Author's Notes: My first Ripley piece and it's so short. It's just a drabble, I know. Also, it's a little AU. Please review? *hopeful look*


Tom Ripley always carefully chose where to put his pieces in chess. He wasn't like Dickie, who moved almost without thinking, headlong into the game. Dickie always lost, and sometimes Tom wondered if he did it on purpose.

He skillfully moved his bishop forward, eyeing the pieces carefully. They looked like ivory, but Tom knew better. They were marble.

"These must have cost a fortune," he thought ruefully.

Tom dipped his hand into the warm emerald water, pursing his lips as it slid invisible and wet over his fingers, watching Dickie contemplate his next move. He couldn't help but look at his friend's bare chest, his neck, his jaw, and finally his face. Dickie Greenleaf was beautiful. Tom Ripley wanted him. Tom Ripley wanted to be him.

He watched as Dickie's face lit up and those blue eyes locked with his own. Dickie made a triumphant little noise, as if he knew he had won the game, and confidently moved his king. He smirked up at Tom.

"You can't do that," Tom protested, almost teasing and chuckling softly. "You just moved your king into check."

Dickie just licked his lips. "I know."