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"Not to worry, your Majesty," Kai said, patting Elsa's shoulder kindly. "Gerda and I will take care of everything here in your absence."

"That would be appreciated. Thank you," Elsa said with a nod.

Recently, Elsa and Anna had been invited for a birthday celebration in Corona by their cousin Rapunzel. It was about time that they visit since their meeting after the Great Thaw. When all was well, Rapunzel had introduced herself properly to the queen and princess, who were ecstatic to meet her after all this time.

A year later, it was another birthday for Rapunzel, turning twenty-two, and she made sure that her cousins were on the top of the list. Anna was a cross between thrilled and frantic. Thrilled to finally go somewhere outside of her country but frantic about going on a boat— for all she could think about was the tragic death of their parents. Elsa was a more level-headed about it all but she shared similar worries with her little sister.

Yet there they were: watching their luggage being carried onto the boat. Kristoff, Olaf, and Sven were staying behind in order to assist Kai and Gerda in Arendelle and were seeing the two girls off. As Elsa spoke with Kai about what needed to be done, Anna and Kristoff were saying their goodbyes.

"You're going to be fine," Kristoff assured her, pressing a kiss onto her temple. "And I'll be here waiting for you once you get back."

Anna nodded into his embrace. He chuckled softly, lifting her chin up with his finger so she could meet his eyes. She smiled at him, feeling uplifted that she had something worth coming back to. They shared a chaste kiss before Anna walked backwards towards the docks. With a wave, she turned around and headed into the boat.

Elsa left Kai and gave Olaf a warm hug, telling him to behave himself. He chuckled good-naturedly and snuggled into her hug, promising to do just so. Elsa then patted Kristoff on the arm with a friendly wink before following her sister on board.

The citizens waved goodbye as the boat started to leave port. Some were cheering, others wished them safe travels. The royal siblings waved back with broad grins. Anna blew a few kisses and Elsa flicked her wrist, sending a small flurry of snow their way as a goodbye.

When Arendelle was well into the distance, they stopped waving goodbye and sighed, leaning on the railing of the quarter deck. The captain, Julius, came up from behind them and told them to follow. He led them through the hatch and into the hold. They walked by a few workers until they reached a room right below the captain's quarters. The room was private, separated from the rest of the crew, where the girls would be staying throughout their journey. Two separate beds on either side of the room, a wardrobe, and two writing desks filled the area.

"You'll be residing here," Julius told them. "But you're welcome to come up on deck. I'm sure the crew would enjoy some company other than themselves, eh? Dinner will be served at seven tonight." He took out a map and tapped it gently with his finger. "And we should be arriving at Corona in three days time with good weather and wind. Rest assured, Majesties, no storms upon the horizon." He smiled at them before shoving the map back in his coat. "Any questions?"

They shook their heads.

"Excellent. I'll be in my cabin if you need me." Julius bowed himself out, shutting the door behind him. The girls heard him shout orders to the crew as he made his way back onto the main deck.

Elsa let out a tired grunt and plopped herself onto her bed, running her hands over her face. "Okay… it's just a boat. Just a boat, just a boat," she repeated over and over. "We're gonna be fine."

The ship rocked against the turbulence of the wind outside causing her to jump. The room got colder with her fear and she swallowed, biting her lip. Anna sat beside her and wrapped one arm around Elsa's shoulders.

"We're gonna be fine," she echoed. "Elsa… I'm nervous, too, but I think Mama and Papa will make sure we get there safe and sound."

"…You're right," Elsa nodded. "You're absolutely right."

"I know I'm right!" Anna laughed.

The rest of their trip was actually quite convivial. Elsa would take turns between standing beside the quartermaster and watching the sea, speaking with the captain, and drawing as she sat on barrels that were around the ship. She was wearing lightweight clothes and a pair of pants from one of her many adventures with Anna when they disguised themselves as boys for a day. It made for more comfortable positions around the ship.

Anna was also donning pants and, like Elsa, wore a blouse rather than their shirts and vests. She was hanging off the shrouds and engaged the crew in some shanties, singing at the top of her voice.

"Heave a pawl, O heave away," Anna would chant.

The crew would join in, "Weigh hey, roll and go!"

Anna: "The anchor's on board and the cables's all stored."

All: "To be rollicking randy dandy-O!"

So it was quite an entertaining journey for all. It seemed like everyone on board really adored both girls. Elsa even let loose and sang a few shanties she had been taught by some sailors when she was younger. They got involved and assisted in the activities of the crew, making sure everything was up to date and working. It took some persuading but they managed to get them all to agree in their help.

By the last night of the trip, the sisters were exhausted and ready to conk out in soft feather beds waiting for them in Corona. But their little cots in their cabin were the only things that would tend to their aching limbs at this point.

Elsa and Anna collapsed onto their respective beds before falling asleep instantly, waiting for the morning to come and announce their arrival in the land of Corona.

"Land ho!" was what woke them up. "Stand by to dock, men! Someone wake Queen Elsa and Princess Anna!"

Elsa and Anna sat up slowly, yawning and stretching away their dreams. The princess slumped against the headboard of her bed, refusing to let sleep claim her again but having a hard time staying awake. Elsa was better at waking up so she was out of bed, strolling around the room and picking a suitable dress for their arrival. What followed shortly afterward was a hearty banging on their door.

"Your Majesty, your Highness," a crew member barked. "Corona is in our sights."

"Thank you!" Elsa called back, slipping her dress over her head.

Anna, of course, was still half asleep, dozing off against the headboard of the bed. Elsa rolled her eyes with an endearing smile before picking up her pillow and chucking it across the cabin hitting Anna in the face.

"Wake up, goofball," Elsa said.

"I'm awake!" Anna muttered, crawling out of bed. "Just sleepy. Can't I be sleepy?"

"You can but you shouldn't be," Elsa countered. "Corona awaits!"

At the mention of the foreign kingdom, Anna perked up and grinned widely.

"Oh, right! Corona!"

She bounded around the cabin before grabbing her dress. She struggled with it until she tripped over her own feet, landing on top of Elsa by accident. The collision sent them flying onto the floor, both of them letting out short screams of surprise.

"You moron!" Elsa whined from beneath the one-hundred-and-ten pounds that was her sister. "Get off of me!"

"I'm sorry!" came Anna's muffled response, her head stuck in her dress. "The boat threw me off balance."

"You liar," Elsa grunted, shoving Anna upwards. "Your feet are to blame. That and your clumsiness."

"I'm not apologizing for being a klutz," Anna replied hotly, tugging her head through the neckline. "But I'm apologizing for falling onto you."

Elsa got to her feet and brushed herself off. "I accept. Now fix your hair. It's worse than a lion's mane."

"Like you would know."

"Just do it. I'm going on deck."

Elsa opened the door and stepped over the threshold, closing it behind her. She reached the deck and met with Julius and the quartermaster by the helm, watching the island Corona get closer and closer with each passing moment. There were a few boats bobbing in the waters around the kingdom, some setting up for the birthday celebration, others fishing. The kingdom was about the same size as Arendelle, if not a little bigger, and very crowded.

"Whoa," came a gasp from Anna as she climbed the steps to join the others. She stood beside Elsa and gawked at her cousin's kingdom. "It's gorgeous!"

"It is," Elsa agreed breathlessly. "I'm actually excited."

"Me too! It'll be such a change from Arendelle. I can't wait to go on shore and see the sights! Ooh, you and I can release the lanterns together." Anna grinned and clapped her hands excitedly. "This is gonna be so much fun!"

"Prepare to moor!" shouted Julius. "Dock coming up fast, men!"

The girls viewed the crew as they scrambled around the boat to follow orders. Their boat reached the docks and came to a slow stop. One of the crew members clambered down onto the docks and tied the boat securely to keep it in place until the royal sisters were set to head back home.

"There you are, Majesties," Julius said, spreading one arm. "The boys and I will make sure your luggage arrives safely to the castle. You are to meet with Princess Rapunzel at noon in the marketplace. Until then, enjoy yourselves."

"Thank you, Captain," Elsa said with a bow. "For everything."

He laughed. "Have a good time, Queen Elsa. Same to you, Princess Anna."

"See you soon! C'mon, Elsa!" Anna chimed, grabbing her sister's hand.

They bounded down the ramp and onto the sea stained wood of the docks. They passed the people who came to see what foreign ship was here to visit. Some oohed and aahed at the sight of the royal sisters, clapping and cheering for their allies from Arendelle. They waved back as they continued on into the city with fervor.

"The buildings are so tall!" Elsa cried with joy as they finally left the docks.

They headed deeper into town. The sights, the smells, and the sounds reached their senses, hyping them up with every step. They walked by a crowded shop with large display windows with several mannequins donned in dresses of all colors. Anna tried to peek through but the area was so congested she only caught glimpses of outfits she liked.

"Look! That dress shop has that gown I saw in the Christmas catalogue from last year!" Anna reminded, jabbing a finger towards the display window.

"Let's go, silly, before we get swallowed," Elsa laughed.

"But the dress!" Anna whined, allowing herself to be dragged away from the window.

The sisters kept going until they hit a cobblestone corner where a sign hung over a board door. The word LIBRARY was painted on it and Elsa snuck a peak inside. The scent of musty books and pages full of knowledge hit her full in the face. The let out a desperate noise as Anna tugged on her hand.

"The library!" Elsa's eye widened. "I… I gotta go in there!"

"Hold on! We're still touring the area," Anna said, tugging harder.

Elsa pouted rather dramatically and shut the door, hanging her head. Anna giggled and lifted Elsa's chin up.

"Oh, knock it off. We'll come back— both for the dresses and the books," Anna winked. "Deal?"

Elsa nodded. "Deal."

They kept touring the town, gaping at everything around them. They continued to voice their new discoveries, getting more and more excited about their adventure away from home.

"I can see the palace from here!" Anna pointed out.

And there it was, the very top of the castle jutting out from the roofs and chimneys from where they were standing.

"Wow. It's so tall," Elsa said. "It's probably way bigger than our castle."

"Corona is… huge."

"It's far prosperous than Arendelle. We're a smaller kingdom anyway but it's similar to Corona in that we don't have a formal military or the big connections with other countries. They trade with kingdoms like ours to keep small places running. Corona is one of many—"

"All right! Enough with the Economics and Government lesson," Anna drawled with a roll of her eyes. "I've heard the spiel before."

"Okay, you're right. Sorry. I wonder if there are any museums," Elsa whispered as they went on their way.

"What kind of people are in Corona?" Anna added. "Ooh, look!"

"Cute boys!" they sang simultaneously in hushed tones, beaming at one another as a group of said attractive males walked by.

"Maybe we can find you a boyfriend, Els," Anna teased.

Elsa glared at her playfully and shoved her hand into Anna's face, pushing the giggling princess backwards.

They entered the main street to witness the preparations for Rapunzel's birthday bash. There were purple banners with a golden sun stamped in the middle all over the city. Carts pulled by horses were cutting through the crowd, vendors were selling cupcakes, and the entire area was full of excitement.

"This is wonderful!" Elsa clapped her hands.

"It's so grand! I mean, look at all the colors," Anna said, spreading her arms. "I love Arendelle, don't get me wrong, but this place is way livelier."

"It's like a dream," Elsa added. "And nobody is following us around like they do back home. I think we've found a place where we can belong without judgement. Nobody is afraid of my powers or is expectant of us to be perfect."

"I know!" Anna cheered. "C'mon, we're gonna be late to meet Rapunzel!"

"I'm coming," Elsa laughed, allowing Anna to drag her through the cobblestone streets to head into the marketplace.

"C'mon, c'mon, c'mon!" Anna chanted.

"Relax or you're gonna trip all over again."

"Oh, hush up with you."

Elsa giggled as they climbed up the hilly walkways. The citizens were rushing by as they made their way through their daily routines, not paying any mind to the two new girls running around the kingdom. They ended up in the huge central plaza and marketplace where a stupendous mural of the King, the Queen, and a baby Rapunzel was displayed, looking over the people of Corona.

As they pushed their way around the market looking for Rapunzel, Elsa stole a brief glance at the Queen's placid expression. Her deep green eyes bore into Elsa's skin and the Snow Queen froze in her tracks.

"Els? What are you doing?" Anna's voice was distant, Elsa's hand slipping out of hers. "Elsa…"

The blonde shoved through the crowd until she was a few feet in front of the mural. The King and little princess didn't matter to her. She felt like she was staring into the eyes and face of a ghost; a haunting apparition of someone she once loved very dearly.

She was barely aware of Anna calling her name. Her focus was zeroed onto the Queen of Corona…

Her mother's sister. Her Aunt of whom she had never met once. For all the time she was ever mentioned, the news of her missing daughter— Rapunzel, of course— would be brought up gravely. She didn't know if Anna was aware of the incident that had lasted for eighteen years until, well, four years ago.

"Hey! Over here!"

A cheerful voice tore her away from the self inflicted daze. Anna was tugging at her arm, pointing ecstatically in the direction of the voice.

"Rapunzel! Elsa, look!" Anna cried.

The spunky brunette was running over to them with a huge grin splayed across her freckled cheeks. The crowd surrounding them parted like the Red Sea for their beloved princess to rush down before enveloping her cousins into a tight embrace.

"It's so good to see you two!" Rapunzel chimed. "I'm glad you made it."

"Wouldn't miss it for the world," Elsa told her genuinely.

"I can't believe we're here," Anna giggled as the hug was disbanded. "This is so exciting! Ooh, Punzie, I have got to see the palace. Elsa and I also want to check out a bunch of the shops around town afterward. I know we can totally do that during the celebration but there's so much to do! I don't remember ever having this much fun and thrill all in my face since the winter ball last year!"

"Don't worry, you'll get everything done by the end of the celebration," Rapunzel assured with a laugh. "My parents are waiting for us at the castle. They can't wait to meet you."

Elsa's elated grin faltered slightly but wasn't noticed by the two princesses dragging her up to the grand palace that housed the royal family. As they approached the steps that ascended to the main doors of the palace, Elsa's legs grew heavy with nervousness.

Was she ready to meet the image of her mother after four years of being without her?

She glanced at Anna and saw the tiniest bit of unease in her teal eyes. They met Elsa's icy ones and there was the exchange of an understanding smile. So Anna was very aware of the fact they were going to meet the person who was as close as their mother as they were going to get.

They reached the doors where the King and Queen were waiting for them with adoring smiles on their faces. When Rapunzel let go of them, both sisters made sure to smooth down their hair and catch their breath before addressing their Aunt and Uncle.

"Mom, Dad… meet Elsa and Anna," Rapunzel introduced. She stood in between the pairs and gestured towards the girls first. "Elsa, Anna… these are my parents King Thomas and Queen Primrose. Your… ah…" She seemed to realize the weight of the meeting and quieted down, pressing her lips together in anticipation.

Primrose was the first to step out, looking at each girl in turn. They were the spitting images of their mother. Those same big eyes, the button nose… Elsa the most of all. She was gazing into her sister's face once again and her heart was breaking and mending at the same time.

"Hi…" Elsa croaked.

"Hello," Anna added, a watery smile blessing her features. "Auntie Primrose… if I may so bold, ha." Her laugh was weak with trembling vocal cords.

Primrose beamed and opened her arms. The girls rushed into the embrace; the oh-so-familiar embrace. One of which their mother would give them when they were small.

"It's wonderful to finally meet you," Primrose breathed. "I'm so glad you managed to come all the way here."

"You and me both," Elsa replied.

They stepped back, Primrose resting a gentle hand on Elsa's cold cheek.

"Too young… too young and beautiful to be a queen," she whispered.

Elsa flushed. "It's not all that bad. Really… I cope. Anna helps."

"I do!" Anna chimed in. "We make do with everything. Arendelle has never been as prosperous and cared for as it is in Elsa's care."

"Over exaggeration," Elsa said modestly.

"I believe it's true," Thomas spoke up finally. "I've heard nothing but good things about Arendelle."

Elsa was beet red, her eyes glued to the stone ground beneath her as her relatives laughed good heartedly.

"Come along, girls," Primrose said, her hands resting on both Elsa and Anna's shoulders. "We'll show you around…"

The next day, Elsa was having a hard time keeping up with Rapunzel and Anna as they skipped around the town in a shopping frenzy. Eugene had tagged along but was immediately regretting it for his arms were heavy with parcels galore from every shop they hit. Elsa managed to slip into the library when the two bubbly princesses took the dress salon by storm.

She met them outside a short while later, books to read at her leisure over the trip tucked under her arm. Anna was gushing over her new dress, the one she had been eyeing on the first day, which was now situated in a neatly wrapped bundle in her hands.

"This is so fabulous!" Anna squealed.

"I'm starving," Rapunzel complained, rubbing her stomach.

"We can go get something to eat at the marketplace," Eugene suggested. "I'm sure that there will be something all you girls would like."

"What about you?" Rapunzel asked him. "Aren't you hungry?"

"I could eat but my arms are about to give out," he grinned. "I'll catch up with you later, Blondie." He pressed a kiss to her temple. "I love you. See you soon."

"I love you, too!" Rapunzel called after him as he sauntered back up to the castle. "Stay safe."

"Safe is my middle name," Eugene called back, earning a laugh from all three girls.

"Let's go," Rapunzel coaxed, "before my stomach eats itself."

After lunch, the continued to tour the city with Rapunzel as their guide. They walked along the sandy beaches once they got across the great bridge connecting Corona to the mainland. A splash war was declared almost at once by Anna when she kicked up the water, smacking Elsa in the back with the chilly ocean. The queen yelped— more so at the shock of the water than at the cold— and retaliated almost at once. Rapunzel joined in and the three were sopping wet by the time Elsa cried for surrender.

"Ugh, this dress was new," Elsa whined, flopping down onto the shore.

"Boo hoo," Anna teased. "You have tens of thousands of dresses back home."

"I'm starting sound like you," Elsa countered slyly.


Elsa burst out laughing, falling over on her back. The sun warmed her skin pleasantly but she was waiting for the burning sensation to overtake her cold complexion any minute. She stared up at the blue sky and relished in the peacefulness of not having to rule a kingdom once in a blue moon.

"I can't wait for the big celebration," Anna hummed dreamily.

"It's beautiful," Rapunzel said. "The lanterns get released into the night sky… it's just breathtaking. Sometimes I forget that it's really to celebrate me and I get carried away by the magic of it all."

"That's the wonderful thing about modesty," Elsa said, draping her arm over her eyes. "You give your own gifts and share them with others. The lanterns are a prime example for you."

"You think so?" Rapunzel said.

"Of course," Elsa said, squeezing her eyes shut against the pressure of her arm. "I for one can't wait for the legendary floating lights."

"It will be the perfect end to a perfect vacation," Anna sighed.

She yawned widely before curling up next to Elsa, resting her head in the crook between Elsa's neck and shoulder; and the arm that wasn't covering Elsa's eyes snaked around Anna's shoulders protectively and instinctively.

"I'm ready for a nice nap," Anna mumbled.

"Me too," Elsa agreed.

Rapunzel giggled. "I think I'll take you up on that." She rested beside Anna on her back, hands behind her head.

The three girls relaxed into the warm sand, the water just barely lapping at their toes. They all drifted off, the sun basking them in the powerful light, the shade of the trees draping their upper bodies in response. A cool breeze wandered by, rolled over the sleeping cousins, and then continued on.

When Elsa woke up, the sun was hanging low in the sky, casting an orange glow over the sparkling sea. She was about to sit up but Anna was still glued to her side. With an endearing smile, Elsa continued to relax in the sand instead, waiting for the two girls to wake up.

"Hng… Elsa?" Anna muttered, cracking one eye open. "You awake?"

"Mhm," Elsa responded. "Get up, sleepyhead. It must be supper soon."

"Ooh, yeah. I'm hungry again," Rapunzel spoke up suddenly, startling the sisters. She started to crack up. "I've been awake for a good ten minutes, sorry. You two looked too content for me to wake you up yet."

"Thanks," Anna laughed, jumping to her feet and hoisting Elsa up with her. "We needed a nap."

"This one couldn't sleep last night," Elsa said, jabbing a thumb at Anna. "She was far too excited to be here."

"Well, duh!" Anna retorted as they made their way back into town. "I couldn't wait to explore!" She spread her arms and twirled theatrically around the older girls. "I can't help it! I love color, noise, and shine!"

"Everyday," Elsa muttered to Rapunzel. "I deal with this everyday." The brunette snorted with mirth.

She nudged Elsa in the ribs. "You are the master of patience."

"Ah, love is the key," Elsa said, tapping her finger to her temple wisely.

"Are you guys talking about me?" Anna demanded, putting her hands on her hips.

"Maybe," Elsa giggled as she walked by Anna, shoving her hand playfully into her little sister's shoulder.

"All good things, all good things," Rapunzel assured.

"I'll believe that when pigs fly," Anna grinned.

"That may take a couple of years," Elsa winked. "Pick up the pace, ladies, my stomach is empty and I intend on filling it with chocolates aplenty."

"Here, here!" the other two cheered, clapping their hands together.

The final night of the celebration was captivating. Smells of delicious baked goods filled the air and starry night sky. Lanterns were being passed out to everyone and anticipation bubbled in everybody. When it was time to release the lanterns, the entire royal family stood at the top of all the steps.

The citizens held their breath, waiting for the moment they could let their lights go and dance into the night. King Thomas and Queen Primrose held one lantern with their daughter— the only one with a sun stamped upon it— and let it float up. The rest of the kingdom silently allowed theirs follow suit. Hundreds swirled around each others, the entire city being illuminated by the glowing lights. Rapunzel then released two with Eugene, their lanterns performing a lazy waltz amongst the others.

"Ready?" Elsa whispered to Anna, their lantern still in their grasp.

"Yeah. Together?" Anna nodded.

"Together," Elsa agreed.

One sister on each side, they slowly lifted they light up until it was above their heads. It scraped their fingertips before following its brethren in the inky heavens. It was the only lantern that was blue and the only one that bore a snowflake stamp, standing out against the blend of oranges, yellows, and pinks. They watched it until it became a tiny blue dot and then vanished completely.

Anna leaned on Elsa's shoulder, her eyes sliding shut. Stifling a yawn, she spoke to Elsa sleepily.

"Best… vacation ever," Anna mumbled.

"Mhm," Elsa replied.

A soft hand rested on Elsa's shoulder and she glanced up to meet the tender smile of Primrose.

"Elsa… your mother would be so proud of you," she told her.

The Snow Queen felt like a little girl underneath the stare of her Aunt. It was a pleasant feeling— one of which she hadn't felt in such a long time without acting childish. She smiled back. She didn't even need to ask what her mother would be proud of. Elsa knew what her Aunt meant and it warmed her entire being with love and affection.

"Thank you," was all she could manage in return.

The journey back home was slow. Perhaps it as because of the tear-filled farewell that Anna and Rapunzel exchanged and the warm hugs given by both Thomas and Primrose before the sisters boarded their ship. They waved goodbye as the ship left port, their eyes moist and hearts heavy.

"Come back soon!" Rapunzel pleaded to the boat.

"Keep in touch!" Primrose added.

"We love you guys!" Rapunzel wailed, jumping up and down on the dock. "We love you so much!"

"We love you, too!" both Elsa and Anna chimed in reply.

Rapunzel kept waving, Eugene and her parents standing by with small smiles, until the boat was just over the horizon. The sisters waited until Corona was out of their sights to finally look away. Anna sniffed heavily, nuzzling her face into Elsa's shoulder. The queen rubbed Anna's back genially, burying her face in Anna's bangs.

"I'm gonna miss them," Anna grunted.

Elsa chuckled. "Me too. We'll visit when we can."

Anna nodded into Elsa's embrace. Her big sister placed two kisses on Anna's head before pushing her back out of the hug but barely out of arms length. Elsa wiped away the tears that stained Anna's cheeks.

"Come on, silly," Elsa cooed. "We have a home to return to."

Anna smiled at Elsa before the Snow Queen pressed another kiss on her forehead.

"I love you, Anna," Elsa murmured. "And no matter how far away we get from Corona and that family there, I'm happy to know I have a family right here with you no matter where we are."

"You're the best sister ever," Anna beamed. "Love ya, too."

The ship sailed quietly on, cutting through the waves, carrying them home to Arendelle.


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