Heaven. That is what it felt like to kiss my Isabella. Her lips soft and sweet, moving with mine perfectly. I felt like my dead heart would fly out of my chest.

I held her slender form against me, not to tight, as I knew I had to be careful with my strength with her, but close enough that I could feel her warmth through my clothes, warming my cold skin.

I had to fight my desire to deepen the kiss and take her away, back to my rooms and have my way with her, but I knew she wasn't ready. Plus she didn't know that we were mates yet.

I could feel my loves need for breath become more apparent, so I broke the kiss to let her breathe. When I did, she gulped a large amount of air down as I placed my forehead against hers. With her eyes closed, I couldn't stare into the large, chololate eys I wanted to lose myself in. As her breathing slowed, her beautiful deep brown eyes open, and I felt my soul get sucked in.

"Are you alright, love?" I ask. Wait. I called her "love", how am I going to cover that up.

"I'm fine." She says breathlessly. Her eyes had glazed over with desire? Her cheeks held a bright blush, her beautiful lips red from our kiss, which pleased me greatly.

"We should get to the meeting before Aro comes and finds us. After I will explain every thing to you, sweet. Okay?" I ask uncertain. She mearly nods in reply, I am about to guesture for her to wak along side me when I hear Aro's cheery voice ring through the hall.

"Ah, there you are brother. I was beginning to worry. Hello Isabella dear. Might I say how wonderful you look in that gown." he says, a grin on his lips as he notices Isabella is still a bit breathless.

"Thank you Aro." she says, her voice shaking slightly.

"Well, then. Shall we?" Aro says, gesturing for us to follow him to the throne room, where I hear the quite murmers of the guard.

My mate nods, and I tuck her small delicate hand into the crook of my elbow, tugging her along. As we walk, her other hand comes up and grasps my lower arm, beneath her hand tucked into my elbow. Her hand holds onto my arm for dear life, like I am her life line, anchoring her to the real world. I take her hand from my lower arm and bring it to my lips, squeazing lightly in a ampemt to sooth her. It works slightly, her heat rate slows a little from my guesture.

I hear her heart speed up as we neared the throne room. I repeated the guesture I made earlier, it worked slightly but her heart was still thumping out a irregular beat. I looked into her eyes and saw the smallest trace of fear. I knew I had to do something, so I place a lingering kiss to her forehead while I framed her face with my hands. I knew Aro was watching, but I didn't care. My mate was stressing, and I had to help.

When her heart rate was steadier, I looked into her eyes, asking silently if she wanted to continue. She noded slightly in return.

"We will make this as quick as possible, sweet. You have no need to worry when I am near, alright my sweet?" she noded again, so I placed another kiss to her forehead.

*a while later*

As promised the meeting was quick and simple, and when it was over I swept my mate off her feet and all but flew back to my rooms.

I placed her on her floor, just as I noticed she was shaking a bit. I held her face in my hands and stared into her deep chocolate eyes.

"Calm yourself sweet. Take deep breathes." I say, rubbing my thumbs over her cheek bones. She did as I asked, and ever so slowly I could feel the tension leaving her body.

"You said you would explain what was going on." she says timidly.

"Your right." I say leading her to a pair of high backed chairs by the fire. I motion for her to sit. "Why don't you ask your questions, while I fix a fire to keep you warm?" I say while gathering a few logs for the fire.

"Okay. Why are you being so nice to me?" she asks, curling up in the chair.

"Well," I begin, I throw a match onto the kindling, making the fire roar to life. "why I don't begin with what the conection between me and you?" I ask her. She nods.

"Okay. As you know, I see bonds. Our bonds are ones of…" I can't continue, not knowing what her reaction will be.

"Yes?" she asks. I take a unneeded breath to steady myself, bracing for her reaction.

"One of mates." I say, eyes on the fire.

"Mates? As in soul mates?" she sweaks.

"Yes. One's other half, you will." I say, looking back into her deep eyes. Her eyes dart away, to look into the fire like I had.

"I'm not worth it." she whispers, still looking into the fire.

"How so? You are kind, caring, sweet and I'm sure a lot of other thing as well." I say, still looking at her beautiful face, hoping Isabella will look at me.

"I'm broken. I wouldn't try fixing me." she says in a flat, dead tone.

I nelt in front of her, turning her face to look at me, cradling her face in my hands. "I don't care, I will fix that spirit of yours, even if it kills me. I will do anything to see you smile again." I say, truth clearly visible in my eyes.

"I don't understand. Why would someone like you, be mated with me?" she says, sadness in her eyes.

"Listen to me, sweet. You should never feel like you are worthless. When I find the people who broke your spirit, and I will kill them." I say, coldness seeping into my voice near the end. I saw a flash of something, it looked like hope.

"You don't know me, yet you would kill for me?" she asks quietly, happiness in her voice slightly.

"I would do anything for the one who has made me feel, as I have not felt a thing for over a thousand years." I say.

She jumps at me, hugging me close. I wrap my arms around her, while getting up and sitting in her chair, before placing her on my lap. With her arms wrapped around my neck, and her face in the crook of my neck, she begins to sob. I place a kiss on her forehead, before cooing reassuring things in her ear.

Before long, she asks to go back to sleep. So I pick her up, and place her under the covers. As I try to unhook her arms, she looks at me, silently begging me to stay. I unhook her arms, her face shows hurt, but I only take my jacket off, and settle down next to her and pull her to my side. Isabella curls into me, sighly happily.

I hold her until she wakes up.