The heart keeper - chapter 1 shocking news

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Ally POV

I'm freaking out! Too much is going on my life! Well you are probably wondering what makes me freaking out. But to explain this I need to tell what happened before, to get it all out of my system. So that is what happened;

*Flashback (Unknown time before)*

Amit, my best friend, and I were in my dressing room, at the backstage of the "Israeli Free Dancing Championship". I was really nerves; I didn't know what was going to happen. I just finished dancing my final dance, and so are the other finalists; Ron Levi and Verde Perez (AN - those names are names that are common in Israel, so they are In Hebrew, if you don't get what is written don't try too much I'd probably won't use those names any more). In that moment the judges were in the conference room (where they discussed each other's opinions and decided who they think should win). I really wanted to win, not only for myself but for him, for Austin, the boy I was meant to be with and had died six years ago.

I know that it's weird that a 12 years old girl says she already knows who she meant to be with, even if the last time she saw him was 6 years ago before he went to fight in the war. But there is this thing, I'm not a regular girl, I'm not a mortal, I'm a wizard; a witch to be more precise. And for witches and warlocks (the male term for witches) there is no choice about who you are going to be with. They need to find the one. And I don't mean the one that they choose but the one that holds their heart, their "heart keeper". Even though you usually can't tell that the person didn't choose him not from love. Usually the wizard fall in love with his/her "heart keeper", and the "heart keeper" falls for the wizard.

Usually the heart keeper are mortals in order to prevent from the children too much power, and not wizards. But sometimes it does happen, it's rare but it can still happen. That had happened to me, I saw Austin for the first time when I was five hours old and he was four hours old. Our fathers saw our reaction and knew what happened, somehow, also Austin's parents and mine are all wizards, which means that we are very powerful and our children were supposed to be even more powerful than us if Austin wouldn't have died.

When we were six years old the wizard world's (the place where all the magical beings are living in) council asked for all the warlocks that already had their six - mortal - birthday to join the wizards' army and fight the war that was going on at the time (I know it sounds weird that a six years old needs to join a war but a warlock gets his power when he is only three mortal years old, nine technically in wizard's years, you see the wizards' age isn't as normal as mortals' age, every mortal year is 3 years in wizards' years. So six its eighteen in wizard's years and this is a normal a normal age to join a war).

Anyway, Austin that already had his 6th birthday at the time had joined them. Two weeks later I got a call from the council that noted me that he got injured during the battle and died though it. I was really depressed and couldn't stop crying for a really long time - something like few months. Well, he was still holding my heart. But the thing that was really weird usually when your heart keeper dies you can feel it in your heart, I didn't.

But the real reason why I'm freaking out wasn't Austin. It all started in my dressing room...

So we were in my dressing room and I was walking around from all the nerves and barely heard when Amit said "Stop walking around, you are making me dizzy, sit down!" I set down but I just couldn't relax and my leg started to jump. "You need to relax", Amit said and gave me a glass of water. "I don't know what's going on with you but you have never gotten so nervous before or after a dance" she continued.

"Look..." I said "...I have to win this thing for Austin!" Just saying his name made my eyes fill with tears, but I kept it in.

"Who? Oh you mean that kid that was born the same day as you, your previous best friend that left to the Australia six years ago and had never come back?"

I have never told Amit he truth about me, I've never told her that I'm a witch or that me and Austin were meant for each other. I couldn't tell her, the number one rule for the wizards is not to tell mortals about the wizards' world and everything about it unless the mortal is your heart keeper. I also never told her about Austin's death, the only thing she knows about him is that when we were kids he and his family left to the Australia and never returned. Suddenly I decided to tell her a part of the truth, maybe I can't tell her that I am a witch or that he died in a war but I can tell her that he died from some other reason - a plane crush for example.

"Actually the reason why he never returned was that the plane he was flying in,had crushed and there were no survivors." My tears came back and one fell on my cheek before I wiped it off.

"Oh sorry I had no meaning of making you sad in any way Alls, he was a great friend of yours..." her face showed real honesty "...But what does it have to do with the fact that you are so nervous?"

"The reason is that before he left he had made me promise him that in the compaction of 2009 the first year I can get in it- I'll win, for the both of us."I said with sadness filling my voice.

"Oh really, I didn't know, honestly I really didn't mean to make you sad." She replayed.

"It's okay; I guess I need to stop thinking about him. I mean, the last time I saw him was six years ago and I have grown up since then. "I said with a fake smile on my face, but I lied. I can't get over him I mean he was still holding my heart when he died.

But this conversation is also not the full reason why I'm freaking out. The reason came after it; it came knocking on my door, literally.

It was 20 minutes before the announcement of the winner. I was getting ready to the announcement ceremony when I heard some knocking on my door. Amit went to open the door while I was fixing my makeup.

There was a woman at the door, somewhere around the age of 40, I guess. Amit called me saying the woman has been asking for me. I went and asked her (in Hebrew, of course, since we were in Israel). "Hi, can help you?" The woman looked at me strangely and said in English: "English please" She had a light smile on her face.

I asked again the same question but this time in English. This time she answered: "Oh, I'm Ronda Manson; I'm from a special school near Hollywood, named 'Hollywood's town school'. And I was sent here in order to find some talented dancers for our school's teams. And I thought you might be interesting in joining our school's teams and of course joining as a student, it will be a full scholarship. I promise you that your parents won't need to pay even a single cent." She finished her speech with a big, happy smile on her face. "So what do you think?" She added.

I was so excited but I had one concern; I cannot make my family leave everything and go to the U.S. only for me to learn in this special school: "I'm sorry, believe me I want to, really want to, but I can't. I can't make my family leave everything they know, leave their life for me to learn in this school of yours" I said sadly.

"What? If that is the only thing you concern about, so I can fix it in no time. Look, a lot of our students' families live in other countries and not in Hollywood or even in the states at all. But it doesn't really matter; our school is a boarding school. The students live in houses in the town."

This time it was Amit that answered "What do you mean live in houses in Hollywood? I mean, if Ally would came to this school of yours she will have to find a house to live in? And then she'll need to raise money to pay rant."

Mrs. Monson started to laugh. But then she said "Oh, sorry girls. I thought you are kidding. Look, first of all, the school is not in Hollywood, it's near. Secondly, think about the school name for a sec - 'Hollywood's town school' - the school is a town. It used to be a real city but, for some reason all the people who lived there had left 100 years ago and then 40 years ago our school's first principal bought the city ground and built the school on the city's ground. He also rebuilt the city's houses and buildings. Now every 10 students from the ages 3 to 12 live together with a house mother or father in the same house. In every house, for those ages, all the students are in the same age, class and gender.

"Then when a student is about to finish the 6th grad, he needs to choose a club - the club which you choose mean what you goanna learn for the next 6 years and where you going live from the next 6 years until you graduate high school. There are 18 students in every club. In some clubs there is place for 36 students, so the kids in those clubs live in 2 near houses.

"In the houses for 7th grad and up students live by themselves with no house mother or father. You, I guess, will live in the best house - for my opinion - the star house. This is the house for the star teammates. There is a place for only 14 kids, who studies theater' art, which includes: acting which is taught by Mrs. Moon, singing which is taught by me and dancing which the students are teaching each other.

Oh, I talked too much and the announcement ceremony is about to start so just read everything in this brochure and think with your family and let me know." She gave me the brochure and smiled." If you have any questions just call me, my number is there, and I need the answer by next Wednesday.

"Okay, thank you." I said. She looked at me happily and left the room. I gave the brochure a look and said to Amit "Well, it sounds like a nice school."

"Just nice? I think that this school is awesome! You don't really thinking saying no, do you? Ally! I asked you something! Are you going to say no?"

"Well..." I started to talk but then I saw her face... She looked at me like I've felt on the head! "What? It is seems really cool place but I...I still need to talk with my parents and siblings. Even with a scholarship I still need to live very far from my family and home. I can't make a decision like that by myself!"

"Finalists, on stage in 5 minutes!" I heard the voice of that old woman who is announcing that we need to hurry to get on stage for the announcement ceremony which was about to start.

"Well, I guess that now we have to finish my makeup, for I have to be on stage in 4 minutes... so we can't continue this conversation" I said with a little relief in my voice. Then I muttered "thank god" I signed in relive.

"Oh, don't worry, we shall continue it later! Now came, I have to fix your entire make up. It looks terrible!" I knew that she won't forget but I still hoped she would.

The rest of the evening I can't really remember; Just that I won and I went with my family and Amit to a restaurant to celebrate.

In the restaurant Amit told my family about Mrs. Monson and everything that happened before the ceremony. My parents agreed with me, of course.

What I do remember is the conversation we had when we got home.

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