You can see it at the razzies 2012 version by WyldClaw

plot: Spoof of the family guy song " you can see it on tv ', Written before the so called winners of the 2011 golden raspberry awards were announced. BK refers to bigkidatheart, WC is yours truly . There are a few extra lines in italics that are not part of the original song. XxX is a break between each verse. Italics are extra lines. Names have been changed. Please read and review. thanks


BK: you know, WC we are luckily to have seen this particular year of films

WC: really? It seems like most of it was trash And completely sh-( Louise, Colin, mia1986, Ross, Roma hit her head with hardcover books) OWWIE! What was that for!

Naomi, Louise, Ross , Roma: hmmm.. everything! What do you mean by that?

WC ( rubbing her head): err nothing. only a select group of movies makes it to a glorious ceremony

Naomi, Ross, Colin, marvin, mollie, Roma : the oscars? Yahoo!

WC & BK: uhhh rrrright. Here are some examples...


BK [ singing]: we had major hits like the second to last twilight movie

Chrissy, mollie, , gigi , mia1986, , Roma,: YAHOO! eddy. marry and then change me

WC: with a lengthy labor scene sure to put you off doing 'it' for eternity

Twihards: HEY! (bonk WC over the head with books for the second time )



BK and WC: Its an easy situation.

An honest declaration

If its crappy you'll find it at the razzies


BK: bridesmaids, crazy stupid love, and the muppets gave us our comedic fill

while green hornet, the smurfs, Arthur, and many more made us sick of swill

WC: did you hear the rumors about a sequel to that extremely horrid 'Jack and Jill' (shudders)


BK and WC: You can try to deny it

Roma: no I'm not

BK and WC: but We ain't gonna buy it. If its crappy you can find it at the razzies


WC: if you crave a new Theater thrill. They're always brewing up some new big screen swill

BK: Like New Year's Eve . Yeech!


BK: adam sandler was once hollywood's rising comedic star. But today tsk ,tsk his career has really dropped far

WC: like box office flops like just go with it , zookeeper and bucky larson: born to be a star


WC and BK: Oh, there ain't nothing to it.

You buy a ticket an' view it.

If its crappy you can find it at the razzies


WC [talking]:, I think I get the point, BK.

Chrissy, Roma, Marvin, Ross, Colin , Mia1986, Gigi, Carrie ,: oh really? Then stop the bashing ( punch WC in the nose )

WC ( holding her broken nose): owwww! What was dab for

BK:, err we don't mean anything by this all

WC: we don't? bud BK I thought dab- ( BK hits her gut and stomps on her foot to shut her up )

BK: err its just for laughs guys ! Listin to this


BK ( singing Resumes) : warner brothers continued to stay alive. with hits like the last potter film and the artist continuing to thrive

WC: but green lantern, happy feet two, j. edgar and something borrowed caused stars' careers to take a huge nosedive


WC and BK: we ain't gonna bull ya

WC: much

WC& BK: We just wanna tell ya

If it's crappy you can find it at the razzies


WC : lionsgate had trouble staying in the race

So they brought back final destination a fifth time to save some face

BK: but didnt james franco take all the main characters' place?


BK & WC: oh you may loathe it

mia1986, Ross, Scottie, Colin: You're reeeally askin' for it

BK and WC: if it's crappy you can find it at the razzies


James: like the sopranos transformers: dark of the moon I'd highly recommend

BK: but with the long plot, off screen drama and future reboot

WC: we don't know WHEN it will actually - (Music cuts out, spoof screen goes dark . Music kicks back in, spoof returns)


WC: to complete the philosophy on which we all agree (Roma, Scottie Chrissy, Ross, Colin, Mia1986 punch her in the gut and hit her over the head with heavy barbells ) Owwwwwwww!

BK: . All the bad movies in theater is vital yes siree

WC: ( gulps nervously) cause sometimes you need to escape reality with bad movies:


WC & BK: so up with the curtain . It's 100% certain. If its crappy you can mostly likely find it at the razzies