Eric Cartman, Mrs. Lianne Cartman and other South Park characters are trademarks of Comedy Central, and I do not have anything against the show South Park. I did not write this story to discredit the show as well.

Wario, who was thirty years old and still single, was in the concession line at the arena. He was standing patiently in line when he felt a bump on his backside. When Wario turned around, he noticed Eric Cartman was behind him. He appeared to be very excited about Bender's new performance. "Oh, I'm sorry, did I bump into you?" Cartman said to Wario. "Yes you did. That's okay, though." Wario said to Cartman. When Wario and Eric got their refreshments, they entered the auditorium. Wario found a good seat with Waluigi, while was still looking for a seat. "Eric!" Wario called. "You wanna sit with us?" "Okay." Cartman said. He then went over to an empty seat next to Wario. After the performance was over, there was a carnival with oodles of rides and game booths that were ran by Shy Guys and all other strange characters from the Mario land. Wario and Cartman rode bumper cars, a scrambler, and even took a few rides on the gravitron. After playing a few carnival games and having an ice cream sundae, they had a chat that night at Bender's mansion. "My friends say that I'm fat, but my mom says that I'm just big boned" Cartman said to Wario. "I'm fat, but I'm just fat because I was really greedy for a whole chocolate cake" Wario replied to Cartman. "I'm also greedy for money and treasure." He continued. After a few minutes of chit-chat, Cartman told Wario that it was time for him to go home. Wario didn't get to see Cartman too much after that night.

Several weeks later, Cartman was sitting alone at his house while his mother was working on the costumes for the Oddstock dance Sunday night. All was quiet at Eric Cartman's house until he heard a crowd indistinctly shouting and cheering, "Wario! Wario!". Cartman was thinking it was a party for Wario, so he left a note on the table for his mother and headed over to Bender's mansion. Meanwhile at Bender's mansion, there was loud techno music blaring in Bender's dance floor room. A group of people were dancing, laughing and singing. Wario was dancing on the karaoke stage. Wario later walked off the karaoke stage, bumping into Cartman while he was walking. "Oh, hi, Eric!" Wario said to Cartman. "Hi Wario. What is this party about anyway?" Cartman asked. "Munch got my game, Wario Land 4. He appears to like it a lot." Wario said to Cartman. He then told Cartman if he could go with him to breakfast tomorrow morning and spend the night. Cartman went home and asked his mother. She said yes. While Cartman was having dinner and spending the day with Wario, he got to meet Waluigi, Wario's younger brother, and Shadow the hedgehog, Wario and Waluigi's friend and mascot. That very night was a thunderstorm. Wario and Cartman went to sleep down in the game room of Bender's mansion where they would be safe.

The next night was the Oddstock dance. Before everyone went, they had some pasta that was made by Maria, Mario and Luigi's servant, because Bender insisted that his friends wouldn't go to the dance on an empty stomach. Cartman and Wario got into Wario's car, Waluigi and Shadow following. "Are you excited, Eric?" Wario asked Cartman. "I really am, Wario. You'll get to meet my mom." Cartman answered. His mother, Wario thought, I'll bet she's cute. When the first song was over, Wario noticed Cartman's mom at a table, all by herself. Wario went over to the table. "Hey gorgeous, was that seat taken?" Wario asked Cartman's mom "No." She said. "You must be Wario." She continued. "Yes, and what's your name?" Wario asked Mrs. Cartman. "My name is Lianne." Lianne answered.

"So.shall we dance, my dear?" Wario asked Lianne. "Certainly." Lianne said to Wario. Mrs. Cartman and Wario danced the night away at Abe's Place. After the dance, she and Eric went home. Mrs. Cartman thanked Wario for keeping Eric Cartman occupied throughout the weekend. Wario hoped to see Mrs. Cartman again tomorrow.