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Chapter 1


Volterra, Italy. It's a beautiful town. If only I wasn't here for death. I told everyone that I was going on vacation, to clear my head of what happened.

Edward left. Again.

This time he brought his family. This time he was cruel. They told me that I was useless, unwanted, weak and nothing more than a play thing for them, to keep them entertained. When I looked into their pitch black eyes, I only saw raw hatred. A dark fire burning in their eyes. I was shocked to find it in Carlisle and Esme. I thought of as my second parents.

They then told me they wanted nothing to do with me, so they then piled everything I had ever given them, and set them alight. By this time tears were running down my cheeks. They didn't want to see me again, so I complied. I walked away, as soon as the match hit the gifts I gave them, and never looked back. I knew that Jasper could feel my emotions, so I made myself numb. I gave up my emotions, like switching off the light. It was easy.

Three days later, I told everyone I was going to Europe for a vacation, that was easy too. Due to the fact that there were many people to tell. Charlie had died of a heart attack. The house will go to Renee when she found out that I had died. That would be my one request to the Volturi, to make up a story for my mother to have closure.

Well, that and to ask of they would put me out of my misery quickly. It's no fun to break something that's already broken.

When I arrived, I stayed in a cheap hotel by the airport to catch a night's sleep. I wanted to be awake when I met my end.

(The Next Morning)

After I woke up, I caught a cab to Volterra. When I got there, there seemed to be no one about. The streets were empty. I knew the path to the clock tower, due to my previous visit here. I then heard a loud round of applause and cheers. I followed the noise, and found myself in the place I wanted to be. The courtyard in front of the clock tower. It took a minute to figure out what was going on.

There was a raised stage in the middle of in the courtyard, with a short man in a smart suit and a very impressive necklace. He must the mayor. I notice a large item covered by a cloth. Suddenly everyone is clapping and I see the mayor pull the cloth off the item. It's a statue. And it looks just like me. Only I'm wearing a dress that looks like it's from the 15th Century.

Suddenly, the mayor shouts something, hurry's off stage, and the statue starts to get hit with rotten fruit. I gasp. Why would they do something like this?

All of a sudden, everything stops. I look around, and see everyone is looking at me. Whispers start to go around. The mayor walks on stage and catches my eyes. He shouts something, and two people are suddenly dragging me to the stage. Of course I drag my feet, but this only makes them pull harder. I then get pull on stage and positioned next to the statue. The mayor looks between me and the statue, then turns to the crowd and starts to shout in Italian, but I manage to catch one word. I word that shakes me to my very core. Strega. Witch. I know this because when I looked at my family tree, in the 15th Century, there was my ancestor, who lived in Volterra, and was accused of being a witch.

I am then pulled off stage and shoved into the hands of some women who drag me off, but not before I see six men carry a wooden stake, and loads other men carrying bales of hay and a lot of wood. And one man behind them, carrying a lit torch.

They plan to burn me at the shake like my ancestor. They think I am a witch.