Crouched bow-legged on the sidewalk, Sadie faced the mail slot after rummaging around in her cart. In front of her on the dirty concrete lay a trail of odds and ends: a tire weight, a handful of marbles, a half-smoked pack of Kools, and a ball of string, "Will you lookee theh," she scolded, "Somebody done tossed them perfectly good things out on this heah sidewalk!"

She grinned up at Peter with brown gapped teeth, "You just be ready theah, let ol Sadie handle this part."

"This isn't going to work." Peter grumbled. Sadie and Janine both shushed him.

"Why, it's a perfec-ly good ol' bag a marbles and a lead weight. Who be so wasteful?" Sadie sang at the door.

After what seemed like forever, the mail slot clanked open.

There was a rustling sound from behind the door.

The mail slot clanked shut, followed by the sound of one, two, three, and five more locks being opened.

The door creaked open. A dirty hand slipped out and snatched up the ball of string. Sadie motioned them back.

The hand snagged the cigarettes.

She held up one crooked finger.

The hand snagged the tire weight.

She held up two crooked fingers.

The hand reached but couldn't quite reach the marbles.

Sadie held up three crooked fingers, and nodded.

A few minutes later, after a lot of kicking and yelling, a very dirty and disheveled Ray lay duct taped face down to the sidewalk, screaming obscenities.

"All right Madame S., that's one down." Peter said slapping at his coveralls in disgust, "So, pray tell, what does her royal Highness plan to do about the ever elusive Egon?"

"Yo, Peter, forget about Egon," Winston pointed at the police car pulling up, "We got company."