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Synopsis: Alternate take on what could've happened after Yugi was defeated by Kaiba. Yugi must learn to once again trust in the spirit of the Millinnium Puzzle.

Side Notes: This is based completely on the dubbed version. So basically you're stuck with the accents, the bad names, and all that fun stuff. On the plus side, because of this, I will not refere to the spirit in the puzzle as Yami because I have yet to hear Yugi call him that.

Updated October 8, 2004: Hey, since FF.N has done some wonderful stuff with their site, I've decided to fix my errors and the silly things I had to do to get this fiction to work while there were still coding errors (or something like that). Anywho, most of the text will remain the same. I'm only changing huge mistakes, problems I currently have with some of it, and putting in my italics.  Enjoy!


"I can never duel again."

Joey glared down at Yugi, reaching for the small boy to snap him into his senses. Yeah, Yugi had lost a duel to that filth, Seto Kaiba, but it wasn't the end of the world. Joey had lost hundreds of duels before and yet kept going. Sure, he wasn't anywhere near his friend's rank as a duelist. But Gramps had taught him a hundred times before it wasn't how many times you won a duel, all that mattered was if you had the strength to fight again.

Surely Yugi had learned that lesson. Joey had never met anyone with as tough of a spirit as Yugi. It seemed everything his friend lacked in physical strength, he made up for in his mental abilities. So why was he giving up after losing this one duel?

I can't do it, Yugi thought as he felt himself being shaken, some part of his mind noticing that Joey was yelling at him. I can't risk any more lives by letting the spirit of my puzzle take over. He was willing to do anything to win, including destroying Kaiba. I will not let it come that close again. His trouble mind fleetingly wondered if his spirit perhaps wasn't all that good. What if it was just like Bakura's? What if, instead of a guardian, he had received only more pain, more darkness, more destruction?

Yugi felt the presence of the spirit start to press at his mind again.


Yugi pushed at the other being that had taken residence inside of him. He wanted him out of his mind, out of his body, as far away from him as possible. Tears began to form in his eyes again as he shoved the spirit with everything he had. Yugi felt as if his body was being torn to shreds, as if the world around him was collapsing. The spirit began to call out again, pleading for him to stop. The other essence was feeling the pain as well.

Go AWAY! Yugi screamed at him. And then the pain stopped.

Joey fell back with the others in shock as Yugi's Millennium Item started glowing. The mortals had to cover their eyes as the light grew painfully bright. All four gasped as a spike of pain flew through their bodies, and a mental cry of anguish ripped through them.

Then the light faded. Joey was the first to try looking at Yugi. He cried out in astonishment, causing the others to forget caution and look up as well. Their mouths fell open.

Where there had once been one Yugi Mutou, there were now two.