Maka's crush xx

"C'mon tell me, who is it?" Tsubaki kept pestering me for an awnser. I kept silent, there was no way i was going to give away my deepest secret, even though Tsubaki was my best friend.

"NO NEED TO FEAR BLACKSTAR IS HERE!" As always Blackstar wanted to make an entrance, but it all armed natural now, but you see the odd people rolling there eyes or trying to throw things at him.

"Hey, did you know that Maka has a crush on someone in this school." Blackstar was all ears, he couldn't wait to make a fool of in front of her lover as pay back for making him clean the toilet just because he touch he touched her chest by accident. 'There's nothing there so why did she scream at me, souls the one who pushed me :3'

Just staring at Blackstar is making me worrying me, every time he thinks of something he will squat down and rub is hands together and now he has that weird look on he face.

"I WILL HAVE REVENGE!" He jumped up and stuck his fist in the air.


After a while everyone went back to normal well all accept Blackstar who stood there still in the same stance.

"Blackstar..." Just like that he disappears in a cloud of smoke. I shook my head and continued on walking.

"Hey Kidd" I started waving at him, he was staring at the bored with all jobs to do.

"MAKA!" Patty jumped on me hugging me tight.

"hEy PaTTy, CaN yOu pUt mE DoWN"

"Oops sorry" she put me down so I could breathe again. Patty has got strength on her side.

"Maka... MAKA YOUR HAIR IS UNEVEN, YOU MUST LET ME SORT IT!" He started pointing at my twin tails. Here we go again last time he kept saying that me tie had 21 tripea and not 22 which is a even number and made me change it.


"Wait, Maka has a crush?" While Kidd was doing my hair Tsubaki told everyone about how she read my diary and found out I had a crush.

"Ooooooo, this is going to be fun, being detectives to find out who she likes" Patty kept acting like she was a detective, she even had a cloak on and started posing.

"So who is it?" Hatty was sitting there doing my nails asking me questions along with the others. I simply shook my head making them understand that I wasn't telling and continued letting Kidd do my hair. Patty started pouting and saying how unfair it is.

"No fair, I WANNA KNOW!" She then sat in the corner mumbling to herself. She kinda had a blue ora around her.

"I HAVE FOUND HIM!" Everyone looked over to the blue head idiot who stormed through the doors with someone in his hand.

Everyone's eyes widened when he said that even mine he couldn't possibly have found out already. Could he?

"Here he is" he lifted his hand to show us who it was.

"BLACKSTAR THAT'S NOT HIM!" I ran up to him and hit him on the head with my book leaving a huge mark on his head.

"YOU SHOULD KNOW THAT IT DEFIANTLY WILL NEVER BE OX FORD." I held the bridge of my nose trying to calm down. I could here the snickering in the background.

"I'm going to the library" with that I simply left them be. I can't believe he thought I liked Ox Ford, why on earth would I like him. Sometimes I could just kill him.

"My darling daughter is it true that you have a crush." Great more annoyance.
"Please don't leave your livening papa behind"


"If anyone hurts you I will kill him the kiln him again again and again until he learns his lesson" his face was all lit up thinking how great a plan that was but he was still annoying.

"Isn't he already dead before he learns his lesson" he was so dumbfounded by that.
"Bye papa" I simply walked off just hearing is pathetic sobs in the background.


Finally I reached the library. As I walked I could see corona sitting there reading her book. I walked over and sat by her, she saw me but then looked away.
"Hey corona"

"He-ey Maka" I wondered if corona had anyone she liked.

"Hey corona?"

"Yes?" Her voice was soft and frail and the way she was acting it seemed to me she wanted to be alone.

"Ne-never mind, see you later" I waved good bye and ran out of the library. Maybe I'll ask another time.


I guess I'm hungry. Maybe I should go home and stick so dinner on. If I don't soul may shout at me and get all cranky cause he's hungry.


"I'm home" I took of my shoes and looked around for soul.
"Hmmm, he's not home"

I walked over to the kitchen and opened the fridge.

"Let's see shall we have pizza, no we had that yesterday, pie, no soul hates that stuff, chicken, no saving that for Wednesday, ribs, no don't have any source..."

"Or we could have take away" I turned around and saw soul with take away in his hands. I walked over to him took the bags and said "I couldn't agree more" I placed the bags on the table and went to get some plates.

"Hey, Maka there are rumours going round that you have a crush on someone are they true?"
I came back and put the plates on the table and quickly nodded, I could feel my face heating up.

"Well? Who is it?" I quickly shook my head, I can't tell soul he would laugh at me.
"Come on tell me" I shook again. He stood up from the table and came up behind me. I quickly turned around and started walking backward with him following me.

"Why not?" He kept grinning while my face was red as a tomato. I had no idea what to do so in stead I just,

"OW!" Hit him on the head with a book. Once he was down I quickly ran into my room and locked the door.

(Normal prov)

"You can come out now" soul said. Blackstar, Kidd, patty, hatty and Tsubaki came out from their hiding places.
"Told ya I was right" soul said nodding his head, the others jaws dropped at that moment.