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Father- Son Bonding

Chapter 1

A orange-headed woman was lying on her death-bed, never in a million years did she think it would end up this way. She turned her head to her left and there she saw her son, Daichi, crying. He is 13 years old, he looks just like his father with short spikey black hair and the same body build. The only thing of her's he inherited were her brown eyes (which were puffy from crying) and light skin; he even had a few freckles on his cheeks near his nose. Surrounding her were the people she grew up with on Cocoyasi island. Mostly her sister Nojiko and Genzo.

Daichi's POV

I can't believe it, my mom, the only family I have ever had is about to leave me on my own. I know who my father is, she has told me a million times talking about the adventures she went on with him and her old crew. How brave he was and all he accomplished, even his dream to become pirate king. My father is Monkey D. Luffy Pirate King. As if I care though. Never once has he came to see me or my mother. It's not like I hate him I mean how can I hate someone I don't know. I'm just indifferent towards him. Okay maybe I hold a little resentment but only recently because my mom has been sick for months and never once has he came to see her.

As I was watching my mother, holding back my tears, the door opened and everyone in the room made way for the people coming in and making their way to my mother. I stood and walked over to Genzo who took place on the other side of the bed. First there was this tall blonde man in a black suit. He had weird eyebrows that swirled at the top and he had a cigarette in his mouth. Next came a tall muscular man with light green hair and tan skin. He also had three swords by his side. After a woman with jet black hair and a reindeer. Next was a man with the longest nose I ever saw, and a skeleton, and a cyborg looking guy.

"Nami my dear I have missed you so much, even sick you look like an angel." the blonde man spoke.

"Long time no see Sanji." my mother lightly smiled.

The black-haired woman and the reindeer pushed past him and gave my mother a hug.

"Oh Nami I am so sorry" the woman with black hair said quietly. "NAMI" the reindeer and the man with the long nose sobbed. My mother smiled at them with a reassuring smile. "It's okay Robin, Chopper, Usopp."

The rest didn't say anything just looked with sorrow in their eyes.

Next thing I knew the door opened again and another man stepped in. The people who just came in stepped to the side for him as he got closer to my mother. He was tall and a bit tan. He wore a red opened button up shirt showing an x scar across his chest. He was well-built and had black hair with a straw hat on top. His hat covered his eyes hiding his expression as he walked closer. I looked up to Genzo,

"Is that who I think it is?"

He nodded looking straight ahead.

He made his way to my mother who just smiled the brightest I've seen in a while. She sat up as he kneeled down beside her.

"I am sorry that I'm late Nami" he spoke, his voice grim.

"Better late then never" she was still smiling.

He turned his head showing tears in his eyes. "Nami" he yelled as his arms wrapped around her shoulders holding her gently. As I watched their encounter, everyone was leaving the room to give them alone time. Of course I stayed and stared at the man who I new was my father.

Mom turned to look at me than at him. He looked up and saw me then he cracked a face splitting smile. I stood there dumbstruck, not moving. He then got off his knees and came over to me.

"Hey there, I'm Luffy" he stretched out his hand for a shake. I just look at him not saying anything. After a long moment of silence, his smile faltered a bit.

"Luffy, can you step outside? I have to talk to our son for a bit" mom said while moving to sit up against the headboard of the bed.

Luffy agreed and went out the door. As the door shut mom looked straight at me with a caring smile.

"I know this is weird and all, him showing up and you not knowing him, but he is your father and he cares about you. Besides him not being there wasn't entirely his fault" she started to tell me. I stood there with a blank face listening to her, I didn't know what else to do or feel. I never thought he would come. "long ago when I found out that I was pregnant we both agreed that it was not safe for you to grow up on a pirate ship. Too many people were after us, defiantly after your father became The Pirate King, more pirates showed up to try to take that title away. So we agreed that I will return to my home town and raise you til you were 16, an age I was comfortable enough with you to become a pirate. When you turned 16 we were both supposed to return to the crew. But now things have changed so when I wrote to your father about me being sick he agreed that 13 was a good enough age to join the crew since I don't have much longer and you still need a parent."

When she finished I was still dumbstruck, I didn't know what to say. Me leave this town and join my father's pirate crew? All these years of him not being here was to protect me?

"That still doesn't explain why he never visited, why he chose now to show up only when you are on death's bed when you have been dying for months now!"


"I will join but only for you. I don't really care that much about him but I will go. It will be fun to sail with pirates." I give her a smile to reassure her, I don't want to make things worse for her now. Besides it does sound fun from what my mother has told me about her time as a crew member.

"Okay great now send your father back in. I need to talk to him alone." I walked out the door and saw him leaning against the wall to my side. I looked at him nudged my head to the door and then left. I walked out if the house and went to the cliff were Bellemere's grave is. I sat down just looking out at the horizon. I didn't think, just sat and listened to the waves as they crashed in the shore below, enjoying the tranquility.

Nami's POV

When Luffy came in he had a defeated look on his face. Never have I once seen that look on him. I figured he heard me and Dachi's conversation.

"Luffy he doesn't hate you, he just doesn't know you or understand." He didn't say anything, just looked at the floor. "Once he gets to know you he won't be so distant with you. I am sure he will come around once he gets to see the real you"

"Ya think?" the smile was starting to reappear on his face. I smiled too.

"Of course he will. I mean how can anyone not like silly, crazy you?" He laughed then got serious again.

"You know I tried to stop here and see you guys, but with you gone we don't have a great navigator anymore. Robin does her best but still she isn't as great as you. Actually I'm surprised we got here when we did."

I laughed remembering how he could get lost in a paper bag and how the crew wasn't much better, especially Zoro who I know is just as bad as he is. "Yeah I know and the good thing about this is that Daichi knows how to navigate. I taught him everything I know and he might be even better than me."

"That's great because we still need one. I was leaving that spot open for when you were to come back..." His mood got glum again and he stopped talking. I gave him a soft smile.

"I've had a good life. I met you and joined the best crew there ever was with nakama who cared about me. Then I had Daichi and it got even better. Plus I get to see my family together for the first time. What is a better way to go out then with you and Daichi by my side?" I layed back down, sitting up this whole time was killing me. I tried to hide my pain so he wouldn't see it but I'm faltering a bit. I think he saw it too because I saw tears in his eyes again.

"I love you Nami"

"I love you too Luffy"

Just then Daichi came threw the door, he panicked when he saw my condition. He ran to the other side of the bed and the last think I remember before closing my eyes was the two important men in my life hovering over me. I've held on for so long just to see this moment. To see them together with me. I can finally let go.

Daichi's POV

I felt the hand I was holding go limp. No, no not now. Not now. I started crying, I couldn't hold it back. I laid my head down on the side of her bed to hide my face. I was still holding her hand as I tried to cry silently but failed. I was bawling. After a while I tried to catch my breath. I peeked over at the man on the other side to see his hate down covering his eyes but I couldn't miss the stream of tears running down his face.