Lieutenant Vienna King was currently in a very awkward position in the Engineering section of the USS Enterprise. Her legs were wrapped precariously around a pipe as she hung upside down, trying to get a closer look at the main wiring scheme that led to the sonic showers. Her long blond hair was free from the confines of a pony tail, and her bright green eyes were flashing in frustration. She was trying to understand why her boss, Montgomery Scott, more fondly known as Scotty, was getting so many complaints of the sonic showers of the senior officers malfunctioning.

Finally seeing the problem, over-heated wires, she grinned in triumph and set to work fixing it. It was simple, really. All she had to do was separate the wires a little bit more so they weren't so cramped together and generating even more heat and leave the hole she cut in the protective pipe out for a day or so to let the wires cool off by themselves.

Happy with her quick job, she looked down and saw her best friend, Pavel Andrievich Chekov, looking up at her (and, from her point of view, upside down) wearing his trademark grin. "Hi, Pav!" Vienna smiled back and waved.

"Vi," Chekov began, "I know I must say this a thousand times, but-" Vienna cut him off by jumping down the pipe and back flipping in the air to put herself upright.

"But I'm going to end up having to go to the Med Bay from falling down these pipes, I know." She chuckled good-naturedly. Not wanting to hug him because her red shirt and black pants were covered in grease and grime, not to mention smears here and there on her face; she gave an awkward wave of dismissal at his concern. "I've never hurt myself falling from here, and I probably never will."

Pavel threw up his hands in defeat. "Fine, fine! Are you still coming to my quarters with Karu for our video game session?" He reminded her in his adorable Russian accent. Every other Friday, Vienna, Pavel and Hikaru Sulu, another mutual friend of theirs, would go to one of their quarters and have a video game face-off of sorts. This week, they're at Pavel's quarters, meaning he would pick the game. Winner of said contest gets bragging rights for two weeks and losers have to clean the winner's quarters for a week.

"Yeah, of course. Give me time to shower, though. I'm all gross today." Vienna replied, giving him a half smile. Pavel beamed in response.

"You're never too gross, Vi. Karu and I will see you in a few minutes, then?" He said, meeting his blue eyes with her green ones.

"Yep! I gotta go check in with Scotty though, he was the one who set me on this job in the first place. I should probably tell him what was up with the showers. I'll be in your quarters in fifteen minutes?" Vienna said, rambling slightly again. She's noticed that she's been doing a lot of rambling lately, especially around Pav. She wasn't sure why, she'd been best friends with the Russian for years now, and nothing was awkward between the two. She sighed internally, and told herself she would think about it later. As a child genius, her brain was good at filing and storing. Well, she wasn't exactly a child genius. Vienna would be 18 in exactly two days, she couldn't wait!

"Right. I'll see you in fifteen minutes." Pavel responded, giving his best friend his adorable little smile and walking to the elevators, leaving Vienna to talk to her boss. He was glad for the extra time, he wanted to talk to Karu and finalize Vi's birthday plans. His side plan was to ask her for a dinner, just the two of them. Now that Vienna was going to be eighteen, he could legally ask her on a date. Only, it wasn't that simple. The Russian man grimaced as he pressed a button on the elevator to take him to his floor. He had gone over every possible scenario in his head, so it wasn't as if he wasn't prepared.

No, the issue wasn't that. It was the fact that every time Pavel had tried to bring it up, he got tongue tied and couldn't speak correctly. His English was fine, so that wasn't the problem. He had known he was in love with her from the moment the two had met, when they had first locked eyes on each other three years ago running in opposite directions on one of the trails at the Star Fleet Academy in San Francisco. Pavel had made a point, after that moment, to look for her and casually ask around if anyone had known her. From that moment, he had learned her name and that she was fifteen, just like he was.

He had finally gotten to talk to her when they both in the library and Hikaru introduced the two. They became fast friends after that, and they've been close to each other ever since. Smiling at the memories, Pavel stepped off the elevator and walked to his door, punching in the key code. Entering his room, he peeled off his gold shirt and threw it on his bed, leaving him in his black tank top and pants. Hikaru Sulu walked through the adjoining bathroom that connected the boys' rooms and flopped down on his friend's couch. "Hey, Pasha. Where's Vienna?"

Pavel glanced down, glaring playfully at his friend. "I told you not to jump on my couch like that. You're going to break it." Hikaru shrugged and gave a half smile. "Anyways, she is talking to Scotty and then taking a shower. She'll be here in a few minutes." He reported.

Hikaru nodded. "Cool. So, have you asked her out yet?" The Asian man asked nonchalantly, taking a pillow and tossing it up into the air and catching it again. Pavel frowned and grabbed the pillow before he caught it a second time.

"No. You know I can't until she's eighteen."

The older man groaned. "Come on, Pasha! Kirk won't care if you two date just two days before she turns eighteen. Besides," Hikaru added with a sly grin, "It's not like you'll be having sex with her."

Pavel's mouth dropped open and his face flushed red. "Karu!"

Hikaru laughed at his friend's expression before turning a little more serious. "So, speaking of Vienna turning eighteen; are we still doing the party?" He asked.

The Russian nodded and tossed the pillow back to Hikaru. "I'm going to send a PADD message to everybody else tonight and see if they're still going to do it."

That was when the familiar sound of the door unlocking reached their ears, and Vienna walked in, her face flushed pink and newly cleaned, wearing a black pair of shorts and a silver tank top.

The blonde made a face. "The weirdest thing just happened to me on the way over here."

"What?" Hikaru asked, still on the couch.

"You know the new guy in Medical? Aaron Michaels?" Vienna asked, taking a seat on Pavel's bed, crossing her legs and tying her hair in a knot at the bottom of her head.

Pavel nodded. "The tall one with the brown hair?" He asked.

"Yeah. Well, he just asked me out on a date."

AN: And there it is, chapter one. Let me know what you think of it. This is my first story that I've ever published, so I'm not quite sure if it's any good or not. Sorry for the short chapter, I just wanted to make this one a sort of introductory thing so I know if I even want to keep going with it or not. Thanks for reading!

-Leslie Smith