Hey guys I'm not going to continue from the last chapter because to be honest I don't like it and I cant be bothered to change it. I'm going to make this the final chapter because I think if I carry it on any longer it will just get boring so... sorry if you guys like it and want it to last longer but I don't think it will work. sorry

Maka and Patty sat down on a bench in the park where they normally play basketball.

"Patty, where are the others?" Maka looked across to Patty who seemed to be occupied with a cloud that passed by the moon. I was dawn and the sky was just turning dark.


"PATTY!" Maka was cut off when a scream came from behind them. It was Liz, Tsubaki, Blackstar and Soul running towards them.

"Liz?" Maka was confused at why all her friends were running towards her. Once they stopped running Patty took her eyes away from the 'interesting' cloud.

"Liz? When did you get here?" Liz giggled and pulled her sister in to a hug that nearly suffocated her, but she didn't care, Patty was used to it.

"Maka?" Maka looked over to Tsubaki who thought her feet looked very interesting. She stared at her feet for a while before spitting/shouting something out.

"MAKA PLEASE TELL US WHO YOU LOVE!" Maka was wide eyed at what he best friend had said. She hoped that they all forgot about it now, but obviously they hadn't. Maka wondered if she should tell her friends, I mean they would only pester her more. Maka smiled and nodded. Everyone gasped with surprise when she did. Liz suddenly let her sister go, Patty fell to the floor but then climbed on to the bench, Tsubaki leaned on to the back of the bench prepared to listen, Blackstar sat crossed legged on the floor and Soul stayed standing there watching.

"The person who I realised I loved is..." Spirit appeared from behind the bush and ran over like a lost puppy.

"I realised that I love... my father, spirit." Maka giggled towards the end of that. Everyone's jaw dropped to the floor, all except spirit's, he was wagging away to himself mumbling 'she loves me, she loves me'.

"You're joking right?!" Liz looked disappointed about the whole thing.

"But what about all the stuff in you diary, I never knew this but he is sooooo cool the way he is always there for me..." Tsubaki mimicked Maka's voice.

"Spirit was there for me when Blackstar pulled those stunts and for a bunch of other stuff." You could hear a bunch of 'Oh's!' coming from everyone.

"Okay! What about 'Even his weird hair colour is awesome...'"

"Tsubaki, Blackstar has weird hair." Maka pointed out whilst actually pointing at his hair. Tsubaki stood there a moment trying to figure it all out. Patty still looked as eager as she did before.

"OK. How about when your diary said 'the way he struts around like he owns the place is just so cool...'. Hu. HU!" Liz was zooming into Maka's face hoping that she would show some sort of sign that she was making it up. But no sign or action appeared.

"Have you seen the way Spirit walks around? It looks as if he OWNS the place." Spirit was admiring what was being said.

"What's wrong with what she says?" Spirit asked standing/leaning forward.

"Nothing. Nothing, it's just... Maka normally ignores you or book chops you." Tsubaki loved seeing her feet when talking to people.

"Yeah, I mean it's not like she loved you then, so why does she love you now?" Spirit was hit with a giant arrow of pain and rejection from what Patty said; Patty said it with such a blunt tone.

"But...but...but?!" Spirit was beginning to tear up.

"It's fine. Dad. They just don't understand." Maka leaned forward to speak to Spirit. His smile went from ear to ear. Maka walked away and slowly followed by Soul. The others just watched after them.

(Maka and souls house)

"Soo, Maka, what's for dinner?" Soul pranced into the kitchen and leaned on the side table.

"Meatballs and spaghetti." Maka replied, continuing stirring their meal. Soul moved closer a little and took in the smell of meatballs and spaghetti.

"Sooooo, Maka?"


"What's for desert?" Soul was getting closer and closer.

"Left over apple pie." Maka said.


"Sooooo, Maka?"

"What!?" Maka was beginning to get mad at how many questions he was asking.

"What's for breakfast tomorrow?" You could see the stress marks on Maka's face appear on her forehead.

"Bacon? I think. Now is that everything?" She sounded a bit sour and mad now.

"Sooooo, Maka?"

"WHAT!? WHAT IS SOO IMPORTANT?! CANT YOU SEE I'M TRYING TO COOK HERE?!" When Maka turned round she was face to face with soul. She could feel his breath flow past her face, which sent ghost bumps down her spine.

"Do you really like the way I strut around town? And how does my hair look to you? And how close should I be to you?"

"Ummm... ummm" Maka became bright red very fast.

"Do you really 'love' your dad?"

"I-I only said that... that because I wasn't ready to- to tell them."

"But you can tell me right?" Soul cupped her face and brought his lips down on to hers. The kiss seemed to last forever.

"Of cause I can tell you. It's just I didn't want them to know about us yet." Soul smiled his toothy grin and planted another kiss on Maka's lips.

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