Hi guys, Johnny here again with another Naruto Make-Out Fanfic. This one will be a Doujin, if you readers don't know what a Doujin is it's a short or long Hentai comic stories of mangas or originals. This Fanfic will have a lot of Incest in it (mostly mother and son). Well y'know mother and son, step-mother, aunt, hot-grandma, brother and sister, cousins, or step-brother and step-sister. To tell you guys the truth, I never did an Incest story with a brother and his sister. It never really had any insert because I usually read the mother and son Doujins. And no there will not be any father and daughter incest, for some reason that is creepy too me. :/ And if you fans and readers know how I do things, yes crossovers and more. :) And oh, this is my version of Naruto, so this doesn't relate to the original story of Naruto or any Anime I use, so anything goes. The first chapter will be a crossover and a story between step-mother and step-son. Okay I think I talk enough, so let's begin. I do not own Naruto or anything I use in this Fanfic, so please enjoy Naruto Make-Out Heroes: Doujin Incest edition.


Naruto Uzumaki was coming home from High-school, he takes off his shoes, his tie, and put his backpack on the hook hanger.

"I'm home." Naruto stated, as he walked to the kitchen.

"Welcome home, Naruto-chan."

General POV:

"Hello there, my name is Naruto Uzumaki, and the woman in the kitchen is my step-mother Tier Harribel. And this is my story. I'm 15 years old, blond hair, blue eyes, and well... I also whisker marks, I don't know why I just do. Well you see, my Tou-san is Minato Namikaze and he owns his own business that works mostly all the time, so he's hardly at home. And my real mother Kushina Uzumaki... well she died when I was twelve years-old. After my Kaa-san's death, we move to Tokyo it was really hard on me and Tou-san, and than about a year later, my Tou-san remarried to Harribel. Tou-san has not been paying attention to me either. Well lived at our big house in Tokyo for about three years now. So that's it, this is my life of me, Naruto Uzumaki."

General POV: End.

Naruto's step-mother wore her usually violet kimono, she is a true beauty. Harribel had short blond hair, green eyes, dark-skin, and a perfect ebony body. Her lushes lips, her E-cupped breasts, and her big rear-end, would make any man bow in respect for this ebony goddess.

"Naruto-chan, would you like me to make something for you to eat, honey?" Harribel asked.

"No thanks, Harribel. I'm going up stairs to take a nap." Naruto stated.


"(Sighs) I hate this..." Naruto thought to himself, as he made his way upstairs.

Naruto remembered that Harribel called him Sochi (son) once, he didn't feel really comfortable about it. She even once say, she would like that if Naruto to call her Kaa-san (mom or mother), but Naruto never called her that. He never really saw her as his mom and he always called her by her name. As he was about to open the door to his room, his cell phone ringed. Naruto opened his phone to see it was his horrible pink-hair bitch of a girlfriend Sakura. He let out a sigh and answers the phone.

"Hello?" Naruto asked.

"Naruto, you Baka (idiot) you were suppose to walk me home toady! I swear, I don't know why I am with your dumb-ass self!" Sakura shouted.

"Sakura-chan, I'm tired... and..." Naruto stated.

"Whatever! Just don't forget my homework, and don't call me back till you finish it! I'm going to the movies with my friends, so later, Naruto." Sakura stated, as she ended the call.

"Why me?" Naruto asked himself.

XxxxX Dinner-Time XxxxX

At the dinner table, Naruto, his dad Minato, and his step-mother Harribel were eating dinner.

"So, how are you studies coming along Naruto?" Minato asked.

"Fine, just fine." Naruto replied.

"That's good, how about you, Harribel?" Minato asked.

"My day was good, Dear." Harribel replied.

"That's good, my business is doing very well. Maybe we can go on a vacation this year. Just the three of us." Minato stated.

Naruto didn't even touch his food, Harribel notice this, but she didn't say a word.

"I'm not very hungry... I'm going to take a shower and hit the sake." Naruto said, as he left the kitchen and headed upstairs.

"Goodnight, Naruto." Minato said.

"Goodnight, Sochi." Harribel said.

"Ugh... yeah, goodnight, Tou-san, Harribel." Naruto replied.

A minute later after Naruto left the kitchen.

"(Sighs) I have to talk to that boy. I mean look, he didn't even take a bite of his food." Minato stated.

"It's not a big deal, Minato. We should just leave Naruto-chan be." Harribel replied.

"It is a big deal, Naruto needs to have more respect for you. I'm going to talk to him first chance I get." Minato stated.

"No... I'll talk to him." Harribel stated.

"Are you sure?" Minato asked.

"Yes, I know how Naruto-chan feels... so at least I could at least talk to him about whatever is on his mind." Harribel stated.

"(Sighs) Okay, then... I'll let you handle it." Minato replied.

"I know what I am doing, Dear. Naruto-chan will understand if I talk to him directly." Harribel said, as she pours herself a cup of tea.

"I swear, you spoil him to much, you know that right?" Minato asked.

"Like I said, I know what I am doing." Harribel replied.

"Okay, I'm going to bed know, goodnight, Harribel." Minato said, as he left for his room.

"Naruto... I..." Harribel thought, as she took a sip of her tea.

XxxxX the next day XxxxX

It was a Friday, Naruto got out of school early today. He went up stairs to change clothes, as Naruto put on his regular clothes, he heard a knock on the door.

"Naruto-chan, can I see you down stairs?" Harribel asked.

"Ugh... yeah, sure..." Naruto replied.

Naruto went down stairs to see his step-mother sitting on a pillow mat.

"Please have a sit, we need to talk about some things." Harribel stated.

"About what?" Naruto asked.

"Do you hate me, Naruto-chan?" Harribel asked.

"Well... no... I don't hate you. I just..." Naruto mumbled.

"Are you not happy with me as your mother?" Harribel asked.


"Naruto-chan, you can tell me anything you know that." Harribel stated.


Naruto just looked down on the floor, and turn away from Harribel.

"Honey, please talk to me." Harribel asked.

Naruto's cell-phone rings, he saw it was Sakura again. As Naruto was about to answer his phone, Harribel took it away at the last-minute.

"Hey, that's my phone! Give it back!" Naruto shouted.

"I will... as soon as you talk to me about what's on your mind." Harribel stated.

"I don't want to talk to you! I just want my phone back!" Naruto shouted.

"Why?" Harribel asked.

"Because..." Naruto replied.

"Because, why?" Harribel asked.

"Look can I just have my phone back? I just want to be alone, okay?!" Naruto said.

"Why do you want to be alone?" Harribel asked.

"What is this 20 questions or something?! I just want my phone!" Naruto said.

"Sochi, please I just..." Harribel said which made Naruto angrier then before.

"Don't call me that! It's not like you my real mom, damn it!" Naruto shouted, as he breaks out in tears.


"I have a bad girlfriend who treats me like crap and a father who is hardly at home and thinks so little of me when my mother died. Kaa-chan is the only one who would ever understand me... I miss her... I really miss her... I want to see her smile again." Naruto said, as he cried.

"Naruto-chan..." Harribel said.

"Just leave me alone, okay?!" Naruto shouted, as he tried to run to his room.

Harribel grabbed Naruto by the hand.

"Just let me go!" Naruto said, as he tried to get free of Harribel's grip.

Harribel pulled the young broken-hearted boy into a deep kiss. The kiss lasted for a full minute. After that, Naruto was surprised, Harribel pulled her step-son in a tight hug and place Naruto between her large breasts.

"Harribel..." Naruto said, as he looked up to his step-mother.

"I know how you feel, honey... like you, I also lost someone I loved. I miss him very much. But when I look at you... I see him in you. You see... I love you more than I shouldn't love you. I know it's wrong, but I married your father to be close to you." Harribel stated, as she held Naruto tight.


"About three years ago..." Harribel stated.

XxxxX Flashback XxxxX

It had been seven years since Harribel's lover died. She was waiting in the park to meet Naruto and Minato. It was a friend of Harribel's to introduce them to her.

"Harribel, I know it has been years since your lover pass away, and I know it you're not founding another. But I think you should just meet Minato, and his son looks a lot like him. And who knows you guys might like each other."

"Hi, there, you must be Harribel?" Minato asked.

"Oh, yes. I'm Tier Harribel." Harribel stated.

"It's nice to meet you, and this is my son, Naruto." Minato stated.

Harribel looked at the twelve-year old boy, she couldn't help but blush at the young boy. Naruto did look a lot like her last lover.

"Say hello, Naruto." Minato said.

"Hi." Naruto said.

"Hello, there Naruto-kun. It's nice to meet you." Harribel said with a blush.

XxxxX Flashback end XxxxX

"I'm sorry if I afended you, Naruto-chan. I can't hold myself anymore. I need you now, now." Harribel said, as she got on top on Naruto.

"But what about, Tou-san?" Naruto asked.

"Ever since we got married, he has never touched me. But I don't care about that I just need you. Please... I need you, honey." Harribel whimpered.

"But..." Naruto mutter.

"Since we are not blood-related, so it's not incest... what do you say, Naruto-chan?" Harribel asked.

"That's not it... I'm a... well... a virgin." Naruto said, as he blushed.

"So am I... I'm going to enjoy my first time with you, Naruto-chan." Harribel stated, as she lefts up her kimono to show that she was wearing no panties.

"H-Harribel... you're not wearing u-underwear?" Naruto asked.

"Hai... I'll ask again, will you be my first, Naruto-chan?" Harribel asked, as she loosing her kimono.

"Hai... Harribel-chan." Naruto replied, as he returned the kiss.

"Oh, Naruto-chan..." Harribel thought happily, as she held Naruto tighter.

Naruto enter into his stepmother's mouth, and she welcomed it. Harribel wrapped her arms her stepson's body. The two blonds continued to hold each other in their arms. The kiss lasted about another minute, and then the blonds broke the kiss and look each in the eyes. Harribel smiled and licked Naruto's cheek.

"You're lips are so soft... you tasted really good, Harribel-chan." Naruto said.

"You too, Naruto-chan..." Harribel said.

Naruto kissed Harribel's neck, making her moan in pleasure.

"Let's go to your room, honey." Harribel said.

"O-Okay... Harribel-chan..." Naruto replied with a smile.

In Naruto's bedroom, Harribel let her kimono drop from her body to reveal her perfect ebony body. Naruto blushed he knew his step-mother had a hot body, but seeing her naked is a different story. Harribel walked up the Naruto to undressing him. She used her hands to strip her step-son naked to leave nothing, but his boxers.

"You have such a nice body, Naruto-chan." Harribel said, as she went to his boxers feeling his manhood.

"H-Harribel-chan..." Naruto moaned.

Naruto's step-mother pulled down his boxers to reveal his large foreskin covered manhood. If she had to guess it was about 8 to 9 inches fairly thick, but even a bit limp it was big even if it was covered in foreskin.

"Oh, my... Naruto-chan you're much bigger than I thought." Harribel stated, as she grabbed her step-son's manhood.

"Please don't laugh at me..." Naruto said with a crimson-red blush.

"No, honey... I would never laugh at you... I love you too much to do that." Harribel replied with a motherly smile.

"Harribel-chan..." Naruto said, as he let out a moan.

Harribel started to stoke his large manhood slowly. She could barely get a grip on it. Naruto let out a few moans of pleasure and bliss, then kissing the foreskin covered mushroom head of his big dick. Naruto never knew that his step-mother did these kinds of things, but he did enjoy it. His step-mother, took the head losing the foreskin. Harribel used her tongue, while massaging his balls and feeling his muscular body. Naruto's step-mother continued this position for about 10 minutes, his skin finally pulled back revealing his big red mushroom head. Naruto's cock was as hard as a rock. Harribel stopped her actions so he wouldn't come too soon.

"I was really enjoying that..." Naruto replied.

"Well, I'll give you something that you would enjoy even more." Harribel stated.

Harribel grabbed her step-son's head and place him between her large breasts.

"I want you to be the first man to suck on my breasts, Naruto-chan." Harribel replied.

"O-Okay..." Naruto said, as he sucked on her left breast.

"Ohhh... Naruto-chan, that feels so good, honey..." Harribel moaned.

Naruto sucked on Harribel's breast like a new-born baby. Harribel's head backed up with pleasure. Naruto sucked her root-beer color nipples, his step-mother used her arms to warp her arms around Naruto's neck to bring him closer. Naruto then sucked on Harribel's second breast. Making her moaned with more pleasure, Naruto sucked on her breast for another 5 minutes. Naruto then stopped his actions, giving his step-mother another kiss.

"Harribel-chan..." Naruto whispered.

"Yes, honey?" Harribel asked.

"I'm sorry..." Naruto replied.

"For what, Naruto-chan?" Harribel asked, as gave Naruto multiple kisses.

"For begin mean to you and by calling you by your name. I'm really sorry for that, please forgive me...please, Kaa-san..." Naruto sobbed, as he buried himself between his step mother's large breasts.

Harribel's eyes widen a bit, for the first time Naruto called her mom.

"Don't cry... I was never mad at you. I love you, Sochi." Harribel stated, as she gave Naruto another deep kiss.

Naruto looked up at his step-mother or rather his new mom, and smiled.

"I love you too, Kaa-san!" Naruto said, as hugged his new mom tight.

Naruto and Harribel continued to kiss each other. Harribel had an idea for her new son. She got on her back on his soft bed and spread her legs to her son, showing everything she had to offer him.

"Do you want to lick my pussy, Sochi?" Harribel asked.

"Hai, Kaa-san..." Naruto replied, as he gently rubbed his mother's pussy.

Harribel let out a sigh of bliss do to, as her son massaging her cunt. Naruto stopped his actions, than positioned himself to Harribel's womanhood. He slowly opened his mother's pussy lips, he than used his tongue to lick her womanhood. Harribel's eyes widen in surprise. She bit her lower lip, her moans became louder, and she used her right to feel her son's back and her left hand to squeeze her breast. Naruto continued to lick Harribel's pussy for another 5 minutes. His mother had another idea, she moved away, pulled her son on his soft bed, and got on top of her son. Naruto felt his manhood against her womanhood.

"I'm not too heavy for you, am I, Sochi?" Harribel asked.

"No, no... I really. I'm enjoying myself, Kaa-san. Besides you really have a hot body." Naruto replied, as he waited to see wait his mother is going to do next.

"You really know how to make a woman feel good about herself, don't you Sochi?" Harribel ask, as she adjusted herself to Naruto's large cock.

"Kaa-san... it feels really good..." Naruto moaned.

"Sochi, you're so big... I'm glad we are having our first time together..." Harribel stated, as her son's manhood slowly entering her virgin pussy inch by inch.

Harribel moaned and groaned in pleasure and a bit of pain, she never had anything this big in her life. Naruto felt mother's pussy the feeling of this was wet, but also warm. As her son's cock continued to enter her cunt, Harribel's held her head back. Now her son's 12 inches now deep inside of her, Harribel rested her hands on his chest. To Naruto, he felt nothing like this before, as for Harribel she was still in a bit of pain.

"Kaa-san, are you okay? You're not hurt are you?" Naruto asked.

"I'm fine honey, I already broke my hymen with a dildo a long time ago. But it wasn't as big as your cock." Harribel stated, as she leaned closer to her son.

"Kaa-san... ugh, your pussy feels really good... I never did this with anyone till now..." Naruto moaned, as he felt his mother's soft breasts on his chest.

Harribel then begins a slow rhythm motion movement.

"Ugh… you're so big… Sochi… agh…" Harribel moaned, as she moved her hips a bit.

"You're pussy is so warm and wet, Kaa-san." Naruto said, as he let his mother ride on him.

Harribel took her time going nice and slow. Naruto enjoyed his first time of having sex, even if he was having sex with his step-mother. He rubbed her belly, so she can adjust to his size. Naruto and Harribel shared another kiss, as they held each other tighter.

"So good... it feels really, Sochi..." Harribel moaned.

"Hai, it feels really good." Naruto moaned.

"You're cock feels so good, honey. It's really big..." Harribel moaned.

"Well, your cunt is really warm and tight, Kaa-san." Naruto said, as he played with his step-mother's tits once again.

He grabbed and felt her large breasts. Naruto couldn't believe how soft they are. Harribel picked herself up and rode on her son like a horny teenager she went wild. Now adjusted to his size, Harribel increased her speed as she fuck her son. Naruto watched his mother's tits jiggle up and down. He also felt her big heart-shaped juicy rear-end bouncing up and down on his pelvis, as she moved her perfect ebony body. Harribel never felt such bliss in her life-like this before, she love it. Even if he is younger than her, even if she having a relationship with her step-son or rather her new lover, even if she is married to his father, Harribel just wanted to make her new son happy as she can.

"Oh, God! Yes! Yes! You're cock feels so damn good! Keep fucking me, Sochi!" Harribel said, as she loses control over her hips.

"Ride me harder, Kaa-san!" Naruto moaned in pleasure.

"Do you love this, Sochi?" Harribel asked.

"Hai, Kaa-san… I love it." Naruto moaned.

"Do you love fucking me?" Harribel asked.

"Yes… I love fucking you." Naruto groaned.

"Do you love fucking your dirty bitch?" Harribel asked, as she increased her speed and the dirty taking got both blonds turned on.

"Fuck, yeah! I love fucking my Kaa-san! Older women are the best. Oh, fuck you're cunt is getting tighter!" Naruto moaned, as he used his own fucking motion.

Naruto and Harribel continued this position for about 15 minutes, till Naruto's cell-phone rings. Naruto looks at it and to see it was Sakura again. Harribel stops her movements, as Naruto answers his phone.

"Hello?" Naruto asked.

"Why don't you answer you're fucking phone you, BAKA!" Sakura shouted.

"I was busy." Naruto replied.

"I don't care if you were busy or not! Just answer when I call you! I swear, I don't know why I am with your dumb-ass self! You're so worthless, maybe we should our relationship, and Sasuke-kun would make a better boyfriend than you. Then again you can't live without me, can you, Baka?" Sakura asked.


"Well, answer me, Baka." Sakura said.

"You know what?" Naruto asked.

"What, Baka?" Sakura replied.

"I'm breaking up with you, you heartless bitch. Besides, I have a real woman with me now." Naruto stated, making Harribel smile.

"What did you just say, you Baka!" Sakura shouted.

"You're not death, you heard what I said and..." Naruto stated, as Harribel grabbed the phone and continued her movement.

"You heard him, you tramp. I'm his new woman, now. And if you know what's good for you, you don't never come to Naruto-chan's house or call his phone again. Bye you tramp." Harribel stated.

"Naruto, YOU MOTHER-FU...!" Sakura shouted, till Harribel hanged up.

"Thank you, Kaa-chan." Naruto said, as he enjoyed his mother riding on him.

"She was nothing more than a witch, besides I'm all yours, Sochi." Harribel stated, as she gave Naruto another deep kiss.

With Sakura now out of his life, he and his mother continued their love-making. Harribel continued to ride her son, as she increased her speed, as did Naruto. Her son grabbed her hips and thrust her hard. Harribel's eyes widen, she let out a gasp, and her pussy trembled with some of her love juice. Naruto thrust his mother a bit harder and faster. His manhood was deep inside her and hitting his mother's womb. Her orgasms went wild, her ass and tits jiggled around freely. As Naruto thrust deeper and deeper, he felt Harribel's pussy tighten around his cock. Then, he used his hands to slide up his Harribel's body to feel her tits, giving them a good squeeze. The both mother and son continued this position for, the next 10 to 15 minutes. Naruto felt Harribel's pussy tighten, and he felt his balls tighten knowing that he was about to cum, as was his new mother.

"I'm about to cum, honey! Sochi! I'm cumming! I'm fucking cumming!" Harribel said, as she lost completely control of her hips.

"I'm almost there too, Kaa-chan! I'm going to cum! I'm cumming!" Naruto said.

"Cum inside of me, Sochi! I'm cumming! I'm cumming! I'm fucking cumming!" Harribel screamed.

"I'm cumming, Kaa-chan!" Naruto roared.

"Oh fuck yes! I'm going to cum too! I'm going to cum! Make me cum, Sochi! Make me cum! I'm fucking cumming, Sochi!" Harribel screamed in pleasure, as mother and son both, reached their climax.

With one hard final thrust, Naruto released the biggest load of her life. Harribel came too, her pussy over flooded with her juices as she felt her son's seed filling up her womb. Harribel fall on top of her son, as Naruto was still cumming inside her new mother. He felt like his dick was malting away, after cumming for a full minute his loads died down. His dick slips out of Harribel's wet cunt, now his cock was now soft. Harribel then rolled off her son resting after her first time of having sex, but for her it was the best.

"That was really amazing, Sochi..." Harribel said weakly, as she bring Naruto closer to her and place Naruto between her large breasts.

"Thank you for being my first, Kaa-chan." Naruto said, as he buried himself between her breasts.

"I love you, Sochi." Harribel said, as she cuddled with her son.

"I love you too, Kaa-chan." Naruto said, as he kissed his mother.

Naruto and Harribel cuddled in his bed. As both mother and son both cuddled with each other, Naruto's cell-phone rings again to see it was his dad, Minato.

"It's Tou-san, should I answer my phone?" Naruto asked.

"Go ahead, honey." Harribel replied, as Naruto answer his phone.

"Hello?" Naruto asked.

"Naruto, there is something I need to talk to you about." Minato stated.

"You don't need to worry, Harr... I mean, Kaa-san, already talked about it." Naruto replied.

"Really? It sounds like she gave you a good talking." Minato replied.

"Yeah, she did. Kaa-san talk to me about some things and..." Naruto stated, till Harribel grabbed the phone.

"See, I just talked to Sochi and we know understand each other. I told you I know what I was doing. We have never been closer than before." Harribel stated, as she smiled at her son.

"I guess you were right about that. I was just calling to tell you I'll be home late. I have a meeting and it won't end till 7:00 o'clock. I'll be home around 8:00." Minato stated.

"Dinner will be ready by then. Sochi and I will just talk some more. We'll see you later than, Dear." Harribel said, as she hanged up the phone.

Harribel wrapped her arms around Naruto giving him another deep kiss.

"Let's get cleaned up, Sochi." Harribel said, as she grabbed Naruto's hand leading him to the bathroom.

"Okay, Kaa-san." Naruto replied.

In the bathroom, Naruto and Harribel pour warm water on themselves. As he poured water on himself, he couldn't help, but look at his mother's big hot juicy rear-end. Naruto blushed, he got an idea, and then he talked to his mother.

"Hey, Kaa-chan..." Naruto said with a crimson-red blush.

"Yes, honey?" Harribel asked.

"Can I fuck your ass?" Naruto asked.

"Oh, my..." Harribel replied with a blush.

"If you don't want to... then..." Naruto said.

"Hai, Sochi..." Harribel replied, as her cheeks got redder.

"Really? You rock, Kaa-chan!" Naruto said, as he hugged Harribel.

Harribel got on her hands and knees waiting for her son. Naruto got behind his mother, and then he spread her butt cheeks, apart revealing her unused rosebud and her wet cunt. Without any warning, Naruto used his tongue to lick her virgin asshole, Harribel let out a gasp in response. Harribel she let out moans and groans she had never done anal before in her life, but she will enjoy with her son. He continued to lube her anus, she bit her lower lip. After 5 minutes of licking his mother's butt-hole, Naruto stopped his actions, and fingered her ass.

"Oh, Sochi... keep playing with my ass..." Harribel moan.

"You have such a nice big ass, Kaa-chan. I can't wait to fuck you." Naruto said, as he continued fingering her ass.

"Mmm... me too, honey... ugh..." Harribel moaned.

Naruto stopped his actions.

"I'm going to get some baby-oil, to lube you some more, Kaa-chan." Naruto stated.

"Please hurry, honey... I need you inside me now..." Harribel moan.

Naruto got the baby-oil and lube his mother's ass. He then lubed the tip of his mushroom head. Naruto grabbed his mother's hips. He then grabbed his dick head and gently rubbed his cock against her lube rosebud. Naruto then slowly pushed himself inside Harribel's ass. Harribel's eyes widen, she let out a scream, and yipped in pain. Naruto never felt anything this tight, his mother's ass was even tighter than her pussy. She felt like her anus was getting pulled from the inside out. Harribel grabbed the edges of the bathtub, as her son continued to push himself inside her ass inch by inch.

"Ohhh... Sochi, it hurts, but it feels kind of good..." Harribel moan in pain, but also pleasure.

"Agh... Kaa-chan... your ass feels so good... it's tighter than your cunt." Naruto replied, as he continued to push himself inside his mother's anal-tube.

Naruto was now completely inside his mother's ass. Harribel's eyes widen with a bit of pain, but a lot of pleasure. Naruto fall on his mother's back. The two blonds stay motionless for about 5 minutes, and then Naruto began a slow fucking movement.

"Oh… oh, Sochi, you're so, deep… inside my butt…" Harribel groaned.

"Wow…Kaa-chan, I love how your ass is so tight around my dick." Naruto said, as he increased his speed.

"Please don't stop... I need you inside me, honey." Harribel moaned.

"I won't, Kaa-chan." Naruto replied, as grabbed her hips and thrust harder.

Naruto increased his speed. Harribel still felt a little unease the feeling of anal was alien to her, but she was getting used to it. Naruto made sure he didn't go to rough to his mother. Harribel was breathing heavily, but she was started to feel pleasure. After 20 minutes of Naruto fucking her ass, Harribel felt no more pain, but pleasure and wanted more.

"Yes, Sochi! Fill my ass with that big cock of yours! Keep fucking me! Fuck me! Fuck my tight ass! Sochi!" Harribel yelled in pleasure and bliss.

He smile and obeyed, he increased his speed a little more fucking his mother more. Naruto rammed, Harribel harder and harder. Giving, both of the mother and son mind-blowing orgasms, as he contained fucking her ass. Naruto felt her ass tighten, his mother's ass tighten more around his cock.

"Oh, fuck! Sochi, fuck me! Fuck me hard! Fuck me hard, you sweet mother fucker!" Harribel yelled with pure pleasure, as the dirty talking got her and Naruto even more turn on.

"Oh, fuck! Damn, Kaa-chan… agh! You're ass is getting tighter and tighter! It feels so fucking good around my dick!" Naruto growled in pleasure.

"Yes, Sochi! Yes! Fuck me! Fuck you're mommy! Fill my ass with that delicious fat cock of yours! Fuck me, you sweet mother fucker!" Harribel scream, as her ass was getting fucked, as her ass and tits jiggled around freely.

"Oh, fuck! I'm going to fuck your ass all day, Kaa-chan... Oh, shit!" Naruto growled.

Harribel wanted her son to fuck her deeper, she him wanted to fuck her harder, she wanted him to fuck her faster, and she wanted him to hold her tight. Naruto thrusts hard giving his mother mind-blowing orgasms, with each thrust he said "Kaa-chan" wanting to make her feel good. After an hour of non-stop ass fucking, Harribel felt her ass tighten, her pussy was trembling, and her orgasms went wild. She loved it. She loved her new son/lover, her son loves her as his new mother, and to her that's all that matters. Harribel ass got even tighter and tighter she knew that she was about to cum, as was Naruto.

"Oh, fuck! I'm going to cum! I'm going too fucking cum, Sochi! Make me cum! Make me cum, you mother fucker!" Harribel growled, as she used her own movement to fuck Naruto upwards.

"I'm cumming too, Kaa-chan!" Naruto said, as he lost control of his speed.

"I'm going to cum, too! Cum inside me! Shot those white ropes and make me fucking cum! Please, Sochi, I need you!" Harribel yelled in pleasure.

"I'm cumming! I'm fucking cumming! It's cumming!" Naruto roared, as he and Harribel both reached their climax.

With one hard last thrust, Naruto released the biggest load of her life. Harribel came too, her pussy over flooded with her juices, as her ass tightens around her son's big fat cock. Naruto's white ropes were spraying inside of his mother's anal tube. Her breathing was heavy and hot, as her ass was getting filled up with her son's warm love milk.

"Oh, fuck yes… I feel it… I feel that hot milk… yes, Sochi keep filling me up. Don't pull it out… keep shooting… fill my tight ass up…" Harribel moaned, as she felt son's warm milk filling her anal tube.

Naruto had cum for another full minute. After the minute had pass, Naruto felt his loads dying down. Naruto pulled himself out of his mother's big round tight rear-end. Harribel's loosen anus dripped some of his milk. Harribel turned to Naruto giving him a tender kiss. Harribel then got on her feet grabbing her son's hand, as both mother and son relax in the nice hot bath. Harribel got close to her new son, as she held him tight, as they relax in the nice warm water.

XxxxX Dinner-Time XxxxX

Naruto, Harribel, and Minato enjoyed their dinner.

"The food is awesome, Kaa-san." Naruto said, as he ate his food.

"Thank you, Sochi. I'm glad you like it." Harribel replied with a motherly smile.

"I'm glad you two are getting along." Minato stated.

"Thanks." Naruto and Harribel replied.

The family enjoyed dinner that night.

XxxxX The next day XxxxX

Minato was ready to go on a week-long business trip and saying goodbye to his son and wife.

"Well, I'm leaving now. Naruto you are the man of the house, help you're mother around the house." Minato said, as he grabbed his suitcase.

"I will, Tou-san." Naruto replied.

"Sochi and I will be fine." Harribel stated.

"Well okay then, I'll be back in a week." Minato said, as he left to his business-trip.

Naruto was feeling Harribel's ass, as he waved goodbye to his father. Now that his father left to his business-trip, Harribel let out a moan. She love the way her son touch and feel her body.

"Well, Sochi, we have the house to ourselves. What do you want to do first?" Harribel asked her son.

"Anything you want, Kaa-chan." Naruto replied with a smile, as he continued to feel her ass.

"I have an idea." Harribel said with a lustful smile.

Naruto fucked Harribel in the ass doggy style, well they were in her bedroom.

"That's it, Sochi! Fuck you're mother in the ass! Don't stop, honey..." Harribel said, as she enjoyed having sex in her bedroom.

"Agh! Kaa-chan, I love fucking you! I'm glad we're doing it on your bed... Fuck, you're ass feels good..." Naruto said, as he increased his speed.

"Ahh... yes, honey... and when we are done, I'll make you anything you want to eat." Harribel said, as she kissed her son.

"That sounds like an awesome idea, Kaa-chan... And when I'm done eating, I'll let you be on top, Kaa-chan." Naruto said, as he back his cock a few inches out and slammed it right back in his mother's ass.

"Oh, Sochi, I love you!" Harribel screamed in pleasure.

"I love you too, Kaa-chan." Naruto said, as he gave his new mother a kiss.

Ever since that day Harribel told Naruto how she feels, now Naruto has accepted Harribel as his mother. But he will always love his first mother always and forever. Naruto and Harribel will always be close, not only as mother and son, but also as lovers.


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