand came up, cupping his balls.

"Fuck…squeeze," He murmured and Elena complied instantly, giving his testicles a light massage.

Damon was full on panting now and Elena moved faster and faster with each second. After that, she let him guide her, relaxing her throat completely and humming, letting him take control. Elena had almost no gag reflex whatsoever meaning he managed to thrust his large member into her. Grinning again, Elena continued to play with his balls, one of her fingers coming out to stroke his perineum, making his body tingle all over at the strange sensation.

Damon didn't know how long he was going to last. His breathing hitched and his grasp on her hair tightened as he pushed her firmly to him, before finally managing to get some words out.

"You have to stop, Elena," He said, "I'm going to come."

"Come, Damon," She moaned against him, "You taste so good."

Finally, she felt his balls tighten and his cock twitch in her mouth before he let out an almighty roar, flinging his head back, choking in his breath. His hips jerked, his body spasming as he let out incoherent words of praise as he ejaculated in long, hot spurts down her throat.

Elena giggled as his body fell limp into the chair, pulling back to place a light kiss on the tip of his penis, licking her lips.

"Hmm…that was nice," She purred, crawling up into his lap, rubbing thighs as she kissed his neck.

"You know, you're still overdressed," He pouted after a few minutes, admiring the way that part of her breast was almost visible as the straps were too low.

She smirked. "Well, since I'm your gift, I'm going to comply. Just this once, though." She continued, clearly teasing.

She took off her bra and he noticed how she was really torturing him, her breast almost visible through the thin material of her negligee. He let out a growl and grabbed her, pulling her closer to his chest. He then stroked her breasts, kneading them with soft rhythmic movements as she arched her back. He himself let out a moan as he felt her nipples harden when he rolled them between his thumb and forefinger.

"You like that, don't you?" He smirked, lowering his face as he placed a kiss on her collarbone. He continued to move his lips down and over the material covering the rest of her body until they rested on her breasts, but he ignored her aching nipple for a while and kissed her around it to tease her.

She finally snapped back to consciousness as she realized that she was supposed to be the one in control. However, before she could push him away, he cut her off by giving her nipples a pinch, and her protest came out as a moan at the sensation.

"No," She finally said when she got her strength back, "What part of I'm in control don't you understand?" She continued with a bad girl smile.

Damon opened his eyes, dark with want and need. He couldn't hold it together anymore and quickly scoped her up in his arms, making her squeal as he carried her over to the bed. He dropped her on to the mattresses with a soft thud, admiring her beautiful body before he clambered on top of her again, covering her half naked body with his completely naked one.

As his lips touched her skin, her heart skipped a beat and tingles shot through her spine and down her body, radiating from the spot he had just kissed. He continued to place father light kisses across her cheeks and eyelids before his lips captured hers. Fireworks felt like they were exploding behind her eyes as Damon's moist tongue slid past her lips and into her parted mouth, stroking against hers with heated passion. Elena' felt her cheeks burning bright red as nibbled on her lips, sending jolts of pleasure through her body.

Then her hands knitted through his thick hair as he pulled back, tilting her head back gently so that he had access to her neck. He kissed his way down her throat before moving his head to her shoulder, suckling on her pulse point as he heart started beating wildly against her heaving chest. His arms were wrapped around her again, pushing her firmly against him and she could feel his growing desire for her hard against her inner thigh.

"Fuck, Damon," Elena moaned out, feeling him smirking against her column throat before moving back up to recapture her mouth.

Elena knew she'd kissed him before, but nothing compared to this. Feeling his naked, heated flesh against her own made her feel like she was almost thrown over the edge. He was passionate and fierce in the way he handled her, making sure that there wasn't a single area of her body that hadn't been touch by him or his lips.

Damon's lips glided down her body as he moved down, his hands stroking her stomach. His touch was gently and relaxing as one hand reached for her back, quickly undoing the bow and releasing the dress from her body, effectively unwrapping his Christmas present. It tore off with ease, her straps having already been pulled down earlier, and he through it across the room. Elena let out a squeal as the cold air bit her now exposed breasts.

Damon pulled away from her and Elena drew in a deep and almost hesitant breath as his hungry gaze took her in for the first time. His breathing was harsh and he looked back up at her face, seeing the uncertainly in her eyes. Then, in one swooping motion, Damon took one of her swollen nipples into his mouth causing her to exhale sharply, arching under him. His other hand came up, cupping her other breast before he started playing with in."

"God, you're so fucking perfect, Elena," He whispered against her flesh as he continued to flicker his tongue over her nipple. "So beautiful,"

Elena cried out in pleasure when he bit down ever so slightly on her hardened peak, sending ripples on pain and bliss through her already shaking body. He switched breasts as well, not wanting any part of her body to feel unloved or unwanted by him.

Suddenly, Damon was rubbing her gently through the material of her panties, pressing on her sensitive nub. She couldn't help being so entirely wet and turned on because of him and the way his talented fingers worked on her. He was so goddamn sexy and irresistible, nibbling on her neck and almost purring like a cat.

In the blink of an eye, Elena felt his hand wrap around the waist band of her panties, tugging them down her legs and throwing them over his shower in much the same way she did to his own. His eyes scanned her over before his fingertips grazed up her legs, teasingly, making her whimper and arch her back.

Damon chuckled, leaning forward and kissing her waist line, his finger running back and forth between her hips.

"Damon…don't tease me…" Elena moaned, reaching out to grab the bed sheets tightly. "Touch me

"Tell me, where do you want me to touch you?"


"Tell me." He demanded hoarsely.

"My…my clit…"

He smirked. "That's my girl."

Damon pushed her folds aside and lightly started to rub her nub in torturously slowly motions; making her whimper at how good it felt. His face came up towards her own, resting his forehead against her. His cool breath felt amazing against her heat skin, his lips kissing at the corners of her mouth. Then, without warning, Damon thrust his finger into her, making her cry out from the delightful feeling.

"God, you feel so good," He moaned against her neck as his palm rub against her clit, increasing her pleasure even more.

She gasped softly, threading her fingers into his hair, making him let out a deep groan, the seductive tone in his voice making her even more wet.

After a few moments, he added another ling finger as he began to pump in and out of her even faster and more relentlessly. Elena's back arched under him, her nails clawing at his back as her head was thrown back. She could barely breathe anymore from the intense feeling building up in her stomach, overwhelmed with the pleasure he was showering her in. She could feel herself getting closer and closer.

Damon clenched his teeth together, panting. "You're so tight…can't wait to be inside you…"

He added another finger, gently stretching her out a little more. He curled them inside her, hitting her sweet spot and sending her spiralling in pleasure, but not quite hitting the point of orgasm. She was overwhelmed with what he was doing to her, no one before ever being able to deliver her so much pleasure from such a simple act. She felt the tightening in her stomach and couldn't hold back anymore, widely bucking her sex against his palm.

"Oh, fuck, fuck, God…Damon!"

She threw her head back in a silent scream as the pleasure finally erupted inside her, sending her completely over the edge and into heaven. Damon was resting his head against her sweat chest before carefully pulling his fingers out of her, bring them to his mouth. Elena blushed but found the scene completely erotic as he hummed in delight, finally kissing her on the lips so she could taste herself on him.

"Delicious…" Damon cooed, nibbling her bottom lip.

"I need you…now…" Elena whimpered, clawing at his hair. "I can't wait any longer."

Damon nodded his head against her own, his hands coming down to rest in her bum cheeks, lifting her a little so he could press his hardness against her. The both hissed out at the feeling and he gripped his manhood firmly, positioning himself at her entrance.

"Fuck!" Damon moaned, pulling away. "I-I haven't got any condoms."

Elena giggled, taking hold of his shaft. "I'm on birth control,"

He took a moment to register this before smiling down at her, capturing her eyes with his as he readied himself. No more words were spoken then; just the small nod and smile that they both wanted…needed this.

Damon finally pushed himself inside of her in one clean stroke filling her to the hilt and making the both groan out. Elena's head fell back and her toes curled at the fulfilling inside of her. After almost three years without sex whatsoever, it felt like a puzzle pieces was taking its rightful place inside her and the fact that it was Damon meant everything to her. She'd come to care and love for him in a way that she never thought she would be able to do again. Everything he'd done, he'd done for her and that was made it so right that she wanted to be with him, forever.

Elena wiggled her hips, impatiently, and Damon complied as he started thrusting deeply inside her, slowly as first but gradually building up. Elena wanted him to go faster, harder and just wanted more, wanting to feel all his love for her.

He quickly reached between them and started to swirl his thumb on his clit, hard, sparking even more intense pleasure within her. He was moving faster and swifter as his lips captured hers in a fiery and needy kiss. Her limbs had started to tremble and her breathing became uneven as she whimpered, pure bliss taking her over. His rhythm was precious and tentative and yet hard all in one.

He dropped his head to the crook of her neck, gently sinking his teeth into her flesh and sucking on the skin. Elena's hips meet him thrust for thrust, as the both got closer to their release.

The harder they kissed, the faster they went, Elena arching her back off of the bed as he pushed harder into her, making her moan uncontrollably. He knew she was close and he pinched her clit, smiling when he felt her walls clench around his member as he pushed forward, signalling her orgasm. As he rammed into her, she felt herself falling over the edge and she screamed out, dragging her nails down his back.

He hissed slightly at the sting of pain, but it only drove him higher, his muscles tensed as Elena bucked her hips quickly, panting and moaning and whimpering as each of his thrusts brought on another wave. Her inner walls were clamped almost painfully around him and he erupted hard and fast.

"Oh God…Elena!" He roared slamming into her several times as they rode out the waves to their orgasms.

His seed spilled inside of her heat and his face got buried in her chest, both of their breathing so harsh from how intense the whole experience was. He finally collapsed on top of her and Elena started stroking his head softly as they both calmed down again. Elena felt like she could stay there forever as Damon slowly raised his head, kissing her deeply as he wrapped his hands around her waist. Carefully, he rolled on to his side, keeping her body close to his.

"Oh Elena…" He breathed deeply, closing his eyes. "That was…it was…"

"Amazing? Breath-taking? Perfect?" She whispered, chuckling a little.

"Yeah…" Damon opened his eyes, propping himself up so he could look at her properly. "I have to tell you something…something I wanted to tell you for a while but I was too scared before,"

Elena bit her lip, leaning closer to him. "What's that?"

"I love you, Elena. I've loved you for so long, but I never wanted to take advantage of the trust you had in me." He swallowed thickly, unsure. "I just need to know…do you feel the same way about me?"

"Of course I do!" She shouted, gripping his face in her small hands. "I love you, too. And I'm sorry you had wait so long for me to say that. I just needed time to adjust…to get over my past and focus on my future. Now…now I feel happy and safe again and I'm ready to move on. And I want to move on with you, if you still want me?"

Damon gave her a look like she was asking the most stupid question in the world before he wrapped his arms around her, pulling her into his embrace.

"I'll always want you…always," He said against her neck before gazing into her eyes. "I'm in love with you and I always will be. I'm just scared you'll find something better…you'll want something more that I can't give you."

Elena shook her head. "You give me everything just by being here. This last year you have been by my side every step of the way and I will be forever grateful for that. "I meant what I said before, Damon…I love you and have grown to love you more each passing day. Never forget that."

Damon started to tear up, but managed to stay strong as she kissed him again, softly this time to show all the love she had for him in one simple gesture. Everything he had been waiting for and wanting for so long was finally here. She loved him and he loved her back and nothing could break that again.

Finally, Elena pulled back her thumb rubbing his cheeks gently. "Did you like you're Christmas present?"

"Very much," He mused, nuzzling her nose.

"Hmm…so, how about round two before the family arrive?"

Damon growled and wrapped his arms around her, hiding under the covers and they both enjoyed the best Christmas they'd ever had.

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