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Slash Spock/Kirk

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Spock placed the last trinket on his shelf checking each item was in line. The Enterprise would ship out in 2.3 hours and he had taken the time to unpack between supervising the final requisitions for the science department as the head of the science department and the final checks of personnel and other provisions as First Officer before they left space dock.

He reached out sliding the letters back further so they would line up with the wooden tiki man. The Vulcan fingered the paper and remembered the words written on the pages. Jim had taken to posting him letters whenever he could acquire paper on his travels, filling each of them with all his adventures in over exaggerated detail. With each of his letters he would also send a trinket, some simple cheap souvenirs others intricate carvings or porcelain and each one as precious as the last.

The tribal carvings from various indigenous cultures, many of which had died out centuries ago fascinated Nyota when she had first seen them in his office. She would study them closely each time she entered his room always interested in where Jim had acquired such rare objects. Spock did not truly know himself and so could not answer her. He could have allowed her to read the letters so she could decipher Jim's adventures herself, however he could not bring himself to do so. Even if it was her, Jim's letters were his and his alone, and they were his one sentimentality he allowed himself.

Adjusting a porcelain teacup and saucer originating from Wales he felt a slight regret that the letters and gifts could not continue.

Stepping back Spock admired his work leaning forward just slightly to adjust a snow globe of Toronto, a trinket signifying the news it brought with it. Jim had found his Brother in the Canadian city and met his Brother's new wife Aurelan. He spent 4 months with the couple finally able to experience family again after the initial step back when Samuel refused to believe Jim was who he said he was. Then the couple had shipped out to Deneva. They had asked for Jim to accompany them but he had decided to continue his travels confessing to Spock over comm link just the thought of moving to another colony had him on the verge of panic. Tarsus IV had left scars that ran far deeper then flesh.

Moving over to the box on his desk Spock removed one last item and placed it next to his neatly arranged pads and stylus. The holo disk lit up as he pressed the switch showing a hovering picture of he and Jim standing under the lush green canopy of the Amazonian Rain forest. Spock had kept his promise and taken a short sabbatical meeting Jim in Rio before they made their way into the jungle. Jim had terrified their designated Guide when he swam up the first tree and proceeded to leap through the branches from tree to tree. The others on their tour had applauded Jim's agility and an elderly Andorian had offered to take a photo for them both. His lips twitched in an almost smile when he remembered Jim's enthusiastic leap from the upper branches when he heard the offer. The guide had to sit down for 10.34 minutes after the incident.

The company that ran the tours heard of the incident and hired Jim on the spot as they were always looking for new things to entertain the tourists and so Spock returned to Starfleet with a heavy heart. Leaving Jim behind in the jungle had been one of the most difficult things he had had to do unable to surpass the feeling that he would lose Jim to the trees, a nightmare he had endured each day he left Jim to return to camp when he was on Tarsus.

3 months later Spock received a letter and a fire ant preserved in amber. Jim with reluctance had left his new job and continued on to Peru with plans to leave the America's and get a boat to New Zealand. Spock was quick to a find a research vessel surveying the Pacific Ocean that he could meet in Chile. He did not receive any letters during that particular leg of Jim's travels however he did receive many comm messages describing Antarctica (an unexpected detour) and the pacific islands before he received the tiki man and a letter from Wellington.

The chirp of his door pulled him from his thoughts and he moved to open it. Doctor McCoy stood in the corridor a scold on his face.

"We have been requested to go to the bridge," he grumbled obviously annoyed his organisation of the medical bay had been disrupted.

"Why did they not comm me directly?" Spock questioned stepping into the corridor so the door could squeak shut behind him.

McCoy shrugged, "How would I know."

The Doctor and Spock had continued their acquaintance in Jim's absence meeting on the occasion to speak of him and his adventures and eventually moving to other topics. He would never admit to enjoying these meetings nor would he admit to the satisfaction he felt knowing that while Jim sent McCoy trinkets on occasion he had never sent the Doctor a letters like he had Spock.

They entered the turbo lift in silence ordering it to the bridge. Stepping out Spock nodded Nyota at her station before looking to the shining blue-eyed man with the biggest grin on his face standing at the Captain's chair. Jim looked striking in his gold tunic as Spock knew he would, his knife resting at his hip. Admiral Pike had granted him special permission to be allowed to wear the weapon.

"Mr Spock, Bones," Jim greeted his grin becoming impossibly wider. He had returned to Starfleet full of the world and entered his studies eagerly finally knowing what it was he wanted to do. The research trips Spock had arranged for him went towards his credits and he graduated at top of his command class in three years at the academy. Now he was Captain of the Enterprise and Spock could not suppress the pride he felt in Jim's achievement.

"You requested our presence Captain," Spock replied closing the gap between them.

"Just wanted to make sure everything is running smoothly," he replied looking over Spock shoulder to the scolding Doctor.

"You could have asked over the comm," he grumbled crossing his arms over his chest.

"But then I wouldn't see your pretty face," Jim replied with a wink turning back to Spock.

"Everything sorted on your end?" he asked holding out his hand two fingers extended.

"It is," Spock inclined his head touching his fingers to Jim's.

"Oh and Spock," he smiled leaning in so his lips brushed Spock's ear, "Welcome to my new jungle," Jim whispered with a grin.

Spock resisted the urge to role his eyes as Jim pulled back and slid into his chair adjusting his knife as he did.

"So Bones care to go over your requisitions," he grinned at the Doctor grumbling under his breath as he accepted a pad from his Yeoman.

"Fine lets get this over with," McCoy grumbled audibly as he moved to take Spock's place beside the Captain's chair.

"Will you be joining us for the launch?" Spock asked with an inquisitive eyebrow.

The doctor paused looking to the view screen depicting the shining stars of the night sky, he looked a little queasy, "Not likely," he muttered glaring at the young Russian navigator who dared to chuckle as his predicament, the crew being very aware of the Doctors dislike of space.

"You're missing out," Jim replied before Spock watched him shift into his professional façade as he moved on to ships business. A façade he had developed watching Pike in the exact same seat.

At his station Spock watched Jim and the doctor going over the medical requisitions and suppressed a smile. This 5 year journey would be their greatest adventure.


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