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Slash Spock/Kirk

AN: This story is about Tarsus IV and my interpretation of events. Some parts, particularly Jim's memories could be confronting as I am basing them on real life experience in a similar situation (not mine thank goodness, but a friend who has told me their story). I will also say that while I very much enjoy reading well written stories about Jim being the leader and saving a bunch of children on Tarsus IV, I don't think it fits the time line in any sort of way and so because of this I decided to write this story, not to prove anyone wrong, because hey this is fanfiction and its all about imagination, but just to write my own version that I hope you will all enjoy.


They came at night when everyone was sleeping, interrupting the silence with fists pounding on the door. Jim slipped from his bed the pangs of hunger keeping his mind from drifting into dreams. His aunt, gaunt and pale stood at her bedroom door; her spindly hand gripped the hem of her robe worrying at its stitches, frayed from constant abuse.

The famine had changed them. 5 months ago his aunt used to be on the plump side with round rosy cheeks and bouncing blonde hair smiling as she went about baking her cakes and pastries to sell at their bakery. His uncle was tall with the broadest shoulders you could ever see. Jim could remember his Aunt and Uncle visiting Riverside when he was little and he would climb all over his uncle demanding to sit on his shoulders so he could see the world.

Now his uncle's shoulders were skin stretched over bone and his Aunts cheeks were hollow and pale, hair limp and dull. Neither smiled much any more. They did try; putting on a brave face telling Jim as they sat at an empty table that Starfleet would be coming soon. But Jim wasn't stupid, he had watched as the hope bleed from their eyes over the long months with only a few spoonful's of food they were given to eat and each day without the relief promised by the council. Starfleet wasn't coming; Jim knew that, they never came. Starfleet only took, they took his dad before he could speak, they took his mum when she couldn't cope being a mother and they took his bother when he ran away because his mum never came home. He ended up on Tarsus because no one else would have him.

His Aunt and Uncle had given him a home and loved him as a son and for that Jim loved them. The last two years on this planet far from earth had been the best years of his short life. Jim wouldn't give that up for anything even having to go hungry most days was better then not being loved. But now that could all end.

The men at the door wore black from head to toe, resting phaser rifles on their shoulders. One of them had a clipboard and he was the one who spoke. His Uncle shook his head, but the man pushed past him motioning from Jim and his Aunt to move towards him. Jim recognized his voice; his name was Hank the man that used to work at the school before all this started. He had three daughters.

Jim didn't know what was happening as they were herded into the street with a line of their neighbours and friends, the humid night air sticking his pajamas to his skin. Nobody dared speak as they shuffled forwards eyes darting to darkened houses; some with their front doors wide open swinging slightly in the breeze, others closed tight without even a twitch of a curtain to indicate the owners were witness to the scene before them.

Their little group grew as they past through more streets heading in the direction of the sports grounds at the edge of town. Still no one spoke, even the young children clutched to their mother's breast were silent. Jim shielded by his Aunt and Uncle on either side felt he should do something. Scream or cry or run but he could not; he knew fear was crippling, he had experienced it the split second before he forced himself to jump from the speeding car heading for the cliff. He knew fear could be over come, but in this moment surrounded by people with guns he was a child hiding behind his guardians. Shock and fatigue bled from him any fight he might have left.

His Aunt took his hand in that moment squeezing it tight before offering him a twitch of her lips that was meant to be a smile. Jim squeezed back. They did not know what was happening. Help could have come as the settlement lay in the dark and they were just now being taken to the ships.

The sports grounds loomed, a dark shadow rising from the dark landscape, the edges starting to reflect the glow of the rising sun just peaking through the jungle foliage on the other side. More lines of people coming from other parts of the settlement joined theirs as the guards herded them towards the entrances and out onto the playing field. The grass was soft and wet under Jim's bare feet and he curled his toes as they shuffled forwards until they were packed tightly together like sardines, the bleachers acting as their tin. His Aunt and Uncle were pressed against his sides, his aunt hadn't let go of his hand and his uncle's arm found its way around his shoulders.

The men in black joined their collages already standing in the bleachers, unslinging their rifles as they went. Jim's eyes followed Hank as he joined a group of others holding clip boards and make his way into the commentary box, its windows blackened and paint pealing from its walls. The whole sports ground was due for an upgrade especially since new colonists had come from Earth a year ago, but Jim doubted that would ever happen now.

They stood in silence, not even the jungle causing a stir, as they watched the golden light trickle down the West bleachers and illuminate the commentary box. Jim had never not heard the jungle; its background noise was always apart of the settlement. The constant chatter of the jungle primates and the twitter of the birds followed you to school each day, the sway of the leaves and creak of the branches distracted from your boring math's homework and the chirp of the insects sent you to sleep each night. Now it was as if nothing existed outside the oval of grass they stood upon in their night things slowly dampening with sweat in the humid air.

A breath left the crowd as men stepped from the commentary box. Jim had to stand on tip toes too see over the crowd. One man wore no mask allowing his features to be lit by the rising sun setting his red hair and beard a flame. His dark eyes surveyed the crowd before him taking in face after face of silent expectation.

Jim had never seen his face before, but he had heard whispers about a man behind the groups that moved through the streets quietly murmuring about the failures of the council, promising salvation to those that would rise against them. His uncle had even attended a meeting in the empty fields, only to come home shaking his head refusing to answer any questions Jim asked. This must be that man and the men in black must be his followers. Maybe they would be the ones to save them.

The man had the entire fields attention as he moved to speak, a small spark of hope rekindled in many of the eyes watching him, "The revolution is successful, but survival depends on drastic measures," he began pausing a moment before continuing, "Your continued existence represents a threat to the well-being of society. Your lives means slow death to the more valued members of the colony. Therefore I have no alternative but to sentence you to death. Your execution is so ordered. Signed, Kodos, governor of Tarsus Four."

Jim blinked shock settling in his veins as the words burned themselves into his mind. Kodo's flicked his hand and rifles were lifted into position, the whine of their power packs piercing through the silence. The shock had encompassed all and still no one moved until a woman's despairing sob broke the tide.

Birds once silent broke from the trees startled by the screams ripped from the throat's of 4000 people as phaser blasts burned through flesh. Some fell quickly, shot in the chest, others died in agony trampled under foot as panicked people tried to run. Jim saw a young boy no older then four disappear under the bodies of his parents as they fell using their last breath to protect him. Tom a boy only a few years older then Jim fell in to the piles of bodies piling up on the once green grass half his face burned by the blast that had struck him.

His aunt fell quickly, throwing herself in front of him as his Uncle pushed him down to the ground using bodies of neighbors and friends as cover.

"Jim, jim," his uncle whispered in his ear as he clutched his dead wife's hand to his chest, "Jim you have to run, when I tell you run for the jungle and don't look back, they won't follow you."

Jim looked at him his eyes wide unable to make a sound, "Do you understand me Jim, you have to live."

Jim tried to speak but words wouldn't form. He nodded cringing away as a phaser blast sizzled overhead, the stench of burning flesh filling his nose.

He watched his uncle pull his feet under him and his lips move in a silent count down, "Run!" he bellowed pushing Jim towards the bleachers as he used his remaining strength to sprint out across the field in the opposite direction. Jim found his feet and ran, slipping in between the seats of the wooden bleaches, until be stumped to a stop at the edge of the trees. He didn't need to look back to know his Uncle was dead the whine of 5 phaser blasts and the agonized yell barely recognizable as his aunt's name would be a sound never forgotten.

The next thing Jim heard was the voices of men, they had seen him escape and they would be coming. Pulling himself to his feet Jim stepped into the jungle, the tangle of trees swallowing him whole.


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