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Cleo's P.O.V

I'm at the docks with Lewis, and I hand him his fishing pole.

"Thanks" he says. "You're welcome" I reply smiling.

He takes hold of my hands after placing his fishing pole in his speed boat.

"You could come with me you know" he says. I love him so much.

I would love nothing more than to spend time with him, but I promised Rikki and Emma I would hang out with them.

"I know, but I promised the girls" I tell him. "Yes, I understand…" he says looking slightly disappointed. "But, I'll miss you" he finishes. "You'll only be gone an hour" I say leaning in for a kiss as he does the same.

"Aww, do you really have to do that in public?" questions Rikki making Lewis and I stop before we can kiss.

"Uh… Yes we do" he says. Rikki and Emma walk towards us.

"We've got to get a move on. We have plenty to do before the full moon" Emma says being controlling.

"Be extra careful. I have a theory it will be a special one tonight" says Lewis concern lacing his voice.

I admire how much he cares about us. "We can handle anything the full moon throws at us" says Rikki. "Bye Lewis" says Emma. They say walking away, and Lewis and I kiss. "Ugg! Please" complains Rikki. She then grabs my arm and drags me away with her and Emma.

I wave goodbye to Lewis and smile. I love him so much. I don't want anything to ruin Emma and Rikki and I's friendship, and Charlotte is still there as a mermaid.

We walk towards the Juice Net Café.

"I thought we we're staying at your place" I tell Emma. "We are, but it doesn't mean we can't get a juice first." "And… chat with a certain guy behind the counter" says Rikki picking on Emma in a friendly way.

As we walk there I see Charlotte in jeans, a tank-top and a purple cardigan over it.

"Umm… guys" I say and they stop. They notice Charlotte. She sees us and covers her face in aggravation.

"Do you think we should warn her about the full moon tonight? She hasn't experienced one yet" asks Emma.

Emma doesn't like Charlotte as much as we do, but it's nice to know she's still considerate. And then there's Rikki. "No, Let her find out" she says. "And let her reveal our secret to the world?" counters Emma. Rikki stops before entering the café and turns around crossing her arms.

"Fine, but I'm not telling her"

I know I'm definitely not doing it, because of the problems I've had with her.

"Don't look at me" I say raising my hand. "She hates me now that I'm with Lewis" I say pulling my arm down gripping my elbow. Emma sighs.

"We'll all do it together… come on" she says. We start towards Charlotte.

"Hi Charlotte" calls Emma, and Charlotte starts standing up to leave. Well, we tried.

"Um…" Em begins running in front of Charlotte. "We thought you would want to know…" she says, but then decides to reword it "we better remind you of the full moon tonight" she says. "You need to stay indoors and stay away from the light of the full moon" she says. Charlotte looks aggravated.

"Where trying to make sure you're ready" says Rikki defensively.

"Well I don't need your advice. I'm more mermaid then all three of you put together" she snaps.

She then lifts us all in the air. I flail around frantically. "Hey" Ash begins, and Charlotte lets us drop. I scream and hit the ground hard. A pain shoots through my body. "We were only trying to warn you" I say to her. "I was just returning the favor" she replies wickedly.

"Consider yourselves warned" she says turning on her heels and walking away. "Yeah that was a bad idea" says Rikki bitterly. "Are you alright?" asks Ash running over to Emma. "What happened?" he questions.

Lewis' P.O.V

"Full moon tonight" I state. "Strongest one for years" I state again.

"How many years" asks Max. "By my calculations 50" I say. "Well then you've worked it out" he replies. "I've been studying the planets cycles, just like you did 50 years ago. Everything is falling into place Max" I say

"But, there's more Lewis, much more" he says cranking the mechanism with the planets. "All the planets are lined up with the moon. The force that is released is extraordinary" he says.

What more is to it? "I get the increasing gravitational pull" I say confused.

"Ah, it's not just a physical force, its other stuff" he replies.

"Uh, magic?" I guess. "I couldn't think of a better word for it either. The stronger the force get's the greater magic, and it can take away what it gave" he says. "You mean their powers?" I ask, but I'm sure I'm right, and then I wonder how long the effects last.

"For half a day, like the eclipse?" I ask remembering the time with . "Forever" says Max. "So, keep the girls away from Mako tonight… especially the moon pool" he says.

Cleo's P.O.V

"I can't believe she did that" Lewis says shocked.

"We've got the bruises to prove it" states Rikki. She's not wrong. I rub my shoulder because it's aching. "Are you alright?" asks Lewis. "Yeah, I'll be okay. I'm just a little bit sore" I say. "Let me have a look" he says looking at my shoulder.

"In case you were wondering we did survive too…" says Rikki "no thanks to you" she finishes bitterly. I can't help but smile at that. "It wasn't Lewis' fault" I say sticking up for him.

"No it was his PHYCO EXGIRLFRIEND" she says emphasizing psycho ex girlfriend.

Charlotte's P.O.V

I sit in the booth at the café and think.

What if Cleo, Rikki, and Emma were telling the truth, or what if the full moon gives you power they don't want me to have? Nothing can replace the anger that is inside me right now, except maybe the person who just sat at my booth.

"Hi" he says and I smile a genuine smile. "I know you'd come looking for me. I've missed you" I say.

"Charlotte things are getting out of hand here. You can't go around using your powers against the girls" Lewis says sternly. "You really need to get some perspective on what's happened" he says. I reach out for his hand staring into those beautiful green eyes.

"I want us to be together again" I say.

"That's…" he begins thrusting my hand off of his. "That's not going to happen" I realize in those words he will never love me. He will always love her, Cleo Setori!

"I'm with Cleo now" he says. I bet she is the reason he's turned against me!

"She turned you against me!" I say offended.

"Nobody's done anything to me, I make my own decisions" he says trying to protect her.

Cleo will pay deeply for what she's done.

"I won't let you make that mistake Lewis" I say, and I won't. I'm the right girl for him.

He places his head in his hands.

"Okay listen to me; this full moon is going to be stronger than we've ever experienced, and you need to be ready for it. Stay inside tonight for your own good, believe me" he finishes.

Why do people keep telling me what to do? Maybe he does really care about me though and is protecting me.

"I do Lewis, I believe you" I say.

He walks away and I look longingly at him. I want to be with him so bad it aches, and I will do anything to make sure I'm the girls he's with, not Cleo.