I absolutely love Frozen with a passion. I have never had a favorite Disney Princess until this movie. I've been listening to the soundtrack non-stop ever since I saw it. I know I'm not the only one. So, I had to write my own fan fiction about it. It's the itch, guys, like… you know what I'm talking about.

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The summer was hot. She honestly had no idea that it could get this hot. Was it always this hot? Ew… who likes being hot like this in a stuffy nightgown? Even if the windows were thrown open, the warm air still cursed the room. She was suddenly incredibly jealous of Kristoff, who was currently up north collecting ice, the heat causing great demand all across Arendelle. He must be freezing cold, bundled up with Sven in a blizzard… lucky.

Anna groaned, tumbling out of her bed and landing on the carpet below her. It wasn't much of a change from her blankets, although she wasn't steaming like a lobster the cook prepared every once in a while when the season was good. It was still hot. Another pang of jealousy surged through her when her mind landed on her sister. She was so lucky! At least Elsa had ice powers and she could create a nice, personal cold front in her room to avoid the heat of the summer nights.

The young princess perked up. Elsa! Of course!

She scampered to her feet and started towards the door, ripping it open and tearing down the hall. Her bare feet hit the wooden floors with a dull pound. She reached the main hallway that led to Elsa's room and ran onto the loose carpet. She slipped and went flying past the queen's room, crashing to the floor. Grumbling and cursing, Anna got back to her feet and threw the doors open.

A wave of cold blew past her and Anna shivered pleasantly. She was so glad that Elsa could control the cold even while in deep slumber. Anna crept quietly across the room and paused by her sister's bed, flashing back to when they were children and shared a room. When Anna would get up in the middle of the night to play in the snow outside. But there was no snow outside, only within Elsa until the real winter hit the kingdom. There was something in the back of Anna's head that told her that they never did go outside to play in the snow at night… She couldn't quite recall the memories, for they were all fuzzy, so she shook it off, wiggling her fingers nervously.

The sky wasn't awake so what excuse could Anna give Elsa for disturbing her? "I'm hot" didn't seem like a great reason in Anna's mind. Elsa would probably send her out of the room with an angry grunt and a snowball at her head. The strawberry blonde tiptoed around her sister's bed and peeked over the covers, spying only the top of the ice colored hair of the queen. Anna decided she had no choice but to give her sister the same ploy she put up with as children.

With that idea, Anna let her body collapse over Elsa's and let out a whine. Elsa opened one eye, wondering why her sibling had decided to annoy her tonight.

"What is it, Anna?" she asked groggily.

"I can't sleep!" Anna complained, putting all her weight on the bed. "It's too hot outside and inside and I don't have powers like you do!" She put a hand to her forehead dramatically.

"Too bad," the sleepy queen grumbled, pushing her sister off the bed with a smile. "Go back to bed."

Anna sat on the floor with a pout, gazing out the window. The full moon hung in the sky, drowning the room in its light. The cool air Elsa controlled felt nice on her skin, pleasant goosebumps forming on her arms. She crawled up her sister's blankets again and smiled, her blue eyes dancing with excitement.

"Do you wanna build a snowman?" she said in a sing-song voice.

Elsa's eyes opened all the way, her stomach churning with unpleasant memories, the air becoming colder than it had been before. The thought of hurting Anna years ago still haunted her. That platinum streak in Anna's hair had long since vanished after their big summer adventure a month ago but the mistake didn't vanish from Elsa's life. She really wanted to say no and send her sister back to bed without an argument. But when she peered around to look at her with a determined expression, it faltered when she spotted the sad pout and puppy eyes Anna was famous for.

She couldn't resist that face. With a smile, reminiscing about the fun they had before the accident, the air grew a little warmer with affection. Elsa hopped out of bed and dragged Anna downstairs to a ballroom, the two of them giggling like children again, Elsa trying to hush Anna as not to wake the others.

They entered the ballroom and Elsa instantly filled the place with a makeshift snow storm, the entire room becoming caked in ice and snow. Anna's eyes were full of wonder, as if she were seeing the magic for the first time in forever. Which was mostly true since she never remembered Elsa had powers until recently. Anna raised her palms to the sky and twirled around the room, gathering the snow in her hands. Elsa watched her sister, the old nostalgic feeling creeping into her heart. Anna looked younger again, like she was still that same little girl who was never afraid of her sister's powers. She then grabbed Elsa's hand and brought her to the middle, the siblings working in tandem as they made a snowman, poking holes in its face for eyes and a mouth, no coal at their disposal. Elsa made an icicle for a nose and stuck it in the middle, stepping back in line with Anna to observe their work.

As the night went on, Elsa made her way around the room, observing the gift she had been born with when a snowball collided with the side of her head. She turned to see Anna, spluttering and giggling behind her hand. Elsa raised her eyebrow with a smirk and put her hands over her head, creating a much larger snowball above her. Anna let out an excited squeal and started to run off but Elsa ran after her, laughing like a child again. Elsa tossed the snowball but Anna hit the deck, the slush soaring over her head and exploding against a pillar, spraying the two girls with the powdery snow. Anna laughed harder, rolling onto her back and letting the snow fall onto her freckled face.

The queen glided over and fell with flop beside Anna, the snow crunching beneath her weight. They stared up at the ceiling, the air nice and cool, the heat of the summer night no longer giving Anna any concern. She rubbed her eye with the heel of her hand and addressed Elsa quietly.

"Did you ever miss this as a kid? When we would go outside and build a snowman?" she wondered.

Elsa frowned. "Yes…" She fell silent, trying to hold back any tears from escaping as the nights spent with her little sister playing in this very room flowed through her head. "I missed this everyday."

Anna sat up, brushing the snow off of her nightgown. Elsa followed suit, watching her intently. The younger of the two sighed, drawing her knees up to her chest.

"Elsa… why wouldn't you play with me when we were little? Was it because of the powers you had?" Anna looked into Elsa's eyes, hoping for a straight answer. The queen ran a hand through her platinum hair.

"Mama and Papa wanted to keep you safe," she answered quietly. "And I didn't want to hurt you."

"But we used to play all the time!" Anna exclaimed, spreading her arms. "Why did it stop so suddenly?"

Elsa stood up and started to walk around the room, her feet leaving footprints in the snow. She rubbed her arms distractedly. She knew that Anna would ask this one day. She was bound to once she found out about the powers. It was a natural question but it was so hard to avoid… so hard to answer.

"Elsa, please," Anna said gently, not getting up. "I know that you're hiding something."

She bit her lip, turning towards Anna with a helpless expression. Anna didn't speak anymore, simply waiting for Elsa to come clean with whatever she had been hiding for thirteen years. Shutting herself away from the world because of her powers?

"Anna… when I tell you this, you have to understand that it was an accident," Elsa said painfully, the air becoming a bitter cold. "You have to understand that I was eight years old and I didn't know any better."

The princess drew herself up, showing she was paying close attention. Elsa took in a breath and let it out, seeing it flow from her lips and vanish in the room.

"You knew I had powers long ago," Elsa said carefully. "We used to come in here all the time and play. But one night, you were bouncing too fast from snow pile to snow pile and I couldn't catch you in time. I slipped and watched you as you were about to fall. I reached out and… some of my magic escaped my grasp and…" Elsa closed her eyes and ground her teeth, becoming frustrated with herself. The room got colder. "It hit you in the head and you were unconscious for a long time. Mama and Papa took us to see the trolls and they cured you but removed any memory of me having my abilities. You still remembered playing in the snow with me but… it was never like this." She waved a hand around the room. "It was to protect you so something like that would never happen again."

Elsa opened her eyes and looked at her sister, expecting the worse kind of reaction out of her. All Anna did was stare, unsure of what to say. It felt as if warm water was washing over her head and everything became clear. Anna remembered slowly, little bits and pieces of the childhood games they would play together in the ballroom and how happy they were. A little mistake like that had completely wiped away their relationship in a flash and Anna never knew.

But now… she had her sister back. They could make up for lost time. They could play together again and it didn't matter whether or not they were older! Anna missed what they had so much and this new discovery made her heart swell. Elsa had never meant to ignore Anna with cruelty. She was just trying to be a good sister and protect her!

Anna got to her feet and marched over to Elsa, her head held high. Elsa watched, not knowing what to do and cringed, expecting a slap or a push. Instead, Anna graced her with a warm hug, the cold air slowly growing warmer. Anna was shaking as she held onto her, tears dripping down her cheeks.

"Elsa," was all Anna could choke out.

"Anna, I'm so sorry," Elsa gasped, clinging to Anna, the ice beginning to thaw. "What I did was terrible… I never meant to hurt you or shut you out." She wouldn't let the stinging tears fall. That would cause a blizzard if she wasn't careful.

"Elsa, I know," Anna said gently, pulling away and wiping her eyes. "I know you would never mean to hurt me like that. I could never imagine you doing it."

"But your heart… from before," Elsa said, her eyes drifting away from her sister's face. "I could've killed you… I still can if I'm not careful."

"You won't," Anna said, smiling with determination. "I know you won't. You have more control now than you ever have. I have trust in you… you're my sister and I love you."

Elsa's ice thawed, the window panes dripping with the melted snow, the moon shining above the two girls. Elsa smiled, too, and felt relief and affection wash over her heart. Anna was truly amazing. Never afraid, always willing to accept. She was so lucky to have her as a sister. She had thought, when her powers had been revealed before, that Anna would have been afraid of her. It was quite a shock to Elsa when Anna appeared at the Ice Palace to beg for her to come home. When they grew up, it had been a natural occurrence and now that Anna knew again, it was as if nothing had changed between the pair of them.

"Thank you, Anna, for believing in me," Elsa whispered. "I don't know how long I could have kept that from you. But Mama and Papa did it to protect you from me. Just know that, okay?"

"I'm just glad that we're back together as sisters again," Anna said softly, taking Elsa's hand and pressing their palms together, their fingers spreading. Elsa's hand wasn't much bigger than Anna's. "Like how we were meant to be."

Elsa felt her smile grow. Anna grinned cheekily at her.

"Anyway, thanks for making it snow," Anna said, quickly changing the subject. Elsa sighed knowingly at how off track she could get. So much for a tender moment. "It was getting too hot in my room."

"You good now?" Elsa laughed as they made their way out of the ballroom. She flicked her finger and the water evaporated from the floor.

"Much better!" Anna nodded, the two walking up the stairs. "It pays off to have an amazing sister with ice powers!"

"It pays off to have an amazing sister who loves them," Elsa added. They reached Anna's room, the door still thrown open from Anna's hurry to get to Elsa. "Good night."

"Good night, Elsa!" Anna chimed, entering her room and closing the doors gently, Elsa making her way back to her own bedroom.

She smiled pleasantly to herself as she entered the room, closing the door behind her. She was so happy to have found comfort again, the snow in the air of her room falling gently, softly— just as Elsa felt. The frozen feeling of her heart seemed to melt as well, glad to have been able to receive a wondrous sister like Anna, so faithful and understanding. Elsa, for once in a long time, felt love unlike any other. Anna had opened her eyes to so much and now? Now Elsa was comfortable in her own body, with her powers doing everything to help her.

And it was all, truly, thanks to Anna.

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