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Naruto was working home from Fujin-High school with his friends, Ichigo, Luffy, and Natsu. It was a week till summer vacation.

"Man, today was so tiring." Naruto said.

"I know what you mean, but it's almost summer vacation." Ichigo replied.

"Thank, God for that. I'm going to a sea house for my summer vacation." Luffy stated.

"That sounds cool, I'm going out of town also for my summer vacation." Natsu replied.

"I'm going out of town also to visit my grandmother. What about you, Naruto, what are you going to do this summer?" Ichigo asked.

"I'm going to get a summer job or something." Naruto replied.

"Well what ever is going to happen, let's just have a good summer vacation." Luffy said, as Naruto and his friends all agreed.

Naruto made it too his house, as he waved goodbye to his friends and went inside after a long school day. Naruto took off his hooded jacket, hanged his backpack, and took off his shoes. After that he went into the living room to put his favorite show on.

"I'm home." Naruto said, as he sat on the couch and turned on the TV.

As Naruto was watching his favorite show, "The advances of Junk-Synchron" he heard the shower. He thought it was his step-mother or one of his step-sisters taking a shower.

General POV:

"Hello there, my name is Naruto Uzumaki, and this is my story. I live with my step-mother, Retsu Unohana, and my step-sisters Isane and Rangiku. When I was born, my mother Kushina Uzumaki... well she died when she gave birth to me. It was really hard on my Tou-san, about five years later, when I turned five-years old. My Tou-san and I meet Unohana and her 12 and 16 year-old daughters, for them it was love at first sight. My Tou-san and Unohana got married about a year later. My Tou-san was happy and I was happy. Unohana treated me like I was her real son and Isane and Rangiku treated me like I'm their real brother we we're all happy, but sadly our happiness didn't least. When I was twelve years-old, I came home from school one day, Kaa-chan was on the couch crying. She told me my Tou-san died in a car crash. She held me tight that day, when my Tou-san now gone we moved to Kyoto to start a-new. I'm 15 years-old now and living life to the fullest, that's my story and now I'm just relaxing and enjoying life."

General POV: End.

Naruto's show just ended.

"Ototo, are you home?" Isane asked.

"Yeah, I'm home, Nee-chan." Naruto replied.

"Can I watch my show next?" Isane asked, as she came into the living room.

"Yeah, my show just ended..." Naruto said, as he saw Isane naked with towel barley covering her body.

"Thank you, Ototo. I can't believe that my drama show is about to come on its final session." Isane stated, as she went to change the channel.

As Isane bended over to change the channel, Naruto got a massive nose-bleed. He saw his sister's bare-naked butt and pussy. Naruto quickly turned away, as Isane sat on top of Naruto's lap. He felt Isane's ass on top of him, he also felt his manhood getting a little hard.

"Ototo, do you have something in your pocket? Because its keep pocking me." Isane said, as Naruto pushed her off of him.

"Gezz, what's wrong with you?!" Naruto said, as he ran to his room.

Isane raised a brow, wondering what that was all about.

"Did I do something weird?" Isane thought to herself.

Naruto was in his room masturbating to his Hentai-mangas to relief himself. After Naruto was done, he laid down on his bed. Naruto sighed in relief, and went to the restroom to get cleaned up in his own bathroom.

"Man... Nee-chan really needs to get dress after taking a shower. Well, what's done is done." Naruto said to himself, as he washed his hands.

As Naruto went back into his bedroom, he then heard a knock on his door.

"Ototo, it's Rangiku, I have some fresh clothes for you." Rangiku stated.

"It's open, Anee-chan." Naruto stated, as he turned on his ps3.

Naruto turned to see his older step-sister, Rangiku wearing a tang-top and red panties. He almost got another nose-bleed, but he quickly turned away and focuses on his game-play. As Rangiku put Naruto's clean clothes on his bed, she spotted one of his Hentai-mangas on the floor.

"What's this?" Rangiku asked herself, as she picked up and read the Manga.

"What's what, Anee-chan...?" Naruto said, as he froze in his chair, as he sees his older sister reading the Hentai-manga.

"I didn't know you were into this kind of stuff, Ototo." Rangiku said with a smirk.

"Stop making fun of me!" Naruto said, as his face turned bright red.

"Okay, I'm sorry, I'm sorry." Rangiku said, as she put down the Manga.

"You won't tell, Kaa-chan, will you?" Naruto asked, as his sweat dropped.

"Of course not, Ototo. But I would suggest, putting away your Mangas when you're done." Rangiku stated, as she left Naruto's room to wash some more clothes.

"Oh man..." Naruto said.

XxxxX Later the day XxxxX

Unohana returned home from work.

"Hi, Kaa-san how was work?" Isane asked.

"It was a busy day, but the pay was very big today." Unohana stated.

"That's good." Isane said.

"Where's your sister and Sochi?" Unohana asked.

"Nee-chan is washing clothes and Ototo is in his room." Isane stated, as continued watching her show.

"Umm, Isane-chan..." Unohana said.

"Yeah, Kaa-san?" Isane replied.

"Why are you naked?" Unohana asked.

"Oh, I forgot I was naked... I'll be right back!" Isane said, as she ran to her room to change into some fresh clothes.

"Heh, that daughter of mine." Unohana said, as she went up stairs to see what Naruto was doing.

Unohana knocked on the door of her son's room to see what he was doing.

"Sochi, are you there?" Unohana asked.

"Yeah, Kaa-chan." Naruto replied.

Unohana opened the door to see her son playing some video-games.

"Hi, Sochi how was school?" Unohana asked.

"It was good, but tiring." Naruto stated.

Unohana spotted the Hentai-manga that Naruto forgot to put away. Naruto was still focus on his game, as Unohana took the Manga and hide it in her purse.

"Well, okay, I'm going to my room and change out of my clothes. After that I'll make some dinner for us." Unohana said, as she left Naruto's room.

"Okay, Kaa-chan." Naruto said, as he continued playing his game.

In Unohana's room, she was masturbating to her son's Hentai-manga to relief herself. It had been years since she had sex. After 10 minutes of masturbating, Unohana reached her climax, as her juices flooded her pussy and went down to her legs. Unohana pulled out the dildo and licked, thus teasing herself. But masturbating was not enough for this horny mother. Unohana then cleaned herself up and went down stairs to make her children a hot dinner.

XxxxX Dinner-Time XxxxX

At the dinner table, Naruto and his family ate at the dinner table.

"Thank you for the food." Naruto and his mother and sisters prayed, as the enjoyed their dinner.

"Well, next week is summer break. What should we do?" Unohana asked her children.

"I think we should have a nice day on the beach." Rangiku stated.

"That sounds wonderful." Isane replied.

"That does sound like a good idea, what about you, Sochi?" Unohana asked.

"That does sound like an awesome idea." Naruto replied with a smile.

"Then it's settled then, the first chance we get, we'll go to our beach-house." Unohana stated.

The family ate their food and could not wait for summer to start.

XxxxX A week later XxxxX

A week later it was a Friday, and Naruto was finally on his summer vacation. He went upstairs to take a shower after a long day. Unohana came home early today with some groceries bags, as she put her bags on the table. She heard the shower water running. It couldn't be Rangiku or Isane, they we're still at college taking their final exams. She went upstairs to see Naruto's door was open. Unohana went into Naruto's room to found out where the noise was coming from and in Naruto's bathroom, she saw him naked.

"Oh, my..." Unohana whispered to herself, as she watched her son getting in the shower.

As Naruto got in the shower, Unohana noticed his large foreskin covered manhood. She blushed over the 9 inched fairly thick limp cock that her son had. Unohana felt her pussy getting wet just by staring at her son's cock. She knew she couldn't take it anymore. So Unohana undressed herself and walked into the bathroom. Naruto was relaxing as he took a shower. The water ran down his body, the water was nice and hot. He washed the shampoo from his hair. His eyes were closed, as he was reaching for the bar of soap, but couldn't find it till, he felt a pure of hands wrapping around his body down to his cock.

"Sochi..." Unohana said, as she looked at her son with lust.

"Holy crap, K-Kaa-chan! W-What are you doing in my shower...?" Naruto asked.

"To take a shower with my Sochi, of course." Unohana stated, as she felt Naruto's manhood.

"But, Kaa-chan... I'm naked and you're naked too..." Naruto stated, as he tried to get free of his mother's grip.

"We took showers together before, remember?" Unohana asked, as she slides her hands to his chest.

"I was only 7 years-old..." Naruto said, as his sweat dropped.

"Please, Sochi... I need you, right here and right now..." Unohana whispered in her son's ear, as Naruto felt her breast on his back.

"Kaa-chan... I..." Naruto mumbled, as he felt his cock getting hard.

"Please, Sochi... I can't hold myself back anymore... I love you... I need you..." Unohana said, as she rubbed herself on her son.

"But we're mother and son..." Naruto stated.

"Since we're not blood related, it's not real incest... Naruto-chan..." Unohana stated.

"Kaa-chan... I'm a virgin... I never had sex with a woman..." Naruto said with a blush, as he turned to his mother seeing her naked.

"I'll teach you, how to pleasure a woman, Sochi..." Unohana stated, as she licked Naruto's chest.

As Naruto looked down at his mother's body, she is very hot and attracting. He blushed, it was going to be his first time having sex with a woman. He knew his mother was lonely and didn't have anyone in her life since his father died. So Naruto decided to save his mother from her loneliness.

"Okay, Kaa-chan..." Naruto said

"Sochi... I love you." Unohana said, as she wrapped her arms around Naruto and kissed him.

"I love you too, Kaa-chan." Naruto said, as wrapped his arms around his mother.

Naruto slide his hands down to Unohana's soft plump rear-end. She let out a moan of pleasure, she haven't felt such pleasure for years. Unohana went down to Naruto's semi-hard cock, giving it a kiss. Naruto held his head back in pleasure, as his mother licked his hard rod. Unohana then took 7 inches of her son's cook into her warm mouth, as Naruto let out another moan of pleasure.

"Kaa-chan, that feels really good." Naruto said.

"You're so big, Sochi... I'm really going to enjoy fucking you're cock." Unohana stated, as she took her son's whole 12 inched cock deep inside her throat.

This surprised Naruto, he heard his mother cuss for the first time. He heard the words "Damn" or "Hell", but the word "Fuck" was a real shocker. As the warm water ran down their bodies, Unohana continued to suck her son's manhood, as she played with his balls. Unohana then used her tongue circling Naruto's cock in her mouth, as she used her hands to squeeze her son's ass. 5 minutes had passed, Naruto knew he was about to release his seed into his mother's mouth.

"I'm about to cum!" Naruto said, as he was about to reach his climax.

"Yes, that's it... come for your Kaa-chan!" Unohana thought happily, as she increased her speed.

Naruto released his white ropes deep inside his mother's throat. Unohana felt waves of Naruto seed inside her mouth. Unohana was amazed that her son came this much for far. After a minute of cumming, Unohana felt her son's loads die down. Naruto sighed in bliss, as his mother backed her head to the tip of his mushroom head, letting out a loud popping noise. Unohana continued to lick Naruto's dick till it was nice and clean, as he got hard again.

"That felt really good, Kaa-chan." Naruto said.

"You taste really good, Sochi." Unohana said.

Unohana wrapped her arms around Naruto's neck, as she picks herself up from the shower floor. She then wrapped her legs around her son's waist as well. With Naruto's hard steel between them, Unohana wanted his cock inside her. Naruto used his right hand to adjust himself to his mother's cock hungry cunt, as he used his left hand to grabbed and feel Unohana's right ass cheek. With her son's manhood going through her pussy lips, Unohana let out a yip of pain. She never had anything this big inside her before. Naruto felt his mother's cunt tightening, as he went deeper and deeper.

"Ahhhh... Sochi, you're so damn big..." Unohana moaned.

"You're just smaller and really tight, Kaa-chan..." Naruto stated, as he continued to enter his mother's pussy inch by inch.

Unohana held her head back, as her son's cock was now about 10 inches deep inside her cunt. Naruto grabbed both of his mother's ass cheeks, as his head was between her large breasts. Both mother and son began a slow rhythm going nice and easy. Naruto couldn't believe how soft his mother's tits and ass were. He then started to suckle on Unohana's breasts, as she let out a moan of pleasure.

"Oh, fuck, Naruto-chan... this feels really good." Unohana moaned.

"It does feel really good, Kaa-chan." Naruto replied, as he gave Unohana a smack on the ass.

"Oh!" Unohana gasped.

"Did you like that, Kaa-chan?" Naruto asked.

"Hai..." Unohana whimpered.

"Louder, Kaa-chan." Naruto stated, as he smack her ass again.

"YES!" Unohana moaned.

"I'm glad you talk me into this. You're cunt is starting to tighten." Naruto said, as he picked up his speed a bit.

"Yes, Sochi... fuck me... please fuck me! Fill up my cunt with your powerful cock..." Unohana groaned.

Naruto continued to fuck-carry his mother in the shower. Unohana felt like a young teenage girl again, as she fucked her son. She pulled him into a kiss, Naruto then fuck Unohana harder and faster. As mother and son fucked each other more, their orgasms went wild, as Naruto went deeper into Unohana pussy hitting her womb. Unohana then used her own speed to pleasure her and Naruto at the same time.

"That's it! Right there! Keep fucking me like this, Sochi!" Unohana screamed in pleasure.

"Fuck, Kaa-chan, your pussy is the best!" Naruto said, as he increases his speed more.

"Yes! Yes, Sochi, your cock is so powerful it's hitting my womb! Oh, fuck!" Unohana replied, as she held Naruto tighter.

"Damn, if you keep holding me like that, I might cum again!" Naruto stated.

"Yes, baby, I want you to cum inside my womb! Cum inside my womb!" Unohana said, as she had another mind-blowing orgasm.

Naruto thrust deeper into Unohana's cunt. Her orgasm went wild, her tits jiggled around freely. Naruto thrust his mother harder and deeper, as he felt her pussy tighten around his manhood. Unohana continued to feel her son's cock hitting her womb, Naruto then gave her some more ass smacking with every hard thrust. 10 minutes of getting fuck-carried by her son, Unohana knew she was almost there. She was about to cum, as Naruto was going to cum again.

"Oh, fuck! Sochi! Sochi, I'm almost there! I'm going to fucking cum! Fill up my womb! Make me cum! Make me cum, Sochi!" Unohana screamed.

"Oh, fuck! I'm going to cum too! Take it! Take my cum inside your womb, Kaa-chan!" Naruto growled.

"I'm cumming! I'm fucking cumming! I'm fucking cumming!" Unohana screams.

With one hard final thrust, Naruto and Unohana both reached their climax. Unohana felt like she died and gone to heaven, as she held her hand back with pleasure after the biggest orgasm she had in years. Naruto filled up his mother's womb with his seed. Unohana truly loved the feeling of a man cumming inside her cunt. After a minute of cumming, Naruto loads died down, as his manhood was still deep inside his mother.

"(Sighs) That was amazing, Sochi..." Unohana said weakly.

"I know, right? Thank you for being my first, Kaa-chan." Naruto replied, as he kissed Unohana on the cheek.

"Oh, Sochi... I think I still have another round in me. What do you say, Sochi?" Unohana asked, as she liked Naruto's cheek.

"Hmm, I like the sound of that. Let's make this hotter, by doing it in my bed." Naruto said, as Unohana had a lustful smile on her face.

"Take me to bed, Darling..." Unohana replied, as she kissed Naruto.

Naruto did just that. Naruto carried his mother to his soft king size bed. Mother and son were now ready for round two. Isane and Rangiku were walking home ready for summer break. Both sisters opened the door to their house. As they put their backpacks down, they heard a noise upstairs.

"What was that?" Isane asked.

"I'm not so sure, let's go find out." Rangiku said.

Upstairs, Isane and Rangiku heard the noise getting louder and louder. The noise was coming from Naruto's room. Both sisters heard moaning and groaning. It sounded like someone is getting torn apart or in a lot of pain. Rangiku and Isane thought Naruto got hurt or something. So without thinking, Isane and Rangiku slammed opened the door.

"Ototo! Are you... o-okay...?" Isane and Rangiku stood in shock, as they saw a

"Oh, yes! Yes! I love you, Sochi! That's it! I think I'm going to cum again!" Unohana screamed with pleasure.

Rangiku and Isane couldn't believe that what they are seeing. Both sisters saw their own mother having sex with their little brother. Unohana was on top of Naruto, as she was riding him. Unohana stopped her actions and turns to see both her daughters with their eyes still wide open in disbelief.

"Oh shit... Rangiku Nee-chan and Isane Nee-chan are going to kill me..." Naruto thought, as his sweat drops.

"Kaa-san... what are you doing to Ototo?" Isane asked with a blush.

"Me and Sochi are just having some mother and son time." Unohana stated with a motherly smile.

"Umm..." Naruto mumbled.

"Mother and son time... but you're having sex with Ototo..." Rangiku stated.

"Heh, Sochi doesn't mind, right, Sochi?" Unohana asked.

"Umm... yeah I didn't mind at all." Naruto replied with a blush.

"But Ototo... umm, I ugh..." Isane mumbled.

"But Ototo you're having sex with Kaa-san..." Rangiku replied.

"Hmm... how about you join us? I'm sure Sochi would love to have his two favorite sisters having sex with him." Unohana stated, as she got off of Naruto showing his hard cock.

Both Isane and Rangiku both blushed over their little brother's large hard manhood. Unohana still waiting for their answer, she took her son's cock into her mouth. Rangiku and Isane just stood there for a monument, as their sexual desires were overwhelming the two sisters. Now Naruto's cock sucked cleaned, Isane and Rangiku slowly stripped off their clothes and joined their little brother and their mother. Both sisters grabbed, stroked, and felt their little brother's hard cock.

"Isane Nee-chan, Rangiku Nee-chan... you two have such nice bodies." Naruto stated.

"Ototo, you're dick is so much bigger up close." Isane stated.

"I can barley get a grip on it, Ototo." Rangiku stated.

"Sochi please be gentle with your sisters. This is their first time as well, okay?" Unohana stated, as Naruto nodded.

Rangiku and Isane used both of their large breasts to press tows each other, as Naruto's manhood was between their breasts. Both sisters than licked and kissed their little brother's cock. Naruto held his head back in pleasure. He knew his sisters had nice bodies and very large tits, but he couldn't believe how soft they were. Isane and Rangiku rubbed their tits, tit-fucking Naruto, making him moan in pleasure. As both sisters increased their speed more, Naruto felt his cock twitching between both of his sister's tits. He knew he was about to cum again.

"Anee-chan, Nee-chan, I'm going to cum..." Naruto moaned.

A burst of Naruto's white ropes sprayed on Rangiku and Isane's faces and their breasts. The sisters licked themselves clean. They couldn't help, but love the taste of their little brother's warm seed. Unohana gave Naruto a kiss as a reward of cumming a lot.

"That was amazing." Naruto said.

"Indeed, Ototo, you taste really good." Rangiku stated.

"It's really sweet... I can't wait taste you're cum some more." Isane replied.

"I'm glad you girls like how Sochi's cum tastes." Unohana replied.

"What's next?" Naruto asked.

"Ah, yes, well girls? Which one of you girls wants to go first?" Unohana asked with a motherly smile.

"I'll go first, okay, Isane?" Rangiku stated.

"I don't mind at all, Anee-chan." Isane replied.

Rangiku got on top of him. Naruto rub his manhood against her womanhood. Rangiku then slowly adjusted herself to Naruto's large cock, entering inch by inch Rangiku let out a yip then a moan and a groan in pain, as her cunt bleed a little. Naruto felt her pussy the feeling of this was wet, but also warm. Rangiku managed to fit her little brother's 12 inched manhood deep inside of her, she then collapsed on Naruto. He felt her large breast on his chest. Naruto wanted to make sure his big sister was okay, so he asked.

"Anee-chan, are you alright?" Naruto asked.

"I'm fine, Ototo... now show you're Nee-chan a good time." Rangiku stated, as she began a slow movement.

Unohana and Isane watched Naruto and Rangiku having some.

"Oh, my..." Isane said.

"Don't worry, Isane-chan, Sochi will be gentle." Unohana stated.

Rangiku used her arms to warp her arms around Naruto's neck to bring him closer. Naruto's sister took her time going nice and slow. Naruto enjoyed having sex, even if he was having sex with his step-sister. He rubbed her belly, so she can adjust to his size. Rangiku pulled Naruto into a kiss, as she increased her speed. Then lust takes over both brother and sister, as Rangiku felt no more pain, but pleasure, as she picked herself up.

"That's it, Ototo! Fuck me, fuck you're Nee-chan!" Rangiku said with pleasure.

"Nee-chan, your pussy is getting tighter! It's as tight as Kaa-chan's!" Naruto stated, as he used his own movement to fuck his step-sister.

"Ugh! This feels really good!" Rangiku said, as Naruto felt his sister's big heart-shaped rear-end bouncing up and down on his pelvis.

As Unohana and Isane watched the show, Isane's body was getting hot from watching her little brother and her older sister having sex.

"Enjoying the show, Isane-chan?" Unohana asked.

"Hai, Kaa-san..." Isane replied, as she was feeling her tits and rubbing her nipples.

"I bet you want Sochi's cock, don't you, Isane-chan?" Unohana asked.

"Yes I do..." Isane said, as she couldn't wait for her turn with her little brother.

Naruto and Rangiku continued this position for about 10 minutes. Unohana and Isane continued to watching, as Unohana fingered her daughter. Isane loved the way this very hot position was going and welcomed her mother fingering her, as she continue to Naruto and Rangiku fuck each other. Naruto watched his sister's tits jiggle up and down. Then, he used his hands to slide up Rangiku's body to feel her tits, giving them a good squeeze. This position continued for, the next 5 minutes. Rangiku's orgasm went wild, she knew that, she knew she was about to reach her climax for the first time. Naruto felt, his sister's cunt tighten more and more, knowing that he would cum too, at any time or moment.

"Oh, God! Ototo, I'm going to cum!" Rangiku yelled in pleasure.

"Me too, Nee-chan…" Naruto said, as he increased his speed.

Rangiku, felt waves of her little brother's hot milk filling her, tight wet pussy. Rangiku also felt her juices following from her pussy. Naruto, felt like his dick was malting away, after cumming for a full minute his loads died down. His dick slips out of his sister's wet cunt, but yet he was still hard as a rock. Naruto then gave his sister a tender kiss. As for Unohana stopped her actions, as Isane let out a moan after the fingering that her mother gave her.

"Did you like riding me, Anee-chan?" Naruto asked.

"I love it, Ototo. That was amazing for my first time." Rangiku said weakly.

Rangiku rolled off on Naruto, she grabbed the nearest pillow, and she then rested after her first time having sex. Rangiku then quickly passed out.

"Ototo..." Isane said.

"Yeah, Nee-chan?" Naruto asked.

"I want you to fuck me, Ototo..." Isane said, as she got close too Naruto.

Isane kissed Naruto, as he touched and feel her body. Then Isane wrapped her arms around her little brother. Naruto and Isane rolled and cuddled with each other. Naruto then positioned his sister, doggy style, spreading her ass cheeks apart showing her pussy and rosebud. Then he licked his sister's cunt, making Isane moan in pleasure. Unohana now watch, as her daughter and son having fun. She is so proud of her children. After her son is done with Isane and Rangiku, Unohana has a special reward for her son.

"Ohhh... Ototo, you're tongue feels so good." Isane moaned.

"You're pussy tastes good, Nee-chan." Naruto replied, as he tongued her pussy deeper.

Isane with her cunt now wet, she held her ass in the air showing everything she has for her little brother. Naruto's dick was now hard as steel staring at his sister's lovely body. Isane winked at him, shacking her rear-end at Naruto. Naruto slowly got behind his older sister, rubbing his cock against her ass and cunt. Isane used her ass to rub up against Naruto's pelvis. Naruto slowly entered his sister's wet and warm pussy making sure not to hurt her. Isane let out a yip then a moan and a groan in pain, as her pussy bleed a little do to being a virgin. She never had or felt something this big inside her before, as he continued to push himself inside her cunt inch by inch. With Naruto's cock now deep inside Isane, brother and sister stay motionless for about 5 minutes.

"Nee-chan, are you okay?" Naruto asked.

"I'm fine, Ototo, I'm amazed that your cock is deep inside my pussy." Isane replied.

"Then are you ready, Nee-chan?" Naruto asked.

"Hai, I'm ready, Ototo." Isane replied with a smile.

"I'll be gentle then, Nee-chan." Naruto said, as he began a slow fucking movement.

Naruto grabbed his sister's hips and thrust her nice and slow to make sure not to hurt her. Isane's eyes widen, she let out a gasp, and her pussy trembled with some of her love juice dripping. Naruto thrust a bit harder and faster. His manhood was deep inside and hitting his sister's womb, it was not only wet, but also really warm. Naruto continued his slow motion rhythm for about 10 minutes, and then Isane used her hips to thrust Naruto upwards. Isane then begged for her little brother to thrust her harder, as smiled and obeyed, as Naruto thrust harder and deeper, he felt hi sister's pussy tighten around his manhood. Unohana watch, as she fingered herself. Isane let out moans and wanted more of her little brother's incredible thrusting.

"Ototo, please keep fucking me!" Isane screamed in pleasure.

"Nee-chan, you're pussy is getting tighter and tighter!" Naruto moaned, as he thrust even harder.

"Oh, my... I can't wait to give my reward to Sochi. I'm sure he's going to love it." Unohana thought, as she fingered herself harder.

"Yes, that's right! Right there, Ototo! Keep fucking me just like this!" Isane shouted, as she grabbed the sheets of the bed.

"Don't worry, Nee-chan... I won't stop!" Naruto replied, as he squeezed Isane's tits.

"Oh, Ototo!" Isane yelled with pleasure.

Naruto thrust deeper into Isane's cunt. Her orgasms went wild, her ass and tits jiggled around freely. As Naruto thrust deeper and deeper, he felt his cock twitching inside his sister. Naruto then gave Isane an ass smacking with ever hard thrust, and she welcomed it. Unohana used her left hand to pleasure herself, as she used her right hand to squeeze her left breast. As brother and sister continued to fuck each other, Naruto and Isane began to both have mind-blowing orgasms, this position went on for about another15 minutes. She felt her pussy trembled, her eyes rolled back, her tongue hanged out, and Isane knew she was about to cum for the first time in her life. Naruto felt his sister's pussy tighten, and he then felt his balls tighten knowing that he was about to cum inside his sister's womb.

"Nee-chan, oh, I'm... I'm going to cum!" Naruto said, as he thrust harder and faster.

"Agh! M-Me too, Ototo! I'm going to cum for the first time! Fuck!" Isane shouted.

"Yes, it's almost my turn with Sochi." Unohana thought, as she sucked on her fingers tasting herself.

"I'm cumming, Ototo! I'm fucking cumming!" Isane shouted, as she was about to reach her climax.

"I'm cumming too, Nee-chan! Cumming! I'm almost there, Nee-chan!" Naruto said, as he also reaching his climax.

With one final thrust, both Naruto and Isane both reached their climax. Isane felt her juices over flooding, as her womb was filling up with her little brother's seed. After a minute of cumming, Naruto pulled himself out of his sister's sore pussy. Isane still on her hands and knees, she fall face into a pillow. Resting her head on a pillow of the bed next to Rangiku. Isane truly enjoyed her first time, even if it was with her little brother, Naruto. But Naruto looked down at his semi-hard manhood, still hard as a piece of meat.

"I'm still horny... but Rangiku Nee-chan and Isane Nee-chan are past out." Naruto thought.

"Oh, Sochi..." Unohana said.

"Yeah, Kaa-chan?" Naruto replied, as turn to his mother.

Naruto turn to see his mother, Unohana, on her knees, showing her big hot plump rear-end.

"Poor, Sochi, you're still hard. But don't worry, you can use my ass to relief yourself, baby." Unohana stated with a motherly smile, as she spread her ass cheeks apart.

"Really, Kaa-chan, I can fuck you're ass?" Naruto asked.

"What kind of mother would I be, if I have my baby masturbate himself to Hentai-mangas? Besides, I always wanted to do my first anal with a big cock." Unohana stated, as she waited for her son's massive dick.

"You're the best, Kaa-chan!" Naruto said, as he went behind his mother.

Unohana licked her lips, as Naruto played with her ass. He then spread his mother's butt cheeks, apart revealing her unused rosebud and her wet cunt. Naruto used his tongue to lick his mother's virgin asshole, Unohana let out a gasp. She held her head back in pleasure, Unohana loved the way her son was lubing her ass. Naruto then smacked his mother's right ass cheek, making Unohana yipped in pleasure. He then used his fingered her ass and her cunt, as Unohana bite her lower lip.

"Oh, Sochi, keep playing with my ass and pussy, just like that. Don't stop, keep fingering me." Unohana moan.

"You have such a nice big ass, Kaa-chan. I can't wait to fuck you." Naruto said, as he continued fingering her ass and pussy.

"Mmm... me too, Sochi. Ugh... Fuck this feels good." Unohana moaned.

Naruto stopped his actions. Naruto got out of bed, to get something to lube his mother's ass more. Unohana smiled, as she wanted her son's massive dick inside her ass.

"I'm going to get some baby-oil, to lube you some more, Kaa-chan." Naruto stated.

"Please, hurry, Sochi... I can't wait any longer. I need that big cock inside me, now." Unohana groaned.

Naruto returned with some baby-oil. Naruto use the baby-oil and lube his mother's ass. He then lubed the tip of his mushroom head. Naruto grabbed his mother's hips. He then grabbed his dick head and gently rubbed his cock against her lube rosebud. Unohana smiled for her first anal with her son. Naruto then slowly pushed himself inside Unohana's ass. Unohana's eyes widen, she let out a scream, and yipped in pain, she then buried herself in the sheets of the bed, as Naruto continued to enter her ass. Naruto never felt anything this tight before, his mother's ass was even tighter than her pussy. She felt like her anus was getting pulled from the inside out. Unohana then grabbed the edges of the bed, as her son continued to push himself inside her ass inch by inch. She held her head, her eyes rolled back, and then Unohana got the biggest orgasm of her life. With her son's massive 12 inched cock now deep inside her anal tube, both mother and son stayed motionless for about 5 minutes.

"Agh... Kaa-chan... Your ass feels so good... it's tighter than your cunt." Naruto said, as he laid on Unohana's back.

"Ohhh... Sochi, it hurts, but it feels really good... you're so deep in my ass." Unohana moaned.

"Ugh, you're so damn tight..." Naruto moaned.

"Oh, Sochi..." Unohana moaned, as she rested her head and her son began a slow motion.

Naruto increased his a little speed, so not to hurt his mother. Unohana still felt a little unease the feeling of anal was alien to her, but she was getting used to it. Naruto made sure he didn't go to rough to his mother. Unohana was breathing heavily, but she was started to feel pleasure. After 5 minutes of Naruto fucking her ass, Unohana felt no more pain, but pleasure and wanted more. She used her ass the fuck her son upwards, to show that she was ready for Naruto to thrust her harder.

"Oh, fuck! Oh, Sochi, you're so, deep inside my butt! Keep thrusting me!" Unohana groaned.

"Agh, Kaa-chan, I love how your ass is so tight around my dick!" Naruto said, as he increased his speed.

"That's it, fuck me! Fuck my ass! Please don't stop! I need you inside me, Sochi!" Unohana moaned.

"I won't, Kaa-chan! Fuck your ass is getting tighter!" Naruto replied, as grabbed her hips and thrust harder.

Naruto increased his speed more fucking his mother more. Naruto rammed, Unohana harder and harder. Giving, both of the mother and son mind-blowing orgasms, as he contained fucking her ass. Naruto felt her ass tighten, his mother's ass tighten more around his cock. Unohana loved anal, even if it was her first tome doing it. Naruto stopped his actions, Unohana wondered why, till Naruto turned her around, picked her up, and slammed his massive manhood back into his mother's anal-tube. Unohana screamed in pleasure, as she got fuck in her ass, while being fuck-carried by Naruto.

"Yes, Sochi! Fill my ass with that big cock of yours! Keep fucking me! Fuck me! Fuck my tight ass! Sochi!" Unohana yelled in pleasure and bliss.

"That's right, Kaa-chan! I'm fucking your ass, say it!" Naruto said.

"That's right, you're fucking you're mommy in the ass! Oh, shit, carry me harder!" Unohana said, as she wrapped her arms around her son.

Naruto squeezed her ass, making Unohana moaned in pleasure, as she held her head back.

"You love me fucking you like this, Kaa-chan?" Naruto asked.

"Y-Yes..." Unohana whispered.

"Louder." Naruto said, as he back his cock a few inches out and slammed it right back in Unohana's tight ass.

"YES! I love it when you fuck-carried me! Oh, shit!" Unohana yelled in pleasure.

"Who's cock do you love, Kaa-chan?" Naruto asked, as he slammed her harder.

"I love your delicious fat cock! Fuck me, you sweet mother fucker!" Unohana screamed in pleasure.

He smile and obeyed. Naruto rammed, Unohana even harder and harder. Giving, both of mother and son mind-blowing orgasms, as he contained fucking her ass. Naruto, felt her ass tighten, squeezing around his manhood. Unohana used her tongue into Naruto's mouth, as he slide his hands to squeeze his mother's ass some more. She then wrapped her legs around his waist. After 15 minutes of non-stop hard-core ass fucking, Unohana felt her ass tighten, her pussy was trembling, and her orgasms went wild. She loved it. She loved her new son/lover. Naruto loved his mother and his sisters and maybe this will be another new start in their lives. As Unohana's ass got even tighter and tighter she knew that she was about to cum, as was Naruto.

"Oh, fuck! I'm going to cum! I'm going too fucking cum, Sochi! Make me cum! I'm going to cum from being fuck in my ass! Oh. God, I'm almost there! I'm almost there!" Unohana growled, as she held Naruto tighter.

"I'm cumming too, Kaa-chan!" Naruto said, as he lost control of his speed.

"I'm going to cum, too! That's it, cum inside me! Shot those white ropes and make me fucking cum! Please, Sochi, I need you! Oh, fuck my ass!" Unohana yelled in pleasure.

"I'm cumming! I'm fucking cumming! It's cumming!" Naruto roared, as he and Unohana both reached their climax.

With one hard final thrust, Naruto released the biggest load of her life. Unohana came too. Her pussy over flooded with her juices hit the floor of his room, as her ass tightens around her son's big fat cock. Naruto's white ropes were spraying inside of his mother's anal tube. Her breathing was heavy and hot, as her ass was getting filled up with her son's warm love milk. Unohana's eyes rolled back and her tongue hanged out, feeling her son's white ropes filling her ass. Naruto had cummed for a whole minute. This made Unohana almost faint with pleasure, but somehow she was able to handle it. Naruto then pulled himself out of his mother's ass. Unohana's love-hole was dripping with some of his warm seed hitting the floor.

"That was great, Kaa-chan. Kaa-chan?" Naruto asked, as she saw Unohana fast asleep in his arms.

Naruto smiled and kissed his mother on the forehead, as he lied her down with his sisters. As for Naruto, he cleaned himself up and played his ps3 waiting for round 3 with his mother and sisters.

XxxxX Dinner-Time XxxxX

Later on that day, Naruto, Unohana, Isane, and Rangiku enjoyed their dinner.

"You we're right, Kaa-san, Ototo really gave us a good time." Isane stated.

"He sure did." Rangiku replied.

"See, we all had a great time together. Right, Sochi?" Unohana asked.

"Yeah, we did." Naruto replied.

"I have an idea." Unohana told her children.

"What is it, Kaa-san?" Rangiku asked.

"We all sleep together, and tomorrow, we all go to the beach." Unohana stated.

"That sounds awesome!" Naruto said.

"Well, then, we better eat dinner and wash up." Unohana said.

After dinner, Naruto and his mother and sisters took baths together and slept together too.

XxxxX The next day on the beach XxxxX

Naruto was wearing his orange swim-trucks, as his mother and sisters wore very sexy bikinis. Most of the men that were at the beach saw Unohana, Rangiku, and Isane in their hot bikinis. But of course they got rejected by these beautiful goddesses, because they had their Naruto with them, making the other men very jealous. As Naruto was relaxing in the shade, Unohana, Isane and Rangiku called him out too come in the water with them. Naruto smiled and did just that, as he went into the water to join his hot mother and sister/lovers for a good swim. Naruto did was he always his done, living life to the fullest.


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