Chapter 8


"Bella. Piccolo you must wake up now." a voice said whilst something gently shook my shoulder. I merely rolled over and snuggled in to the bed covers.

Suddenly there is a bright light assaulting my eyes, causing me to groan and find the source of amused chuckling. I look to my left and find Marcus holding a curtain in his hand, while he sparkled brightly.

"Alright I'm up what do you want?" I say tiredly as I stretched my arms above my head.

"Sulpicia and Athenodora are nearly here, we need to meet them in the throne room. Aro called them last night and told them about you. They want to meet you right away." he says, eyeing me cautiously.

"Marcus it's fine. This would have happened at some point." I say as I climb out of bed and head into the wardrobe to select one of the many dresses for the meeting.

"Should I expect anything in particular?" I ask Marcus as I lean against his throne.

"No not really. Just be yourself Piccolo." Marcus says, taking my wrist and kissing the inside gently.

Helpful. As I wanted to make a good impression, the dress I chose would certainly make an impression. I had no idea what to wear so I chose the first I saw after closing my eyes for five seconds. It was a dark purple ball gown with a strapless A-line with sliver embroidery. the skirts are ruched and stitched giving a tasteful ripple effect to the gown. My hair was left in its natural dark waves over my bare shoulders and down my back. Around my neck is a simple choker made of black lace. My shoes, even if they were hidden by the gown, were black ballet flats tied at the top of the ankle with a bow.

Before I could gather my thoughts, the large doors opened to show two female vampires and a few male guards. One female had curly blonde hair down to her waist, and her facial features are delicate. She had big crimson eyes that could have once been light blue or grey. The other had dark brown hair that hung in perfect lose curls down her back, she too had very feminine features, and her eyes were also crimson if not a darker shade of red.

Aro and Caius met their mates in the middle of the room and conversed with them quietly whilst Marcus' hand gripped mine tightly, not so tight that bones would snap however.

After a brief conversation with their other half's, the two women stared at me from their mates arms. Aro being the talkative man that he was, began the introductions.

"Isabella, this is my mate Sulpicia and in Caius's arms is Athenodora" he says in his creepily happy voice.

The female vampires raked their eyes up and down my body, their gaze calculating. Surprisingly I was calm, I knew that this would be their reaction to me at first.

Athenodora was the first to complete her overlook of me and a smile crept onto her face as she suddenly walked at vampire speed to stand in front of me before pulling me into a hug.

"It's so nice to meet you! We thought Marcus would be alone for ever, but then you turn up. I look forward to getting to know you better." Athenodora says before unwrapping her arms before swiftly kissing my cheek and making her way back to Caius. Sulpicia was pretty much the same as Athenodora, saying that we would had a long chat soon.

Shortly after that Marcus excused us and quickly walked us back to his rooms before picking me up and hugging me to his chest and whispering how proud he was of me. All I could do is rest my head against his chest and close my eyes before thinking 'I've still got to talk to them.'.